Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 446

“Second Spirit Ability: the wind of perpetual freezing!!!” Shui Bingér gave the order for the first moment, without wasting time, and continued to stand stupidly, only to see her back suddenly There was a pair of huge ice crystal wings.

Like her Spirit, the ice wings of the Ice Crystal Phoenix, and the ruthless ice wings lock Yun Chen’s position and incite the ice wings.

Several storms were rolled up.

The storm is accompanied by bursts of thin ice, like swallowing a person alive.

This scene broke out very quickly.

There is no sign of charging.

It’s like it can be used at any time.

However, it can be seen from the scope of the storm that this consumes a lot of spirit power, which is a range-specific attack.

At the same time, when Shui Bingér turned on the Spirit Ability of her second spirit ring, her spirit ring slowly emerged again, six with different colors.

That is, yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black and black.

A perfect match.

This combination is almost the same level as the original Tang San.

In the original book, Tianshui Academy was defeated by Ma Hongjun in the promotion match by the flames of Evil Fire Phoenix.

It just so happened that Ma Hongjun did not reach the point of Extreme Fire.

But the same spirit power is Spirit Ancestor, and I have taken immortal grade to crush and defeat Shui Bingér.

If Ma Hongjun had not taken immortal grade Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower at the time, it is estimated that facing the opposition of Shui Bingér, fire and ice, the result would be inaccurate.

No way, who would let Ma Hongjun follow the protagonist?

The protagonist Tang San, with his own aura, will naturally become stronger without logic.

But, this time, because of the appearance of Yun Chen, the continent of Douluo has long been different from the original, even the characters are the same as in some cases.

But the details are completely different.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is another World.

shua shua! !

The wind of permafrost is approaching Yun Chen, and the broken ice in the storm moved towards Yun Chen forcing it.

This makes Yun Chen look helpless.

Actually, Yun Chen really doesn’t want to beat Shui Bingér to beat Shui Bingér’s self-confidence, but in order to make Shui Bingér, the Academy team stronger, it is appropriate to strike now.

Otherwise, with the current Tianshui Academy, it is almost impossible to defeat Shrek.

Not to mention the Spirit Hall team.

Like the original, it will reach the semifinals and be eliminated.

Leaving Star Luo Empire full of regret and loss.

Although there is only one champion, there is more than one variable strength.

Getting the championship is also equivalent to becoming stronger and let others recognize yourself.

“First Spirit Ability: Sublimation!!!” However, the eruption of the perpetual freezing wind has not yet ended, and the Xue Wu on the side did not sit still.

She is the five rings Spirit King….

Especially the only support system in Tianshui Academy, and can perform Spirit fusion skills with Shui Bingér.

The coordination and reaction are naturally close to Shui Bingér.

As soon as the wind of permafrost came out, Xuewu immediately strengthened the effect of the wind of permafrost.

A yellow century-old spirit ring emerged.

The soul seal radiates, moved towards the lock of the wind of perpetual freezing, just like a projector radiates to the screen.

I saw the broken ice in the wind of permafrost, like being affected by the waves of white and yellow rays of light, from the broken ice, it changed at a speed visible by naked eye.

It becomes an ice blade, ice knife and ice dart.

This time, Yun Chen was a little surprised.

Good guys, this Xuewu is like another Shui Bingér. It can be paired with Shui Bingér’s Spirit Ability immediately to display a camouflage Spirit fusion technique.

Turn crushed ice into ice blades, ice skates, and ice darts.

And this change is not visible to anyone.

If it weren’t for Yun Chen’s eyes are different from ordinary people’s.

It is really possible to fall into such a pit.

Permafrost wind is a storm, icy tornado.

The temperature drops Extreme…..

It is clear that crushed ice will be produced in the eye of tornado.

But broken ice becomes a knife, and darts are different.

Moreover, it was blocked by the storm.

Let you fail to see the broken ice in the storm, it has long been not hurting you, but killing you.

If you still think that this storm is not terrifying, then it is very likely that you will be given one hit instant kill by such an operation…

The ice skates are not a joke of.

In front of the knife, everyone is equal…

ka ka!

This is a surprise for Yun Chen, Shui Bingér and Xue Wu Obviously there is no unnecessary dialogue, but it can strengthen another person like a hidden secret.

This bond, how strong is this cooperation? ?

