Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 452

Yun Chen’s word by word made Shui Bingér twitch. This twitch came from a kind of despair. She seemed to understand something.

Yun Chen’s strength is beyond reach…

I can’t beat myself. Just like Yun Chen said, I think Yun Chen’s back to him is a care Performance, but in fact it is just bait.

I didn’t think about this step. Instead, I rushed to it. In the end, my most lethal Spirit Ability was extremely freezing…

Nothingness …..

My own extreme freezing point, this Spirit Ability is not a normal Spirit Ability, it comes from a rare frost Spirit Beast, the Spirit Beast is called Frost Deer, Frost Deer is a kind of imminent The extinct Spirit Beast.

Because of a demand for the living environment, Shuanglu impossible to survive.

The temperature on the continent of Douluo is now slowly rising.

The closest Star Luo Empire to Land of Extreme North, for some reasons, Land of Extreme North could not be set foot…too dangerous, and the first generation.

There are not many Tilted Douluo.

Land of Extreme North is like an unknown territory. Tilted Douluo is scarce. Naturally, there is no Tilted Douluo who will explore desperately.

There is a slight surprise…

That is for nothing.

Titled Douluo is afraid of death, who wants to give it for nothing?

I am above ten thousand people in the interior, and I have high position and great wealth that I can enjoy endlessly…. Why do I have to take risks?

Frost Deer…

The record of Frost Deer comes from Land of Extreme North….

Shui Bingér is also a spirit For a very lucky character, he tried to go to the Land of Extreme North when he was five rings Spirit King, but he hasn’t stepped in yet, only at the border of the Star Luo Empire.

I encountered a severely injured Frost Deer.

Shuanglutong spirituality, Shui Bingér glanced at it and understood that this Spirit Beast is definitely not simple.

Start immediately and hunt the Frost Deer.

This is the fifth spirit ring….

Why do you say that the Frost Deer is extinct? Because Frost Deer’s records are only mentioned in the book and are not perfect, This book was left by a Spirit Master a thousand years ago.

There is no place like Land of Extreme North in the inland of Douluo. Naturally, there is no Frost Deer, and Frost Deer’s record book contains too little content.

There was no one in the former Land of Extreme North….

So many people think that the book recorded the Frost Deer in the interior.

One thousand years later, the inland has been developed by Spirit Masters, including Star Dou Great Forest.

Such a mysterious forest.

Same as being scanned by humans.

Of course, the Star Dou Great Forest scan only found the existence of Sky Azure Bull Python.

And Sky Azure Bull Python is already very strong, and naturally covers the brilliance of Di Tian…

Humans also think that the strongest thing in Star Dou Great Forest is Sky Azure Bull Python …..

This did not go further.

Therefore, Frost Deer, agreed by all Spirit Masters and scholars, is the Spirit Beast that is about to become extinct… and it is rare.

In other words.

In this generation, if Yun Chen does not appear, and Yun Chen is about to go to Land of Extreme North, then the fifth spirit ring of Shui Bingér is unique and unmatched.

It is impossible to have duplicates.

At the same time, the Spirit Ability brought by Frost Deer is also very powerful, extremely freezing.

Let the ice reach an extreme…

This extreme is only lower than Extreme ice.

And extremely freezing point.

It looks like an unremarkable fine needle. In actual combat, once this fine needle is hit, the target that is hit will turn into an ice sculpture.

The fine needle ignores defense…

Ignore various Spirit Ability.

It is an extreme.

Once you are hit, you cannot resist, you can only become ice sculpture.

A mandatory Spirit Ability.

It’s completely different from Shui Bingér’s first Spirit Ability. The ice can be defensive, and it can force the ice to break out because of its strength.

However, extreme freezing is not enough…

Therefore, this Spirit Ability can be regarded as a spike Spirit Ability.

Of course, the premise is hit.

Some people will say, if you don’t get hit, won’t you be fine? ?


It’s okay not to be hit. It is theoretically reasonable, but the naked eye can’t be detected, just like the bacteria in the air. Was it hit? ?

This is a problem.

Of course, this kind of powerful Spirit Ability with spike ability also has weaknesses.

The weakness is actually very simple. Extreme freezing point meets Extreme ice, Extreme fire, Extreme attribute Spirit Ability, and it is instantly invalidated….

