Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 424

“Ice Crystal Phoenix?? This Spirit is really rare…It should be said, too old? I remember I read in a book, Ice Crystal Phoenix, has The potential to develop into Extreme Ice… and it is also a Domain Spirit Ability of field control type that can be brought with it.”

“It is not clear, this so-called Shui Bingér, whether Spirit has awakened again Come on!” Ning Rongrong put her cheek on her cheek, she reads a lot of books, although there is no Tang San that many.

But when Ning Rongrong was a child, she was also a hardworking bee. Even if his father doesn’t care, she likes to go to Sect’s library to see something.

So, get a good insight.

If in Shrek Seven Devils, Tang San is the most knowledgeable, then Ning Rongrong can be said to be the second, well-deserved, she is the daughter of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Sect Master.

equivalent to Princess, the knowledge will naturally become richer.

Dai Mubai was the prince, but he was playful through childhood, which led to few ancient books and little tutoring. In addition, there were some incidents at home.

Dai Mubai has taken back his sight.

Zhu Zhuqing’s words are the same.

There is also an eldest daughter in the family. Naturally, the eldest daughter is better. Why in the original book, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai wrote letters so happily when they were young?

Besides, I have a good impression of another person before I meet.

The reason is actually very simple. They all have one thing in common. They have a brother and an elder sister…. The brother and the elder sister are better than themselves….

Naturally will be crushed.

Imperial Family’s thinking is difficult for some strong people, and they will say in their ears every day, can you learn from your elder sister? ? Have some promise? ?

This kind of comparison.

It is easy for sisters and brothers to appear broken.

The Zhu Zhuqing side broke, and the Dai Mubai side was normal at first.

Until the emergence of the throne, it broke some of the family affection that was still there.

Dai Weisi has been torturing Dai Mubai in the later period. In fact, there is only one purpose. I hope that Dai Mubai will stand up and be able to kill, instead of being so naive.

If you are naive, how can you start? ?

Get back to the subject…

Ning Rongrong’s words made Zhao Wuji smile and said: “Yes! Although it is not clear whether it has reached the point of Extreme Ice! But there is I can guarantee one thing!”

“Domain Spirit Ability, Shui Bingér has mastered it.”

“In other words, if you play against them, you will be affected by the domain at the start. …. Duel in a cold iceberg! And Domain will bring good benefits to Shui Bingér Spirit.”

“The Tianshui Academy at this time is different, compared to when we first met them, They have increased their defensive power and strong offensive power.”

“That is to say, in their team this time, there will be Spirit Masters of attack system and defense system, and both may be Spirit King level! You are not easy to defeat.”

“This is really difficult…but not afraid, since they have ice, we also have fire, no matter how bad, Zhuqing is a Spirit Saint! Just find a certain amount for her Chance…”

“I don’t believe that Tianshui Academy cannot be beaten, and we have the newly joined Spirit Emperor and Yun Qianqiu!!” Oscar looked solemnly vowed.

Yu Guang looked at Yun Chen and three-eyed Jin Lu.

Three-eyed Jinlu was shrugged, saying: “Domain Spirit Ability?? This is not very serious, it can be broken! The premise is that I am not a substitute…”

“Otherwise, I can’t either!!!”

“We haven’t discussed the issue of substitutes, but we will definitely bring the value of each of you to Extreme! In other words, You all have a chance, you just need to face your own suitable opponent.” Zhao Wuji said, everyone has a chance.

This makes Sanyan Jinya look helpless, Domain Spirit Ability? ?

It’s not worth mentioning at all.

The Golden Dragon Spirit simulated by myself, the Golden Dragon gun of Extreme strength can completely break the Domain at once, but it is a bit too arrogant.

It is better to keep a low profile.

As for talking with these humans, Sanyan Jinya actually has no such thoughts at all, too weak.

But I can’t tell the truth, so I can only continue acting.

