Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 426

“Why? Why? Fender!!!” Yu Xiaogang slowly got up again, this time he felt his internal organs shake.

The punch that Flender just made is equivalent to rolling down a cliff from a hillside.

It’s not bad that I didn’t let my internal organs shift, but the internal organs must have shaken a bit. This formidable power proves that Flender is a dead hand.

But he and Flender have no hatred at all.

Why is Flender just like crazy, rushing over, and beating himself without a word?

But I just couldn’t beat him.

Can only be beaten.

Yu Xiaogang can suffer this humiliation…

If he can beat Flender, he will definitely press Flender to death and prevent him from going crazy. Attack and kill.

The only thing he can do now is to ask clearly.

Why does Flender hurt himself?

“Why?? You still have the face to say why?? Yu Xiaogang Ah, Yu Xiaogang! Are you still alone? Is Erlong so untrustworthy?”

“A trifling picture, but it affects your unfeeling words!!”

“Remember what you said to me? You said that if you lose to Erlong, Don’t you let me deal with it? Am I not dealing with you?”

“Dispose of you, arrogant, but without a little ability, and let a wounded man support your severely injured body to complete you Scheduled task.”

“You said, should you fight!!” Flender grabbed Yu Xiaogang’s collar, fiercely pulled it, his voice was as loud as Hong Zhong once he met, and questioned.

Yu Xiaogang immediately remained silent, only spit out one word: “I…”


However, Yu Xiaogang only said one word for me. Flender once again gave Yu Xiaogang a punch, but this fist did not add spirit power, it was just a punch on the fleshy body.

A punch on Yu Xiaogang’s face, the painful Yu Xiaogang could not help but tremble.

Flender said angrily: “Oh! If it is, then you shut up and let me teach you a lesson!!! Otherwise, how can you be worthy of me, how can you be worthy of Erlong!!!”


Immediately, Yu Xiaogang was silent for a while, allowing Flender to punch and kick, without a single refutation, as if he had acquiesced to Flender’s words.

Let Flender learn from yourself.

Until, Flender was tired, his hands were red, Yu Xiaogang’s bloody nose and swollen face…and the nose and mouth were full of bloodshot eyes.

Flender just let it go.

Grabbing Yu Xiaogang from the ground, Fleender said with a serious face: “You, go back now and apologize to Erlong!! Do you understand?”

“You have played enough Right?” Just when Flender thought Yu Xiaogang was awakening, suddenly, Yu Xiaogang came up with such a sentence.

This made Flender startled and said: “What do you mean?”

“I have no other meaning, I just ask you if you have played enough… if not enough, Then go on!! Hard, hard, best, just beat me to death!!”

“Kill me alive, so that, your Shrek, you can win this time, Quanlu The first place in the elite Spirit Master tournament!!!” Yu Xiaogang said disapprovingly.


As soon as this statement came out, Flender’s face changed drastically. Good fellow, I will tell you about Liu Erlong. You dragged me to this time elite conference?

What do you mean by this, meaning you don’t apologize, if I want you to apologize, then you have to leave Shrek? ? Then we Shrek can’t get first? ?

Are you too confident? ?

It seems that Shrek would not have a future without you. I admit that Shrek has developed to the present, and it does have half your hard work, but you work hard.

Someone can replace it…

Yun Faweng can replace it.

And what about your contribution? ?

Shrek’s funding, living expenses, immortal grade and various medicine ingredients are all funded by me alone, and you only contribute manpower to develop some special training plans.

And those theories of yours did have good results, but they were ruthlessly crushed by others, and Yun Faweng’s arrival defeated all of your theories.

And Yun Faweng’s special training has made Shrek three levels higher than yours.

Even, just like every student doesn’t believe you can make them advanced by leaps and bounds.

Although I have been standing by your side and explaining to everyone, the cultivation has to be taken slowly, and if you are anxious, it will not have any effect. Maybe it will be counterproductive.

However, in fact, people are more willing to believe in Yun Fa Weng…..

Therefore, Yun Fa Weng’s grandson, Yun Qianqiu, returned, and everyone immediately rushed to find he.

Flender bet that if one day, Yu Xiaogang and Yun Faweng disappear.

Returning again.

The first person to lean in is definitely Yun Faweng, not Yu Xiaogang…

Flender was stunned.

Yu Xiaogang has really changed.

I have become a little bit unable to understand this friend.

Yu Xiaogang wiped off the blood stains on his face and continued: “Flender, what do you know?? You are just a defeated dog, come incompetent and furious that’s all!!!”

“Yes….. I said that if you lose to Erlong, let you handle it.”

“But, there is a premise here, that is, Erlong will not lose to me!! Otherwise, everything will not be counted!!”

