Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 437

“What are you? Don’t point at me!!! Are you not a dead ladyboy??” Dugu Bo won’t leave Yue Guan a trace of face, just moved towards the most direct Way to complain.

This caused Yue Guan to burst into flames and scolded: “Asshole! It seems that you are courting death…”

“courting death??? You Can you kill me? Yue Guan, don’t think too much of yourself, if you don’t have Gui Mei, you are not even as good as a Spirit Douluo in fighting alone!”

“But since you If you want to fight with me, then of course I will not refuse to come, then we will be for a while? Save it, look at you, keep responding.” Yue Guan’s words also stimulated Dugu Bo, a powerful spirit. The power fluctuation slowly ignited, as if an absolute battle was about to break out.

As for such a broken place, once a battle breaks out, it will be Armageddon, two Tilted Douluo fighting, even if Yue Guan is alone, the spirit power will still be Tilted Douluo….. ..

Titled Douluo and Tilted Douluo will not collide so easily, especially if the two sides have enmity, they will surely fight to death.

No trace of affection will be left.

Even though they are all the chess pieces of Spirit Hall now…..

But the chess pieces will quarrel and disagree.

“Enough!!” You said on both sides, and I said, as if you were about to fight, Yun Renxue couldn’t stand it and couldn’t help but reprimand the two people.

Sure enough, Yun Renxue’s words made the two of them shut their mouths decisively.

Although Yun Renxue is only a Spirit Douluo, currently, his status and status are different. Even more how Yun Renxue’s father is the one they fear most.

Naturally dare not refute Yun Renxue.

In Spirit Hall, the Titaned Douluo actually know the most, you can offend Bibi Dong, offend Spirit Hall, and then start your own escape life.

Bibi Dong may not necessarily spend much effort to lock you in.

Because Bibi Dong feels it is worthless.

But if you offend Yun Chen, you almost never have the chance to escape to life. Yun Chen can use his identity as a cloud hair man.

I will examine you as a wanted criminal in mainland China.

Many people are willing to sell your whereabouts to Yun Fa Weng.

Because they have all received some education and some gifts from Yun Fa Weng.

Therefore, in Spirit Hall’s Tilted Douluo, even if you are not afraid of Bibi Dong, you can do it, nothing will happen, but if you are not afraid of Yun Chen, then you only have dead end…..

Not to mention Yun Renxue, Yun Chen’s pro-daughter, Spirit Hall Elder, everyone knows.

No matter what the circumstances are, no Titled Douluo will quarrel with Yun Renxue, either he will be silent, or he will whisper and pretend to be stupid.

“hmph! Old poison, I will save you today…..Next time, I have a chance, I must hit you injured badly with many teeth knocked out, I can’t tell East, West, North, and South!” Hearing this, the lightly snorted of monster qi in Yue Guan.

Dugu Bo replied disapprovingly: “I look forward to it. I hope you can do what you say, not incompetent and furious, just like a dog barking!”

Yun Renxue continued:” You two save some time!! Yue Guan, Gui Mei, you come to me, there must be something to say?”

“Let’s talk…”

“Hehe, in answer to Young Master’s answer, it was not that we came to Holy Maiden, but we received your father’s order to bring you this thing…” Yue Guan did not speak, Gui Mei He took out a red and black bracelet and said with a smile.

The emergence of the bracelet was accompanied by a strong spirit power fluctuation. This spirit power fluctuation is not less than that of the big brother Yue Guan and Dugu Bo.

It is more like a lightning bolt, dropping from the sky to warn everyone.

This made Yun Renxue’s look a little startled.

She instantly understood what this bracelet was.

When this wave of volatility broke out in the bracelet, Yun Renxue already knew the answer.

The answer is actually very simple, but it is just a soul artifact, a masterpiece of my own father. The soul artifact can be installed with some Spirit Bone…

spirit ring ….

Moreover, it has the same effect as maintaining quality.

Let its effect not slowly rot over time.

However, Yun Renxue was also a little surprised. The strong fluctuations and colors of the bracelet were adjusted according to the content of the bracelet device.

Black and red.

