Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 453

The entrance to the tournament lounge, a shop that looks a lot like a grocery store.

I saw an old fogey with gray hair and a white beard, holding some jars in his hands, squinting his eyes, and looking at everyone on the scene.

Almost all the people on the scene are representatives from different academies…

Of these, there are naturally outstanding Blazing Academy Captains, Huo Wushuang and Huo Wu So, the two people’s eyes kept on old fogey.

Among them, Huo Wu is a little star full of golden in his eyes, as if he saw his idol.

Not only Blazing Academy, but also Captain of Divine Wind Academy, Feng Xiaotian also came here. Although not as exaggerated as Huo Wu, his eyes are full of respect.

There are a lot of people at Thunder Academy, and Yu Tianxin, headed by them, also came here.

It made a small miscellaneous shop very lively for a while, but no one from Shrek Academy came here, just like Shrek Academy disappeared.

This is Yun Chen’s arrangement…..

Shrek Academy is now returning to his hotel. Shrek doesn’t like living in the lounge, so he will naturally stagger with himself, and Yun Qianqiu is here Identity, at this moment, should be with Ji Rushuang, both of them disappeared.

Ji Rushuang also wore a veil, and stood beside Yun Chen, who was also such a small shop.

Yun Chen incarnation is Yun Faweng. With this character, there is only one purpose, and that is to remove all the cold from Shui Bingér, even if the cold is left behind by himself.

Yun Chen not at all said that he would not help her. If you want her to join Spirit Hall, you must give her a head and then give her a sweet date.

Let Shui Bingér understand the word benefit.

Instead of making an ambiguous request, I said to the Shui Bingér that if you join the Spirit Hall, I can make you stronger and reach an unreachable height.

This method has a miraculous effect on some Spirit Masters who are in desperate need to become stronger. Although the Shui Bingér also hope that they will become stronger faster, Tianshui Academy is not bad for them.

They are impossible to betray Tianshui Academy because they make themselves stronger…..

As for Yun Chen, although Yun Chen also plans to regain Tianshui Academy and merge with Spirit Hall Academy, But some are too troublesome, and there is no need to troubleshoot them.

Well, let the Shui Bingér take the initiative to come out.

Shui Bingér is a rational person. She is different from Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing is a real one, subject to fire.

And Shui Bingér is based on process.

The two concepts are completely opposite.

The invitation that naturally goes straight to the subject is definitely invalid.

Shui Bingér must join the Spirit Hall from another angle.

This perspective is somewhat complicated.

Need to use the identity of Yunfaweng…

However, Yun Chen actually didn’t expect that the appearance of the image of Yunfaweng would actually cause There was a lot of chaos and a lot of attention from Spirit Masters.

This is a bad way…

Looking at these guys, each one’s eyes are full of little stars.

Yun Chen really doesn’t know what to do.

“It’s really Yunfa Weng…I will go, didn’t expect this Old Mister, after so many years, he actually appeared again…”

“Why are you so serious? He is the Yun Fat Weng!? Have you ever seen Yun Fat Weng? What if someone who act recklessly pretends?”

” Yes….. Yun Fa Weng is a legend. Although it is real, we can see that Yun Fa Weng looks like nothing but our previous generation!”

“And our previous generation I’ve seen it when I was a child, and I’ve probably forgotten it thoroughly. If you really want to remember it, it must be from the grandfather generation, right?”

“What are you talking about nonsense?? Although Yunfa No one has seen Weng, but you don’t think anyone dares to fake this signboard, do you?”

“Once the counterfeit is found out, then it’s a catastrophe, who would dare? Yun Fa Weng dared to play such a sign.”

“What sign…”

Sure enough, the appearance of Yun Chen caused a lot of discussion. Half of the people Think it is false, the other half think it is true, and use reality to convince those who doubt it.


Yun Chen is such a small shop, but there is a very dazzling sign.

There is a big character written on the signboard, that is the word for medicine.

Next, there is a short paragraph of text below the word medical.

Everyone carefully observe this paragraph.

The content is that this Yun traveled around and happened to meet the Spirit Master tournament, a senior elite from all over the country, and he opened a doctor here. Yun Faweng will select several serious patients.

Free treatment…..

Regardless of any incurable disease or incurable disease…..If it is incurable and recovers health, this Yun will kill herself on the spot. …

Such a short paragraph of text.

But very domineering.

The content is even more arrogant, and people have to admire it.

The meaning of this passage is very obvious. I am passing by here to see a doctor for everyone, whether it is an intractable disease or a terminal illness, as long as I take action.

You can lively dragon and animated tiger right away…..

If you are not cured, then I will apologize with death…..

It’s so bold.

If a general doctor said something like this, someone would definitely come to smash the scene, but unfortunately, this is what Yun Faweng said. If Yun Faweng said it, there was no fake.

I can only say that Yun Faweng is very confident about his wonderful hand rejuvenation.

Confident enough to ignore terminal illness….

And it’s free, naturally arousing the praise of Spirit Master and passersby.

“Little girl, would you like to try it?? Take a look at your toad venom?? This time, you are the core of our team, but because when you came, you were poisoned. You can’t give full play to your strength….. It is naturally a good opportunity for Yun Faweng to come here!”

“Why don’t you try it?? Let Yun Old Mister help you??” Huo Wushuang looked at Huo Wu worriedly.

Huo Wu replied: “I don’t know…Although I think too, this Old Mister must have its own rules, and that many people come to see the doctor… ..”

“If I go up and ask Old Mister, other patients will probably follow me. In this way, Old Mister will be too busy!”

“Little Sister…but, most of the people here, half are hemorrhoids, and half are disabled…If you don’t step forward first! Judging by the injuries…”

“You can’t rank it at all…” Huo Wushuang said helplessly.

Huo Wu took a deep breath, and said: “That’s no way…Could it be that I have to force this Old Mister to help? Don’t talk about you and me, even Dean… …”

“I guess you can’t do it, right?”

“…More than Dean, even the Emperor Star Luo cannot do it. This Old Mister has a weird temper…Heaven Dou Imperial Family and Star Luo Imperial Family have invited many times to settle in… even given the title of the king, the Old Mister did not agree… It can be seen that Old Mister doesn’t care about high position and great wealth at all…”

“Hey, are you going to be poisoned by the poison of Fire Toad?” Hearing this, Huo Wushuang also had to With a desperate look.


No one can let Yun Faweng modify the rules…

The same goes for the emperor.

And, disability is naturally much more serious than fire poison…..

In terms of injury, Huo Wu is probably at the bottom, right?

There are many disabilities here…..


The next paragraph of Yun Chen made everyone on the scene A doubt arises.

“I have this Yun here, there are three principles…I hope you understand, principle one, this Yun will not cure the disability…Principle two, this Yun will not cure hemorrhoids.. …The trivial disease will not be cured.”

“Principle three…Before this Yun came here, she had received the list of major medical centers in the capital of Star Luo. This Yun will I will select some people who really need it from the list to be treated.”

“If you like to join in the fun, any incurable diseases… you come to this Yun for minor illnesses, then please come back!! This Yun will not agree…”

“This is the principle of this Yun…” Yun Chen said seriously.

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