Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 443

“Shen special watermelon…” Hearing this, Shen Liuyu spit out incredulously, and even some swear words.

Obviously, on the Tianshui Academy side, all the little elder sisters agreed that the person outside must have overheard everyone’s conversation, and they are also eccentric.

To tease everyone deliberately, in this category, with the voice of boys, they can only use one word to describe boys of this type, that is, hooligans.

Moreover, he is still a hooligan who has no rules and no basic principles.

Not only eavesdropping on other people’s whispers, but also borrowing them to come to eccentric.

This kind of hooligan is also a shame in the hooligan world.

For a while, the little elder sisters of Tianshui Academy gave each other a glance, and seemed to be ready to deal with such an unruly hooligan.

“Sorry…we don’t need watermelons!! Nor thirsty…If you’re okay, please come back. We are now discussing a battle plan, not receiving guests. !!!”

“I hope you can understand…” However, everyone is ready to open the door to the hooligan outside, they will ruthlessly give the hooligan a “surprise”.

However, Shui Bingér did not give them such a chance, instead blocking all retreats.

This makes everyone helpless.

Who made Shui Bingér no fun at all? In fact, in Tianshui Academy, under certain circumstances, it was quite rigorous, especially in the presence of Shui Bingér.

Everyone will be unfathomable mystery tension and the atmosphere will not be relaxed.

Everyone knows that Shui Bingér is too strict and serious.

Not at all like a little girl.

Even though the age is young, it gives people a very sophisticated, rigorous schemes and deep foresight feeling.

There is no such thing as body possession in the mainland of Douluo, otherwise everyone will doubt whether Shui Bingér was given body possession by an old fart.

Has already become another person?

Otherwise, why are the thinking different at the same age?

Everyone is a girl.

Some people like shopping, beautiful clothes, and some even hope to get hair styles and miss men.

Even the most serious, reliable, and most manly Xue Wu.

I miss men.

Why doesn’t Shui Bingér? ?

This is a problem…..

is it possible that, is Shui Bingér’s puberty still not coming?

Impossible right?

So late? ?

Doesn’t it have a certain impact on the future birth of a child…

One by one can’t help but worry about Shui Bingér and let Shui Yue’er enlighten, but there is no result.

In the end, everyone can only take one step at a time and try to use each other’s personalities to influence Shui Bingér. For example, if you find a good boy, you can put Shui Bingér on a date with that boy.

Save Shui Bingér…..

However, until now, there is no boy suitable for Shui Bingér.

Yu Tianxin of Thunder Academy has some conditions and a good personality. Thanks to an evaluation given by Shui Bingér, I don’t like boys who are weaker than me.

Otherwise, how can this boy control me? ?

A very old-fashioned passage, but it also expresses Shui Bingér’s attitude.


Yun Chen heard such a sentence outside, and ordered to leave, he turned around and left without saying a word.

Let the military conference room be clean again…

Yun Chen left for about a while, and Shen Liuyu asked: “Big sister, this kind of eavesdropping on us, Someone who knows our secrets?”

“Especially, he is still a man, so let him go back like this, what if he exposes us?”

” Yes…big sister, I know you don’t care, but we do! If the boys outside know that we Tianshui Academy actually miss men very much, how would they look at us?”

“I guess there are two words to describe us, right? You say we are losing weight, right?” Qiu Ruoshui was as afraid of those rumors, and couldn’t help but look at Shui Bingér strangely.


Everyone at Tianshui Academy cares about their reputation, so they have always been a secret thinking about men, even Dean doesn’t know it.

I am afraid of being known about it.

So spread everywhere.

Give a comment they fear.

Shui Bingér actually let go of the rogue…

It is obvious that everyone faces such a risk.

Gu Qingbo said helplessly: “And…that guy, with very low quality, is an unruly hooligan! There is no principle.”

“Estimate Wouldn’t you miss such an opportunity? After all, the slogan of our Tianshui Academy is, Holy Maiden is as clear as water, but now we are becoming muddy.”

“…” Xue Wu also said Agree, but did not comment.

Shui Bingér said: “The ones who come are not afraid of those who don’t come…Do you understand this? Whatever they say, the truth can be covered by lies.”

“As long as you are good enough…”

“Besides, didn’t I say it many times? Don’t talk about your little secrets in public. This is really overturned. Let me give you a long memory!”

“Look at you just now, all gearing up, as if I opened the door, I would kill people alive, we just came here, this is not the core of our Academy …It’s better to do less.”

“There is no need to reveal too many methods of warfare…..If that guy is a gangster played by a spy, we can be caught in the trap. ! Understand?”


shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, everyone was speechless and couldn’t help but admire a wave of Shui Bingér.

You can actually think of that many.

Even this kind of conspiracy can be figured out.


How should I answer Shui Bingér?

Until Yuexing pupil spoke, said with a slight smile: “I have to say, Captain, I admire your brain, your brain is big enough!”

“Everyone is a student, less than twenty years old.”

“Do you think twenty-year-olds would think that many?”.

” Leading the teacher, but these leading teachers are not so insidious, right?”

“The spies play as gangsters to detect the tactics of other teams.”

“Good guys, novels are all It’s not that exciting…”

“You must be defensive…Do you not understand this truth?” Shui Bingér replied with disapproval.

Yuexing pupil was nodded and said: “be that as it may ….. If you have too much defensive heart, you will become nagging. I also understand at this moment why you are looking for No boyfriend.”

“I don’t even want men.”

“There is only one reason, you are a paranoid.”

“Yes, I admit , I am a paranoid, and I only understand one point in my life. Only if you are paranoid enough can you have the last laugh.”

“This is also one of my tips.”

“Even if you can’t find a boyfriend, but there is a saying, why do we have to have a boyfriend? Can’t we women stand up on their own?”

“Furthermore, I can’t find it Boyfriend, not because of his personality, but because I think there is no suitable man to be my boyfriend.” Shui Bingér shrugged, looking indifferent.

Obviously, Shui Bingér’s mind is full of paranoia, but there are many conspiracy theories, and some conspiracy plans, if moved towards this development.

I will definitely be a good commander.

If Shui Bingér is the prince of the Imperial Family, he will become Wu Zetian, right?

Paranoia, although it is a derogatory term.

But the derogation is full of truth.

pa pa!!

Just as Shui Bingér was about to continue speaking, the door of the military conference room was knocked again.

This made Shui Bingér frowned, a little crazy, and couldn’t help but say: “Who is it again?”

“I sent water…” Yun Chen’s voice again Come out at once.


These four words completely caused Shui Bingér to run away a bit, angrily said: “Send you uncle! Get out… Don’t bother us, otherwise , We complain to you!!”

“What stuff, water delivery…I said, we are not thirsty.”

“Come on, I will ask the organizer Reaction, someone harassed us.”

pa pa pa! !

However, Yun Chen did not leave this time, but kept knocking on the door of the military conference room, and increased his intensity, like thunder piercing the ear.

The beauties of Tianshui Academy clenched their fists involuntarily.

I want to beat the unqualified hooligan outside the door.

Shui Bingér couldn’t bear it too, walked to the door and opened it immediately…

Because she already has a plan, since you want to do something, then I will let you make it bigger Things, give you a lesson, let you remember.

The endless interruption of the province…

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