Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 451

It seems that if I have the opportunity, I should go back and ask Flender about some stories about Tianshui Academy Dean, and I can learn a little from Shui Bingér.

The identity of the moon star pupil is different. It is like being deliberately created by something. I originally thought that moon star pupil was a non-existent character in the continent of Douluo.

Because of his appearance, such a passerby appeared.

Although it is a crystallization of two Spirit Beasts, and they started in 100,000 years, they are similar to Xiao Wu’s personality, but their personality and background are completely different.

Find an opportunity and check it yourself.

“Hehe, you really can’t tell, are you? You are a liar. Maybe you have something to do with Yuexingtong, but you are definitely not the creditor and so on!”

“You are a spy, Xuewu… Yue’er, Qingbo, Liuyu, Ruo Shui, Hai Rou, are going to take this guy off! We can’t tolerate a spy knowing our secrets.”

“Otherwise, our image and the reputation of the Academy will be affected…..Shoot immediately, leave me alone, this guy dare not mess around.”

Shui Bingér 1 The face said earnestly, as if he hoped everyone would take action to get Yun Chen right away, regardless of the exaggerated words that Yun Chen threatened before.

This scene…..

Let me, the Snow Dancers are frowned one by one.

Somewhat timid.

Especially looking at Yun Chen’s deep eyes, it is not like a cracking a joke master. If everyone rushes to make a move, Yun Chen might tear off his big sister’s clothes.

If you tear it off, the equivalent to is exposed, which will affect the reputation of Tianshui Academy even more, especially for Shui Bingér.

It is almost impossible to forget for a lifetime, and it is impossible to raise your head for a lifetime, right? ?

Especially girls.

A girl exposes her figure, no matter how good or bad your figure is, but once you expose, Spirit Master, humans will give this girl a terrifying evaluation.

That means this girl shouldn’t be a pervert! ? Wouldn’t you be so hungry and thirsty, so you like to be exposed and play some exposure operations? ?

These are all girls are afraid of.

Especially good girls.

Shui Bingér has not many black spots in his life. If such a black spot suddenly appears, then the pressure on Tianshui Academy is estimated to be very large…

No matter what Out of the Academy, or Shui Bingér itself, neither can bet.

Naturally, Xue Wu didn’t dare to shoot immediately.

Gu Qingbo looked at Shui Bingér with a meaningful expression, because Gu Qingbo unexpectedly felt that she didn’t expect that she herself felt that it was a kind of excitement.

It seems that Yun Chen is expected to tear off his big sister’s clothes and expose his big sister.

Gu Qingbo didn’t know why he had this idea.

But when I think about it, I will become unfathomable mystery excited.

“Why are you guys standing stupid one by one?? Hurry up! Do you really want this guy to talk nonsense, and then go back safely?” Shui Bingér looked at no one. Acting on his own orders, he was a little angry for a while.

Xuewu replied: “But, big sister…”


“No…” Shui Bingér I was going to say no, but before the voice fell, there was a fierce pain in my butt, and it was obvious that I was slapped by Yun Chen fiercely again.

Shui Bingér who hit this slap was caught off guard. For a while, the pretty face became rosy, thinking, this bastard, is there any quirk?

So like spanking yourself? ?

Moreover, it’s still very strong. I don’t know how to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex …..

You are not our teacher, nor our parent. What spanking yourself? ?

I really want to take you off, then chop it off and feed the dog…

But I am unable to move even a little bit, my limbs are controlled… ..

Yun Chen leaned close to his face, still behind Shui Bingér, and slapped Shui Bingér’s pretty buttocks, but faintly smiled and said, “It seems that Yuexing pupil is not at all telling you the truth. ……”

“Although you are young, it seems that your relationship is not very good. There are still some gaps between the two sides, some things, she did not explain to you. “

“However, some of what you said does have some truth. Since it is related to your Dean, I will not embarrass you, but go to you Dean…”

“Let’s assume I haven’t been here today.”

Speaking, Yun Chen took back Shui Bingér’s bondage and plans to leave here…

Since Moon Xingtong has slipped away, and there is no need to stay here forever, waiting for Yue Xingtong to come back.

This guy is very smart.

I guess it will only appear until Tianshui Academy has a competition, right?

According to the original record, Tianshui Academy’s game is the next game.

It’s just that the opponent in this game is not Shrek.

But the team of the year, Canghui Academy.

In the original book, none of the students in Canghui Academy stayed in the cooperation of Tianshui Academy for 3 minutes.

Almost the same operation as Shrek kills the second team of Heaven Dou Royal Academy today.

However, Shrek relies on a Dai Mubai and Tang San.

Tianshui Academy relies on Xuewu and Shui Bingér.

As for the battle between Tianshui Academy and Shrek, it will take three days to start, right?

In the original book, Ma Hongjun defeated the two of Tianshui Academy alone.

As a result, Tianshui Academy did not have enough points and lost the election.

Not even the semifinals.

But, this time, Yun Chen saw that Tianshui Academy is all Spirit King, and there is not a Spirit Ancestor.

Ma Hongjun can’t do the same operation as the original book.

one against two ….

Maybe Ma Hongjun will lose to Tianshui Academy.

You can’t worry about it yourself.

Sooner or later, Moon Star Pupil’s blood will be taken away by himself… Yuexing Pupil cannot escape.

Before this, the team members of Tianshui Academy need to be desperate and suppressed. In this way, the team of Tianshui Academy will lose themselves only if they need powerhouse.

