Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 438


Three hundred thousand year spirit rings appeared in the air, making Yue Guan the first to ask: “Young Master, these three hundred thousand years New year spirit ring, is it?”

“Yes…..It was assigned to you by my father, one for each!” Yun Renxue answered directly without concealing it.

I can’t use it at all.

My own spirit ring is also equipped with the lowest ten thousand years, until Spirit Saint is all ten thousand years.

Although it is also a one-hundred-thousand-year spirit ring, there is none.

Yun Chen once said that after he breaks through Titled Douluo, he will draw up a one-hundred-thousand-year spirit ring. Therefore, for these three hundred-thousand-year spirit rings, Yun Renxue will not be greedy at all.

Don’t even look at it.

Although these three Tilted Douluo are all from Spirit Hall, Yun Chen is still a related household, and the It shouldn’t be given is a top grade one hundred thousand year spirit ring.

Dead support is almost the same as Tang Hao’s one hundred thousand years.

Even better than that, because Yun Renxue saw through at a glance that these three hundred thousand-year spirit rings all came from the Spirit Beast of the beast, not the Spirit Beast of the plant.

And some densely packed incantations are also engraved on the soul seal.

These spells Yun Renxue have seen, they are a language of the overlord type Spirit Beast.

In other words, these three hundred thousand-year spirit rings may be produced in three-headed Overlord level other hundred thousand-year Spirit Beast.

Spirit Beast is also divided into overlord and general.

The overlord is much stronger than the average.

Gui Mei said confusedly: “Young Master, this is a one-hundred-thousand-year-old spirit ring. Three in one breath. Give us three each one?”

“You Don’t you need it?”

“I don’t need it…what my father left is what I mean. Three hundred thousand year spirit rings are given to you to make you more Strong!”

“Yue Guan, and Dugu Bo…you didn’t yell all day before, think of a way to match your spirit ring with red spirit ring?”

“Isn’t this coming?”

“Three, you will absorb one by one.” Yun Renxue’s face doesn’t change and looked at the three.

Yue Guan looked at the 100,000-year spirit ring, and his eyes changed from normal black eyes to azure eyes, just like a wolf that has not eaten meat for hundreds of years.

I can’t wait to swallow these three at once.

Yun Renxue once said that even if there is a greedy look at each person, Yue Guan dare not make some bold attempts.

For example, sneak attacked the other two Tilted Douluo, and severely injured Yun Renxue, and then took three hundred thousand year spirit ring and slipped away…..

This Belongs to murdering to seize the treasures.

Many greedy Spirit Masters have such a characteristic.

Yue Guan is no exception….

However, Yue Guan still has some saneness. Gui Mei and himself have been friends for years and they are indispensable. Naturally, it is impossible to sneak attack. Relatives and friends.

Although I really want to sneak attack a wave of Dugu Bo, looking at Dugu Bo with a serious expression, I guess I’ve been on guard for myself?

Forget it then.

In order to avoid an all-out war…

Moreover, once you make a move, you might become different.

“Young Master, but our spirit ring is full, we can’t put in a brand new spirit ring at all…How can this be absorbed?” Dugu Bo asked.

Gui Mei also looked at Yun Renxue with a puzzled look.

They are all Tilted Douluo, all nine spirit rings are occupied.

There is not a single slot.

How to absorb it?

Forced absorption, but it will burst and die…

Yun Renxue took out a small bottle, opened the small bottle, and poured out a few azure tablets pill.

Yun Renxue said: “Take this…and then fall into a state of meditation, and throw away the spirit ring that you don’t need, think it’s a hindrance, and very rubbish.”

“In this way, there will be vacancies, so we can absorb the one hundred thousand year spirit ring again.”

“Can this be the case?” Dugu Bo startled, suddenly felt that Spirit Hall has Some high-tech.

Can the spirit ring be discarded? ? Then reinstall? ?

Just like installing a host.

In the first generation, no one can do it, right?

In the original work, Tang San did not abandon the spirit ring. At most, it promoted the color of the spirit ring and changed the color of the weak spirit ring…..


I can’t discard it at all.

Only in the second life generation, there is such a way.

But the same is not very popular.

There are only a few people, one is Huo Yuhao’s other teacher, Electrolux, and the other is the hidden Clear Sky Sect duo.