“You mean Erlong defeated you? How did she defeat you?” Flender has some doubts, how could Liu Erlong fail Yu Xiaogang? ?

You can think of it with your own ass, it’s impossible. Okay.

As soon as Liu Erlong followed Yu Xiaogang, he followed Yu Xiaogang in various ways.

Liu Erlong, who was originally violent, will not be violent for a while.

It’s just like changing a person.

It can be seen that what Liu Erlong regards Yu Xiaogang as, how could he fail.

Flender really can’t figure it out.

However, Yu Xiaogang insisted ignorantly: “You and I are in a different position. Naturally, what you see is different. In one sentence, Erlong and I are already over.”

“On the contrary, it’s you…I and Erlong are confused. Is this good for you?”

“Don’t you like Erlong?”

“What you like, is to push her to me? I am not collecting the tatters…..I, Yu Xiaogang, is a useless person, not much spirit power!”

” But it doesn’t mean that I will accept everything.”

“I also have my choice, my idea!!”

“Flender, I once again warn you, if you If you are entangled with Erlong and me again, I will not wait for this Shrek Academy!”

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Flender couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, and his voice tremblingly said: “You said Erlong is tattered??”

“Otherwise?? “Yu Xiaogang said with a sneer.


Boom! !

Flender was completely ignited this time, and immediately came to Yu Xiaogang like Teleportation, facing Yu Xiaogang’s abdomen on top of a knee.

I went to the top, and afterwards, Flender continued to punch Yu Xiaogang in the abdomen.

And stepped up his efforts, directly hit Yu Xiaogang in midair with a punch, but it was not over yet, Flender spread out his cat’s wings.

Immediately fly to Yu Xiaogang.

From in midair, Yu Xiaogang fiercely stepped on.

Let Yu Xiaogang instantly transform into a shooting star, directly hitting the ground.

With this smash, a big hole appeared directly on the ground.

The flower field with a lot of flowers was originally a big hole because of this.

Like the graveyard of the dead.

“Cough!!” Yu Xiaogang was continuously attacked by Fenderer, foaming at the mouth. The real displacement of the internal organs originally caused him to be sick.

This time, I was directly stunned by Flender.

Fall down, in this flower field.

Looking at Yu Xiaogang, who was already in a coma, Flender didn’t plan to go around him. Among them, the eight spirit rings behind him shone out together, and the eighth black spirit ring gradually protruded.

The black rays of light are emitted.

And, there is a saber in Flender’s hands…..

Much like a saber of katana.

Flender held the a saber in his hand and looked at Yu Xiaogang who was unconscious. He was cruel, and stabbed it down….

However, this sting was aimed at Not Yu Xiaogang, but the soil beside Yu Xiaogang.


Flender just had a certain killing intent, but after thinking about it carefully, he found that he could not kill Yu Xiaogang.

Even if Yu Xiaogang is a bastard.

Said Liu Erlong is tattered.

But, I still can’t muster up the courage to kill Yu Xiaogang…

Looking at the unconscious Yu Xiaogang, remembering what Yu Xiaogang said just now… ..

Flender coldly said: “Yu Xiaogang…it seems that we are different! I know you didn’t faint, you just played dead!”

“But I can tell you now…”

“Shrek doesn’t welcome you…”

“You can get out of here.”


“From today, we are no longer comrades, Golden Triangle, this time, thoroughly Shattered! There will never be another intersection!!”

Speaking, Flender cuts off his clothes directly His long robe, like the ancient cut robe, means that he will no longer have a relationship with Yu Xiaogang.

Yu Xiaogang, who is in a coma, can hear clearly…

but no eyes opened.

No one knows what he is thinking.

But his only reaction now is that the internal organs have twitching pain…

The Golden Triangle is completely shattered.

On this day,

The day before the Spirit Master tournament…

is a great day.

Flender leaves…

Only Yu Xiaogang is left in the flower field.

About an hour has passed.

Yu Xiaogang slowly got up…

Looking at the piece of broken robe, Yu Xiaogang said helplessly: “Choose one of the two, choose one of the two ……Every time I choose one of the two! But, this time I can’t choose the other one…”

“I have lost too much… I want too much.”

“This time, and the last time, I have to meet her.”

After this paragraph, Yu Xiaogang held it in his hand An envelope, planning to leave alone.

And if Fleender has not left yet.

When you see this envelope, you will be dumbfounded.

Because this envelope has a pattern, a pattern that everyone knows, this pattern represents the absolute power of the continent of Douluo.

It also represents the strongest party recognized by the Douluo mainland.

That is Spirit Hall.


This envelope is from Spirit Hall to Yu Xiaogang.

As for who wrote it…..

Yu Xiaogang knows best.

As for the content.

Only Yu Xiaogang knows…..

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