Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 435

“ao ao ao, mother…I’m dying, help!!”

“Big brother, your death is terrible, This group of unsophisticated people actually dare to fight us, we must find a chance to avenge our hatred!!”

“wu wu wu…it hurts to death, it’s all broken.”


“I’m still a girl, it’s really bad for me to do this like this…I must go back to my hometown and tell Daddy, let him give you good fruit!!”

pa pa pa! !

Dai Mubai slapped some of the dust on his body, and said with a look of disgust: “I’m all a few years old, and I’m still crying! If I were you, I all committed suicide Apologize.”

“You, the second generation of kings, are alive, they will only pay more for the rice, not at all, it makes sense.”

“Half a minute, it’s true. “Tang San also walked to Dai Mubai’s side, and the two people worked together seamlessly, even though the two were not as close as the original.

Can cooperate with this, as long as it is not a conflict of opinions, it is impossible to have differences.

Even if there is a slight difference, it is for some reason.

However, these reasons have not happened yet.

“This…is over?? Heaven Dou Imperial Family’s second team, the second team, just got killed in seconds?? Unable to withstand a single blow?? Is there any mistake??” The host looked at the chaotic scene with a dazed expression.

Heaven Dou Imperial Family’s second team of the second team, one by one was beaten with bloody nose and swollen face, crying for father and mother, as if being scared by the god of murder, choked and hovered.

On the Shrek Academy side, only two people appeared.

Even the two spirit rings are not exposed.

What color is it, what match is it, and what grade.

These have not been seen clearly.

The first battle ended perfectly? ?

After all, the host has seen wind and rain without knowing how much wind and rain, this is the first time in history that I have seen such a fast game.

Especially the content of the game. It is clearly Heaven Dou’s deputy team. Although it is not the main team, among the civilians, it is also a situation where one side is the official Wan Fumo.

How can you be killed in a mess?

Yes, the Huangdou deputy team is all rich second generation, Wang second generation, there is not much success, but the bloodline has been crushed.

This is indeed a problem.

“Shrek Academy is obviously acting on behalf of the game, deliberate murder, I demand a sentence, let them be checked, and must have taken some illegal potions.” The teacher of the second team of Heaven Dou Royal Academy roared. Shouted.

But, no one pays attention to him at all. Everyone just looks at the result, that is, the Heaven Dou Imperial Family second team, which is impossible to withstand a single blow, was smashed by an unknown and super famous Academy.

And I can’t lift my head completely…..

On this side of the auditorium, not at all an audience member continues to frigid irony and scorching satire Shrek, all are speechless, Can only be silent.

Because the previous clowns shot the so-called nobles to pieces.

Then what kind of clown is this?

This is obviously the king of the clown. Even if the clothes are in tatters and can’t bear to look straight, strength is the most important thing… the clothes are glamorous, but just a vase.

This is Spirit Master’s World. The vase is indeed very eye-catching. After all, beautiful things are impossible to see and pretend to be stupid and disgusting.

But powerhouse is respected…

Tang San took a deep breath and said: “We Shrek, come here, not for anything else, only one The goal is to defeat Four Element Academies…”

“To defeat various Royal Academy…”

“To defeat Spirit Hall.”


“To win the first championship, remember our name, Shrek! More importantly, remember the name of our team member, our name is Shrek Seven Devils!”

shua shua! !

Tang San sounded like a Hongzhong thunder, very arrogantly swearing, and even made a posture of contempt with Dai Mubai, just like Only I Am Supreme.

To describe it in one word, it is madness.

There is crazy capital.

“Good guy, so arrogant? Fuck!”

“Hehe, there is indeed some strength, delicious rants will only accelerate their own demise!”


“Yes, I admit that this kid has some abilities, relying on two people to destroy a team, but the second team of Huangdou is always only the second team, even the first team can do a spike, let alone What about Four Element Academies and Spirit Hall???”

“Huh??? What is Four Element Academies?”

“I rely on, you don’t know?? Four Element Academies is a general term , Is the sum of the four Academy. They are Divine Wind Academy, Blazing Academy, Tianshui Academy and Thunder Academy!!”

