Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 432

Star Luo Empire ….

The capital, an assembly that exists like a birdcage.

Shrek Seven Devils, under the leadership of Flender, has already stepped onto the ring…

Everyone has a little tension on their faces.

Among them, Ma Hongjun and Oscar even showed a trace of sweat on their faces, as if they were so nervous that they might explode at any time.

In this scene, Xiao Wu couldn’t help but look disgusted and said: “What’s the matter with you two? Is it necessary to be so exaggerated?”

“It’s the first time we’ve seen such a big scene, damn it! At least a thousand people are watching us?? A little bit of inattention, embarrassment, then you will be ashamed for a lifetime!!” Ma Hongjun spit out .

Oscar seconded and said: “Isn’t it, we have already had an embarrassment once, and people probably remember what team we are, if we make another mistake.”

“Fear Is it going to be spread out and become the first laughing-stock team of Star Luo Empire?”

“Look at your talents. I knew I would not let you out. It would be better to let Yun Qianqiu and Ji Wushuang Coming up.” Ning Rongrong said with a disdainful expression.

However, Ning Rongrong’s gaze is still set higher than this ring, which resembles a private room.

I saw a few people sitting in this position.

Isn’t one of the handsome men his father? ?

Ning Rongrong is also the first time for this kind of scene, but because of Sect’s influence, a thousand observations are trivial, and hundreds of thousands will not make her tremble.

Instead, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing are emotionally unstable.

Because two people, in that so-called private room, saw the person they least wanted to see.

One of them is the emperor of today’s Star Luo Empire, Dai Fengyun….

There is another one, Zhu Zhuqing’s biological father, and also Star Luo Empire, the most famous One of the nobles, Zhu Wuji.

Two people.

Although Dai Fengyun is the emperor, the emperor, but Zhu Wuji’s right to speak is full of reliability. After all, he is the representative of the nobility in the Star Luo Empire.

Is also the biggest nobleman.

It is the family of Dai Fengyun who has been married for generations.

It’s not an exaggeration for two people to sit together.

Of course, there are some differences in the details.

One of the details is that Dai Fengyun’s chair is a backrest, and it is a bit taller than any other person, proving that he is a proof of Number One Person at the scene.

“It seems that the sudden change of location in this whole land elite Spirit Master tournament attracted the attention of many people!! I don’t know how many top students will be there this time.” Dai Feng Yun touched his long white beard and said meaningfully.

Zhu Wuji replied: “In my opinion, this time is excellent, but it is still the old tradition. Although it is the first time, the veteran has been prepared for it. That is the representative team of Spirit Hall… .”

“And the main team of Heaven Dou Imperial Family, as well as the Sixiang Academy team.”

“This time, the first place is nothing more than these teams. Ignite……”

“Haha…Isn’t it, our Star Luo Imperial Family’s main team, but our Star Luo Empire’s strongest young Spirit Master, and others Compared with the team, naturally you shouldn’t underestimate it…”

“If you want to say a big word, the only thing I care about is the team from Spirit Hall!!” Dai Fengyun looked confident. Talking.

His self-confidence has attracted a backlash from Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi slightly smiled, saying: “From the bottom of the eye, there will be a lot of dark horses this time, Your Majesty should be careful!!”

“Haha… “Dai Fengyun smiled faintly and didn’t answer Ning Fengzhi directly.

Ning Fengzhi’s identity is nothing but Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School guest official. In fact, it has no status in Star Luo Empire, a Sect.

Although it is known as the Second Sect of Upper Three Sects.

But Star Luo Empire is different from Heaven Dou Empire. Star Luo Empire has a very strong military. Even the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Dai Fengyun can don’t give face.

There is only one reason for Ning Fengzhi to sit down and sit with herself.

That is Ning Fengzhi is currently close to Heaven Dou…..

Ning Fengzhi, as Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, has the strongest support system Sect, and is good friends with it Naturally, it is more clear than the two sides staying in contact with each other.

In the original book, is the tournament held by Heaven Dou Empire.

Ning Fengzhi is equivalent to Heaven Dou Empire, State Preceptor level.

Naturally, it is normal to give a seat.

However, for some reasons, the appearance of Yun Chen and the death of Qian Xunji have caused Heaven Dou Empire to be unable to host the so-called Spirit Master Conference immediately.

