Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 448

And, as soon as Xue Wu’s cold moon came out, the other girls started talking in low voices.

Among them, the first person who spoke was Gu Qingbo, who looked like Yu Jie, and Gu Qingbo said helplessly: “You said, are we a bit too much?”

“En?? Excessive?? How to say?” Yu Hairou is also a representative of Yujie, looking at Gu Qingbo with doubts.

Gu Qingbo continued: “Xue Wu and Big Sister are too serious, and they also pulled Yue Er together… the three of them bullied a handsome guy together.”

” Although, this handsome guy is a spy and a straight man.”

“He is handsome.”

“He is handsome, and he can be forgiven for making mistakes!!”

“…I think you are rippling with your spring heart…I miss a man.” Gu Qingbo’s words caused Yu Hai Rou to roll his eyes and reluctantly complain.

In Tianshui Academy, Shui Yue’er seems to miss men the most.

But in fact, Gu Qingbo, the most serious Mengsao…

Sister Yu looks like she can’t wait to find a handsome guy right away and go on a date with a mysterious place.

Gu Qingbo even said something.

If you find a man you like, who looks good, looks good, and is good in every aspect, you would rather not be a Goddess than a licking dog.

unspoken implication, that is, if there is a man she can admire, and that man does not have many black spots, she can take the initiative to sit on it and move by herself…

It is indeed the most boring one in Tianshui Academy.

Gu Qingbo laughed and said, “You seem to be very serious… Actually they are all the same, but I like to express it! And you are hiding and tucked, maybe, you are in another On one hand, it’s more perverted than me, and even more exaggerated.”

“When I think about this, I would like to know what expressions each of you will make when you are in that group. Especially big sisters. ….. The most dignified one at ordinary times, looks very stable, does not care about the relationship between men and women at all, even if there are handsome guys to confess, just ignore it.”

“Such a perfect image, human set , If you fall, what kind of picture would it look like? When I think of it, it’s very exciting…”

Speaking, Gu Qingbo showed a longing expression, as if he wanted to see her say The scene.

And, with such a detail, Yu Hairou felt a chill, and couldn’t help saying: “What kind of low-level fun is this…I like to watch people fall…”

“You are not a pervert, are you?”

“Cut…..Women do not change, sooner or later men will lead dogs…you just keep pretending Come on!!!” Gu Qingbo smiled disapprovingly, not taking it seriously.

This made Qiu Ruoshui on the side also open his mouth and said: “Sister Hai Rou, although Qingbo is a pervert, she does have some truths! We still understand a little bit and are reserved so that we can hold a man. ….”

“This guy is very handsome, I like his looks, but there is a problem…”

“What’s the problem?” Gu Qingbo Mental a hundred times with Yu Hairou.

In Tianshui Academy, if Shui Bingér is the coldest one, Qiu Ruoshui is the most serious one, and it is also very dignified and not exaggerated.

There is not a trace of perversion.

A very pertinent person design.

Even if Qiu Ruoshui is the youngest of everyone…..

Speaking is also the most reasonable and authentic.

Therefore, they trust Qiu Ruoshui in evaluating men.

Qiu Ruoshui replied: “Too straight….It may be an Old Antique!! Such a personage, together, will only make you feel boring…”

“I don’t understand romance…..Anyway, I don’t like it very much. I am a romantic one.”

“…Really… .Even the big sister’s waist is thick, and it can be said that you can see how straight a man! And the big sister’s waist is really not thick, which reminds me of one thing.” Gu Qingbo straight nodded.

Yu Hairou added: “That’s the chopstick legs, right? A lot of boys like thin legs, and they are like chopsticks and bamboo poles!! I don’t know which kind of legs are the worst among women. …. Aesthetic problem, maybe this handsome guy also has such an aesthetic problem!”


Mingming Shui Bingér, Xuewu, and Shui Yueer are with Yun In the Chen battle, the remaining sisters not only did not take cover, but took Yun Chen as soon as possible.

I even discussed Yun Chen privately…..

This made the short-haired beauty, Shen Liuyu had to say for a while, “No, are you so hungry?? That guy is a spy!!”

