Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 428

“Little devil!! courting death!” Upon seeing this, he was a Spirit Saint at the time, facing a little child, boasted shamelessly complaining about himself.

And he still looked disdainful. Of course he couldn’t tolerate it. Next moment, he broke out as a powerful proof of Spirit Saint, and there were seven spirit rings with different colors behind him.

They are yellow, yellow, purple, purple, purple, purple and black…..

A slightly lower-level match, but at any rate is also a Spirit Saint, planning to do something with everyone in Shrek, A pair of eyes burst into red rays of light again.

Can Meng Spirit starts again.

However, this time, Shrek Seven Devils did not sit still, but improved his Mental. Everyone knows that the old fogey in front of him relied on his eyes to output spirit power to hit everyone.

Then everyone should avoid his eyes and not be locked in by his eyes. Zhu Zhuqing looked at him coldly and didn’t seem to take him seriously.

If Zhu Zhuqing wants to expose his strength, he can almost instantly kill him.

It is also Spirit Saint.

Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit ring collocations are all rare and of ten thousand years of quality.

Naturally, it can be easily won for ten years, and the Mental system of the year is also summarized in the control system. Zhu Zhuqing’s explosion system is the nemesis of the control system.

Of course, you can kill the time in seconds.

However, Zhu Zhuqing did not intend to make a move. First, Fenderers said before, don’t reveal their true strength, and second, Yun Chen did not have an extra move.

Why do I be the first bird to make people pay attention to me? At the same time, this is Star Luo Empire, and it is equivalent to my hometown. I don’t want to be noticed by my family.

If the family realizes that they are coming back, and knows that they are Spirit Saint, are they afraid that it will be another attitude, and should they arrange something else for themselves?

These are not what Zhu Zhuqing wants. Therefore, Zhu Zhuqing can’t do anything at will this time.

On the contrary, the Spirit of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon is very rare. It is also a Spirit Emperor. With the mysterious identity, almost no one knows the details of the three-eyed Golden Dragon.

When others don’t know the details, the three-eyed golden 猊 can naturally show itself without any worries.

“Hehe…Let the old man teach you a lesson. The sixth Spirit Ability…” Seeing that everyone did not respond to them all the time, subconsciously thought Shrek Are afraid of themselves.

Of course I have to profiting from somebody’s misfortune …..


However, the sixth Spirit Ability was only halfway through, and a propaganda newspaper suddenly bounced on Shi Nian’s face, so Shi Nian had to take down the leaflet.

“old bastard…It seems you are planning to provoke the irreconcilable of Shrek and your Canghui Academy…you alone can deal with us three Is it?”

“Even if you are a yin and yang person.” Flender’s voice came out.

When I looked up, I saw Flender, Liu Erlong and Zhao Wuji walking out, frowned, and said: “Flender, didn’t expect!”

“All over In that many years, you are still alive…..well, yes, you still have your mob friends…”

“hahaha, the thief, you still like it so much What a cold joke, how could I die if I haven’t made enough money? Besides, your damaging old bastard didn’t die.”

“My life is straightforward and upright, how could I die? ??” Flender smiled disapprovingly, looking at Shi Nian meaningfully.

And Flender’s words also made Liu Erlong take a step forward. Looking aggressively at the years, it was originally a fire yesterday, and no one vented.

Good fellow, since you come here, of course I won’t give you face.

You yin and yang person is a good punching bag.

Liu Erlong as cold as ice and frost said: “How long is it? It’s just a stray dog ​​that’s all… or even a stray dog ​​that’s all that Spirit Hall doesn’t want.” “

“didn’t expect, your thing, there is a face out, with a bunch of waste, sign up?”

“I’m not afraid of being beaten badly with many teeth knocked out ?? Can’t look up?”

“You…he he he, what a king flower… big’s technology is also top-notch, just hope Your strength is the same as your tongue!!” Liu Erlong’s words made it obstructed every year.

Didn’t expect, you can actually see Liu Erlong here, which was didn’t expect back then.

Liu Erlong has some fame in Spirit Master’s world, not just Golden Triangle, but mainly born in the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect, especially the illegitimate daughter of Second Elder.

Not many people deliberately offend Liu Erlong.