Like the color of the spirit ring, it represents ten thousand years and one hundred thousand years.

In other words, the contents of such a soul artifact may have something to do with one hundred thousand years.

Either Spirit Bone.

Either it is a spirit ring.

No matter which one it comes from, the wave of the bracelet and the rays of light are worthy of its value.

Yun Renxue took a deep breath and said: “Just a bracelet, do you have anything else to give me?”

“Answer Young Master, there is one more sentence.” Gui Mei straight nodded.

Yun Renxue asked: “What are you talking about?”

“Holy Lord said, you will allocate the stuff here, and I hope you have the opportunity to meet him Now, Holy Lord said, I miss you very much. “Gui Mei is like a messenger, saying something exactly what Yun Chen explained.


This time the whole land senior elite Spirit Master tournament, there are a lot of people from Spirit Hall, even if they haven’t shown up, Gui Mei and Yue Guan always there.

However, they are all observing in secret.

Investigate the background of the participants in this session.

There is only one reason.

That is looking for the silhouette of Tang Hao.

Bibi Dong has investigated some results. Tang Hao has a sixteen-seventeen-year-old son who is also a good genius, although the name is not clear.

I don’t know what it looks like.

But he must be a genius.

A tiger does not have a dog…

And in this year of the whole land tournament, the most suitable talents like Tang Hao’s son join in to exercise themselves.

Maybe Tang Hao may appear.

So let two people keep investigating.

Look for Tang Hao, or the silhouette of Tang Hao’s son.

That is to find the Spirit of Clear Sky Hammer.

The two people have been performing this task until they are blocked by Yun Chen and assigned a brand new task. The two people came to Yun Renxue.

Otherwise, Yun Renxue doesn’t know that Gui Mei and Yue Guan have actually been here.

hearing this, Yun Renxue helplessly said: “Okay, I’ll find him if I have a chance…but, before that, let’s get rid of this thing first!!!”



Speaking, Yun Renxue gave Gui Mei, Yue Guan, and Dugu Bo a look.

The three Tilted Douluo suddenly realized that they decisively activated their spirit power to form a protective net, and let the four disappear immediately without a trace.

There is no shadow.

This is the ability that Tilted Douluo only has, and it is called Extra Space Net.

It is a blinding method.

Used to cover the eyes of the Spirit Master, giving the Spirit Master the illusion of not seeing them.

Actually they did not at all leave.

Instead, the powerful spirit power is used to block the vision of Spirit Masters who are weaker than them, and the spirit power flows to make them appear blind spots.

In the continent of Douluo, the whole body of the Spirit Master is actually related to spirit power.

Whether it is the eyes or the senses.

There is spirit power to support it.

In one sentence, Spirit Master is like a charging doll, and spirit power is electricity.

Without power, Spirit Master cannot be activated.

Dugu Bo, Yue Guan, and Gui Mei used this to block the spirit power of Spirit Master’s vision, sense the spirit power, and make them appear blind spots.

Can’t see them, can’t hear them.

Of course, this method is not invincible. This method can only deal with Spirit Masters whose spirit power is lower than their own. If their spirit power is higher than their own, then it belongs to cover one’s ears whilst stealing a bell .. …

However, the use of three Tilted Douluo together means that you must have more than three Tilted Douluo’s spirit power.

This Douluo continent, I am afraid that no one can do it, right? ?

Only God.

Bibi Dong this kind of god.

In the space…..

Yun Renxue activated the button of the bracelet and emitted strong bursts of red rays of light. The red rays of light were very dazzling. Titled Douluo couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

On the contrary, Yun Renxue did not react at all, as if the glare had no effect on her.

Followed by…

Three crimson spirit rings slowly popped out.

It is the spirit ring of 300,000 years.

It’s just divided into three.

However, the emergence of the 100,000-year spirit ring, sure enough, attracted the attention of Dugu Bo, Yue Guan, and Gui Mei.

This is actually a one hundred thousand year spirit ring.

Good guy…..

Moreover, the one-hundred-thousand-year-old spirit ring can still be active, but the body of Spirit Beast was not seen.

What’s the matter?

The three are at a loss.

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