Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 423


Flender’s departure made the room completely silent. Everyone seemed to understand that something unimaginable would be discovered in a while.

And, Zhao Wuji dislikes this kind of silence the most, just like his Spirit, it is a Vigorous Vajra Bear, and Vigorous Vajra Bear likes gearing up instead of the immovable king like Spirit Ability. .

Zhao Wuji coughed a few times and said: “Next, I will tell you about some of the information we received when we went out this time! You have to prick your ears to listen…”

“Because the words I said next are very important, it is best not to miss a word, otherwise when the time comes you encounter problems, we can’t help you.”

“Master Old Zhao….. Is it really okay if you don’t go to see Dean? How do I think that there will be a battle soon?” Ning Rongrong asked.

Oscar was nodded and said: “Regarding the Golden Triangle, I remember there seems to be some love triangles? Although Erlong’s deputy Dean has a relationship with Grandmaster.”

“But, as far as I know, it didn’t go well. Although the details are not clear, Grandmaster and Deputy Dean are separated for some reasons! But I know a little bit.”

“That is Dean actually used to I have always liked Deputy Dean, but Grandmaster is Dean’s good friend, and Deputy Dean also likes Grandmaster, so Dean let go and wandered alone.”

“What just happened was a misunderstanding. Dean won’t rush to beat the Grandmaster?”

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Zhu Zhuqing, Sanyan Jinya, and Ning Rongrong were not allowed to look towards Zhao Wuji. I hope Zhao Wuji will give an answer, although everyone’s purpose is different.

For example, Zhu Zhuqing is very curious about how far this will happen.

And Ning Rongrong is just to join in the fun. Two former friends made a big shot for a woman. How could Ning Rongrong be absent from this fun?

Absolutely impossible….

Oscar has a worried expression on his face. The love triangle, Dean is a voluntary quit. He, Ning Rongrong and Yun Qianqiu are also like a love triangle.

Although Ning Rongrong has not said that he likes Yun Qianqiu, in comparison, Ning Rongrong prefers to be close to Yun Qianqiu instead of being close to himself.

If one day, Ning Rongrong confessed that he likes Yun Qianqiu, what should I do? ?

Is it the same as Dean?

Take the initiative to get out…

Yun Qianqiu treats himself not badly, and walks to Spirit Ancestor by himself, thanks to the careful cultivation of him and his grandfather.

Theoretically, I cannot make a big deal with Yun Qianqiu.

Otherwise, don’t you say that you have a bad heart? ?

But feelings cannot be let go. Once let go, it means you will lose everything and everything you need most.

It might as well die.

Oscar’s brain was in chaos, and he found some shadows of his future from Flender, but Oscar didn’t want to admit it, nor did he want to be like Flender.

Take the initiative to let it out, and you must get some things that you like…..

Even if others think that you are unwilling, but the same.

This is a matter of principle and sovereignty.

Others give me benefits, it doesn’t mean that I will use what I want to exchange…

Zhao Wuji took a deep breath and said: “You guys should take care of yourself Right? The relationship between Golden Triangle is far from weak as we see…”

“Their relationship is comparable to a biological brother…..Flender is also impossible and Grandmaster If you make a big shot, it’s just preaching at most!”

“These are not things you mixed, you should now pay attention to what I said next.”

“this time There are many participating teams. Compared with the teams in the Fighting Soul Zone, it is not a level concept at all!”

“Let’s talk about it first, Dean and I, some of the results of the investigation!”


“It is not just Royal Academy who joined the tournament this time, but also some Sects. Among them are representatives of Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Sect.”

“Yu Tianxin ….. That’s right, the elder brother of Yu Tianheng who you defeated last time, at least is Spirit Ancestor! Maybe it’s Spirit King…One-handed Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit was very strange.”

“He represents the Thunder Academy…Of course, this time you will also see your old friends, such as Yu Tianheng, but he also represents the battle of the emperor.”

“These are some rivals that you need to pay attention to!! However, Yu Tianxin is not only the one you need to pay attention to, but also the representative of Blazing Academy, Huo Wu.”

“According to the data, it is also a Spirit Ancestor, but it may also be Spirit King.”

“After all, data may be fraudulent.”

“Huo Wu’s Spirit is Naruto, the control system, but the control system There is a certain degree of confusion, when the time comes duel, you had better not be confused by her Naruto, otherwise something will happen…”

Zhao Wuji’s words, let everyone Unable to improve Mental, this time the whole land elite Spirit Master tournament, there are that many Spiri t King? ? Although Zhao Wuji said the data is Spirit Ancestor.