Even if she is only an illegitimate daughter, she is still a member of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect, and Yu Luomian is a person who values ​​her face even more.

Although it is recognized as the strongest Spirit Saint.

In front of these big Sects, you can’t look up.

Naturally impossible to go to Liu Erlong to meet force with force.

Only rely on eccentric…

Zhao Wuji also patted his stomach and said: “What?? Planning to do it? Then don’t say anything else, just open it. Do it! Just right…”

“I’m a brat, I’ll be with you for a while…”

“Zhao Wuji!!!” In 2009, Zhao Wuji looked like he was going to fight, two Spirit Saints, plus the Spirit Douluo named Flender.

If you fight, you will definitely be annihilated every year…

And you can’t lower your head, otherwise, how can outsiders think of yourself.

ka ka ka!

Until, suddenly there was a sound from the trumpet, blocking the chaos on the scene.

“Canghui Academy participating team, please report immediately!!”

The sound of this loudspeaker saves years of solidification and decisively bypasses Flender, Liu Erlong and Zhao Wuji Three people, leave a paragraph: “Haha!!!”

“This year of the Spirit Master Elite Tournament, it is really lively…Flender, Liu Erlong, Zhao Wuji!!! Yu Xiaogang is still missing. Isn’t this all gathered?”

“But…I just hope that what you call Shrek will participate in this time and don’t meet our Canghui Academy. ….. Otherwise, your little ghosts.”

“I can guarantee that there will never be a livelihood!!!”

“Be careful! hahaha…. ..”

After saying this cruel remark, he took his team with him and slowly disappeared in front of everyone in Shrek. ….

“Hehe…..I just hope that your children can withstand it.” For this reason, Flender was just faintly smiled, it was a mule or a horse, and he brought it out for a walk. Walk, witness.

Flender knows the situation of Canghui very well…..The strongest is only one Spirit King.

As for Shrek, just a Zhu Zhuqing can destroy such a team.

Why compare size with ants? ?

Let Shi Niankou cheer up.

Looking at Shi Nian’s departure, Ma Hongjun asked: “teacher, do you know this old bastard??”

“Recognize, this old bastard is called Shi Nian, it is People of Canmeng Spirit.” Flender turned his back to Ma Hongjun.

Tang San asked: “Can Meng?”

“Can Meng is a kind of Spirit that can make the target hallucinate. It relies on the eyes. In a sense, Can’t defend! It’s a Mental Spirit Ability!”

“Just like the cheat sheet given to you by Yun Elder, a Spirit Ability named Purple Demon Eye is almost the same.”

“It’s just that Canmeng is an extremely sinister and vicious Spirit.”

“In addition, this person is as despicable as his Spirit. Although the spirit power is only 7Level 2, there is almost no one in Spirit Saint. Enemy! Even my name is Spirit Douluo.”

“It’s not easy to take him down…”

“You guys, be careful, he He is extremely poor in character and narrow-minded. Seeking revenge for the slightest grievance is extremely vicious, and even his own mother can get rid of it.”

“In order to join Spirit Hall back then, I personally handed over my discipline. …..”

“I rely on it, is it so poisonous?”

“It’s completely awkward…..”

“Old fart, he should be talking about him!” Flender’s words shocked everyone.

Yun Chen knew that he had joined Spirit Hall in those years. When he asked Bibi Dong to recruit talents, he was the first to stand up.

But Bibi Dong looks at this man…the desire is too deep.

It is also a time bomb, not loyal enough.

Although there are some abilities, Spirit can be expanded.

However, after some words from Yun Chen, Bibi Dong did not agree to let him join…

Instead, he killed his own discipline alive.

It can be regarded as a role by fair means or foul in order to achieve the goal.

As for Tang San, he didn’t say a word, his face was full of depression, what is the secret book given by Yun Faweng, a Spirit Ability called Purple Demon Eye, this is obviously mine, okay?

And, isn’t it done?

Everyone comes to Star Luo Empire, will Yun Faweng come here? ?

What kind of plane?

Why don’t you see people? ?

Tang San intends to move towards Flender to ask about Yun Faweng’s current location. He has to figure out how Yun Faweng got his Tang Sect Absolute Art…


At the same time…

Star Luo Empire ….

A famous and luxurious Inn, Yu Xiaogang walked in…

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