Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 430

“Your mother???? Wait, you mean, you are Bibi Dong’s daughter??” Yu Xiaogang startled, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, dare not Looked at the woman with confidence.

“Yes…biological daughter, my name is Yun Renxue…..” Yun Renxue faintly smiled and replied.


As soon as this statement came out, Yun Renxue? ?

Bibi Dong’s daughter? Does Bibi Dong already have a family? ?

But who is Bibi Dong’s family?

And, if Bibi Dong really has a family, as Supreme Pontiff, how could it not be announced? ? No banquet? ? But I don’t know all this information.

What’s the matter? ?

What happened? ?

Yu Xiaogang’s brain is in chaos.

I kept my eyes on Yun Renxue’s body.

The only thing that Yu Xiaogang knows is that the girl in front of her is a bit bigger than Tang San and looks very similar to Bibi Dong.

The only difference is the pupil color.

If the pupil color does not change, it is not an exaggeration to say that she is a young version of Bibi Dong.

This is once again confirmed, Bibi Dong already has a daughter.

Has become a wife.

Yu Xiaogang received a terrifying blow.

Although I have already prepared.

things have remained the same, but people have changed …..

When I heard this news again, I felt sore and unspeakable in my heart.

Even, Yu Xiaogang knew that Bibi Dong was married and already had a daughter, but he ignored it. This daughter actually surnamed Yun.

If Yu Xiaogang knows again.

I am afraid it will blow up.

Now Yu Xiaogang, the brain is like an I3 processor, unable to process the content of I9.

Naturally will not notice.

Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath and resisted the urge to shed tears, and said: “Then this letter…”

“This letter is indeed? It was written by my mother. Just like the content of the letter, what I wrote is to discuss something with you… But, you must not misunderstand.”

“Although I know more or less, You are my mother’s old love, first love.”

“It doesn’t mean that my mother will resurrect the old relationship. If we want to say that the old relationship will resurrect, there is only one possibility, that is, life is not as good as my father. …It’s not good for her.”

“But not at all…..My father loves her very much, and she also loves my father very much. My existence is a proof of their love. “

Suddenly Yun Renxue said seriously, and this paragraph, like a sharp blade, was directly inserted into Yu Xiaogang’s chest.

Yu Xiaogang almost let out a mouthful of old blood.

Good guy, let’s say that when you meet with me, the so-called discussion is to come over and show yourself that you have a good life. I am very happy.

Compared to me, it’s completely different.

And give yourself a knife? ?

Yu Xiaogang suddenly wanted to curse.

However, looking at Yun Renxue’s serious face, it was obviously not intentional, and the appearance was too similar to Bibi Dong, which made Yu Xiaogang unable to scold him at all.

Yu Xiaogang forced himself to calm down and said: “Okay…then you come to me, do you have anything to discuss? Can you talk about it?”

“Isn’t it here to chat?”

“There are still students on my side waiting for me to arrange combat.”

“Something, of course something.. .. I’ll get straight to the subject. My mother once gave you a proof that something called Supreme Pontiff Order, I came to you, and my mother entrusted me.”

“It is also for you to return it. Supreme Pontiff order…”

“Because the status of mother is completely different from before, Supreme Pontiff order came out, representing Supreme Pontiff’s order, which is also mother’s order.”


“Spirit Hall has already developed into Spirit Empire.”

“This thing can’t fall into the hands of outsiders, naturally it has to be taken back…”

“Of course, taking it back is not taking it back in vain. We can compensate you. If you want anything…I will try my best to satisfy it.” Yun Renxue said straight into the subject.


Recall the Supreme Pontiff order…..

Five words…

Cannot fall into the hands of outsiders.

Eight characters…

Once again turned into two daggers, fiercely hit him.

The withdrawal of the Supreme Pontiff order is fine.

It is true that the Supreme Pontiff order is very important. It might not be important at the time, but it is different now. Spirit Hall has already become an Empire.

Spirit Empire.

In the three kingdoms, Spirit Empire is the strongest.

