Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 445

“I only came to find an acquaintance, not to fight with you. Do you have to treat me like this?” Yun Chen was frozen and spread to his upper body until he One head is left.

The body’s limbs, including organs, and Mental’s fluidity are all blocked by Shui Bingér’s ice block and turned into ice.

I have lost some consciousness.

However, Yun Chen not at all immediately fell down, and Yun Chen did not guard against what the freezing point was. Yun Chen planned to try it with his body.

Shui Bingér, not Extreme ice, can reach a degree of freezing below zero.

This is a test.

If the result makes Yun Chen very dissatisfied, then the idea of ​​letting Shui Bingér join the Spirit Hall will not appear. If the result is satisfied, then let this group of homeless little elder sisters .

Find a brand new Great Family.

In Four Element Academies, no, it should be said that there are five elements, but the Weevil Academy is more inferior and has little to do with the elements.

It is inseparable from attributes.

The four elements here refer to fire, thunder, wind and water.

Therefore, it does not include the Weevil Academy, which is famous for its defense and is praised as soil by the outside world…

Four Element Academies has talents that satisfy Yun Chen, which is a loss , Known as the Four Element Academies, the foundation is not enough, the future will perish sooner or later.

In the original book…

The four major elements Academy, because of a persecution in Spirit Hall and Star Luo Empire powerless to defend himself, the four major elements Academy had to unite , Create an element Academy.

And sent a team to provoke Shrek Academy to prove that Four Element Academies is still an Overlord level, but the results are terrible.

Tianshui Academy was defeated by Ma Hongjun.

All the Academy gathered together to attack Shrek, but was easily tortured by Tang San alone.

As a result, Four Element Academies had to be dissolved.

In the end, the students are homeless one by one, until the second life generation, there will not be another element Academy.

Very tragic.

In fact, there are a lot of talents in the Four Element Academy, but the teachers are not strong enough. In a modern way, Four Element Academies is equivalent to a bunch of Renminbi players.

But Tang San is an opener.

You charge money, no matter how you charge it, you can only strengthen yourself.

If you open up and modify the data directly, you can’t charge money.

Except for some games.

Therefore, Yun Chen does not want Four Element Academies to repeat the same mistakes as the original book. In the end, it has no meaning.

Also let the talents become lonely.

Therefore, Yun Chen has to rely on Fleshy body to try and measure. It is not the Shui Bingér set by Extreme Ice, how far the ice can reach.

Shui Bingér looked at Yun Chen, as cold as ice and frost and said: “Our Tianshui Academy does not have your acquaintances!! So, you can’t go in, but you are running rampant…”

“In this case, we naturally have to open our line of defense…If you still have some sense, get out now!”

“Otherwise, the ice will be It will continue to spread until your brain makes you completely an ice sculpture.”

“Interesting…..Let me become an ice sculpture. You are not afraid that the organizer will find out You who fight, and hurt the killer, immediately cancel your qualifications?”

“And be blacklisted forever?” Yun Chen looked slightly startled, this Shui Bingér really has a backbone. It’s different from ordinary girls.

Just like her name.

It has the tenderness of water, and it is as cold as ice.

It is a pity that tenderness will not be shown to outsiders.

Outsiders will only see ice cubes.

Shui Bingér said disapprovingly: “Hehe…you are a gangster, spying on our secrets and breaking into someone else’s private base. You will not be disqualified??”

“No matter how bad it is, it is nothing more than telling the organizer that we will kill a little thief.”

“I believe that when a trifling little thief is compared with a huge Academy, the organizer I will definitely believe that the huge Academy is real, right?”

“Warn you again and get out of here!”

“We don’t have your acquaintance here.”


“hahaha…has boldness!! Shui Bingér ah Shui Bingér, I found that I like you very much!!” Hearing this, Yun Chen couldn’t help laughing heartily.

This Shui Bingér has such a spirit.

It is indeed rare.