But everyone believes it is Spirit King even more.

Because if it is not Spirit King, why is there so much confidence? ?

However, for Yun Chen, these characters suddenly become Spirit King because of some butterfly effects, right?

Always impossible, one by one or Spirit Ancestor?

Then hit a hammer…

Zhao Wuji put his cheeks on, and continued: “Blazing Academy is still normal, and there are three academies that make you feel weird. ! One of the divine wind Academy, Feng Xiaotian…This guy is also a master not to be trifled with, and like Little Ao, it is Innately Full Spirit Power!!! It belongs to the agility-attack system!”

“Spirit is wind…Zhuqing, this time you have an opponent.”

“Heh…” Hearing this, Zhu Zhuqing is just a disdainful smile, agility -attack system?

I used to be, but now I am not. I am a brand-new department called the explosive department…At the same time, Feng Xiaotian, Innately Full Spirit Power.

It is indeed much better than my own foundation, but now it is different, I am already a Spirit Saint.

How many Spirit Saints can there be in this time tournament? ?

Maybe you only have one, right?

Zhao Wuji said with a slight smile: “But don’t worry, this Feng Xiaotian is a sex ruffian!!! And there are some brain-disabled characters! Don’t be afraid…”


“Brain-disabled person? How brain-disabled?” Oscar startled and asked.

Zhao Wuji replied: “For example, not hitting women, this kind of brain-dead setting…he has a lot of information, and they are all practical.”

“He almost had an accident because of a woman many times. Therefore, if Zhuqing confronts him, there will be almost no difficult conditions…”

“Well, this person is indeed Very brain-dead!!!” Oscar couldn’t help but complain.

It’s really brain-dead….

If you don’t hit a woman, you can be considered a gentleman, but you can face a female Spirit Master. Don’t you also not hit? From a hungry wolf to a fat sheep?

Let the family kill? ?

Isn’t this brain-dead?

Now in this Douluo mainland, the female Spirit Master is beautiful, but she has gone too much.

If Feng Xiaotian has always had this principle, he will not go long.

There is even no hope…

Zhao Wuji yawned and said, “In addition, there is also a team of elephants represented by the elephant sect. It depends on the whole province. Defense, all kinds of beatings!”

“This battle is weaker than other teams, but there are two Spirit Kings, but depending on the performance of your fighting spirit zone, it is almost not a problem!”

“If you make your debut and meet them for the first time, then equivalent to give us Shrek!”

“The next two teams need your attention.. …One of them is Tianshui Academy…..”

“Tianshui Academy? I know that, their Captain seems to be called Shui Bingér, and they have a younger sister called Shui Yue’er, two people can do Show Spirit Fusion skills!”

“The fit of the fusion skills is very high…..It is said that once the two of them use Spirit Fusion skills, they have never lost! They can fight Spirit Saint personally. “

“It is indeed a very strong enemy…” Ning Rongrong said seriously. .

Zhao Wuji said: “No, Shui Yue’er can indeed fight Spirit Fusion skills with Shui Bingér, but the most famous is not their Spirit Fusion skills!”

“It’s another one. Shui Bingér and their Vice Captain showed it.”

“As for the Vice Captain, we haven’t found out the information yet, just like a mysterious person, suddenly appeared. There is no trace of information.”

“Therefore, Tianshui Academy, in a way, is stronger than other academies, because they have the conditions for all three of them to perform Spirit Fusion skills…”

“You have to pay attention to this…”

“Huh??? What??? Old Zhao, you mean, Tianshui Academy, there are three people who can use it Spirit fusion skills, three-body Spirit fusion skills??”

“No way?” Ning Rongrong looked shocked.

Zhao Wuji replied: “It’s not three-body, and three-body is not so exaggerated. However, Shui Bingér equivalent to has two Spirit fusion techniques! Do you understand this?”

“You can have one with your younger sister Shuiyue’er, and one of their Vice Captain.”

“If you want to break Spirit’s melting skills and prevent them from showing off, you only have one idea, that is Defeat Shui Bingér because she is the core.”

“But Shui Bingér has at least the level of Spirit King…Spirit is a rare ice crystal phoenix with a similar concept to Fatty….. This may not be so smooth…”

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