Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 456

“Huh? Do you need to take off your clothes??” Huo Wushuang was reluctant for a while. This is his younger sister, and she is also a big girl.

There is hardly a scandal, and she is also a beauty.

Huo Wu’s appearance is not bad. In the mainland of Douluo, his appearance can be said to be on the same level as Xiao Wu.

This is also one of the reasons why the original Xiao Wu has always been jealous.

If Huo Wu is a very bad girl, Xiao Wu would not be jealous…

Huo Wu is a beautiful woman.

Just like her name, and fire like hot.

And she is also a rational woman.

Yun Chen frowned, said displeasedly: “old man is an age, his grandson is not much different from you… and from the point of view of a doctor, do you still care about old man?? “

“Ah…No, no, no, Old Mister…” Hearing this, looking at Yun Chen with a displeased expression, Huo Wushuang suddenly panicked. .

For fear, Yun Chen next flies into a rage, just get up and leave here.

In this way, what should I do with the fire poison of my younger sister?

Furthermore, Yun Faweng has a bad temper. Everyone knows this. Not only is it smelly, but there are also some strange things.

This made Huo Wushuang very nervous.

As for Huo Wu, he looked indifferent and took off his clothes decisively…showing her pink and white skin…just as the clothes were unloaded on her chest… ..

Huo Wu is also a little nervous.

If you continue, then you can be seen.


However, when Huo Wu hesitated, Yun Chen suddenly extended the hand and directly pressed Huo Wu on the sofa…

This caught Huo Wu off guard. …..

And, Huo Wushuang was embarrassed by such a move.

Yun Chen is not at all playing a rogue. Instead, he was very considerate and asked Huo Wu to face himself with a naked back. In other words, Huo Wu’s predecessor was on the sofa.

It was blocked by the sofa.

What is exposed is just the back…

gu gu gu …..

However, when this back comes out, Huo Wu suddenly lowered his head, and covered his head with the blanket.

It seems that you have no face to meet people.

Yun Chen helplessly said: “Sure enough…”

“Little girl, you…your back…” Fire Wushuang looked shocked, because he saw Huo Wu’s back, a layer of flame-like bubbles was actually growing.

This bubble is not a water bubble, but a fire bubble…..

It’s like a vapor bubble evaporated at high temperature, but because it is red and the temperature is extremely high , Like a flame, so it’s called Huobu…

This Huobubu, Huo Wushuang is no stranger to it, isn’t it just the skin on the back of Blazing Toad? ?

It turned out that the fire poison of my little sister has already spread to such a point.

Get to the back…

Let Huo Wu, originally smooth, enjoy the silky back like Dove, a burst of pits and pits…very affects the beauty. , And even some sticky, some nauseous.

At this time, Huo Wu had to speak, and said in a rather low tone: “It’s ugly…it’s disgusting…”

“No. …” Huo Wushuang endured the urge to vomit, comforting with conscience.

However, before the comfort was fully expressed, he was interrupted by Yun Chen’s words. Yun Chen said coldly: “It is really disgusting, just like a toad… …”

“It is the most disgusting one among the patients that old man has ever seen. Old man has seen all kinds of suppurative blood blisters, but this is the first time you have a fire blisters!!!”


As soon as this statement came out, Huo Wu wanted to die. This is why Huo Wu has such a good figure, but always wears no exposed clothes.

Because this hot bubble is too disgusting, she, as a girl, especially a beautiful woman, naturally doesn’t want people to see her and talk about herself behind her back.

Huo Wushuang looked at Huo Wu feeling a little excited, and couldn’t help but pray: “Old Mister, can you not be so cold-blooded when you speak…My little sister is just a child!!! And it’s still a girl…”

“Heh…you know that you are a child. If you knew this, why did she have to absorb such a risky spirit ring? What?”

“Burning Toad…”

“Good guy…If you didn’t meet an old man, you younger sister, don’t come out Unexpectedly, in three days, the fire bubble will spread to the arms and then to the legs…”

“After another week, it will spread to the face!!”

“When the time comes, how do you meet face to face?” Yun Chen sneered, Huo Wushuang was overly pampering Huo Wu, which led to this series.