Have to move the location and put it in Star Luo Empire.

Zhu Wou-ki coldly smiled and said: “In this way, School Master Ning feels that in addition to the Four Elephant Academy and Spirit Hall representing the team, there are other teams that may defeat our Star Luo Imperial Family. What’s the battle?”

“Zhu Wangjue meant that our Royal Fighting team is worse than your Star Luo team?? Even your Star Luo team can’t beat it?” Just when Ning Fengzhi was about to explain. .

A gentle female voice came out.

I saw a young man with a very handsome appearance, followed by a green-haired old man, walking in front of Dai Fengyun and Zhao Wuji.

Ning Fengzhi stood up first, cup one fist in the other hand said: “His Royal Highness Crown Prince…and, Senior Poison.”

Yes, it appeared Isn’t that the person of Xue Qinghe who represents Heaven Dou Empire? ?

And this Xue Qinghe is naturally Yun Renxue….

As for Dugu Bo, who is following him, he is a bodyguard arranged by Heaven Dou Empire, and it is also Bibi Dong’s An order.

Follow Yun Renxue here.

Appeared as Heaven Dou Empire Imperial Family guest official.

On the one hand, it protects Yun Renxue, and on the other hand, it puts some pressure on Star Luo Empire.

It is obviously just a conference.

Heaven Dou Empire dispatched a Titan Douluo.

Like some kind of roar.

shua shua! !

Yun Renxue’s words made Zhu Wuji speechless. As Zhu Wuji, he and Ning Fengzhi could sit on an equal footing, but he could not be on the same level as Xue Qinghe.

You are nothing but a nobleman.

And Xue Qinghe is everyone knows, the next generation of Heaven Dou emperor.

An emperor and a nobleman about to ascend the throne.

Who is more important, obviously at a glance.

In addition to the appearance of Dugu Bo, Titled Douluo is also respected. Even the emperor of Star Luo Empire, Dai Fengyun wanted to make the three points thin.

“I didn’t mean that…” Zhu Wuji hurriedly explained.

Yun Renxue was unreasonable and kept saying: “Then what do you mean? Zhu Wangjue, please tell me!”

” Tell me, I can change our Heaven Dou decision…”

This passage of Yun Renxue hides mystery, just like a war of words, directly hit Zhu Wuji’s life gate.

Zhu Wuji would dare to continue answering.

Dai Fengyun naturally protects shortcomings. At any rate, it is his own family. Although some of his words are too arrogant, he can’t let him be bullied all the time.

Dai Fengyun coughed a few times, and said: “Where is the Snow Crown Prince… Zhu Wangjue, it’s just a quick talk that’s all. As for the truth, you can only know the truth.”

“You mean?”

Dai Fengyun still used hidden words to fight with Yun Renxue…

This time The meaning of the words does not mean that it is a mule or a horse, and you will know the truth when you pull it out for a walk. Otherwise, with your Heaven Dou power, you may not have been able to do the representative of my Star Luo.

even more how other teams.

Who doesn’t know, your Heaven Dou is about to die? ?

A dead loss caused by an Illuminati…

If it weren’t to save you face, you’re Empire at any rate, and you’ve been swearing, say, Heaven Dou’s garbage team.

Yun Renxue naturally understands this. Her IQ is not generally high, combining the ideas of Yun Chen conspirator and politician Bibi Dong.

Yun Renxue slightly smiled and said: “Yes…Your Majesty, what you said is… Then just wait to see Zhenxiao!!!”

ka ka ka! !

Just as the two sides were chatting, there was a sound of footsteps, and only a man with a traitorous appearance was seen, followed by two people walking out.

“Snow Crown Prince…Your Majesty, School Master Ning, and even Poison Douluo, you are all here. It seems that the first whole land senior elite Spirit Master tournament is very lively!! “An eccentric voice came out.

I saw a man with short hair who was dressed and dressed up with the sun never setting Empire came out. The clothes of the man with short hair had a logo, which was the symbol of Spirit Hall.

Isn’t it the representative of Spirit Hall…

Also in the original book, I have been praising Heaven Dou Empire and belittle Ning Fengzhi, and use my own Spirit to make Shrek the first The sissy of Heaven Dou’s deputy team in the first battle.


The plot has not changed, but some people have changed slightly.

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