Bone Spirit Cold Fire has Extreme Fire and Extreme Ice abilities.

Naturally, it can easily swallow the extreme freezing point…

Since the first generation did not have many Extreme settings, this weakness is equivalent to not in the original work.

To put it another way.

Shui Bingér is also a bad luck, and it was Yun Chen that he encountered.

Rather than ordinary people.

Even Tang San, Shui Bingér may win this time.

But it is not.

Yun Chen.

I’m really afraid of something, just come here…

“cough cough…” Shui Bingér coughed, then slowly stood up.

This one action.

Have her teammates worried one by one.

Xue Wu asked nervously, “Big sister, are you okay? Is there any discomfort in your body? If so, let’s go and see someone immediately… “

“No…it’s okay!!” Shui Bingér smiled reluctantly.

How could it be okay? ?

Now Shui Bingér is more than just vomiting blood. She is backlashed, and her body temperature has long been abnormal, very cold…Even the breath she exhales is accompanied by a cold wind.

Actually, Shui Bingér wanted to laugh at herself. He is a person who uses ice, Spirit or an ice crystal phoenix, so he will get frostbite from the backlash…

I even feel very cold. …

Very sleepy….


“Sister Xuewu, how could big sister be okay…you come here Touching the big sister’s hand……” The careful Shui Yue’er noticed this and touched Shui Bingér’s hand lightly.

It’s very cold…not like a normal human hand at all, but more like an icicle…

Sure enough, if Shui Yue’er, let Xue Wu immediately extended the hand to stroke Shui Bingér’s arm…

“Good ice!!” Xue Wu couldn’t help but let out a word.

Qiu Ruoshui also said: “Isn’t it? Big sister, but an expert on ice, how could it be backlashed by ice?? You did it on purpose?”

“Intentionally? You come and touch…” Xue Wu handed Shui Bingér’s hand to Qiu Ruoshui.

However, Qiu Ruoshui’s touch caused a twitch at the corner of his mouth.


It’s too ice.

In Tianshui Academy, at least six of this teammate controls the ice, but they are all surprised by the current Shui Bingér’s body temperature.

“Big sister, are you okay?? Don’t go to sleep…” Yu Hairou looked at a pair of sleepy-eyed Shui Bingér, with the words “Haggard” written on her face .

It’s like falling down anytime… yelled for a moment.


Shui Bingér said in a daze: “I…I’m fine!! I just need to sleep.. …. Leave me alone.”

However, every word that Shui Bingér utters is like being filled with ice…

Let, Tianshui Academy is here. On one side, how can you be convinced?

Since they met Shui Bingér, they have seen all kinds of different Shui Bingér, some who flies into a rage, some who are very angry, and some are very sad.

But these are full of Mental gas.

However, this time, Shui Bingér is not Mental. Obviously, something really happened.

At this time, everyone panicked.

This time I went out to participate in the whole land senior elite Spirit Master tournament. There was no teacher leading the team and no team doctor. Everyone was a student.

It is also a child.

Seeing this scene, I don’t know what to do for a while.


There is a sound of footsteps outside the door…

These footsteps are very messy, it seems that there are more than just One, at least twenty-thirty.

Furthermore, this twenty-thirty has been talking about it: “Everyone, go and have a look. It is said that Yun Fa Weng is here!!”

“What??? Yun Hairweng? That peerless old doctor? Impossible?”

“How impossible, Star Luo Empire holds such a big competition, Yunfaweng Old Mister will naturally not be absent, he will definitely come That’s it.”

“Eh, Xiao Zhang…..Aren’t you uremia? Maybe, this is an opportunity to restore your uremia to health!!!”

“Uremia?? It should be impossible, it’s a terminal illness…..”

“Terminal illness?? There is no such thing in this world, as long as Yun Fa Weng Old Mister Take it, let alone your uremia, even if you have a few broken in half… as long as Old Mister is willing, he can grow it again for you, and grow longer.”

“Fuck it? Is it that magical?”

“Nonsense, just pass it quickly. And Old Mister has principles…no charge!!! Free, everyone gets sick soon Go and see, don’t waste this time!”

“Here…coming soon.”

There was a lot of discussion outside, let the Tianshui Academy military conference The room was full of hope for a time…

Xue Wu decisively carried Shui Bingér on his back…..

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