Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 450


A slap almost directly swelled Shui Bingér’s butt, but it also made Shui Bingér understand that there was always a person behind him.

Just as Shui Bingér was about to speak, Yun Chen behind her preemptively said: “Shui Bingér…didn’t expect, it hurts me.”

“Although we don’t know each other, we don’t have any feelings, or even a little communication.”

“But you have no mercy to kill me at all.”

” Have you ever thought that if I am just a passer-by, I have something to deal with Yuexingtong, not a spy, but because you said I am a spy.”

“And ruin my life… What kind of concept is .?”

“Do you understand?”

Yun Chen asked. When he opened his mouth, because Yun Chen was standing in Shui Bingér Behind him, so the voice came from behind Shui Bingér.

At the same time as it came out, Yun Chen kept putting his face moved towards Shui Bingér’s ear corners, and while talking, he was blowing Shui Bingér’s earlobe.

This caused Shui Bingér to tremble inexplicably.

Shui Bingér said: “Are you not dead? Impossible!! You are obviously defeated by the combination of our three…”


Shui Bingér’s words, let Yun Chen slap her round and pretty buttocks.

Stop Shui Bingér’s words directly…

Yun Chen slaps Shui Bingér’s ass, just like a parent, reprimanding: “It’s not your turn Come to ask questions, your current situation should be to answer my question…”

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite…I have to say, yours Butt, really don’t have a taste…It’s full, just like a kind of food.”

“Do you know konjac?”

“You… Damn it!!” Shui Bingér was spanked again, making him think that he was a shame. Being a strong woman is not allowed.

Therefore, Shui Bingér’s brain immediately gave a response, that is, to get away from Yun Chen.

But I was about to take a distance, but realized that my hands and feet were actually tied up by Yun Chen with a rope to fiercely, unable to move…. I couldn’t move at all.

Shui Bingér was taken aback by this. When was he tied up? ?

Why didn’t I respond? ?

Tie is a verb, and naturally requires certain activities, and these activities will produce audio, which is impossible to hear, and impossible to feel, right? ?

The reaction is not so dementia, right?

It’s like when people touched out a saber, moved towards their heart pierced, but with a silly look, they watched the knife enter their heart.

Will not resist or fight back.

There is not even a natural reaction to escape.

What is going on here? ?

Furthermore, Yun Chen’s way of restraining himself is outrageous. He is like a horse, his limbs are locked, and there is only one live buckle locked.

This snap is caught in Yun Chen’s hand.

As long as Yun Chen pulls a little, he is like a horse. He was called by the rider and had to stop because the live buckle was locked.

The limbs will naturally tighten.

Once indented, the horse is naturally impossible to continue running.

equivalent to a sealing technique.

The driving is an open seal, and the call is a reseal…..

And, Xue Wu and Shui Yue’er looked at their big sister, they were actually pressed by a boy, and Tied up, unable to move his limbs, intending to lean over for a while.

We plan to break the blockade of Shui Bingér.

Yes, Yun Chen has already noticed this and couldn’t help but smiled coldly and said: “You two, it’s better to throw that kind of thought away to me…”

“If you rush over blindly…”

“My rope is not simple, as long as I pull fiercely, your big sister is ready to be an exhibitionist!!!”



For Yun Chen, Shui Yue’er and Xue Wu startled and couldn’t help but curse.

Shui Bingér also thinks Yun Chen is a bastard, a scum.

Using this kind of operation to threaten others.

What do you mean if you rush over blindly, then let yourself be an exhibitionist.

Does this mean, this rope also has the ability to break clothes? ?

This made Shui Bingér have to check the ropes that bound him immediately. It’s okay not to look at it. Shui Bingér was dumbfounded.

This bundled operation…

What kind of operation is this? ?

Connect every detail of yourself together.

It seems that you only need to move the live button, and your body will move involuntarily.

Similar to a kind of thread-raising technique to manipulate puppets.

It’s just that the puppets at this time are not those dolls, but themselves, a living person.

Good guy…

Now, Shui Bingér had to be afraid of Yun Chen’s words.

If Xue Wu and Shui Yue’er rushed over, Yun Chen would probably use the method of threading to manipulate himself and take off his clothes. Almost okay, right? ?

