Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 427

The second day…

The whole land senior elite Spirit Master tournament officially kicked off…..

Shrek Seven Devils, Yun Chen, and three-eyed Jin Yu, have already arrived here early, and everyone in Shrek is wearing a green coat.

The coat is very ugly like a raincoat. There is a text written on the back of the clothes, and the text content is a sincere advertisement. If you are interested, please contact Shrek Dean, Flender.

It is just such a thin raincoat, but it attracts the overall attention, and these attentions look at everyone with the same eyes as watching a clown or a circus.

“Hahaha, this is the team? The uniforms are actually ugly at the door of the house. Are you planning to participate in the circus?”

“No way, maybe A third-rate team, invited by the Star Luo Imperial Family to play the opening remarks!! An old and funny team!”

“hahaha, so that’s how it is, so to speak, this so-called Shrek Academy is a circus Academy??? It’s really possible! Shrek…”

“Shrek is like a clown synonymous!!!”

“hehe, clown Team, come and dance for the uncle!! Uncle may look comfortable, I will give you some rewards!”

“Yes, it’s best to do somersaults right away, and then take a posture , So it can meet the clown!!!”

shua~ shua~ shua~! !

The rumors and rumors from the audience have indeed affected Shrek Seven Devils, among which Xiao Wu looks like a hate iron for not becoming steel, if these people laugh at themselves.

They are their own enemies, Xiao Wu will definitely use Eight Stage Drop to move their bones.

Xiao Wu scolded angrily: “What kind of clothes are this…Dean what is this going to do?”

“Dean said that next, everyone should save money , So just put an advertisement, we will carry forward, maybe advertisers will find us.” Ma Hongjun said helplessly.

Ning Rongrong said, “Insufficient funds? What’s a joke? The last time we fight the spirit area, the income was one of the very best! In a blink of an eye…could it be swept away? And empty?”

“It shouldn’t be, but with Dean’s personality, he is very good at using resources. Obviously he does not intend to waste this opportunity to make money. Even if it is embarrassing, But in Dean’s eyes, money is more important than face and face!” Oscar couldn’t help it either. Flender was like such a person.

Xiao Wu said indignantly: “Then can we beat these audience members!! Their mouths are more stinky! Stink…”

“…Of course, not to mention it. You will be disqualified from playing the spectators, please bear with it for a while, calm and tranquil!!” Oscar reminded.


This is just on Xiao Wu’s side, Dai Mubai and Sanyan Jinyao, Yun Chen, Zhu Zhuqing and others laughed at these and ignored them.

Mob’s ridicule…

If you are serious, then you are still a child.

Naturally, there is no need to bother.

And, Tang San glanced at the scene and found that Zhao Wuji, Flender, and Liu Erlong were all coming, but Yu Xiaogang was not coming, which made Tang San ask: “Dean…Grandmaster What??”

“Vice Dean, Old Zhao teachers are here, won’t he come to see it?”

“Xiaogang huh?? He still has some personal matters to deal with , I won’t be here today, and we already have information about your first opponent, we don’t need him to give pointers at all!” Flender narrowed his eyes into a straight line and didn’t answer Tang San head-on, but made an excuse.

Change the subject immediately…..

Yu Xiaogang has left Shrek Academy and has done something that he cannot forgive.

It’s like changing a person.

Golden Triangle is no longer the original iron triangle.

Some people have already left…

Even if people are around, their souls are gone.

It’s like walking corpse…

Flender doesn’t want to make trouble with Yu Xiaogang, but Yu Xiaogang has to make trouble. Flender naturally refuses to come, and he It’s the rational side.

On the contrary, Yu Xiaogang…..

When he was parting, he also said something disgusting.

Liu Erlong is tattered?

Hehe, if Yu Xiaogang is in front of this, Flender might go up and give him a punch again.

When I think of these words, Flender goes crazy and wants to play Yu Xiaogang.

Liu Erlong didn’t know what happened, but he looked at all around calmly.

hearing this, Tang San reluctantly said: “Okay…”

Flender continued: “There is another point about this time team uniform The question, this is my special design. How can those clamoring guys understand the meaning of this team uniform?”

“There is only one word in their eyes, that is, it is strange, and they have no knowledge at all. “

“Isn’t it strange?” Ma Hongjun asked.

Flender was coldly snorted and said: “Weird? Have you forgotten the meaning of Shrek Academy? Shrek, originally a kind of monster!!”

“So, we It’s a monster, so you should wear a weird team uniform?” Oscar also said that he didn’t understand.

Although Shrek is a monster, but monster refers to a kind of meaning, not a strange appearance.

Flender took a deep breath and said: “You know what a fart, this weird refers to a novel design, so green, which represents nature!”

“Nature All stand on our side, this is our Shrek’s unyielding Mental! And, Shrek is also a product of nature.”

“Whoever wants to continue to blame, I cut him out Dog head. In addition, if you dare to take off this team uniform, then I will disqualify you!!”

As soon as this statement came out, Shrek Seven Devils hugged one by one, using desperate Looking at Shrek, this operation is a bit vicious.

Douluo is the most vicious Dean on the continent.

It’s you.

However, everyone did not immediately refute it because they had some preparations.

