Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 449

Looking at the fallen Yun Chen and the sisters who were still discussing spiritedly on the side, they turned their eyes back to Yun Chen’s side for a while, looking at Yun Chen’s death.

Gu Qingbo said distressedly: “Oh…There is one less Little Handsome Brother in this world, and one more old leftover girl!! It’s really pitiful…”

“This is dead? No way?? It’s so easy to die suddenly, then Sister Star pupil, why is she afraid of such a guy?? It shouldn’t be that simple?” Qiu Ruoshui Expressed disbelief.

Looking at the situation where Shui Bingér had just been in the upper hand and forced Shui Bingér into a desperate situation, in a blink of an eye, turned defeat into victory? ? It should be impossible. So quickly, right?

Even though Shui Bingér is powerful, everyone agrees.

Being powerful does not mean invincible.

Since this person dared to come to the door, and as soon as Yuexingtong saw him, she immediately ran away, regardless of everything, so she didn’t say why she ran away.

There must be a reason.

The reason is most likely that Yuexingtong could not defeat this handsome guy, and was bullied by the handsome guy and owed the handsome guy, so he escaped.

No matter what kind of probability it comes from, Yuexing Pupil is at least a Spirit Emperor. Like Shui Bingér, it is actually one of the cores of Tianshui Academy this time.

One of the cores is afraid of a person, and the other core is impossible plus a few cores.

Otherwise, it is not enough to be afraid, it is not necessary at all, it is a situation where you can run away as soon as you see it.

Yu Hairou said: “Is there anything impossible… I can only say that the big sister is too strong… plus Xue Wu and Yue’er, each of the three fights against each other. It can be used up.”

“It’s you, Gu Qingbo…You look like a widow of a dead husband. People have nothing to do with you at all. What are you doing here? “”

“…Can’t you be affectionate?” Gu Qingbo stared at Yu Hairou with contempt.

Shen Liuyu looked at you and said, the focus is not on the subject at all, the focus is all on the object, and for a while, he felt that his sisters.

It turns out that I choose not to hungry one by one. Although I want to find a partner, I still have some requirements and some dreams.

Don’t need to see a handsome guy and melt in an instant, right? ?

Doesn’t this mean that everyone is like those animals who have no thoughts but only know how to get together? ?

It’s so sad…

Shen Liuyu reminded: “Now I’m not talking about this problem, but about the dead. This is not our Academy, but the organization The military conference room funded by Fang.”

“The military conference room suddenly died. Even if it is a spy, the evaluation of our Tianshui Academy will be greatly reduced….We should not worry about this Is it?”

“Instead, handsome guy XX sacrificed again and made you cry…There is never a shortage of handsome guys in the world, okay.”

“Yes, Liu Yu is right… Gu Qingbo, so wake up, don’t be like a nympho, you will make me feel embarrassed!!” Qiu Ruoshui agreed.

For a time, all the spearheads were directed at Gu Qingbo, who was passionate and engaged in a lot of self-satisfying plots, and Gu Qingbo was helplessly shrugged.

I can only shut up, and no longer regret Yun Chen all the time…

In fact, Gu Qingbo always regrets Yun Chen, but Yun Chen’s death, Gu Qingbo was not at all sad, unremarkable, and some even felt that he deserved it.

Yes, that’s right, Gu Qingbo is a mouth-heavy king.

Although what she showed in Tianshui Academy, everyone agreed that she was a sullen girl, and she was like a lion who is always in love.

One bite, handsome guy, really want it, this kind of words is full of doubts.

However, Gu Qingbo’s words didn’t throb at all in his heart, but he was calm, like acting on the spot.

This is a secret of Gu Qingbo.

At the same time, Gu Qingbo also knows better than others. She is the only girl in Tianshui Academy who walks very close to Yuexingtong.

Others, although they are team members, friends.

But it’s not making friends intimately.

The same goes for Shui Bingér.

Only ordinary friends, only Gu Qingbo is the real confidant…

Gu Qingbo knows the power of Yun Chen.

Yuexingtong once told Gu Qingbo many times to pass through some memories of Yun Chen.

This makes Gu Qingbo a kind of curiosity, is Yun Chen a who? ? Let your good girlfriends never forget, mention him.

If you are a good girlfriend, you will tremble in the cold… Talking about staying away from this cancer.

However, Yuexingtong didn’t say that. Maybe Gu Qingbo would not pay attention to it. On the contrary, Yuexingtong insisted on saying this, which caused Gu Qingbo’s meaning for a while.

I plan to measure Yun Chen.

The combination of Shui Bingér, Xuewu and Shui Yueer defeated Yun Chen…..

If Yun Chen said the truth, Yuexing pupil said the same, then Yun Chen is definitely not dead, and this matter is definitely not over.

Gu Qingbo’s aftermath has been scanning all around.


Back to Shui Bingér’s side, Shui Bingér does not have Gu Qingbo so trust that Yun Chen will not fall. Just this set of combos, if it hits Spirit Saint.

Spirit Saint can be hit hard.

What’s more, what about a boy who is about his age?

Shui Bingér is about the same age as himself, and Shui Bingér does not believe that there will be people who have already stepped into the realm of Spirit Saint.

Therefore, Shui Bingér thinks that the three sets of combinatorial skills just now are a proof of winning Yun Chen.

Let a spy disappear in this World.

“hu hu…it’s quite difficult…but unfortunately, we are different from ordinary people. The combination of the three of us is almost invincible under Spirit Saint, right? ?? Yue’er, Xue Wu??” Shui Bingér showed a smile full of confidence and joy.

And this smile, and the words spit out in the mouth, not at all resonated with Shui Yue’er and Xue Wu, approved, on the contrary, Xue Wu and Shui Yue’er are two people…

Stunned directly.

Looking at Shui Bingér dumbfounded.

I didn’t say a word…

It’s like an ice sculpture enclosed by ice, but their expressions say a few words.

That is impossible.

Shui Bingér felt strange for a while, and said: “Why are you looking at me with this look?”

“Big sister…you you you you!!! !” Shui Yueer came back to his senses, pointing to Shui Bingér, repeating a word

Shui Bingér was confused and said: “Me?? What’s wrong with me?? I’m not good. Is it?”

“Big sister, we lost…” Xue Wu also said with a gloomy expression.

This time, once again, the confused Shui Bingér was confused again. Yun Chen was blown up, blocked by ice, and exploded.

How can I still stand up…

The scales of victory have already leaned to my side.

Impossible appears to lose.

shua~ shua~ shua~! !

But, at the next moment, Shui Bingér was completely stunned. His mouth grew very large, showing an O-shape, which could completely fit an egg.

The eyes are also filled with the same look in the eyes of Shui Yue’er and Xue Wu before, that is impossible.


Yun Chen not at all dead.

Instead, Yun Chen took advantage of Shui Bingér to return to Shui Yue’er and Xue Wu’s side, Yun Chen once again used Teleportation and came behind Shui Bingér.

There is no sound of footsteps.

It’s like air.

But, everyone is sure, this is not an illusion, this is a daoist.

Because Yun Chen actually held a throwing knife in his hand, he kept gesticulating around Shui Bingér’s neck. It seemed that if he increased his strength slightly, Shui Bingér would be cut off.

However, in such a crisis scene, Shui Bingér did not react at all, or even feel it at all.

It’s like losing your senses.


Shui Bingér didn’t wake up until a beating sound came out.

I saw Shui Bingér’s sensual buttocks, fiercely hit by an unknown hand.

The intensity is very sufficient.

Shui Bingér yelled: “Ah!”

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