“In your country?”

.. ….

The audience expressed that they were too rampant one by one, and they began to turn from respect to complaining, barking, thinking that Shrek Academy is just a frog in well.

It is a fact that Shrek is powerful, relying on two people to attack a team.

Everyone has their own ideas.

“hahaha……Interesting, this son is so rampant, it reminds me of a person once.” When Salas saw this, not at all was angry, but laughed heartily.

It seems to hear a joke.

This caused Ning Fengzhi to ask: “Saras bishop, listen to your tone and think of a very bad person, who is it?”

” Who??? It’s nothing more than the act recklessly, the immensity of heaven and earth, the man who had grieved with Spirit Hall… Today’s Clear Sky Douluo…” Salas looked coldly smiled Ning Fengzhi.

This makes Ning Fengzhi obviously startled, good guy, this sensitivity has some terrifying, Salas is nothing more than a Spirit Saint, but it can be a bishop position.

There are indeed some brushes, and a casual sentence is really the truth.

Isn’t Tang San the son of Tang Hao…

I know this secret.

Dai Fengyun on the side faintly smiled and said: “Clear Sky Douluo, that is the famous Tilted Douluo, how many Tilted Douluo can fight him now?”

“Salas bishop, look at this child too high, right?”

“Hey, I don’t look high…I just mentioned it casually. As for Your Majesty, I think I am Look high, but I think it was the Heaven Dou Imperial Family second team that they defeated.” Salas said eccentric.

It is obvious that the second team of Heaven Dou Royal Academy is rubbish in disguise, and I did not look up high. Even if I look up high, it is caused by Heaven Dou’s rubbish.

This made Yun Renxue cry and face…..

Indeed, she stood at the angle of Xue Qinghe and saw that her second team was completely defeated and was hammered and hammered. Other ridicules are not a taste at all.

But there is no way.

Heaven Dou Imperial Family has long been turned into a garbage place, and I feel sad for the dead Xue Qinghe, there are such a bunch of princes and grandchildren.

The immortality of this Empire is a miracle.

No wonder Star Luo Empire looks down on Heaven Dou.

But, I still have to pretend to go on, coughing a few times, and said: “Star Luo Your Majesty said very much, our team is not just a group of waste teams?”

“But, compared to some waste, our team’s quality is still good, because I think that Shrek’s match is the same even if Star Luo Your Majesty is your second team.”

“After all Didn’t Salas Bishop also talk about Shrek? You don’t know if you don’t investigate, you will startled as soon as you investigate! Inside, there is your Second Prince, the second daughter of the noble family of Zhu, and the daughter of School Master Ning Ah! Isn’t it normal for such a lineup to beat the second team?”


As soon as this statement came out, Ning Fengzhi slightly smiled and said: “Snow Crown Prince, this statement is bad So, most of the people who came out were Second Prince, and the girl hadn’t shot yet.”

“And the girl is just a play support. Not enough.”

“It’s Second Prince, Why did you join Shrek?”

“…..” Dai Fengyun was silent for a while, and black lines fell on his forehead.

Obviously, Dai Fengyun also didn’t expect his son to be so outrageous. Back then, his son ran away, but he was just a Level 3 Spirit Master.

I am immature.

Not as good as eldest son Dai Weisi…..

Plus some are too naive.

I plan to stock it myself.

I didn’t expect, when I came back, it turned out to be such a picture, relying on myself, plus another unknown a nobody.

The second team of Heaven Dou Imperial Family was destroyed.

This is enough to show how terrifying Dai Mubai’s growth is…

And how sufficient the battle strength is. For a while, Dai Fengyun hopes that Dai Mubai will return.

Even if you don’t give the throne.

But when you are a prince, you can also add a lot of stable foundation to your Empire.

Moreover, Dai Mubai is only eighteen years old.

Although it is not clear how many levels are, at least there should be Spirit Ancestor, right?

Otherwise, how could all Spirit Ancestor be killed in seconds?

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