Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 444

sou sou! !

As soon as the door opens, the beauties of Tianshui Academy are already ready one by one. If Yun Chen does a little bit, they will make a ruthless shot.

Come to subdue the rogue Yun Chen.

And sent the rogue Yun Chen to the door of the organizer, and asked the organizer, why can your organizer put in any garbage?

If it is a gangster dressed as a spy. Then investigate the background of the spy, and the team that he represents, and his dealings with a certain team.

The team is disqualified from participating.

If it is not a spy, it is just a unilateral rogue.

Then just squat, and then sent to the prison of Star Luo Empire, not allowed to be released until the end of the tournament.

these all are the thoughts of the beauties of Tianshui Academy.

But before they had these ideas, they had only one common plan, which was to educate the rascal, give it a fight, and vent their anger.

Anyway, Zhengchou couldn’t find a chance to relax.

Fighting, especially unilateral sling of a person, can make them have some pleasure.

I don’t know why.


However, as soon as the door opened, all the girls at Tianshui Academy except Shui Bingér were stunned.


He looked straight at the rogue at the door.

Their brains have only one description, that is, they are so handsome.

Good guy, are all rascals so handsome now? ?


Yun Chen regards them with his handsome face, especially since the moment he heard their secrets, Yun Chen already has one intend.

You can cultivate this group of beauties.

Come to own Spirit.

Although their innate talent is not as good as Tang San’s.

But Tang San and Yun Chen think it is meaningless.

Yun Chen enjoys the process of slowly grinding an iron rod into a needle.

Give me a piece of scrap.

And I used this scrap to create a material beyond genius.

World famous.

In this way, for Spirit Hall, the reputation, credibility and evaluation will once again improve.

I am worried that there is no way to make these beautiful women agree to join Spirit Hall one by one.

Good guys…..

Don’t have to think about it yourself, the beauties of Tianshui Academy have prepared a trap production method one by one, as long as they make it by themselves, then they Will get in right away.

Need a handsome guy? ?

All of them are actually single, I hope to find a good man to protect themselves.

Very hungry…

The demand is great.

Obviously all of them are yellow girls, but didn’t expect, there is a demon hiding in his heart who wants to explode and let go.

You need a handsome guy, right? ?

Is he handsome enough?

Yun Chen has done some tests, and he is more handsome than Dai Mubai.

Even Dai Mubai has a manly character.

Yun Chen can also pretend to be manly.

Moreover, Yun Chen will not show machismo.

Therefore, Yun Chen has enough confidence to seduce these sheep of Tianshui Academy…

let these sheep jump from other people’s sheep pens to their own Sheeppen…

At the same time, there is one more point.


Yuexingtong still owes himself a bucket of blood. Last time I took advantage of the mess, Yun Chen won’t give her any more. a chance.

Repaying the debts is justified….

On the side of Tianshui Academy, everyone was stunned, looking at Yun Chen with a natural look, his brain only has one idea. That’s how handsome this rascal is.

The appearance is very in line with my taste…

It is not a small piece of fresh meat, the face is not so smooth and white and tender, the skin is healthy wheat and white, and the body has a reliable Muscles.

It gives people a very safe and reliable visual effect.

Tianshui Academy doesn’t like Xiaoxianrou, but instead likes some men who can do something.

Yun Chen is a good candidate.

Naturally make them immediately in a daze.

As for Shui Bingér, he looked at Yun Chen with a plain face.

Shui Bingér asked: “What is wrong with you? Keep knocking on the door?? Or do you have some watts in your brain? It doesn’t work anymore?”

” I have said that we don’t need watermelon, water, let alone bother.”

“Or, don’t you understand human words?”

Shui Bingér The medicinal smell of fire is abundant, which surprised Yun Chen a bit. He didn’t expect that Shui Bingér would not become demented because of his appearance.

On the contrary, he was very calm.

Sure enough, Tianshui Academy is the strongest and the big sister of Tianshui Academy.

This reason, reason is not like a child at all.