Niu Tian and Tai Tan are two Spirit Beasts.

Can do this.

But in fact, the principle is very simple. It is nothing more than compressing one’s own spirit power, causing the spirit power to expand violently, and then directly explode.

Cause the spirit ring to become an abandoned spirit ring…..

This method is very straightforward, but there is actually a risk, that is, if you self-destruct the spirit ring, you It may become a waste.

Because the spirit ring follows the origin of the spirit ring owner.

A little bit of inattention, I self-destruct and die.

But Yun Chen has found a way, that is, to use the petals of the moon frost flame core flower, squeeze the juice, and refine it into a medicine pill.

Before taking this medicine pill….

It needs a squirt of blood to pour it out.

The medicine pill is like a memory card. The blood sprayed out will record your current cultivation base and lifespan.

Then you self-destruct.

Let one of your most trash spirit ring into an abandoned spirit ring, and the soul seal has to be scrapped.

Make you a vacancy.

In this vacancy stage, you don’t have a trace of spirit ring, and you are dying, you may die at any time.

At this juncture, taking this medicine pill can restore you.

Read the cultivation base and lifespan of your health period.

Therefore, if you have a vacancy in the spirit ring, you can absorb one hundred thousand years of spirit ring.

The process is a bit bloody, and there are risks.

But, it’s already pretty good.

Gui Mei asked: “Young Master, do we take it now?”

“No, you squirt a mouthful of blood on the medicine pill, and then force the absorption of ten Wannian spirit ring, if the absorption is successful, or if the absorption fails, take it again.” Yun Renxue did not intend to speak out.

Because once it is said, it is possible that Yue Guan, Gui Mei, and Dugu Bo will refuse this behavior.

The risk is too great for them.

If you lose everything a little carelessly, it is naturally impossible to take risks.

Even if you can get a one-hundred-thousand-year spirit ring, it is too risky and you may die, and no Tilted Douluo will use this method.

There is no Tilted Douluo who will risk his life because of something.

This is the principle of the Douluo continent.

Because Titled Douluo are afraid of death.

There is no Titled Douluo who is not afraid of death.

On the contrary, if you are just a Spirit Saint, you are not afraid of death.

But when you go to Titled Douluo, you will find how difficult it is to get to this point, how much you lose, how much you gain, and then stud again.

Who would be willing?

Yun Renxue also knows this, so naturally she can’t explain it, she can’t say the risk.

However, Dugu Bo noticed something as well, and said seriously: “Young Master, this should face a lot of risk, right? Let us absorb it suddenly……”

Dugu Bo asked questions this time, but did not arouse Yue Guan’s eccentric. Like Gui Mei, Yue Guan looked at Yun Renxue.

Obviously, they are similar to Dugu Bo and would like to know an answer.

Yun Renxue didn’t blink her eyes and said, “It’s okay. You don’t have to believe me, but you have to believe me father…especially you, Dugu Bo.”

“My father allows your granddaughter to grow up healthily and reach a height that she can’t reach. Doesn’t this explain the problem?”

“I have to say something here too No matter what you do, there are risks, but you must also look at the rewards…..If you don’t even have this kind of awareness.”

“Then you don’t have to absorb the 100,000-year spirit ring, Cancel the extra space and let everything return to normal.”

“However, there is only one chance.”


Everyone is silent.

Yun Renxue knows very well why her father wants to divide the spirit ring by himself. In fact, it is also a test for these three people.

See if these three people have the consciousness of death.

If so, then have boundless prospects.

Yun Chen will build them next.

If not, I would be greedy for life and fear of death.

Then Yun Chen will abandon them.

Let them stay at this height for a lifetime.

Even, he will be treated like some ants in Spirit Hall.

Ignore it…


Gui Mei was the first to meditate, without saying a word, she immediately went into meditation.

Yue Guan looked at this action of Gui Mei, and immediately shouted: “Gui Mei, you……”


Gui Mei did not answer him, but continued to meditate, and Dugu Bo sat down with him.

Yue Guan is left alone.

Seeing that both of them have this enlightenment, Yue Guan had no choice but to meditate…In fact, he didn’t want him, because he was the one Spirit Hall wanted to die last.

In the original work, Yue Guan is very afraid of death…

You can even move towards the enemy who killed his relatives and friends to survive, Tang San kneels down and begs for mercy… ..

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