Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 455

“Do you have a bed here?” Yun Chen asked straight into the subject.

This made Huo Wu look slightly startled, and asked involuntarily: “What do you want a bed for?”

“Cloud Old Senior, there is no bed here, but there is a sofa. I’m here…” Huo Wushuang was the first to receive the prompt and decisively guided Yun Chen to their lounge, the only sofa.

What do you say about the Blazing Academy lounge? It is taller than Tianshui Academy, but not as clean as Tianshui Academy, but rather messy.

It’s not dirty, it’s the sofa with a blanket, as if anyone can take a nap on this sofa.

Looking at such a phenomenon, Yun Chen couldn’t help but heave a long sigh and expressed helplessness. There is no way. Who makes Blazing Academy a bunch of tough guys, just like Huo Wu.

In a circle of such a tough guy, he would have become a tough guy long ago.

It’s just because it’s a girl, not as tough as a boy.

Although I also like to be clean, I can only control myself, not even other people. In Huo Wu’s thoughts, Yun Chen probably guessed that Huo Wu thought it was unnecessary.

Even if you organize it yourself, it will be messy after a while.

Equivalent to clean up, it’s better to let it rot.

As for the Tianshui Academy, it is different. It is a group of tender beauties. In the lounge, everyone has a certain degree of cleanliness, so they will naturally be organized in an unconventional manner…

“hehe…” Huo Wushuang also noticed this, and hurriedly pulled the blanket away and patted the dust on the sofa well.

With this beating, a large layer of dust blows out.

Cough Huo Wu directly.

Even Yun Chen couldn’t help it.

Guys, is your Blazing team that sloppy? ?

In the original book, your appearances are glamorous…like aristocrats.

Didn’t expect, so messy in private…..

It seems that there are only sad memories under the glamour.

Huo Wushuang explained: “Yun Old Mister, there was a guy who was too sleepy before, so he just slept here. We can’t sort it out, so sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologize to me. If you want to apologize, you should also apologize to your younger sister!”

“After all, it is your younger sister who sleeps on the sofa for a while…” Yun Chen shook the head, said No need to apologize, it’s not sleeping on the sofa by yourself anyway.

It is actually very simple to get Huo Wu’s fire poison…..

It only takes a few steps, and even Yun Chen can do it in an instant.

However, Yun Chen doesn’t plan to be so fast. He needs to demonstrate and cooperate with Tianshui Academy.

According to Yun Chen’s arrangement, Tianshui Academy will come to you in a while.

Let yourself heal Shui Bingér who was caught in the extreme ice by his own bone spirit…

Shui Bingér is extremely Cold, and Huo Wu belongs to Extreme Hot. …

Two only need a few silver needles, plus a bath together at the same time, you will almost recover.

Because both sides are like yin and yang.

They will heal each other and offset each other’s current problems…

But before that, Yun Chen needs to wait…

And waiting, naturally impossible to sit all the time, of course, like a fortune teller, do some profound mystery, admirable operations.

In this way, you can appear to be compelling.

“Your younger sister, it should have been poisoned for a week, right? It was to hunt Spirit Beast and kill a Spirit Beast named Blazing Toad, right? And it’s still at the ten thousand years level!”


Yun Chen looked at Huo Wushuang with a cold face.

Huo Wushuang startled and said: “Yes, Old Mister…How did you know? And it is accurate to ten thousand years… Could it be this fire poison and that one? Only Spirit Beast is related?”

“Hehe…I think you don’t know…Is it related, don’t you know the most?” Yun Chen disagrees Answer.

I want to pretend to be silly in front of me, pass through…

It seems like an accident.


Huo Wu and Huo Wushuang had premeditated to hunt Blazing Toad. Blazing Toad is a kind of Spirit Beast that does not exist in the Spirit Beast Encyclopedia, but a rare kind of Spirit Beast.

