Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 429

ka ka!

In the Inn, Yu Xiaogang, like a headless fly, walked in slowly and found that the Inn was actually empty. Not even another fly.

This made Yu Xiaogang feel strange for a while, isn’t it written in the envelope to come here to meet? Why is there no one, how can we meet?

Isn’t this kidding me? ?

Yu Xiaogang is full of question marks, but there is no trace of the person who wrote the letter. Obviously, the person who wrote to him was the first love he had lost for more than 30 years.

Currently the number one in Spirit Hall, Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong.

It is also rumored that only one of the strongest female Titled Douluo.

I haven’t met for more than 30 years. Yu Xiaogang gradually became somewhat fuzzy about her appearance, and vaguely remembered that she had feared the sound of thunder.

At that time, the thunderstorm was very huge. I kept guarding the door and waited for dawn before I returned to my house and fell asleep.

Although Bibi Dong didn’t realize this at the time, Yu Xiaogang believed that what he did was something a man should do instead of asking for a return.

But the good times didn’t last long, because of some things, Bibi Dong’s unfathomable mystery left, not even a letter was left, just like disappearing out of thin air.

Yu Xiaogang couldn’t accept it. In fact, he did investigate everywhere, but there was no Bibi Dong’s silhouette and record. Until one day, a Tilted Douluo came to the door.

Yu Xiaogang only understands that Bibi Dong is the Holy Maiden of Spirit Hall. The Spirit Hall was not powerful at that time, so it can only be said to be equivalent to a Sect.

But at least it is a little higher than the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon.

This makes Yu Xiaogang deeply fall into an inferiority complex. Others are Sect’s Holy Maiden, equivalent to the next generation of Supreme Pontiff, and he is an ordinary stupid boy.

Why be together? ?

I don’t have that qualification…Of course Yu Xiaogang has tried it, but he didn’t dare to say that I can give Bibi Dong happiness.

He has no courage.

At the time, his environment was in an abandoned scene, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect. None of them could afford him and drove him out of Sect.

There are even some people secretly trading, intending to obliterate themselves.

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect does not need waste to be embarrassing.

Yu Xiaogang is timid for this. Since Spirit Hall and Sect are the same forces, they may have some contacts with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect.

If your location is known by the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect, wouldn’t it let you be destroyed? ?

Yu Xiaogang was stunned immediately, and he dared not say a word.

I can only watch the Titled Douluo take Bibi Dong away.

At that time, Bibi Dong was also at a loss. I don’t know why Yu Xiaogang didn’t stand up and stop him and let him stay.

If Yu Xiaogang said, then Bibi Dong dare to agree.

Holy Maiden shouldn’t be a dead end, and go so far with Yu Xiaogang…..

Yu Xiaogang’s indifference disrupted Bibi Dong’s thoughts for a while and made Bibi Dong too. In a state of confusion, what’s the situation?

What about your courage? ?

Bibi Dong likes Yu Xiaogang, not only for looks, but also for personality.

Yu Xiaogang has a principle, that is, desperate courage and dare to act.

But this time, it was like a dumb firecracker, without saying a word…

This is a refresh of Bibi Dong’s knowledge of Yu Xiaogang.

That Tilted Douluo is Qian Xunji…

Qian Xunji takes Bibi Dong away, in front of Yu Xiaogang, Bibi Dong orders the only Supreme Pontiff Give it to Yu Xiaogang, Qian Xunji knew about it.

Qian Xunji originally intended to refuse, but looking at Bibi Dong looking like he was at home, he had to give in and give the Supreme Pontiff order to Yu Xiaogang as a waste material.

Of course, here, Qian Xunji took Bibi Dong away. In fact, he made a plan to send some powerhouses, Spirit Emperor-level powerhouses to encircle Yu Xiaogang.

Done Yu Xiaogang and get the Supreme Pontiff order back.