“Why…” As for Tang San, he has already taken out the mask, and just planned to suggest that everyone should not wear the mask…

Except for Yun Chen and the three-eyed Jinyao, people have already put on the masks decorated in the fighting spirit area…

Tang San was stunned for an instant.

However, Xiao Wu asked: “Brother, what did you say?”

“…I want to say, why is it that I am the slowest reverse …” Tang San was speechless.


Shrek Seven Devils all put on masks.

Yun Chen and Sanyan Jinyu are no exception. In fact, Yun Chen and Sanyan Jinyu don’t care at all, but they all wear masks.

You can’t help but gregarious, right?

But, how does this Tang San mask look similar to Mr. 91 Tang? ?

Fortunately, Douluo mainland does not have the concept of 91.

Otherwise, you will be laughed to death.

In less than a while, Shrek Seven Devils came to the player’s lounge.

As soon as he entered the lounge, Dai Mubai took off his mask and roared: “Damn! Extraordinary shame and humiliation…”

“Ah… …I am so handsome and handsome, this moment has gone…” Oscar looked at a mirror and said sadly.

Xiao Wu akimbo, complaining: “That’s it, this dress and dress, where does it look like a champion team? It really looks like a clown!!”

“hmph hum, aren’t you just the clowns? Are you still the champion team? Don’t pee to see what kind of stuff you are.” Just as Xiao Wu finished this paragraph.

A sound familiar to them suddenly appeared.

I saw a man with a very sophisticated appearance, walking over with a brand new team, complaining about Xiao Wu’s self-introduction.

And his appearance…

There is a brooch hanging on the chest, and the brooch is printed with Canghui…

It is obviously Canghui Hui Academy.

I am already an old acquaintance of Shrek. Last time I was beaten out by Zhao Wuji. Spirit is the Old Turtle of Xuangui.

The man cynically said: “It’s really annoying, how can I meet you little bastard everywhere! Tournament’s screening system is too loose?? You can put all kinds of garbage in?”

“en?? Old Turtle what did you say?” Ma Hongjun was the first to speak, with a bohemian look.

Oscar said, “Fatty, what are you talking nonsense, they are not Old Turtle, they are obviously old turtles!! You have no level at all.”

” It’s…” Ma Hongjun agreed.

The two people sang and got together, making the man furious instantly.

The man scolded angrily: “Smelly boy, you dare to say that my mysterious turtle is Old Turtle, I must cut you off!!”


“Zhiqiu…” However, the man’s rampage, as if rushing to fight Shrek Seven Devils, was held down by an old hand.

This made Zhiqiu have to turn around…

I saw an old man who looked very yin and yang looking at him with a smile.

The old man wears a standard uniform, and his uniform is full of precious words.

The old man exudes a strong smell of blood.

It seems like a character who kills people without mercy at any time.

The old man is Dean of Canghui Academy. In the years…

In the years, he said: “You and this group of mentally incomplete, smell of mother’s milk not yet dried hillbilly Get angry, don’t you lose your identity?”

“Yes, yes…sir, what you said.” The words of the years made Zhiqiu a little trembling and hurriedly nodded.

It seems that Zhiqiu is very afraid of the same year.

After that, I bypassed Zhiqiu all the time, walked forward, looked at everyone in Shrek, and said with a sneer: “I just don’t know you rubbish, if you lose the game… …”

“Will you bark everywhere!!”


When it comes to barking, Shi Nian’s eyes suddenly emit one after another light gray rays of light, rays of light are like a sharp blade, and everyone moved towards Shrek stabbed them.

All Shrek was stunned for a while.

I found myself distorted…

One by one, it was like coming to a dead, dark World.

This made everyone in Shrek immediately unresponsive.




When a golden rays of light erupts and hits directly Nian, take Shi Nian a few steps back directly…

Everyone now wakes up.

“What’s the situation!!” The first sentence everyone wakes up.

Frowned years ago, he said: “Who?”

“Who do you think it could be? Bad old fogey…didn’t expect, this Time tournament, as well as your product of Court Eunuch!!! Start with juniors like us.”

“Shame…Fortunately, my damn it Spirit is like Extreme light. The attribute is in it, otherwise will it be affected by your Court Eunuch Spirit?”

Yes…..It is the three-eyed golden yin who spoke.

He just used his Spirit in those years, a kind of Illusion Technique Spirit called Can Meng, which was originally rare in the Douluo continent Illusion Technique, which can be said to be a Mental attack.

In the first generation, there is almost no Spirit Master of Mental series.

Mental is the second life generation, which is Huo Yuhao’s spiritual eye.

Therefore, in the first generation, he was known as the strongest Spirit Saint.

There is no easy way to crack the Spirit.


Can Meng, the Spirit, has some evils. In front of the three-eyed golden dog, the Golden Dragon is simulated, and the Golden Dragon, the Extreme power, contains Part of Extreme Light.

Naturally can ignore this kind of Spirit.

This is a characteristic of Golden Dragon.

And it can also break the evil spirit of the opponent.

If you put it in one sentence.

The three-eyed golden 猊 is the nemesis of the years…

There is no need for the three-eyed golden 猊 to take the initiative to attack, the Golden Dragon will passively interrupt the spirit of the Can dream .

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