Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 447

Shui Bingér said with a stern face and a rather nervous tone: “What do you want to do? Don’t mess around, we have a lot of people watching!”

“If you dare…then it is not a spy to deal with, but sexual harassment…you should know what kind of crime is sexual harassment?”

Because it happened so suddenly, Shui Bingér did not react at all, and in Shui Bingér’s current life, he has never encountered such a thing.

Naturally do not know how to deal with Yun Chen’s unexplained operation.

Even, even that trace of the original strong temperament was obscured by such an embarrassing picture, the pretty face was slightly red, as if two sunsets were hanging.

It makes people look, don’t have a taste.

Shui Bingér’s personality has always been composed of a few words that are cold, serious, and strong. No one has ever seen Shui Bingér, shy, not knowing what to do.

This is the first time for Shui Bingér. Even though she has read many books about men and women and saw how many couples get along, but when she is in such an environment.

Those who are calm have long since broken away…Looking at Yun Chen’s deep eyes and the thin waist of the willows around him, Shui Bingér said that he was not in a mood to move and had some fakes. .

Naturally, he looked at Yun Chen with a puzzled look, but there was a trace of throbbing in his heart, as if he was looking forward to Yun Chen’s next operation, whether he would surprise himself.

He said no, but his body was very honest….

Yun Chen looked at the shy Shui Bingér. He was a little dazed for a while. It was really cute.

Didn’t expect, an iceberg, there will be a lovely scene.

However, Yun Chen does not intend to continue. Not only is he afraid of sexual harassment, but also needs to attract the attention of a strong woman, Bingberg, you have to learn to control.

Can’t be her licking dog.

Otherwise she will only look at you with disgust.

You have to be full of mystery and let it have an interest in you. Only in this way, this iceberg will remember you, even if it remembers you, it wants to study you.

Or seek revenge from you…..

But at least remember you.

And, if you continue with her train of thought, she will be the same, you are no different from other licking dogs.

Goddess does not remember to lick dogs.

Because there are too many licking dogs, and the operation of licking dogs is one kind, naturally, Goddess will not deliberately remember what the licking dog calls and what effect it has.

Just a sentence from slightly smiled, you are a good person, but unfortunately we are not suitable.


Yun Chen got rid of these unstable thoughts in his brain, and said slightly smiled: “Sexual harassment? Is that many people watching? Interesting …..”

“Unfortunately, I am not interested in a girl with a thick waist…..”

“I just want to remind you , Tell you, you can’t catch up with my speed…..Don’t try to stop me, otherwise I will get angry and do things, and you will not only be unable to stop them.”

“On the contrary, you will fall into an abyss. Inside.”

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Shui Bingér was obviously started, and there were only a few words in her brain…

A few words that made her want to swear.

I don’t like women with thick waists? ?

Is your waist thick? ?

Is your waist thick? ?

I drank your mother! ! !

Is my waist thick? Although my waist is not the thinnest in Tianshui Academy, my body is the most standard.

You call it rough? ?

Why don’t you say that I am very old? ?

Shui Bingér is a bit crazy and unbearable. Before, there were some expectations that Yun Chen could do. Now Shui Bingér has no expectations, only one thought.

That is to punch the bastard in the eyes and turn him into a panda.

Otherwise, I cannot swallow this breath.

“Pu chi! !”

“ah ha ha ha!!!”

Sure enough, Yun Chen’s words drew other Tianshui Academy beauties to laughter The sound, one by one covering their mouths, don’t want to laugh too loudly.

They have an idea with Shui Bingér.

Can you say that girls have thick waists? ?

What kind of straight man operation is this? ?

No matter what, you can’t say that girls have thick waists, right?

Moreover, my big sister’s waist is not thick at all. It is not only soft and flexible, but also very sensual.

It’s exactly the little waist of the lover of the dream…

Now that it is so worthless to a man? ?

You still dislike it?

“he he he…” Shui Bingér sneered, and this sneer trembled like her fleshy body.

I saw a black spirit ring suddenly appeared behind Shui Bingér. The spirit ring slowly ejected from the six spirit rings, and the soul mark was about to burst out with a black light.

Yes, Shui Bingér is angry.

Very angry.

This is even more popular than the previous spies’ eavesdropping…

The spies are just a kind of fear of others’ powerful existence.

This kind of existence is unnecessary.

You can also leave it alone as long as it is not a serious problem.