However, something that surprised Yun Chen even more appeared…

Xue Wu and Shui Bingér stood in front, and Shui Yue’er became active.

I saw her petite, and suddenly five spirit rings appeared behind her, yellow, yellow, purple, purple and black…

A brand new combination.

It’s another Spirit King.

Good fellow, this Tianshui Academy, it seems that there is no Spirit Ancestor, right? ?

All Spirit King? ?

It is even more luxurious than the Shrek Seven Devils…..

“First Spirit Ability: Zero Degree!!” Shui Yueer made Tiantian’s voice.

Such a little girl is also a century-old spirit ring.

However, there was no response when she used Spirit Ability with her.

Just like Xuewu before.

Only see the rays of light from the soul seal of the spirit ring.

But I can’t see what Spirit Ability is, but it must be used…


The ever-freezing wind has changed again, and Yun Chen has already been speechless…..

The ever-freezing wind has changed from ordinary ice, just like dreaming, to extreme ice….


Yes, such a Spirit Ability has already reached an operation of Extreme Ice.

And just not yet.

Only because of Shuiyue’er’s first Spirit Ability, a change occurred.

Shuiyueer is a support system? ?

impossible …..

Yun Chen knows very well, Shui Yueer, although the Spirit in the original book is a gliding ice shield, a defense system…

But now it is not a defense system…

It is a control support system…..

A Spirit Master, there are some amplification Spirit Ability is normal Just like Dai Mubai, it is obviously an attack system, but there are auxiliary Spirit Ability such as White Tiger Vajra Transformation and White Tiger Barrier.

However, Shuiyue’er’s auxiliary Spirit Ability, like Xuewu, can bless his teammates…

Xuewu can bless his teammates because Xuewu is indeed support system.

But Shui Yueer is not.

At this moment, Yun Chen smiled directly…..

Showing a satisfied smile, such a team, you must get…everything here. People are not vases.

Tianshui Academy.

These seven beautiful girls.

Obviously, it is more like a person’s seven Avatars.

All have their own characteristics.

Once these features are combined, why Yu Xiaogang would say that if team fights and encounter Tianshui Academy, Shrek must improve Mental.

Tianshui Academy can fight Spirit Saint.

Indeed, such a match, against a Spirit Saint, is not very easy? ?

These seven are totally precious…

bang bang bang!!

The wind of permafrost in the extreme ice state is already close to Yun Chen, only 0.01 distance away from Yun Chen, intends to completely devour Yun Chen…

Shui Bingér, Xue Wu and Shui Yue’er have been watching.

I seem to want to see what each other’s masterpieces will have the same effect.



When the storm was about to touch, Yun Chen disappeared out of thin air like a lightning bolt…

Let the perpetual freezing wind hit the air.

Destroy a stone wall in the military conference room…

A Spirit Ability chained by three people, but it didn’t hit it? ?

This makes the three obviously startled.

However, they were not surprised, but calculated the next step.

Especially Shui Bingér…

Shui Bingér shouted: “Shen Liuyu, ready to turn on!!”

“I understand….. “Shen Liuyu had been prepared for a long time, accepting an instruction from Shui Bingér, and seemed to plan the next move.



Make all the girls blush at the scene…

I saw Yun Chen come to Shui Bingér’s face…..

Hold Shui Bingér’s waist directly…..

Knight Rescue the Princess from slipping and tilting in the same posture…

Like a scene like a love scene…..

Let the girls of Tianshui Academy stunned one by one , Including Shui Bingér.

But the idea of ​​being dumbfounded is different…

The reason why beauties other than Shui Bingér are dumbfounded is that they just felt that their ass seemed to be affected by someone fiercely squeezed.


All women feel this way.

Including Xue Wu and Shui Yueer.

Only Shui Bingér did not feel this way.

As they long for love, they are naturally very sensitive to this one. Of course, it is clear that the touch of their ass is pinched, not an illusion.

It’s true…

That is Yun Chen’s hand.

Yes, Yun Chen clearly holds Shui Bingér….

How did you start? ?

Impossible, can a boy be so fast, right? ?

If it can be so fast? ?

Doesn’t it mean that if Yun Chen just sped up and kissed all of them, it’s not a problem? ?

This is why everyone is stuck.

As for Shui Bingér, he was not touched but was sluggish because, when did Yun Chen come behind him? ?

I haven’t reacted yet….

Good guy…

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