Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 441

“Pu chi! !” Just as the three old critics on the side of Shrek Seven Devils were fascinated by it, Shui Bingér couldn’t help covering his mouth and laughed directly.

And, this smile, in four words, is a smile, and it makes the three old Shrek critics, almost incarnation as a dog licking.

“It’s so beautiful…” Ma Hongjun couldn’t help but spit out three words.

His eyes are slowly sluggish, people who know understand that he is attracted by beautiful people, people who don’t know think he has been demented in his youth.

As for Oscar, he kept watching and didn’t speak, but obviously, his heart was agitated.

Dai Mubai said: “It’s really good. As long as you are a gentleman in such a team, you will definitely be reluctant to beat them!”

“Grandmaster, I realized. “


However, Dai Mubai’s words did not at all make Yu Xiaogang a little happy, but rather worried, moved towards his head with a light tap.

Yu Xiaogang said: “You still have to wake up! People who don’t know the charm, nor the Charm Spirit Ability like Xiao Wu, can make you mess.”

“But, what I want you to pay attention to is not their looks, but the fetters of the three of them.”

“It’s not…I don’t think they are too beautiful. , But too many men, like idiots, controlled by a few beauties giving sexual entrapment…”

“Sooner or later, it will be over!” Xiao Wu pouted her little cherry mouth. Said angrily.

Xiao Wu has some envy, because Tang San, just like Dai Mubai, was attracted by the Shui Bingér, and only almost said the word beautiful.

If it wasn’t for looking at his face black, I guess Tang San would have said it too?

Xiao Wu admits that Shui Bingér is better than himself in terms of appearance, because Xiao Wu feels that Shui Bingér’s smile is full of infinite vitality.

Like her name, she is as tender as water, but there is some high coldness that ice can only possess in tenderness.

The figure is also very good, and Zhu Zhuqing is on par…..

I am a man, no one will not look at him more.

It’s just that Xiao Wu feels very upset that’s all.

Tang San took a deep breath and said: “Fetters?”

“Yes, fetters, it refers to Spirit fusion skills…They are thorny roses ….. I advise you to be more careful and don’t be fooled!”

“Tianshui Academy, and temporarily joined a Spirit Emperor, I just investigated this, so…what if you guys Against them, you must be careful.”

“Don’t go up…” Yu Xiaogang said seriously.

shua shua! !

Just as Tang San was about to answer Yu Xiaogang face-to-face, Shui Bingér had already arrived in front of them, Shui Bingér looked at a few people with a smile, and said softly: “You are the famous Shrek Academy, right? ??”

“Sure enough…you are Dai Mubai! You are Dai Mubai, right?? It is indeed in line with the characteristics of the Imperial Family, powerful, powerful, and very fierce!!!”

Shui Bingér word by word, like the fragrance of orchids.

Suddenly, Shrek Seven Devils’ three old-fashioned critics have even made up their minds to look like Shui Bingér’s child.

Shui Bingér finished speaking, Xue Wu answered, and continued: “Hope, you can reach the same evaluation as our big sister! Not just a list…”


“I look forward to meeting you Shrek for a fight.”

“I will not underestimate any Academy team, especially those teams that are very confident in themselves, because I know , Only self-confidence can make people so supercilious.”

ka ka!

Snow Dance, let Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Oscar say in unison: “really domineering!!! I really like…really strong momentum!”

As soon as Xue Wu passed, Shui Bingér’s younger sister, Shui Yue’er, Shui Yue’er and Shui Bingér, Xue The dance is different, she is a playful little girl.

The personality is similar to Xiao Wu, but there is no violence from Xiao Wu.

More like the little girl next door in urban novels.

Shuiyue’er reveals her two cute little tiger teeth, laughing and saying: “Hehe, don’t get me wrong, they just want to know you…”

“We are not here to mock you, we are not the same as Blazing Academy.”

Shuiyue’er’s words and looks made Shrek’s three old critics resonate again: “So cute !”

After Shui Yue’er passed, those people in the original work.

They look good.

It also belongs to the existence of a crane in a flock of chickens.

However, because of the influence of Shui Bingér and Shui Yue’er, not at all others are so good.

But her appearance and figure are on the same level as Xuewu.

Even, personality is more attractive to men than Xuewu.

In the original book, there are a total of seven girls, and the animation team formed a team based on their dresses and hair colors.

All are Cham blue.

It’s just that the hairstyle and personality are different.

Shui Bingér’s is a shawl with long hair.

Xue Wu has short hair and is very heroic.

Shuiyue’er’s big waves and long hair.

Yu Hairou’s Princess ponytail.

And Shen Liuliuyu’s short and medium hair.

And Gu Qingbo’s royal sister’s long hair.

But the royal sister’s long hair is also tied, but she shows a piece of long hair to block her.

The remaining one is naturally the longest hair in Tianshui Academy, and the best hairline. With a high ponytail, Qiu Ruoshui can combine high ponytail with long hair.

It’s such a match, each one has its own characteristics, and looks devastatingly beautiful. Just go out and be in the sight of all the old people.

They all have an idea, that is, to catch them all and become their own harem.

Personality, looks, and abilities are different, and they are extremely cooperative. Without a harem lord, you don’t want to enjoy the service and hospitality of seven people?

Of course, Xue Wu did have some overwhelmingly masculine wives, which caused her evaluation to drop in the reputation of old sex critics.

But needless to say about the remaining six people.

There is no controversy…

Tianshui Academy, the Tianshui team, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a female team team.

However, this life, there is one more person at the Water Academy.

Yuexing pupil.

Is also a beauty.

Spirit is even more out of place.

Yun Chen saw her, even if she was wearing a veil, it was deliberately invisible….The dressing was completely different from before, but the smell on her body was impossible for Yun Chen to forget.

Naturally, it can be seen through at a glance.

However, Yun Chen is a little curious. The Spirit of Moon Star pupil is completely different from Tianshui. How could he join Tianshui Academy?

Although he is a Spirit Emperor.

But Tianshui Academy is a very principled Academy.

Should impossible promise, let her join.

It seems that I need to ask what’s going on…..

“en?? Do you know them?” Three-eyed Jin Yu looked at Yun Chen all the time Staring at a woman, he couldn’t help asking.

Yun Chen slightly smiled, replied: “I know an acquaintance… I’ll say hello in the past!!!”

“Will it be your lover again? ??” Yun Chen just raised his leg and planned to move towards Tianshui Academy to move closer, Zhu Zhuqing’s cold voice came out again.

This made Yun Chen startled and said: “How is it possible? I lover that many? You cracking a joke?? You just know a defeated, and suddenly, defeated joined an impossible Academy. “

“I’m very curious how she did it…and this defeated is not simple, even Zhuqing, you can’t easily win against her at the level of Spirit Saint Yeah.”

“I’m here to help you investigate…..Don’t get me wrong.”

Speaking, Yun Chen didn’t look back. moved towards Tianshui Academy, back to catch up…

And, Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun, and Oscar are still looking straight at Shui Bingér, Shui Yueer, and Xuewu. Figure.

Don’t have a taste.


Some of Xiao Wu couldn’t stand it, rushed up, gave the three people a kick, and shouted: “Look at it???? Everyone is gone! Are you guys going back?”

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