However, Yun Chen said that he has a thick waist.

It’s different.

This is a personal attack…

It’s like a beautiful woman saying to her man, you can’t do it.

You break the defense instantly.

“Sixth Spirit Ability: Snow feathers all over the sky!!” Shui Bingér gnashing teeth spit out four words.

bang bang bang!!

In the next moment, I saw that with Shui Bingér as the center, the temperature all around dropped again and reached a freezing point where a living person could be solidified.

And this cold, accompanied by one after another breeze.

People can’t help but shiver.

The shadow of an ice crystal phoenix appeared on Shui Bingér, and this shadow waved its own wings and dropped countless strong ice winds.

There is a murderous intention hidden in Bingfeng.

It is a piece of ice blade.

The ice blade at this time is sharper than the ice blade in the previous storm.

It doesn’t seem to appear because of amplification.

Just appearing alone…..

Each ice blade represents Shui Bingér’s emotions. She wants to insert these ice blades into Yun Chen’s body.

Let Yun Chen try to freeze…

It turned into a pain like flying snow.

And, is this snow feather all over the sky? It is a scoped Spirit Ability. Most scoped Spirit Ability and formidable power will be reduced, but Yun Chen glanced at these ice blades.

Not only is it not reduced, but the temperature and strength of an ice blade falling is stronger than that of a hand.

This is a Spirit Ability of the more fights the more brave is.

“Xue Wu… Yue’er, blockade!!” Shui Bingér moved towards The lively Xue Wu was still watching behind him, and Shui Yue’er gave an order.

The two of them had already prepared.

A black ten thousand year spirit ring of Xue Wu emerged, and the soul seal was launched along with it.

“Although you have something to say, you are not like a spy, but it is indeed an unwise way to make our big sister angry!”

“Hope you next time , Can you think more about it!! Instead of just saying something…” Xue Wu faintly smiled, she is not as popular as Shui Bingér.

On the contrary, it is an optimistic view to look at Yun Chen.

“Sixth Spirit Ability: Cold Moon!!” Xuewu’s sixth Spirit Ability burst out.

Along with shouting loudly, I saw that the entire military conference room was actually frozen, just like everyone was forcibly transferred to the refrigerator or the South Pole.

all around There is no longer the feeling of a military conference room.

Also, this Antarctic, not at all, is dark in the sky during the day, but has a blue moon, which is like a magical power.

It has always attracted Yun Chen’s attention, making Yun Chen the same reaction as Mental was drawn.

This makes Yun Chen not help but think about this Spirit Ability…..

It is actually the Spirit Ability of the environment! !

Good fellow, this Xue Wu, as expected, is already different from the original, and I don’t know how many times stronger than the original.

There are actually many kinds of Spirit Ability in the Douluo continent.

Common are ordinary Spirit Ability, that is, attack Spirit Ability, defense Spirit Ability, and control Spirit Ability, amplification Spirit Ability.

And Domain Spirit Ability that can only be opened by powerhouse.

However, there is an unremarkable Spirit Ability before this Domain.

That is Environmental Spirit Ability.

Environment Spirit Ability is somewhat similar to Domain, but there are some differences.

Domain is for the individual…

and the environment is for the whole audience.

The environment of all around will be affected and changed.

Although the environment Spirit Ability is unremarkable, because it is not as simple as Domain.

Enable Domain Spirit Ability, no spirit ring is needed.

Such as Slaughter God Domain, Asura Domain, Rakshasa Domain.

One look, one temperament can be opened.

Will not occupy a space in the spirit ring Spirit Ability.

It’s like being born with it, and the effect is outstanding.

And the environment Spirit Ability will occupy a space in the Spirit ring Spirit Ability.

is a Spirit Ability.

Because it is an auxiliary, and the auxiliary Spirit Ability of the Spirit Master of the support system takes up too much space for the spirit ring…

There will be a problem.

That is no self-protection.

This is a very big risk.

This is why, Yun Chen wants to transform Ning Rongrong, not let Ning Rongrong follow the support system, but take the route of the control system.

Because of the support system, there is no individual combat.

Support system Domain is the same.

You have been amplifier, but you have no harm and useless work.

Environmental Spirit Ability has this problem…

Although Yun Chen did not understand what role Xuewu’s environmental Spirit Ability has, it must be related to amplification and Mental is inseparable from weakening oneself.

It is a good environment.

Shown as an ice moon.

Sure enough.

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