Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 442

Shui Bingér’s side…

They bypassed Shrek Seven Devils and walked directly to their lounge…

Every participating team has a lounge, but this lounge can only be said to be a military conference room, not really where you can rest.

It is a place for them to come to a meeting.

Headed by Shui Bingér, sit down one by one.

However, there is no teacher who leads the team here. It seems that Tianshui Academy has not led the teacher.

The record in the original book is also…

Shui Bingér has always led the animation group.

And Tianshui Academy, Shui Bingér is called big sister by everyone.

An extremely senior existence, but in fact, Shui Bingér’s age is the youngest among these seven people except Shui Yueer.

However, the strength, ability, and tactics are too prominent and advanced.

More than the understanding of most leading teachers.

Therefore, the students of Tianshui Academy willingly called Shui Bingér as their big sister.

Subject to a series of arrangements by Shui Bingér.

Even though there are some complaints in my heart, I haven’t said it.

Because they know very well that Shui Bingér’s plan is feasible and impossible….

From until now three years ago, Shui Bingér is actually A combative element, even if Tianshui Academy is an Academy based on principles.

Dean is an Old Antique, an old tradition.

But Shui Bingér has been operating in reverse, breaking the principle.

Take them in private and have challenged many teams…

They all win with no difficulty.

Among them, the Thunder Academy, which was educated by Tianshui Academy before half a month.

Yu Tianxin is Captain.

I was controlled by Shui Bingér at will and fell into the rhythm of Shui Bingér. In the end, even the eldest son of Blue Electric Overlord Sect was still defeated by Shui Bingér.

I almost went to see a psychiatrist…

On this matter, only some people at Thunder Academy and those at Tianshui Academy know.

But because of some principles, there is still need for word of mouth, they have never mentioned it.

Even if it is an honor.

However, today the military conference room was different for a while…

One of them, with a red face, kept his head down, just like falling in love Early-Stage The same girl.

There are stars in my eyes.

This left Shui Bingér speechless for a while and asked: “Yue’er, what’s your situation?”

“Huh?” Shui Bingér suddenly said, scaring Shui Yue’er. One shivered.

Xue Wu said with a faint smile: “What’s the situation? Hehe…what else, isn’t it just love? Isn’t it just seeing the man you like… ..”

“What can be done!!!”

“Yes, big sister…you younger sister, I’m afraid it’s locked up!!!” Gu Qingbo seconded.

Qiu Ruoshui smiled slightly and said: “Isn’t he just a man with big five and three thick? Sure enough, young little girl, youth comes so suddenly…”

“Otherwise, impossible, because of a performance, do you show such a look?”

Shen Liuyu is nodded and said: “However, indeed, that guy does look different from many boys, and has a strong , Masculine and handsome…”

“What are you talking about?” Shui Bingér was confused and couldn’t help but looked at them very much. Do not understand the four words written on the face.

Xuewu replied: “What, say, the mighty little tiger before…”

“The mighty little tiger???” Shui Bingér startled, what nickname is this? ?

Gu Qingbo laughed and said: “Hehe…big sister, you shouldn’t really understand, right? With your wisdom, your emotional intelligence! You should be the first to notice Ah!!!”

“The mighty little tiger is not the Star Luo Imperial Family’s Second Prince. He was just in the arena, and he was in the limelight. He got the Heaven Dou Royal Academy’s second team Dai Mubai in 30 seconds. Ah!!!”

“Big sister, your sister, I think you are in love with that guy! This performance is like a shy girl thinking of spring…” Qiu Ruoshui said.

Shen Liuyu also coaxed along with him, saying: “However, there is a saying, do you think that Shrek Academy, that one is more handsome?”

“You don’t really think Dai Mubai, right? No way? No way?”

“What?? Is there a problem?” Shen Liuyu was eccentric, and suddenly, Shui Yueer was dissatisfied and stared at Shen Liuyu angrily. You are not allowed to say what your big brother looks like.