Zhu Zhuqing said: “Thunder Academy, Elephant Academy, Blazing Academy, Divine Wind Academy, Tianshui Academy… We all know, so what about Spirit Hall??”

“Yes, what’s the situation on the side of Spirit Hall!!” Ning Rongrong also feigning ignorance, looking at Zhao Wuji.

Oscar takes a few deep breaths. The three words Spirit Hall are the most important.

“Spirit Hall’s information…what, we haven’t figured it out yet…” Zhao Wuji touched the back of his head awkwardly and looked at everyone helplessly.

This made everyone almost killed.

Good fellow.

There is no information on Spirit Hall.

Is this a woolen thread? ?

Especially for Oscar, a truly unaware person, their real enemy is not the four Academy at all, but only one.

That is Spirit Hall.

But Spirit Hall has no information.

It’s really speechless.

Only Yun Chen knows best that Spirit Hall will discharge those people to fight this time.

Headed by Hu Liena, followed by Yan, Xie Yue, Dugu Yan, and Ye Lingling.

It is a perfect lineup for Spirit Hall by Yun Chen.

Dugu Bo has stepped into the Spirit King, Hu Liena is also the Spirit King, Yan is also the Spirit King, Xie Yue is also the Spirit King, and Ye Lingling is just a Spirit Ancestor.

This is the last time Yun Chen has heard about Spirit Hall.

As for this period of time, that is, these two months, Yun Chen doesn’t know if they have continued breakthrough, but I should find a time to see these babies.

“But…One thing, we know very well that Spirit Hall is definitely not worse than Tianshui!! Therefore, we will collect information as soon as possible to supplement you.”


“Before this, you still have to make enough preparations to face the enemy in the next battle! Tell you this, and I am very annoying, and I will go to rest…”

“You also take advantage of this free time to relax. From tomorrow, you will not have another chance to relax.” Zhao Wuji twisted his neck, made a crack crack sound, stood up, and patted After taking a look at the dust on his body, leaving a sentence, he left the room.

There are only a few people left in the room…

Ning Rongrong is the first to speak: “I should rest too…”


Speaking, Ning Rongrong gave Oscar a look and motioned for Oscar to leave this area with him, the upcoming Asura field.

And Oscar looked at Ning Rongrong moved towards and threw winks.

Suddenly refreshed, as if being controlled, I followed Ning Rongrong out of the house in a daze.


At this moment, Yun Chen’s house is in a frozen state.

No one spoke.

Even Yun Chen didn’t speak because he didn’t know what to say…

“She…” until Zhu Zhuqing spoke , Asked three-eyed Jinya in a questioning tone.

Yun Chen hasn’t waited for Zhu Zhuqing to finish speaking, and immediately explained: “She is my life saving benefactor!!”

“Life saving benefactor?? Isn’t that simple? For no reason, I rescued you from Spirit Beast of 100,000 years, but you will die…”

“A person who never knew each other would risk mortal danger “?”

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Zhu Zhuqing certainly didn’t believe it. Yun Chen didn’t take the initiative to talk about the relationship between Spirit Hall and Yun Chen.

This time, how could it be a single life saving benefactor? ?

You must know this secret.

Otherwise, are you still a snakeskin girlfriend? ?


At the same time…..

On the side of Flender, follow the direction of Yu Xiaogang and come to a garden , This hotel has a back garden…

Yu Xiaogang looks at a flower as if in a daze.

“Xiaogang!” Flender looked at Yu Xiaogang and was still in the mood for flowers, rushed up, loudly shouted.

Yu Xiaogang has no idea that Flender is very irritable now, subconsciously replied: “Flender?”.


However, Flender came to Yu Xiaogang’s face, before Yu Xiaogang could speak, he punched Yu Xiaogang directly on the ground.

This fist is full of power.

Drop out one of Yu Xiaogang’s teeth directly.

Yu Xiaogang’s face twitched.

“Asshole!!!” Flender roared angrily…

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