This shows that Shui Bingér has the background of being a master…and mind.

Also, the freezing temperature is very good.

Yun Chen is very satisfied.

Shui Bingér has passed.

Next, you should let Shui Bingér see the gap and let him understand some facts that Tianshui Academy cannot really display your innate talent.

You need a stronger organization to nurture you.

Otherwise it will be quite wasteful.

And, let Shui Bingér understand this, if you want good reviews, it will be very difficult.

Therefore, Yun Chen does not intend to be praised, but tells Shui Bingér in the direction of evil forces.



The ice blocked Yun Chen, but Yun Chen was smiling, even the corners of his mouth were slightly upturned…

This one is not easy, the details of the expression like a devil.

I was quickly caught by Xue Wu on the side.

Xue Wu hurriedly made preparations. There is only one probability for a person to show such an evil smile, and that is that this person prejudges all together.

I have already understood that there will be such a screen, and there are already countermeasures.

In other words, the big sister of your team is likely to suffer.

Xue Wu yelled hurriedly and said: “Big sister, be careful!!”

“What?” Shui Bingér startled.

Boom! !

However, there was no time for Xue Wu to replenish. There was only a 0.1 second interval when the ice on Yun Chen suddenly exploded.

The explosion caused a powerful wave of energy.

Decisively bounce off Shui Bingér, who is closest to Yun Chen.

This made Xue Wu rush out, and five spirit rings of different colors appeared on her body. They were yellow, yellow, purple, purple and black, Spirit King grade, and there was a ten thousand year spirit ring.

The third purple spirit ring emerged, emitting bursts of intense, blue rays of light.

Xue Wu said in a deep voice: “The third Spirit Ability, holy ice armor device!!!”

ka ka!!

The next moment, he hesitated Yun Chen’s strength, and broke the ice, causing waves of waves, like tornado energy fluctuations, when he was about to touch Shui Bingér.

I don’t know when Shui Bingér has an ice armor like pure white jade.

The energy wave hits the ice armor. The ice armor is like a mirror, which instantly defeats these energy waves.

Let the originally powerful fluctuations turn into Nothingness in a blink of an eye…

This also made Shui Bingér notice why Xue Wu just called carefully.

She is a War Goddess with plenty of actual combat.

Naturally impossible to stand stupidly.

Taking advantage of this free time, he jumped up, backflips a few times in the air, and slowly descended, coming to the snow dancers, pulling the distance between the two sides.

“Good risk…” Shui Bingér said with emotion.

And, everyone else cared in unison: “Big sister, are you alright?”

“I’m alright…” Shui Bingér slightly smiled, Said that he was fine.

Xue Wu kept looking at Yun Chen’s position.

Yun Chen’s position has not changed, as if he was in an abyss, fluctuating in that area, without moving, just like a wooden person.

Xue Wu said with a serious face: “The visitor is unkind!!”

“Eh…Don’t be so nervous!! I said, I just I came to find an acquaintance. I didn’t want to take action, but you have been blocking me!”

“I am out of self-protection!!” Yun Chen looked at Xue Wu agile and was sensitive to crisis Shui Bingér, who couldn’t help being shrugged, said with a playful look.

Shui Bingér took a step forward and said: “The one who is not good will not come…In this case, everyone is ready to fight, this guy, not simple!”

shua shua! !

With the words of Shui Bingér, the faces of Tianshui Academy have changed drastically one by one. They are no longer before, because Yun Chen looks so handsome and sluggish, but instead looks serious.

Obviously, they have received instructions from Shui Bingér, and they intend to come to the real with Yun Chen…

One by one, they keep their eyes on, like a surveillance camera. Staring at Yun Chen.

This made Yun Chen helpless, holding a frozen ice fan left over from the explosion in his hand, and said: “It seems to say… it must be no I understand, then I will knock you down and explain it again!!”

“Since you want to play, then this Young Master should accompany you to the end…”

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