It’s very like, the female fans of a certain battle are…like fanatical.

Shui Bingér looked at everyone in a lazy and relaxed look, especially when they were still talking about a man. He could not help being frowned and scolded: “Did you make a mistake?”

“What is the purpose of our coming here? It is the champion, and won three Spirit Bone!!”

“Instead of letting you come here for beauty pageants one by one, looking for men!”


“There are many men in this world, and they are more excellent than Dai Mubai…..”

“Can we now not excessive attention to details prevent one from making progress … .. Always improve Mental and be prepared. The Academy in Spirit Hall is not a joke!”

“If you continue to be lazy, maybe you will fall in the sewer….. “

“Do you understand?”

shua shua! !

I have to say that Shui Bingér suddenly exploded in temper, and it was so cold that the ice cubes instantly solidified…

Suddenly let all of you who just slack off, you tensed Mental for a while .

However, this time, one person disagreed.

I saw Yuexingtong coughing a few times, and said: “Captain…always tight Mental, keeping the state all the time, it will make a person more tired! Especially the major beauties… …”

“The big beauties also need some rest, otherwise, wrinkles will increase day by day.”

“Although we are very strong, in order to win Champion, three Spirit Bone.”

“But we can’t summarize everything in cultivation, thus neglecting our chance to choose a spouse…Shrek??Dai Mubai???”

“He is a good-looking young man…”

“But, Shrek is not the most handsome…”

“So, Yue’er younger sister, it’s better to be sensible. Don’t see a sesame and discard a watermelon.”

“You can’t decide anything too early… .”

“Sister Xingtong…” Shui Yueer looked at Yue Xingtong with a serious tone, and she was grateful.

Obviously, this is Yuexingtong speaking for himself.

However, Gu Qingbo and Qiu Ruoshui found a word and couldn’t help saying: “Wait a minute? Is there someone more handsome than Dai Mubai?? No way?”

“You Didn’t you lie to me? Star pupil…”

“It’s the first time you have seen Shrek Academy?”

“Why do you know how to look?”

“For the sake of a sesame, abandon a watermelon…..what’s the metaphor? Sesame and watermelon, it must be sesame more beautiful” Shen Liuyu looked at Yuexingtong with contempt.

Yuexing pupil replied: “But Sesame won’t quench my thirst…”

! ! !

Sesame does not quench thirst, five words.

Like thunder piercing the ear, it instantly hits people other than Shui Bingér on the scene.

Including Xuewu…

This remark of Yuexingtong, in theory, is against Shui Bingér, but speaking from a certain perspective, it is equivalent to helping Shui Bingér.

Sesame does not quench thirst.

The main thing is the word thirsty.


Tianshui Academy, a girl Academy, not a boy.

Aren’t you thirsty?

Including Dean, who are all in their thirties, and no boys pay attention.

It seems that the vision is too high.

And some, after pursuing her, she hates it and looks down on others.

So, at the age of thirty, I have been single.

Tianshui Academy, there is water, but in fact all of them are thirsty.

Shui Bingér completely runaway this time.

Shui Bingér just planned to flies into a rage to scold everyone.


peng~ peng~!!

The door of the lounge was knocked…

This blocked Shui Bingér’s desire to explode and calmed everyone down.

Everyone is very cooperative.

Block off the moments discussed before, one by one, as if there is nothing wrong with everyone, even Shui Yue’er blushed just now, this time, completely calm.

Shui Bingér asked: “Who are you? Why come to our Tianshui Academy??”

“Are you there? Are you there? I am a watermelon… .. I’m here to quench your thirst!!” Outside, Yun Chen’s voice echoed with playful responses.

Everyone didn’t expect, Tianshui Academy, a girl group Academy.

But I miss men one by one.

And the kind that is very hungry.

If this is known to outsiders, you will definitely be shocked, right?

Too outrageous.

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