That’s really an exhibitionist…

Even if this is still a military conference room, there are no passersby.

I can look at it with a pair of eyes, even if these eyes are my own sisters… But Shui Bingér is equally unacceptable.

I am a big sister.

The big sister has become such a look, who will obey her own arrangements in the future! ? Who will listen to yourself? ? I will only become a laughingstock…

Therefore, such a result must never appear.

That is to not stimulate Yun Chen.

Although I don’t know what Yun Chen wants to do, the evil operations Yun Chen said should be deliberately guarded against.

Shui Bingér faced Shui Yue’er, Xue Wu said: “Don’t mess around…this guy is weird!! Not as simple as we thought…”

“big sister …..”

“But…” Xue Wu and Shui Yue’er looked at Shui Bingér with distressed faces.

Shui Bingér continued: “No, but…obey the arrangement!!”

“This…okay!” He looked serious. Shui Bingér, Xue Wu, and Shui Yue’er had to nodded to agree and did not dare to continue to act rashly.

This also makes Shui Bingér sighed in relief.

I’m afraid that these two teammates are dead brains.

I rushed over without heeding advice.

When the time comes, it’s yourself who is embarrassed…

Shui Bingér took a deep breath and said: “What do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do? Not simple?? You haven’t answered my previous question. If I am just a passerby, I am not the spy in your mouth…”

“You didn’t investigate, but you killed…This is a human life, don’t you feel heartache? You killed a person by mistake because of a whim.”

“Have you thought about such a Picture?” Yun Chen said slightly smiled.

Shui Bingér replied: “I never thought…..I would rather kill a thousand by mistake, not let go of one.”

“And…you are indeed like A spy, otherwise, why keep eavesdropping on our words?”

“I did not eavesdrop, but just happened to hear, I came to your door, or in one sentence, I came to Yuexingtong… …I am her creditor.”

“She has not given me what she owes me…”

“This guy likes to run away, I always Tracking down her for a long time.”

“This time, it was hard to find an opportunity, but you came out to block…”

“and put it on me directly A spy’s hat…”

“didn’t expect, Captain, the leader of Tianshui Academy, will be set up by such a person…indiscriminately, just messing around It’s a failure.” Yun Chen’s other hand directly held Shui Bingér’s chin from behind.

Like a king, molesting a good girl.

I almost said, girl, you are so beautiful.

This category, cynical hedonistic son of rich parents.

And, Shui Bingér always wanted to get rid of Yun Chen’s hand, but couldn’t get rid of it at all… On the contrary, he was not able to get rid of his breathing smoothly.

Shui Bingér gnashing teeth said: “Yuexing pupil owes you something? Talk nonsense….. Are you her creditor?? Heh, we have known her for so long, why don’t we know?? “

“You have known her for so long…..interesting, how long?” Hearing this, Yun Chen’s expression was slightly startled. In the words of Shui Bingér, Yuexingtong seemed to have a relationship with her. same.

And Moon Star pupil is a Spirit Beast.

It is a hybrid Spirit Beast born of Phoenix and Azure Phoenix.

Because of some reasons, he was reborn as a Spirit Master.

It’s not very long…

Shui Bingér as cold as ice and frost said: “Nonsense!! Moonstar pupil is our Tianshui Academy, always In the courtyard, Dean’s daughter is even more of mine!”

“Her every move…I know everything.”

“If you really are her The creditor, why didn’t I know? Didn’t her mother know either?”

“If you really owe debt…”

“That’s what Dean stayed with Next, you are not looking for Dean, you are looking for Dean’s daughter? Are you looking for a soft persimmon?”

ka ka!

As soon as this statement came out, Yun Chen was stunned Up.

Shui Bingér’s hair is small?

Good guy? ?

This is impossible…

Yuexing pupil is Spirit Beast, how could it be you who grew up?

Moreover, you Dean, Tianshui Academy’s original work, there is no mention of such a character, but it is impossible to have the same setting as Tang San, right?

The Moon Star pupil was born by Spirit Beast.

Tianshui Academy No matter what, Dean impossible is not a human being.

What’s the matter? ?

Good guy…

Moreover, from Shui Bingér’s tone, it can be concluded that Shui Bingér is telling the truth.

But the timeline is somewhat abnormal.

For a while, Yun Chen was not sure about something.

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