Yun Chen glanced at the military conference room and quickly locked the moon star pupil.

And Yuexingtong also knew that she was being watched by Yun Chen, and suddenly got up, moved towards the window, as if planning to break the window and escape…

Obviously, Yuexing Tong didn’t want to be drawn by Yun Chen.

I have been smoked once before, and that taste is not good at all.

She doesn’t want to try a second time.

Moreover, the amount of blood drawn in the second time was three times more than the first time.

A bucket…

What is that concept.

Although I am a 100,000-year-old Spirit Beast, my body blood bank is quite good, but I am a Spirit Beast born from the combination of Azure Phoenix and Bathing Fire Phoenix.

And has been reincarnated as a human…

This blood, but top grade, is very important.

Blood supplement is not easy to supplement.

Naturally impossible to contribute that many blood in one breath.

No matter what, if Yun Chen suddenly draws blood and makes everyone at Tianshui Academy realize that he is the reincarnation of Spirit Beast, then it is estimated that his plan will be broken again.

That won’t work.

Rather than appearing in this picture, Yuexingtong had better plan to slip away again. When Tianshui Academy has a game, he will appear again and avoid Yun Chen.

“Yuexingtong!! Stop for me…” Yun Chen looked at Yuexingtong about to escape, and she shouted loudly.

Yuexing pupil replied: “I’m pooh, I stop? Stop letting you do something? I am not a fool!!”

Speaking, Yuexing pupil jumped directly Window….

Yun Chen hurried to follow, just about to lift his leg, but found that, at some point, Shui Bingér had six spirit rings of different colors.

The first yellow spirit ring, the rays of light radiate…

The soul seal is infinitely enlarged.

My own feet were actually frozen by unknown ice. Unable to move…

This made Yun Chen startled and said: “six rings Spirit Emperor? “

This is a picture that Yun Chen did not expect. In the original book, Shui Bingér has shot it, but it’s just four rings Spirit Ancestor.

Even in Tianshui Academy, there are only two Spirit Ancestors.

One is Shui Bingér and the other is Xuewu.

The rest is Spirit King.

Can didn’t expect, this life, Shui Bingér is directly six rings Spirit Emperor.

This butterfly effect is a bit too exaggerated, right? ?

If Shui Bingér is a Spirit Emperor, according to logic, Xuewu should also be a Spirit Emperor, and the rest will be Spirit King…..

This combination and Shrek Academy is exactly the same.

The only difference is that Zhu Zhuqing is a Spirit Saint.

Good guy…..

Shui Bingér as cold as ice and frost said: “I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know what kind of grudge you have with Xingtong , But here is the military conference room and lounge of our Tianshui Academy.”

“It belongs to our property. You are violently violating and breaking into our private territory. How should we be punished?”

“Since I’m reminding you, you won’t listen.”

“The organizer of the conference looks like nothing else, so I will do it for you. I will educate you. You have not registered this courtesy. Prodigal son.”

“The first Spirit Ability frozen…The permafrost of transformation!!!”

ka ka ka!

Following a passage from Shui Bingér, I saw that the thin ice that had originally sealed Yun Chen’s feet suddenly grew and spread slowly, just like the seeds of Parasite.

I intend to completely cover Yun Chen from his feet and turn Yun Chen into an ice sculpture.

And facing this kind of ice.

Yun Chen couldn’t help but take a deep breath. The quality of this ice is good. Unfortunately, Shui Bingér is not Extreme ice. Although it is very strong, it is always a distance from Extreme ice.

However, Shui Bingér’s words gave Yun Chen a bold idea.

Since you Shui Bingér didn’t ask clearly what was going on, you also delayed your capture of Yuexingtong, and you also became a prodigal son. You are just a child who likes to play.

Speaking of the prodigal son, the girls at Tianshui Academy are actually more wave after wave?

It’s really thief crying, “Stop thief!”

Since you think you are a thief, then you will show it to you….

tsk tsk ….

Good butt, very detailed , And very warped…

I just don’t know how it feels….

It’s better to evaluate it yourself.

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