Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 434

“Fuck?? Is there any mistake? This Heaven Dou team, the first battle is a clown team? There is no inside story, right?”

“The inside story?? Impossible, right?? Although the second team of Heaven Dou Royal Academy is very strong, it won’t give them such a weak opponent?”

“Yes, there should be no inside story and so on ……”

“There is no inside story? You are not the dog care invited by Heaven Dou, right? The dog care may be late but never absent??? Heaven Dou How much is it for you? Let you maintain it like this?”

“I bah, you are the dog care, isn’t I telling the truth? This is the capital of the Star Luo Empire, how is the reputation of Heaven Dou Empire? No, it’s impossible to let the Emperor Star Luo arrange for him?”

“Is it possible that the people from Heaven Dou Empire plan to come to our Star Luo, who are going to come to our Star Luo? Are there any mistakes? Now Heaven Dou is already It’s about to close down.”

“no no no, I’m not sure, after all, this time hosted the lottery. Didn’t Your Majesty say it? It’s Spirit Hall’s bishop, in case bishop Have you received some instructions from Heaven Dou?”

“Hahaha, you are more funny, bishop, even if it is not Lord of a Country, is equivalent to the nobility level. Now Spirit Empire is the first Empire, how could it be possible? Will you obey Heaven Dou’s arrangement? You create something from nothing.”

The passage of the host drew the audience to brag, and immediately turned into a two-sided lineup, while thinking that Heaven Dou Empire cheated in order to preserve The second team advances and draws a weak team.

Shrek Academy? ?

There is no reputation in Star Luo Empire at all, but Heaven Dou Empire has some reputation and shines in the fighting spirit zone, but Star Luo Empire does not have the fighting spirit zone.

Naturally do not know Shrek’s story.

In addition to Shrek’s dress, just like a clown in a circus, naturally no one would think that the clown is very powerful, and would only think that it is a bonus.

But one party, like a dog care, retorted this party and insisted that he would not cheat. The scene was chaotic.

Only Salas knows that this is an order of his own, an order from a superior, as for who the superior is, Saras does not know.

But a letter, plus a picture of a medal, convinced Salas that this letter came from a higher-level order, and of course he had to obey it.

Otherwise, it has the probability of being executed at any time.

Spirit Empire, although it is the first Empire, this type of mission must not be sloppy. If there are some mistakes, the consequences will be self-defeating.

At the same time, Salas has been looking for opportunities, didn’t expect the emperor Star Luo to take the initiative to send it to the door. Salas himself wanted to see the so-called Shrek Academy.

Why did the superiors pay attention to it? After a slight investigation, I discovered that the background is really not small. The students of Golden Triangle are among the best.

It’s really good to let Heaven Dou Imperial Family Team 2 be the first to eat crabs.

Of course, Salas actually wants the second team of Star Luo Imperial Family to eat crabs, but after all, this is a place for others, so if he does things blatantly.

That risk is very huge…

This side of Shrek Academy.

Received instructions.

Flender pushed his glasses with a serious face, and said: “Let’s proceed according to our original plan! The first battle will be played by Little San and Mubai, and the rest of you… . Just look at it.”

“Especially Zhuqing, you are our secret weapon. You must never use Spirit Ability. You should use less of Spirit Ability…..It is better to rely on the fleshy body to treat each other Defeated.”

“I have investigated, this Heaven Dou second team is just a gang of kings second generation, also a wine skin and rice bag, there is no Spirit King, the strongest is only Level 45 Spirit Ancestor.”

“Understood!” Dai Mubai and Tang San glanced at each other, showing a meaningful smile.

However, Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong complained with a gloomy look: “Why let our chief take action at first? According to you Dean, the other party is just a bunch of miscellaneous fish. “

“The miscellaneous fish use us, we are unremarkable, and will not be observed…..If you want to call Fatty and Little Ao, why do the first battle be Boss Dai and Little San?”

“What’s this? I leave the miscellaneous fish to me and Fatty???” Oscar was dissatisfied.

Ma Hongjun said with a disapproving look: “Anyway, I’m casual. It’s the first game today. My opponent is a miscellaneous fish. Get it done earlier and finish work earlier.”