This Supreme Pontiff order is extraordinary. Seeing the Supreme Pontiff order is like seeing the Supreme Pontiff. It cannot be rejected.

So it cannot be abandoned in the hands of a waste material.

Maybe this waste material will use Supreme Pontiff orders to do things…

That is Qian Xunji’s plan, Yu Xiaogang only fled all the way, many times almost Was killed.

I have been encountering Flender.

Liu Erlong, plus news of Qian Xunji’s death came out, and the hunt stopped.

Very sad…


“You are Yu Xiaogang, Yu Elder, right?” Yu Xiaogang was in a daze and fell into a daze. From that memory, suddenly a gentle male voice came from his back, calling to stop himself.

Yu Xiaogang turned around and asked: “It’s me…what?”

“You should have received a letter from our Supreme Pontiff, right? “The voice continued.

Yu Xiaogang decisively took out a letter and said: “Yes…”

“Then you come with us, the people above us have been waiting For a long time…” The man looked at the envelope, which had the Spirit Hall logo on it.

Only then showed a faint smile, leading Yu Xiaogang, moved towards the Second Layer building of the Inn…..

ka ka!!

On the way, every step, every sound of footsteps made Yu Xiaogang’s heart tremble, and he didn’t know what was going on.

Are you excited? ?

I still miss…

It has been thirty years since I have been deliberately avoiding Liu Erlong, partly because of my cousin, and partly because of Bibi Dong.

In the original work, why Yu Xiaogang has not smiled in the later period, has given an explanation, that is, the departure of Bibi Dong, so that he can’t smile again.

Speaking from a certain perspective, Liu Erlong’s status is really inferior to Bibi Dong.

After all, a man’s first love, once remembered, is unforgettable for a lifetime.

What’s more, falling in love with Bibi Dong is also the most confident period of Yu Xiaogang.

The reason is very simple.

Bibi Dong is strong enough to serve as his own test subject, and he also supports his own experiments. Not only will he like it, he will also prove that his theory is normal.

At the same time, if there is some incompleteness in his own speech, Bibi Dong will also add it.

To put it simpler, Bibi Dong is smart enough and has a higher IQ than himself, while Liu Erlong has a lower IQ.

The gap between two people.

Liu Erlong equivalent to the bottom women, not much knowledge, but love is very pure.

Bibi Dong is like a high-level, high-class lady, with a wide range of knowledge and knowledge, and his etiquette has always been among the best.

Choose between the two.

Liu Erlong can’t bring himself much improvement and amplification, just a pure love.

On the contrary, Bibi Dong can bring himself various offers and make his reputation even bigger.

Of course, both can get true love at the same time, but from the point of view of benefit, since there is love, then there must be other things.

Both are love, so naturally I will choose the better one.

Furthermore, Bibi Dong is one step ahead of Liu Erlong.


Inn on the second floor.

A very classical room.

The man stretched out a hand and motioned for Yu Xiaogang to walk in alone.

Yu Xiaogang had some doubts, but he walked in by brace oneself.


After entering, Yu Xiaogang was stunned.

I saw a young, blond woman holding a beautiful teapot in her hand, doing tea art for a while, moved towards the cleaning inside those tea sets.

The woman looks beautiful, with big Shui Lingling eyes, a tall nose, and a thin pale pink lips. She wears a clean uniform.

The figure is very hot…


The pupil color is clear blue.

It looks very noble.

At the same time, this appearance, Yu Xiaogang has been impossible to forget all his life, similar to Bibi Dong has several points of, but the details are different and younger.

Skin is fairer than Bibi Dong’s.

And more beautiful…..

Bibi Dong can already be said to be a stunner in the world, but the woman in front of her can be described as a fairy.

If it weren’t for Yu Xiaogang, someone else would have mistakenly thought that Supreme Pontiff in Spirit Hall can actually recover one’s youthful vigor, right? ?

“You are…” Yu Xiaogang asked.

The woman replied: “The matter of being entrusted to be loyal…for my mother…”

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