The other two Empires dare not impudent.

The Supreme Pontiff order, like a full order, contains the power of troops and resources.

If it is misused by others, it will be a shame and loss for Spirit Hall.

It can be the second stage.

It does make Yu Xiaogang some unacceptable, outsiders…

Is an outsider? ?

Hehe, that’s right…

I am a passer-by. I am no longer the favorite of others. Others are married and have children, and they have no place for themselves.

Aren’t they just outsiders?

Although Yu Xiaogang is very clear that he laughs at himself, there are still some words that outsiders cannot accept.

Why is this happening? ?

Why is this your own destiny? ?

What did you do wrong? ?

Why does God arrange this kind of plot for himself? ?

It’s so funny.

I’m like a joke.

I thought Flender was a clown, but the clown was by my side. Didn’t expect that the clown was me? ?

At the same time…

Supreme Pontiff order.

I have already taken it as a transaction meaning, let it out.

I gave Yun Yun a weng.

I can’t return it at all. Yun Renxue’s request, I really don’t know what to say…

“If it’s just for this, you don’t have to. Trouble… Supreme Pontiff order, return it?? Not at all… I am sorry that I can’t agree.” Yu Xiaogang refused.

Even if you have the Supreme Pontiff order, you cannot hand it over.

That’s the only one of my own cards, not to mention I don’t have one now.

More impossible to hand over.

It was also impossible to reveal that he gave the Supreme Pontiff order given to him by Bibi Dong as a deal.

I’m afraid it is, let Bibi Dong know.

Or Bibi Dong’s daughter, Yun Renxue knows.

How would you see yourself? ?

Is just a beneficiary?

Then Bibi Dong would look down on himself even more.

After finishing this paragraph, Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath and said: “If it is only for this, then there is no need to send an envelope to me next time!”

“I Very busy, I should leave too…”

After that, Yu Xiaogang got up suddenly and planned to leave here.

But I just stood up.

Yun Renxue’s next paragraph caused a critical blow.

“Is it interesting? Yu Xiaogang Uncle….. Are you interesting like this?” Yun Renxue looked at Yu Xiaogang emotionally.

Yu Xiaogang looked slightly startled and said: “What’s interesting?”

“I said, is it interesting for you to embezzle our stuff like this?? Yes…I admit it , My mother used to like it very much, but it was the past, not the present.”

“I even gave you the Supreme Pontiff order…but now the Supreme Pontiff order should be withdrawn. Things that belong to my mother… but you don’t give it! Is there something shameless like you?”

“I don’t know why you keep it for good? To get something from Spirit Hall Or, regard it as the hope of rekindling the old relationship with my mother?”

“I can answer to you, your wishful thinking, all impossible! Supreme Pontiff order, it will change immediately The pattern, what you call the Supreme Pontiff order, is just a shell!”

“What do you keep?? Resurrection of old feelings? Destroy our family?” Yun Renxue as cold as ice And frost stared at Yu Xiaogang. For the first time, she thought her mother’s first love was so shameless.

There is no bottom line…

It’s like garbage.

Yu Xiaogang said: “Child, this is my mother and me. As a child, you still don’t need to greet that many! I can only say, Supreme Pontiff, if you want… …It’s up to your mother to speak.”

“Otherwise, I won’t admit it.”

Yu Xiaogang intends to use a slowing strategy…..It’s not that he won’t give it, but that He didn’t. He would rather say that he would give it to others than he would give it to others.

If I don’t give the reason, I just like Bibi Dong.

Although both answers are disgusting, one is materialism, which makes people look down on, and the other is infatuation.

Choose one of the two, of course, choose an infatuated character.

“Hehe…In that case, let my mother speak!!” Yun Renxue coldly smiled, looking towards the Inn.


“Xiaogang, Supreme Pontiff order, let’s come again!!” A tragedy that made Yu Xiaogang tremble, familiar, fearful, and tragic The voice came from inside the Inn.

At this moment, Yu Xiaogang was completely stunned.

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