Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 460

hearing this, Yun Chen is of course impossible. Believing Gu Qingbo, this little girl is indeed unearthly and has no idea what she wants to do next.

In short…

The current situation is indeed a bit weird.

Cannot continue.

Yun Chen took a deep breath, and said bluntly: “Don’t come to this one, talk about it! What are you trying to do? I don’t like to be ambiguous…”

“What I think is very simple, I want to date you… and I want to understand a little… Are you Yun Fa Weng…or Yun Fa Weng is you!!”

“In other words, you are the third generation Yunfaweng…”

“According to my logic, Yunfaweng has at least seventy Years old, you are not like seventy years old at all…I know Mogu algorithm, so I only need to touch your hand.”

“I understand your bone age…you The bone age tells me that you are not a seventy-eighty old fogey, you are a genuine youngster!”

“The age should not be much different from me…..”

“Maybe you don’t understand what bone age is, or you will use an excuse to explain it. For example, if you are Tilted Douluo, you can recover one’s youthful vigor, so you are so young.”

“No Wrong, Titled Douluo can indeed recover one’s youthful vigor, such as Heaven Dou Empire’s guest official Poison Douluo, Dugu Bo, he has the characteristics of recover one’s youthful vigor!”

“But, recovering one’s youthful vigor is just A kind of self-comfort, the age will not decrease. The bone age is still old bones, and the bones will not be young because of recovering one’s youthful vigor.”

” Therefore, the bone age is the most real and the most certain A kind of evaluation!!!”

“You are more than ten years old, impossible is Yunfaweng, but you have the same ability and the same ability as Yunfaweng, so you can only say that you are Yunfaweng Grandson.”

“Son is impossible….. The son is at least 30 years old!! You are only over a dozen years old. You can only be a grandson…..Grandson inherits his grandfather status, Fame.”

“Ability…until now, there are sons and stepfathers, you are just a higher level, Sun Jiye, that’s all.”

“Why do you say that you are a third generation cloud hairweng, because your father Perhaps it is the second generation, Yun Faweng is just a sign, not a person. “

“You said, am I right? ? “Gu Qingbo moved towards Yun Chen’s back has been leaning over and hugged Yun Chen directly, wishing to eat Yun Chen immediately.

This kind of hunger… makes Yun Chen think this. Does Gu Qingbo, like the lion, have reached the estrus period?

Such a slut operation has been done….

I don’t care about being a girl….On the contrary , I seem to suffer a lot.

There is really an alternative version, Eldest Miss molested the young boy of the Liang family…..

However, Yun Chen has to say that Gu Qingbo’s My brain hole is not so deep, I am worried about how to explain that I am Yunfaweng.

Why Yunfaweng is young.

You are good…

I have explained it clearly to myself.

I am a third generation cloud hairworn….

Well, this answer is good.

You can use this explanation if you want…

As for the bone age.

Sure enough, as Yun Chen thought, the first generation is not an expert without bone age measurement, just these Connoisseurs don’t just tell their own quotes.

Just like Gu Qingbo said.

She knows what many people in this generation don’t…

This does not mean that she comes from the second life generation, and is also a traverser.

It can only be said that she, like Tang Yuehua, has a forward thinking…

Moreover, the second life generation did not explain how the bone age measurement program came about, just the emergence of unfathomable mystery, which once again shows that the first generation has experienced bone age measurement experts.

Just these experts Didn’t let his skills be made public.

Yun Chen looked helpless. Gu Qingbo is very smart and scheming. It’s really not a vase.

I originally planned to watch Tianshui Academy only. Sure, Shui Yueer, Shui Bingér, and Xuewu belong to three people. The other girls are all vases.

It doesn’t seem to be…

At least Gu Qingbo is not…..

“hehe…Are you thinking, why would I know this? ? Let me answer you…Anyway, you must date me, I can’t hide it…”

“Because of the taste…” Gu Qingbo laughed, but It really has several points of the appearance of a little thief cat.

This makes Yun Chen can’t help but don’t say it, you just fill your own brain? Good fellow?? Could it be that your thoughts are also beginning to change Is it anymore?

No way?

But if you think about it carefully, it’s normal. If Gu Qingbo’s thoughts are undifferentiated and don’t rely on some messy brain supplements, it might be true. I can’t tell the details of myself.

At the same time, Yun Chen is also a little surprised, the taste???

Because of the taste???

You belong to a dog???

Because of the taste, do you think I am Yunfaweng?

What is the logic of this?

Yun Chen coughed a few times and said: “What taste? ? “

“The smell on you…the smell on you is the same as the one who passed by before and overheard the discussion in our lounge! “

“That’s why I came to the conclusion…” Gu Qingbo blinked his big beautiful eyes and laughed and said.

This made Yun Chen speechless again.

By taste?

Well, this is indeed possible…..

The taste of human body is impossible to change…..

Unless you jump into the pit…otherwise, your own masculine taste will always be with you.

Or take a bath yourself.

However, the time between Yun Faweng’s appearance and the time when Shui Bingér appeared frozen was too short.

There was no time to take a bath at all.

I can only say that Gu Qingbo not only It’s just a deep mind, but also very careful.

I didn’t neglect what others neglected…and from such a small thing, I found the breakthrough.

“You must be thinking, Why do I smell it? ? That has something to do with my Spirit, my Spirit is a blue-eyed ice wolf, a Spirit who is very alert to taste! ! “

“So I can smell…but I was surprised at the time. Since you hurt our big sister, how could you become a Yunfaweng and come to heal our big sister. . “

“Now it seems…there seems to be some truth…and it also strengthens our big sister in disguise…you won’t see our big sister, right? ? Like our big sister? ? “

“So come up with such a wave of operations, right? ? “Gu Qingbo looked at Yun Chen with a worried look, expecting Yun Chen to give an explanation.

However, the point of Gu Qingbo’s question is not that Yun Chen hurt his big sister, but Yun Chen’s treatment of his big sister. What kind of thought…..

Is it really fancy?

Gu Qingbo is a little nervous.

Yun Chen replied:” Shui Bingér is a talent…I don’t talk about other things, but she, I really like it… It’s just not a man and woman’s fancy. “

“I am fond of her talent….. Her ability to turn her into Extreme Ice is a kind of sacrifice, and she will pay it back sooner or later. “

“Repay it? ? How to repay? ? Meat compensation? ? “Gu Qingbo looked at Yun Chen with a faint smile…

This made Yun Chen frowned, good guy, this Gu Qingbo, Spirit is really a wolf? Is this a lion in heat? Or is it a fox?

Is that so angry?

Moreover, among my girlfriends, there is really no one who is so angry with Gu Qingbo…

Sorrow can also be said to be a kind of personality.

Gu Qingbo continued: “However, our big sister will definitely not be able to pay for it…but…I can! ! Let me pay for it! how about it? ? “

pa! !

As soon as this statement came out, Yun Chen no longer dared to stay alone with Gu Qingbo.

Yun Chen always felt that if he continued to stay Go down, this Gu Qingbo won’t be beastly, right?

Should you give yourself a bow to the overlord directly in the utility room?

A little terrifying…


It just so happens that Ma Hongjun and Oscar have already left, so I might as well slip away right away…

Never have contact with Gu Qingbo again.


Yun Chen was stunned as soon as he exited the door of the utility room.

Gu Qingbo jumped up from behind, like a fixed one, his hands firmly Leaning on her shoulders, making herself have to carry her…

“You want to date me…” Gu Qingbo said seriously.

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