Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 425


this fist, directly knocked Yu Xiaogang over, caught Yu Xiaogang caught off guard, and climbed up slowly, not knowing why Flender came over Punch yourself.

Moreover, this fist is not a joke, but a fiercely one. It knocks out a few teeth directly with one punch, which shows how powerful it is….

Yu Xiaogang didn’t understand why Flender would punch in an unfathomable mystery. Yu Xiaogang angrily scolded: “Flender, what are you doing? Are you sick!!!”

“Yes… .. I’m sick, I’m not too sick!!” Hearing this, Flender did not refute his illness, but followed Yu Xiaogang’s words, clenched his fist again, and continued to give Yu Xiaogang a fist.

Yu Xiaogang has already experienced this time, and he was naturally impossible to be hit again casually. He hurriedly turned his face and dodges Flender’s fist.

And extend the hand, grab Flender’s arm, so that Flender can’t continue to move, he is now a Spirit King.

Although it is not as high as Flender’s Spirit Saint, the skill is no longer as weak as before. As long as Flender does not use spirit power.

That was impossible to hit himself again.

Make yourself so embarrassed, even now all around, no passerby will notice them.

For Yu Xiaogang, being slapped alone is a shame. No one likes being slapped, right? Whether it is a handsome guy or an ordinary man.

Slap is a kind of man, and it is a concept of kneeling.

“Do you still dare to fight back? It seems that you haven’t realized your problem. In that case, don’t blame me for being impolite, Xiaogang, our relationship for more than ten years.”


“Until now, I will let you, no matter what, but you have given me such a low-end return, so today, I, Fleender, will act as a brother once to give you Zhang Chang’s knowledge! !”

Flender watched Yu Xiaogang actually fight back, and he also pinched his arm, with an expression of ignorant, which made Flender who had flies into a rage once again increased his anger.

I even have only one idea, to give Yu Xiaogang a fiercely, desperately, just treat this man as his brother.

Flender has been with Yu Xiaogang over the years, and he does know some of Yu Xiaogang’s personality. Yu Xiaogang has an arrogance, which does not come from strength.

It comes from his connections, brains, and some theories.

Flender has always followed Yu Xiaogang’s theory before and believes that it must be possible, even if it is a very nonsense theory.

But Flender believes that good friends should respect each other.

However, Flender absolutely didn’t expect, Yu Xiaogang’s arrogance will last for a long time, leading to Yu Xiaogang’s arrogant personality.

In normal times, Flender may let Yu Xiaogang and maintain Yu Xiaogang’s arrogance.

However, this time Flender will not let Yu Xiaogang.

Liu Erlong, like Yu Xiaogang, Fleender knows very well that he is like a redundant existence, so he surrenders Liu Erlong’s ownership.

Only Flender knows the pain.

He never shared it with anyone.

I have been silent.

Including that when Flender was rejected by Liu Erlong that night, Flender wanted someone to talk to himself, but not at all alone.

Because my two good friends are in love.

And all caring about my own happiness, happiness…..Almost impossible remembering that I have such a sad character.

Flender thinks that he has a lot of money. This is only 2nd day. He left without saying a word, wandering around, breaking away from the golden triangle relationship.

Until one occasion, Flender and Liu Erlong met again.

Flender knows the story of Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong well, and Flender also comforts Liu Erlong in an ambiguous way, trying to give Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang a chance to rekindle their relationship.

Absolutely didn’t expect ……

The plan was not halfway through, Yu Xiaogang was like a different person, not caring about Liu Erlong, caring about Tang San, No longer pay attention to Liu Erlong’s physical condition.

I only think about Tang San.

Yes, Tang San is just a child, and is your most promising discipline.

How about Liu Erlong?

In those days of your decadence, who caused you to resurrect?

Flender is a little puzzled, a Tang San in Yu Xiaogang’s heart can withstand Liu Erlong’s existence, just like Quetzalcoatl asked him to choose one after another.

Even if it is difficult and there is no choice, you can’t say a word to Liu Erlong, sorry.

Sorry, once again confirm your attitude.

Following up, Flender came back here, only to realize that Yu Xiaogang didn’t care about Tang San at all, not Liu Erlong, but himself.

Why is it himself? ?

Flender at first also asked and answered himself, but then gave an answer that Flender had never thought of for a lifetime.

Yu Xiaogang is a waste, there is not much spirit power.

That’s right….

Thousands of people scolded, it’s a trash that is famous for its thought.

Titled Douluo is hereafter called Yu Xiaogang Grandmaster.

Titled Douluo and above, called Yu Xiaogang garbage.

And why Yu Xiaogang has been protecting Tang San and choosing Tang San is not just a factor of Tang San’s father, but Yu Xiaogang’s lifelong experiment.

All used on Tang San.

What he wants is very simple, that is, he hopes that his theory can radiate rays of light on Tang San, so that everyone can once again recognize that his theory is correct.

I am not a waste, maybe my spirit power is not enough.

But if your own followers are stronger than those so-called spirit power and well-known Tilted Douluo disciple, then it is also a disguised statement that your own teaching is the best.

This is what Yu Xiaogang wants.

Just like the bet content of Yu Xiaogang and Yun Chen a month ago, Yu Xiaogang only regarded Tang San as a bet to bet on his future.

So Tang San can’t have a thing.

Otherwise, everything he did would not release his brilliance.

It fell short.

This is a truth that Flender has only recently understood. I understand that Flender does not intend to dismantle it, because Flender believes that Yu Xiaogang has no other way to do this.

Who made Yu Xiaogang spirit power this piece? There is not much innate talent.

Even if I take immortal grade, I only reach the level of Spirit King.

If you want to catch up with everyone, there is a section length distance.

Flender can bear all these, but this time, he can’t continue to bear it. You Yu Xiaogang is arrogant and arrogant. Who gave you this confidence?

Not us yet…

Our Golden Triangle, you are just a theorist.

You are just a military adviser, but we are the one who paid the most.

My Fleender, I won’t tell you this.

But you can’t treat Erlong like that.

Yes, Liu Erlong chose you at the time, and he knew that, but if he was cruel at the time, he could also break your relationship.

However, I did not do this.

Love is neither mean nor natural.

There are only winners and losers.

I didn’t fight it once, but I was willing to lose.

But you, a winner, are not as good as a loser.

Flender certainly can’t continue to play stupid.

Must, let this so-called winner be sober and sober…

“First Spirit Ability, spread wings and eagle strike!!” Flender took a deep breath, and appeared under his feet A yellow centuries-old spirit ring, I saw Flender suddenly grow a pair of cat and eagle wings.

And there are some densely packed texts on this wing. Although it is not clear, these texts slowly extend like there is life.

Finally gathered on Flender’s fists.

Flender moved towards Yu Xiaogang once again to lock, rushing over, just punch out.

Yu Xiaogang watched Flender actually use Spirit Ability, and could not help but startled, saying: “Flender!!!”

! !

With a sound of Flender, Yu Xiaogang thought that he could stop Flender from outputting, but Flender ignored him at all and chose to ignore him.

This made Yu Xiaogang panic for a while.

Although he is Spirit King.

But the combat power is not practical at all.

Even if Spirit Luo San Pao already has combat characteristics.

But I don’t often use him to fight.

In the face of a Flender who is good at combat, how could he have been able to fight?

It can’t even block it.


Boom! !

Just as Yu Xiaogang was thinking about it randomly, Flender had already come to him, and hit his abdomen with a punch.

This fist made an explosion sound like playing basketball, and directly knocked Yu Xiaogang out with a punch, cutting through a flower field.

Yu Xiaogang look pale, spraying a mouthful of old blood directly.

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