Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 458

Huo Wushuang said helplessly: “My younger sister has some skin diseases. Since I came to Star Luo Empire, this disease has been retreating!!”

“And it is contagious…it makes my younger sister’s back very ugly…for the sake of my younger sister’s reputation, I hope you don’t talk about it!!”


“Huh? Contagious?? I go, No way?? Doesn’t this mean that…we just came…”hearing this , Gu Qingbo’s face changed drastically, and he became nervous for a while.

Huo Wushuang said: “Infectious…not an infectious disease!! The way of infection depends on Spirit’s discussion, and Spirit’s cooperation! Instead of taking a look, breathing the same piece of air. …..”

“Oh! Fortunately…” Gu Qingbo sighed in relief.

When he heard about the contagion, Gu Qingbo had to be afraid, especially the fire bubble on Huo Wu’s back, which was sticky and there were bursts of disgusting red water.

If it grows to his back, Gu Qingbo can’t imagine it…..

I am most satisfied with my skin, and I absolutely cannot tolerate being poisoned.

That is more painful than killing yourself.

Xuewu replied: “I understand, we won’t say…”

“Thank you!!” Huo Wushuang said with a slight smile.


Gu Qingbo on the side moved towards Yun Chen walked over, stared at Yun Chen, and said: “You are the legendary Yunfaweng?? Yun Old Senior??”

“Qingbo, Don’t be rude!!” Xue Wu saw this, looked at the immensity of heaven and earth Gu Qingbo, and hurriedly stopped Gu Qingbo’s rude behavior.

Because Xue Wu, like Huo Wushuang, knows that Yun Faweng has a weird temper.

And extremely weird.

You can’t understand such a Senior at all.

Next moment is angry, flies into a rage, or laughed heartily…

It is not an exaggeration to say that Yun Faweng is a lunatic.

Gu Qingbo blinked his big beautiful eyes and said, “I am not rude…I just think that Yun Old Mister… does not seem to be very old… …”

“Haha…little girl!! Old man grandson is the same age as you…..Do you think old man is big?? In terms of generation, You have to call old man a grandfather!” Yun Chen said disapprovingly.

Gu Qingbo was nodded and said: “Okay, grandfather…”

“…” Gu Qingbo’s change caught Yun Chen off guard , Watching Gu Qingbo’s every move, this little girl, at least belongs to the unearthly type.

Although she looks like a little imperial and a young girl, she is a little girl physically and mentally.

There is no maturity like Yujie.

But there is Yu Jie’s appearance and figure…

It’s really a strange character.

According to the original book, Gu Qingbo is a girl who likes to tease others. She also likes cracking a joke while teasing.

Ma Hongjun has suffered from her…

Although Gu Qingbo has an obsession with handsome guys, he also has an obsession with Fatty.

Is a very strange girl…

Yun Chen coughed a few times and said: “cough cough!! Now that the drug primers are all available, it is time to prepare. !!!”

“Cloud Old Mister…could it be…” Huo Wushuang eyes shined, never forgetting what Yun Chen said before.

To recover Huo Wu, you need someone to come.

This person, obviously, is Shui Bingér who is unconscious.

And Xuewu also noticed this, and hurriedly said: “Yun Old Mister…Excuse me, please save our big sister!! Our big sister, after a fight with a guy , The body becomes cold quickly, as if it became an iceberg!! We don’t know what happened, so please…”

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Huo Wushuang’s expression was slightly startled, and he had to look towards Shui Bingér, who was carrying Xue Wu on his back. This is a strong enemy, many training games…

Blazing Academy has always been compared to Tianshui Academy.

It all relies on Shui Bingér’s headache tactics…..

The tactics are accurate, almost a kind of spike.

Except for myself and my younger sister, everyone else was ruthlessly whipped…

Shui Bingér is indeed a powerful, responsible, and cognizant commander ,military adviser.

Blazing Academy once did an unbelievable operation.

That is trying to dig Shui Bingér into Blazing Academy…

No matter what, I understand that Shui Bingér and Tianshui Academy Dean have an unusual friendship.

I can’t shake it at all….

Yun Chen’s side, faintly smiled, said: “I know, I know… Get ready!! They put it in this wooden barrel…”

The wooden barrel? ?

Yun Chen tone barely fell, Xue Wu and Huo Wushuang were stunned. I don’t know when, this place actually appeared a huge, much like a wooden barrel for bathing.