“And I also found Sister Xingtong…..Seeing Sister Xingtong slipping over the wall, obviously, Sister Xingtong is very afraid of such a guy, for sure. It’s not as perfect as you thought.”

“Also, don’t say it, you didn’t feel that, that bastard, who just touched our ass, is obviously an old-fashioned critic! “

“Do you like this kind of guy?? Isn’t it greasy?”

“No, you haven’t been touched, I’m the only one touched? No way? No way ?”

shua shua! !

“Nonsense… of course we were also touched…”

“Not at all!!”

“That The guy treats you equally, how could it be possible to touch you only? Your personality is the closest to Sister Xuewu in our place. If you only touch you, you can only say that this handsome guy is a fool.”

“Yes, yes, and just touch it, and you won’t suffer! He is not ugly, I want to touch it again…”

You said each sentence, and even uttered some swear words, but the content is so outrageous, it seems that being touched is an honor? ?

And want to touch it back?

What kind of operation is this? ?

Yun Chen on the side also heard their conversation and was almost caught by thunder. Once thundered, he might be killed by the combination of Shui Bingér and Xuewu…

Isn’t Tianshui Academy really just a hole? ?

“Shame on!!!” Shui Bingér also noticed what his team members said, pretty face blushed, and wished to find a seam to get in. It was too shameful.

This has been spread out…

Tianshui Academy is afraid to be laughed at for a lifetime, right? ?

More importantly, you will be harassed for a lifetime.

Once the boys know that Tianshui Academy is so hungry…

It is estimated that how many hooligans who believe oneself infallible will come to the door.


In this case, Yun Chen cannot be allowed to go back alive.

Don’t divulge this secret, I’ll educate these sprouting young people for a while.

I came here not for men, for handsome guys, but for Spirit Bone, for glory, for revitalizing Tianshui Academy, it is my duty…

“Yue’er…. Turn it on!!” Shui Bingér said.

Shuiyue’er is nodded, and a black spirit ring behind her slowly appears. Shuiyue’er has a total of five spirit rings, namely yellow, yellow, purple, purple and black,


A match like Dai Mubai.

This combination can be said to be unique to Genius in the first generation.

But because of the appearance of Yun Chen, this World has a deviation.

It is reasonable to have five rings and Spirit King.

“Fifth Spirit Ability: Zero-degree thorns, transforming…the thorns of permafrost!!” Shui Yueer shouted.

shua shua! !

Immediately, the ground suddenly set off a powerful shock. Just like an earthquake, a rose grows out of the ground epidermis with ice thorns.

And the whole body shows blue, azure, white, three colors.

Just like Blue Silver Grass.

However, unlike Blue Silver Grass, this rose can actually emit Ice Soul Silver Needle roots.

These silver needles are just like the thorns of the rose.

Lock Yun Chen…

This makes Yun Chen look slightly startled, saying: “Your Spirit is…”

“Yes, I look like a support system, but in fact I am an agility-attack system, or an attack system! Because my Spirit is diversified…”

” It has three characteristics: ice-bound, eternal frost, and zero degrees.”

“Is the true plant-based queen of ice, the ice rose.”

“And, hesitate to be a big sister Six Spirit Ability, the reason for the snow feathers in the sky, my fifth Spirit Ability will also be improved to a certain extent, causing the resonance of Xuewu sister Lengyue!!”

“Lengyue can suck you Spirit power, mental force, transformed into our spirit power, mental force!!! It is a formation….. You are dead!!!”


With a crack, the ice rose turned into a long spear, a stabbing moved towards Yun Chen ruthless.

The stabbing, wherever you pass, the barren, all turn into ice.

It’s like representing winter.

Boom! !

Yun Chen wanted to move, but found that he was unable to move even a little bit. Eventually, he was stabbed by the ice rose like an ice gun and hit his abdomen. A blood hole appeared, spewing out blood.

And, this blood, dyed red ice rose… Ice rose is like getting food, fiercely took a bite, let the blood dry up slowly, and finally returned to normal.

Yun Chen fell straight down…..

Without closing his eyes, it was like a dead eye…..

(End of book! !)

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