The original is also…..

And, Yun Chen’s words stimulated Huo Wushuang, making Huo Wushuang’s complexion gradually green…..After a while, he said nothing. , Said: “Yes…”

“No, it’s not a problem with my big brother, it’s because I want to try my own way.. That’s why this phenomenon occurs… …” Huo Wu explained.

And Huo Wu’s words made Huo Wushuang blame himself again.

It is indeed Huo Wu who insisted on going his own way, but he didn’t stop him as a big brother, and even thought it was okay…but didn’t expect, a blazing toad with three endings.

My own little sister was in the third, failed spirit ring, and was poisoned.

Huo Wushuang doesn’t know why this is so, so bad luck…

Obviously, it is the probability of one third, so he missed it.


Suddenly, Huo Wushuang directly knelt down… Kneeling in front of Yun Chen, in a pleading tone, he said: “Old Mister, Yun Old Mister…”

“I know I did something wrong…”

“I will not continue to make any excuses.”


“I hope you…be compassionate and save my younger sister!!”

“No matter what you need or what you want, I will be satisfied.. ….”

“Heh…..not to mention!! Who will get your number?…..Fire, old man can cure…but old man I need to ask you something.”

“This matter… depends on your answer. If your answer is okay, your younger sister will naturally recover and return to normal! And it will become Extreme. Fire!!!”

“But, if you answer a question…the result of your younger sister, the old man can’t guarantee…” Yun Chen felt his own hair White’s long beard pretending to be mysterious.

Huo Wushuang’s eyes lit up, is there a way? ?

Can you recover?

Moreover, you can turn your younger sister from the fire poison into the extreme fire…

It really deserves to be the first under the heavens healer, Yun Fa Weng.

He did not stump him…

Huo Wushuang became excited for a while and was very happy…

Huo Wushuang said: “You Ask…”

“How do you know about Blazing Toad? I remember Blazing Toad. Although it is a Spirit Beast, this Spirit Beast does not have published information. …..”

“There is no record in the Spirit Beast encyclopedia…..The three factors of the Blazing Toad, depending on how you look, you understand… Answer me, How did you know?” Yun Chen asked sharply.

This caused Huo Wu Double Body to tremble, which seemed to scare him.

In other words, I can’t say about this….

But, thinking of my younger sister…

Huo Wushuang said “I said…. Blazing Toad is indeed not announced, but we have done experiments… No, it’s not us!”

“It’s Huo Wu’s mother and me …..”

“Dean of Blazing Academy has always done research and came to a conclusion.”

“You tell me, we Blazing Academy, this The team is the weakest. In fact, the students who are stronger than us did not participate in this time all-land senior Spirit Master elite tournament…”

“If I guess wrong… .The powerful people you mentioned are all because of Blazing Toads, are they moderately poisonous?” Yun Chen said with a slight smile.

Huo Wushuang straight nodded, said: “Yes…but, it’s not always a failure. There are three successful cases!! One of them is my cousin and Huo Wu… “

“She is the only one who succeeded and got the Extreme Fire…The rest is Domain Spirit Ability.”

“So… ..”

“Haha…interesting, so interesting!! I want to see, your research.” Yun Chen laughed.

It seems that this Douluo mainland is not only a researcher by itself.

In private, there are also many researchers.

Blazing Toad, he has the opportunity to mix his hands, but he can’t decide. You can use it to swallow Blazing Academy… and strengthen your power.

Huo Wushuang said: “No problem…As long as you save my younger sister…When this time tournament is over, we should also return. When the time comes, we can invite you Be a guest, and let you give pointers…”

“Hmm…not bad. But to save your younger sister, you still need something…Now, that thing is already there. Come right away…” Looking at Huo Wushuang with a serious face, Yun Chen smiled satisfied.

Children can be taught…..

Smart people will naturally get the crystallization of their own cleverness…..

Huo Wushuang asked: ” What is it?”

“It needs the blend of ice…Ice and Fire to recover and return to normal…reach the Extreme Fire!!!” Yun Chen has a profound meaning Ropeway.

And this paragraph made Huo Wushuang confused.

peng~ peng~!!

Until, the door of my lounge was knocked…

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