But not yet.

The most outrageous thing is that a lot of hot water has already been poured into this wooden barrel…

This shocked Xue Wu and Huo Wushuang immediately.

Good guy? ?

Create something out of thin air? ?

What level? ?

Titled Douluo can’t create something out of thin air, right? ?

Even if there are some storage items, you can lift the barrel out, but what about your hot water? ?

The storage props can be filled with water, but not hot water.

Because the hot water is in the storage items, it will also cool down due to time and eventually become cold water.

In this era, there is no such thing as a thermos in the mainland of Douluo….

This wave of operations by Yun Chen naturally surprised two people.

Yun Chen ignored the surprise of the two people, and said flatly: “The next step is very simple, let them take a bath… and then add the medicine ingredients on the list to the tub.. …”

“Just take this thing again…”

Speaking, Yun Chen took out two jars of things that people could not understand.

I was sealed by a black jar, one with fire and one with ice.

No one knows what is in this jar…

Only Yun Chen knows it.

In this jar, there are Infernal Delicate Apricot and the ice crystals of Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass.

Just take these two things, Huo Wu and Shui Bingér can reach Extreme…

Innovate yourself.

The ice of breakthrough Extreme, the fire of Extreme…

However, it cannot detoxify either. Shui Bingér is not poisoned, but Huo Wu does.

So, the medicine ingredients on that list are all prepared for Huo Wu.

As for Shui Bingér, equivalent to buy one get one free.

Those medicine ingredients can strengthen the body, and can also expand the Mental capacity of mental force.

In order to demonstrate the blend of Ice and Fire.

These fancy things…Yun Chen still needs to do it.


Yun Chen handed the list to Huo Wushuang and said, “Go! The biggest drug store in Star Luo Empire, there must be these medicine ingredients… buy it back!!!”

“Okay!!” Huo Wushuang naturally immediately took over the medicine list…..

Taking over the medicine list, Huo Wushuang glanced at his younger sister.

Yun Chen added: “It’s okay! Both of them are indispensable. Neither can be recovered. Let these two take care of them and take care of them!”

” Understand!!” Hearing this, Huo Wushuang naturally won’t have any doubts. Just now he was worried that Xue Wu might use his hands and feet to make his younger sister have problems.

But Yun Chen’s words are indispensable. Equivalent to ensure that their younger sister will be fine.

In this way, what are you afraid of?

Unless Xuewu is a wolf ambition, even her big sister will be poisoned.

That Huo Wushuang has nothing to say.

However, Xuewu is the most violent and responsible person in Tianshui Academy. Naturally, it is impossible to do something like this.

Worry that it will naturally break through…..

But Huo Wushuang still has some doubts and asked: “What about you? Yun Old Mister….. ..”

“old man?? These two cans of things, you will buy medicine ingredients in a while, add them to the barrel and take them, one is fire and the other is ice! Huo Wu for fire and ice for Another girl.”

“In this way, one hour after the medicinal bath, two can return to normal…The old man’s task has been completed, naturally there is no need to stay, there are many serious The patient is waiting for the old man.”

Yun Chen answered Huo Wushuang calmly, and threw two jars in his hands to Huo Wushuang and Xuewu respectively, patted the dust on his body, and planned to leave. go with.

Yun Chen got up, making Xue Wu and Huo Wushuang almost kneel down, saying thank you all the time.

Even Xue Wu is ready to give anything Yun Chen needs…

But before he has time to speak, Yun Chen is gone…

It’s like disappearing.

This caused Xuewu to startled and muttered: “Yun Old Mister…We will meet again. If we meet, then we at Tianshui Academy will definitely be grateful!!”


“Our Blazing Academy is the same…..” Huo Wushuang was straight nodded.


However, two people neglect one.

That is Gu Qingbo.

Gu Qingbo also disappeared like Yun Chen….

At the same time…

Outside, Yun Chen plans to return to Shrek.. …

Gu Qingbo jumped out and blocked Yun Chen’s path.

This made Yun Chen speechless for a while, this Little Lass……

However, in order to maintain his image as a Yunfaweng…

Yun Chen still said: “Little girl?? What else do you have? If it is not important, don’t stop the old man……”

“Cloud Old Mister. …. Me!!! Of course there is something, it is naturally important… For example… you are actually the handsome guy who stunned our big sister!”

“This One thing is not important!!” Gu Qingbo said meaningfully.

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