Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 454

“Why!?? Why is the disability not cured?”

“Yes, isn’t disability a disease?”

“Moreover, you are a Yunfaweng…No matter what the disability, as long as you want, you can almost instantly turn a disabled person into a healthy normal person!!”

“Why. …. Why not treat it…”

“Also, it is mainly based on the list… Then the list can be modified casually?”

“This is not fair…”

Yun Chen’s words really caused a public outrage. One by one, he used moral kidnapping to restrict Yun Chen and force Yun Chen to modify his principles. ….

Yun Chen coldly smiled and said: “Disability is not a disease, it is a fate! The list can be modified at will?? It is also impossible to…modify Naturally, there are reasons for revision.”

“Another point, there is no fairness in the world…..So, people with disabilities, please come back!! Old man, no medical treatment!”

shua shua! !

This remark, coupled with Yun Chen’s resolute look, silenced everyone for a while.

Everyone wants to say, are you not a doctor? Since you don’t save the disabled, but some people on the list, what kind of doctor are you? ?

But everyone does not have the courage to say such things.

Although I really want to kidnap morally, looking at Yun Chen’s serious face and sharp eyes, he doesn’t look like a person who can make trouble. Naturally, there is no need to take risks…..

Furthermore, Yun Faweng’s story is based on principles…..

Do you want to break his principles? Why? ? Medical skills belong to others, and people want to seek medical treatment. That is their right and freedom.

And if Yun Faweng is cruel…

Even if you are about to die, Yun Faweng can take care of you…

No one has the responsibility to save lives.

Many people with disabilities can be dissatisfied, and finally find an opportunity to restore their disability to normal and become a normal person.

Naturally not to be missed…

But looking at such an absolute Yun Fa Weng, I don’t know what to do…

Yun Chen took a deep breath and said: “In case everyone has doubts and concerns, the old man chose to close the shop, and the names on the list don’t have to be pronounced…”

“The old man will find the people on the list privately and give help…”

“So, everyone, disband!!”

Speaking, Yun Chen turned Pass around and leave such a shop directly.

Suddenly, Yun Chen disappeared in front of thousands of eyes…like never been here.

This irritated many people.

Leave here angrily…

But some people not at all left, still standing in front of the shop, just like those seeking medical treatment, a All knelt down.

I look forward to Yun Chen being moved by their sincerity.

Looking at these kneeling people, some are disabled, some are like dying…Yun Chen not at all lends a helping hand.

I designed the image of Yun Fa Weng myself.

From the very beginning is mainly to build fame, not to relieve the common people.

If you want to be famous, you have to walk around in front of the civilians….

Yun Chen has treated many civilians… not ten thousand, but thousands .

But it has not solved the root cause.

At that time, the treatment of civilians was also to attract the attention of some nobles.

Let the nobles come to the door.

It is not surprising…..Many nobles came to the door, and Yun Chen also solved the intractable diseases of those nobles.

Therefore, it left a round of praise…..

Not only civilians, but also in the noble circle….

Yun Chen This is what I want….

Because once you have this, you can better take the next step.

The noble family has a big business, and naturally they will give a large amount of property, and all of this property is used to transform the Spirit Hall…otherwise, even if there is Bibi Dong in the Spirit Hall.

Also impossible so fast…..The timeline beyond the original text becomes stronger.

Now that he has managed Spirit Hall, Yun Faweng naturally does not need to help everywhere as before.

It is based on interests.

The civilians can’t bring benefits to Yun Chen. The only praise it brings is not very useful now…..

Nobles can bring money, but Yun Chen does not Lack of money.

What is lacking is talents…..

But many talents are famous and have their own power….

Yun Chen It can be snatched, but the talents snatched won’t necessarily contribute to Spirit Hall. Maybe it’s one after another time bomb.

So some routines must be used.

Let these talents take the initiative to join the Spirit Hall, so that the time bomb will be damp and unable to explode.

Yun Chen’s purpose is this…..

The shop stays…

Yun Chen doesn’t have a list at all, but relies on his own Memory comes to find people.

Number One Person, Yun Chen had prepared it a long time ago, not Shui Bingér…..

Shui Bingér’s plan requires Shui Bingér to come to him so that he can propose it. Asked as an exchange…..

And Number One Person is naturally Huo Wu.

In the original book, Huo Wu suffered some influence when he came to Heaven Dou Empire to compete, which led to her fifth spirit ring, not at all smooth.

The Spirit Beast absorbed is a Spirit Beast named Fire Toad.

This Spirit Beast is very poisonous.

Although it is Fire Attribute…

The poison will be injected into the absorber’s body along with the spirit ring.

In the first generation, few people knew that the fire toad was poisonous.

Huo Wu is the first founder.

Is also the first victim.

Because the fire toad is also a rare Spirit Beast, although it is not as rare as the Frost Deer, there will be two or three living in the forest.


Soon, Yun Chen bypassed some eye-catching gazes and went straight to the lounge of Blazing Academy…

peng~ peng~!!

Yun Chen didn’t knock on the door of the lounge politely…

“Who??” Voice of dissatisfaction.

Yun Chen coughed a few times and said: “cough cough…Blazing Academy, Huo Wu…I am very glad that you are selected!! The old man is here to give you the Blazing Academy, The child named Huo Wu heals the fire poison!”

Yun Chen tone barely fell ….

The door to the lounge of Blazing Academy opened decisively. They are no strangers to this voice. .

As soon as the door opened, Huo Wu was the first to rush out and said excitedly: “Yun Old Senior?? Did I win the prize?? In your list??”

Just now, Huo Wu was still discussing with Huo Wushuang how to find Yun Fa Weng in private….

He planned to ask Yun Fa Weng at all costs to help treat the fire.

Even Huo Wushuang boldly used his heirlooms.

Come and help Huo Wu heal the fire poison.

And the heirloom is very precious. Although Huo Wushuang was reluctant to give it up, he had to take it out for Huo Wu.

Because only this thing can attract Yunfaweng and let Yunfaweng help heal the fire poison.

As for Huo Po…

It is not just a nightmare for Huo Wu.

It is a nightmare for Blazing Academy.

This fire poison is contagious.

Blazing Academy came here, there are actually ten people, seven main players and three substitutes.

But now there are only eight people.

Two of the seven main forces were infected by Huo Wu’s fire poison…..They have been feverish day and night, their body temperature is very high, and they are still unconscious.

At night, those who are poisoned will vomit crazily. The vomiting is all white foam.

Like a virus.

This scared Blazing Academy…..

I will investigate what happened immediately…..

Why such a symptom.

I also consulted a famous doctor of Star Luo Empire.

No one can find out what happened.


Huo Wu has fire poison, Blazing Academy, only two people know.

One is Huo Wu himself.

The other is Huo Wu’s older brother, Huo Wushuang.

Everyone thought it was a disease.

I didn’t trace my own person.

I don’t even know the Academy itself, as well as the leading teacher.

Huo Wu originally planned to say it was because of himself.

However, once it is said, Huo Wu is very likely to be blamed by Blazing Academy.

At the same time, there will be doubts and bad reviews.

Blazing Academy is not as united as imagined…

One by one harbor ulterior motives, if Huo Wu’s secret is leaked out, he will definitely be locked up in a small black room ….

Huo Wushuang doesn’t want to see such a picture.

So Huo Wu and herself conceal it.

It can be concealed, and the impact will be greater. For a while, Huo Wu and Huo Wushuang have some if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off ……

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