“I haven’t enjoyed enough of the food of Star Luo Empire!”

“You all want to shoot, I know, but this is the first competition. We need to make some smoke bombs. As for the smoke bombs, naturally they should be more eye-catching.”

“You all have hidden secrets, naturally hidden, there is no need to leak them out, and Mubai and Little San have been investigated by those guys. “

“Naturally, there is no need to hide it…” Flender explained.


Tang San and Dai Mubai, the two main players of Shrek, have been investigated by many people at the scene. After all, they may be their next game. Fighting enemies.

Do your homework.

Especially the Canghui Academy in those years……

Liu Erlong also said: “How soon can you solve this bunch of miscellaneous fish?”

“Haha…Dean, Deputy Dean, since you want to be fast, then let’s do it! Mubai, one minute, no problem, right?” Tang San faintly smiled, looking confidently With Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai smiled coldly and said: “One minute?? Too much, thirty seconds is enough.”

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Flender and Liu Erlong hurriedly gave up the venue…

Looking at Tang San and Dai Mubai with serious expressions, Flender and Liu Erlong trusted , Half a minute is indeed enough to clean up this gang of fishes born in wealth.

On the second team of Heaven Dou Royal Academy, the students of Heaven Dou Imperial Family came out one by one, wearing a set of clean and expensive uniforms.

It was praised by everyone.

Even though this is the power of the Star Luo Empire, they are also a group of princes and grandchildren…

and they are luxurious and rich.

A bright red contrast with Flender.

Naturally more people choose their side, no one will choose broken copper and rotten iron in front of gold.

However, in the sense of Huang this Jin, it’s not even as good as broken copper and iron…

“Eh eh, Shrek Academy?? What academy, A bunch of untouchables, will you give up right away, okay?” When the second team of Heaven Dou Royal Academy came up, a sissy-looking man said with disgust.

Another man was holding a small fan in his hand and seconded: “You must have this awareness when you make soy sauce and get away with it. Get out of here now!!”

“Don’t waste Our time…”

“Come here, I’ll give you some rewards, take money, and then go buy nice clothes!!” A woman in a Godelori costume even Drop coins directly on the spot.

It is still Gold Coin.

As soon as the Gold Coin came out, Ma Hongjun was the first to extend the hand, took the Gold Coin, and said with a smile: “Is there any more?”


Ma Hongjun’s actions attracted a round of ridicule from the second team of Heaven Dou Imperial Family, and the audience also sneered.

Until, Xiao Wu couldn’t stand it any longer, so he gave Ma Hongjun a kick and ranted: “You want shameless!!!”

“Uh… Coin, let’s pick it up, is there any problem with this? He threw coins…” Ma Hongjun said he didn’t understand, how good this Gold Coin is.

One Gold Coin can last for one day.

Ning Rongrong, Oscar and Xiao Wu were almost stunned by the shameless quality of Ma Hongjun.

Only Tang San slightly smiled, saying meaningfully: “Xiao Wu, don’t blame Fatty, Fatty is right, they are stupid…what can we do to stop people from throwing coins?? “

“Let them drop coins.”


In the next moment, Tang San and Dai Mubai instantly turned into two afterimages, and the host just said the word beginning.

Dai Mubai has a strong spirit power fluctuation.

Directly disturb the vision of the second team of Heaven Dou Royal Academy.

And Tang San used Blue Silver Grass to directly lock the action ability of the second team of Heaven Dou Royal Academy.

Boom! !

“No phase of heavenly power!!” Dai Mubai loudly shouted.

A white radiance dropping from the sky, like a meteorite, directly hit the second team of Heaven Dou Royal Academy, causing the princes and grandchildren of the second team to fall instantly.

One by one, foaming at the mouth, twitching on his body.

Completely crushed by spirit power.

I was crushed to a tortured state.

This battle is a spike.

All the spectators, Dai Fengyun, Salas, Yun Renxue, Ning Fengzhi, Zhu Wuji, and the audience were stunned.

There is only a single thought and thought.

This is it? ?

Is it over? ?

No way? ?

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