For example, Shui Bingér…..

Shui Bingér is a person who is cold on the outside and hot on the inside, and is also a very strong girl with strong desires.

She misses men the same way, except that she is different from Gu Qingbo. The man she wants is a man who is evenly matched with her and can do her best to fight.

No matter what the result is…

but you must have fun.

However, if the power shown by Yun Chen here is a unilateral crushing of her, she will have doubts and fear.

This mentality accompanies her.

Want to become stronger, wash away the shame.

But I can’t catch up with myself.

In the end, there will be a confused situation.

Once Shui Bingér appears confused, then he has the opportunity to dig her from Tianshui Academy into Spirit Hall. When she is a student of Spirit Hall, she is more likely to be her maid.

Yun Chen is confident enough…

Although it is despicable, the goal is to reach what Shui Bingér wants in his heart, that is, to become stronger.


shua shua! !

Yun Chen quickly let go of Shui Bingér and intends to leave here…

But, Shui Bingér, who was just free, did not agree…


The six spirit rings behind him appeared again.

This time the six spirit rings have been switching in a loop.

Shui Bingér’s eyes are full of killing intent…..

“Fifth Spirit Ability: Extreme Freezing!!!”

Shui Bingér is still immortal Xin, but this time Shui Bingér did not call Xuewu and Shui Yue’er to cooperate with him.

It is Yun Chen, the lock of ruthless.

The fifth black spirit ring emits a burst of powerful rays of light.

A huge shadow also appeared behind Shui Bingér. This shadow is her Spirit, the ice crystal phoenix.

But the ice crystal phoenix this time is different from the ice crystal phoenix that used the sixth Spirit Ability before.

The ice crystal phoenix slowly changes at a speed visible to naked eye.

For about three seconds, the ice crystal phoenix’s shadow turned into a thin needle.

Ice Needle…

moved towards Yun Chen directly ejected.

The ice needle is very small, more than three times thinner than the needle used for surgery.

Just relying on naked eye, you can’t even notice where the needle is…

Boom! !

Just when Bingzhen was about to touch Yun Chen…

Shui Bingér also showed an indifferent smile and said: “die for me!!!”


“Big sister!!!”


On this side of Tianshui Academy, one by one looked at Shui Bingér’s indifferent smile and the Five black spirit rings suddenly appeared, and naturally understood what Shui Bingér wanted to do.

Try to stop Shui Bingér’s operation.

No matter what, Shui Bingér seemed to be dazzled by anger, not listening to their suggestions at all.

Still intending to avenge her…

Because she remembered that she was spanked by Yun Chen, she couldn’t tolerate it. This shame is more serious than killing her. , Especially in front of his own players.

I led the team Captain…..

Captain was spanked by others.

How to maintain this Captain prestige? ?

Especially my teammates like gossip, maybe they will talk about being spanked in the future.

Naturally, such a picture cannot appear.

bang bang bang!!

Just as the ice needle was about to touch Yun Chen, Yun Chen turned his back to them and did not turn around to defend the ice needle, just like allowing the ice needle to grant him death.

This makes Shui Bingér sneer…

Yun Chen’s arrogance, he thinks that he can control himself, and he is not afraid of himself, so he put his back Expose to an enemy, the enemy is naturally impossible to miss this opportunity.

Of course I will kill my life…

Such a great opportunity.

It’s a pity…

The next scene stunned Shui Bingér. Not only Shui Bingér, but the Tianshui Academy students at the scene were all stunned.. ….

No one is not surprised.

Yun Chen did not look back at all, nor did he make any gestures, and even the spirit ring was not revealed, just like an ordinary person.

However, there was a white flame rushing out like it was full of life.

The flame directly turns into a wall of fire, blocking the extreme freezing point of Shui Bingér…

The extremely freezing ice needle cannot pierce this wall of fire… .

It’s like an egg hitting a stone.

The ice needle was completely crushed.

“Pu chi!! Cough cough!” And Shui Bingér received a strong backlash because of the crushing of ice needles, directly spit a mouthful of blood, and coughed quickly.

The occurrence of this scene is something that Tianshui Academy didn’t think of….

“Big sister …..” Tianshui Academy is no longer playing around. Seeing Shui Bingér vomiting blood, he hurried over to help Shui Bingér and asked about Shui Bingér’s physical condition.

Shui Bingér’s face is a little pale, although he vomits blood, there is no internal injury.

Bone Spirit Cold Fire has the effect of automatically protecting the lord. Yun Chen adjusted it. The lord protector does not have to attack at full point, so naturally he did not directly kill Shui Bingér backlash…

Otherwise, with the strength of Bone Spirit Cold Fire itself, this time backlash, Shui Bingér may become a vegetable.

Yun Chen still turned his back to Shui Bingér, but he said: “Shui Bingér…your ice, not at all to Extreme, ice that did not reach Extreme… .”

“Like an axe full of blemishes, it cannot cut down ancient trees,”

“On the contrary, it will be strong because of the unwavering nature of the ancient trees. Interact with each other and cause serious injury to myself.”

“My back to you does not mean that I will be careless, but to explain that you are in my eyes, not at all a little threat, you are against me It’s not a trace of worry.”

“Maybe you are a Heaven’s Chosen Child, and Tianshui Academy is the strongest.”

“But in my eyes, you are always a stupid Penguin that’s all.”

“Stupid penguins can’t defeat polar bears…”

“Long memory!!”

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