This toad can only exist in forests with an area of ​​more than 10,000 meters…

This toad is full of red, with a pair of eyes, like flame beads. There is a layer of skin, called fire poison, which is immune to the high temperature of the flame.

There are only three blazing toads in a forest.

The Blazing Toad, as its name implies, is Fire Attribute, and it is also Extreme Fire.

In the first generation, it was a very small but very strong Spirit Beast.

However, this type of Spirit Beast does not have the idea of ​​actively attacking humans. They just want to dig holes. Yes, yes, toads dig holes, and this digging…

I will dig the veins and look for volcanoes…

The continent of Douluo is actually the same as modern times. There are many sleeping volcanoes on the continent.

The blazing toad likes to be hot, so naturally it must look for volcanoes and build a nest around the sleeping volcano to live in.

Once you find the Blazing Toad, it means that there is a sleeping volcano. As for how long the volcano will wake up and erupt, it is unknown…

At the same time , Blazing Toad’s spirit ring is indeed a high-end item.

Because its spirit ring will produce three kinds of Spirit Ability.

And three kinds of modification innate talent.

One kind is pertinent. This kind of Spirit Ability will provide a Domain type Spirit Ability, named Blazing Domain, and will get a certain body bonus.

The added achievement is that there will be a flame in the belly that will not go out.

This flame will not cause the Spirit Master to absorb the influence of the spirit ring, but will protect the Spirit Master.

In winter, your body will be very warm. If you are frozen, it will not be completely sealed. This flame can help you break the ice.

To put it simpler…

This pertinent spirit ring, if absorbed, can double your protection against the cold, even going to Land of Extreme North will not instantly fall down due to the low temperature under.

There is also a successful spirit ring.

This kind of spirit ring can produce a powerful Spirit Ability for the Spirit Master who absorbs the spirit ring. The specificity of the Spirit Ability is unknown, but it is very powerful and has a certain ignition effect.

When the ignition effect reaches a certain level, it will detonate, causing second-stage Spirit Ability damage.

At the same time, it will bless the fleshy body with a very powerful flame…

Let the Spirit Master of the Fire Attribute become an Extreme fire…

This is the amplification brought by the successful spirit ring.

However, these two have nothing to do with Huo Wu.

Huo Wu got the third, that is the failed spirit ring.

The failed spirit ring will poison the people who absorb the spirit ring, and reduce the life span…

Although it will also bring some powerful amplifierification.

But, equivalent to exchanged with your own lifespan.

In the original book, Huo Wu had this kind of fire poison.

It caused her to have an arm, just like the mangy on the back of Toad…very disgusting.

The original Huo Wu has always wanted to get rid of, and I don’t need it.

However, because of the powerful Tang San, it had to be used.

With this use, Huo Wu almost died suddenly.

This failed spirit ring will also bring a Spirit Ability, but Spirit Ability is a passive Spirit Ability that spreads viruses.

The Spirit Master who played against Huo Wu Spirit.

They will be poisoned by fire…

The Spirit Master who fought side by side with Huo Wu is the same…..

This is why Blazing Academy is one Coming here, teammates have been poisoned one by one…

Huo Wu and Huo Wushuang obviously know this.

But Huo Wushuang intends to conceal it, because once it is made public, Huo Wu will only be disqualified from the competition and be scolded by thousands…

Everyone will give Huo Wu a code name of the virus source.

One by one, stay away from her.

As Huo Wu’s elder brother, Huo Wushuang didn’t want to see this kind of picture…

Of course he would hide it.

However, Huo Wu can be regarded as a conscientious person. She is very clear that if she continues, she will only harm more people who have nothing to do with her.

So, Huo Wu’s plan is to try not to shoot before reaching the finals.

Furthermore, after finishing the finals, he will never participate in any more games.

Find a suitable place and wait for the poison to die…

Yun Chen looked at Huo Wu seriously, and said: “Take her clothes off! !”

! !

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