Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 1


Chapter 1 Cyberworld

Gao Gong opened his eyes in confusion, and raised his metal palm up. , unfortunately not obeyed.

The hot sunlight fell from the torn roof, bringing not only heat but also a trace of nuclear smoke and dust radiation, which made the already damaged electronic prosthetic eye (right eye) affected by electromagnetic radiation,’ With a bang, it completely crashed.

He was shot at least three times all over his body. He was stabbed in the chest, and his skin was sore and itchy. It must have been the car that was hit. The glass slag was mixed with the body fragments of the car in front of him, and his right eye just exploded. of.

The most important thing isβ€”β€”

This is not my body!

‘Didn’t I manage to steal the NPC template from the old PUAHoly Land group of ‘Mind Collective’, and are on the way to teleport across the galaxy? What’s the situation now, the natural disaster invasion is ahead of schedule? ‘

Feeling the excruciating pain from all over his body, Gao Gong couldn’t help grinning.

Since uploading his consciousness to the data terminal and transforming it into the main brain AI, he has not experienced such a state of serious injury for a long time.

Pain information is transmitted from all parts of the body to the central nervous system, such as howling wind and torrential rain, into the brain.

Sick and sick!

My brother has not been a human for many years, why should he bear this kind of pain!

‘Could it be that my player’s identity was discovered by the old yin B in the Civilization Council? Impossible ah, the beginning and the end have been cleaned up, plus I have disguised so well, from the game Early-Stage to the end, I have never died once, and there is no change in the information state, how did they find me! ‘

‘Changed my body in an instant, making my respawn mechanism unable to activate. “

“This kind of operation – unless I kill the millions of virtual personalities, AI Avatars, consciousness sub-body, soul virus, logical information body, which I hide on various planets in an instant High level civilization used ‘spectacle weapons’ on me? ‘

‘The spectacle of the universe has long been destroyed by natural disasters. ‘

‘Someone foresaw that I planned to lead the way for the natural disaster and kill me in advance? ‘

‘Ximen Qing was given a knife by Wu Erlang before he hooked up with Pan Golden Lotus? It doesn’t make sense! ‘

The stomach turned upside down, the throat was so hot as if stuffed with chili peppers, the blood gushed from the mouth and nose, and the increasingly weak beating of the mechanical heart all made Gao Gong understand a fact.

He’s dying!

As if stimulated by death, the neurons in the brain suddenly contracted, neurotransmitters rushed along the axons all the way to the terminal, and the memory of the host poured out like a tide.

That was the short life of the owner of this body.

In my memory, the owner of this fleshy body is Gao Gong, a veteran mechanical hunter who has been wandering in this Iron Sand Desert all the year round. The ‘bounty’ of the city’s enterprises makes a living, and occasionally part-time killer / dart / robber; because of vicious and merciless, vengeance will be revenge, he has a lot of reputation in the hunter’s circle, and he is nicknamed Lone Wolf.

The reason why I fell into such a field is because of an ordinary escort mission.

The shipment is Iron Sand Desert’s specialty, Energy Ore.

According to Gao Gong, this order should have been very easy.

Even the most powerful native warlords in the Iron Sand Desert would not dare to prey on ‘factory’ goods.

But to everyone’s surprise, when the convoy was driving to the Great Rift Valley, a group of homeless people suddenly attacked, and the scattered eyeliner was instantly killed, and it was too late to warn. The natives directly paralyzed the entire convoy.

Mine staff and escort bodyguards died tragically. Even a veteran Bounty Hunter like him was outnumbered. He was stabbed in the face by someone and his consciousness died, which directly led to this time-travel.

The reason why he didn’t die on the spot was because some vital organs were replaced with mechanical bodies in the process of mechanization of the human body.

In this sudden confrontation, the mechanical hunter Gao Gong is killed, and a new consciousness travels through time and space and successfully merges the dead.

Gao Gong became Gao Gong.

In Gao Gong’s scattered and cluttered memories, there were two groups of people who attacked the convoy, one to deal with the guards on the convoy, and the other to point at him.

And after knocking over four opponents, he was attacked by sneak attack, pierced through the chest from behind, nailed to the front seat of the car, blood and artificial protein liquid dripped along the blade on.

Heavy footsteps sounded, the sound of boots stomping on the sand, and a mechanical head poked through the car window.

The red light of the visual collector wandered repeatedly on the chest and skull, making a ‘zhi zhi’ sound, as if it was ready to refill at any time.

“Confirm the subject.”

The other party’s voice simulation system produced a dull and unwavering mechanical synth sound, but for some reason, Gao Gong could hear a hint of excitement.

In the interstellar society, many mechanical beings will have a special ‘interest’ in the body of intelligent races, the scientific name is ‘machine diarrhea’.

It is worth mentioning that although the other party has a metal head, the one exposed outside the military uniform has a slightly pale complexion without blue veins and skin lines – clone fleshy body?

This looks a bit familiar.

“Aren’t people dead?” Another voice seemed to sound from outside the car. Because of the vague consciousness, the sound was distorted and illusory.

Gao Gong noticed that the flesh on the opponent’s neck had a pronounced valgus posture, as if the head had been inserted directly into the chest cavity, which was also proved by the exposed wires and fluid tubes.

‘Inferior implant system, neural splicing below Level 4, not even microbionics, this stuff can only be sold as garbage in the civilized black market, and it is still the lowest mechanical garbage. ‘

The mechanical head didn’t seem to have the idea of another shot, but extended the hand and groped on Gao Gong.

‘Sure enough, do you want to have a hair while it’s hot! ‘

Just as Gao Gong chrysanthemum was at a tight pass, the other party took something out of Gao Gong’s pocket.

That’s — Machine City’s Preliminary Citizenship Card!

This is the treasure of Iron Sand Desert everyone yearn for something even in dreams!

With a small notebook, it almost drained the original owner’s savings. Otherwise, with the original owner’s worth, it is impossible to do such low-level escort.

According to the plan, after a few months, when the cost is collected, the original owner will go to the city that never sleeps with the ambition to stand out from the crowd.

Become an urbanite!

It’s justβ€”how could the other party know?

At the point where the opponent bends over, Gao Gong’s eyes fall on the chest of the opponent’s gray body armor, where a blood shield and the coat of arms of the metal long spear hang.

‘This is… Machine Star’s Meat Knights? ‘

The distant memory suddenly drew closer, and then corresponded with the memory of ‘Gao Gong’ two by two. Gao Gong was shocked to find that he seemed to have traveled back to the cyberspace proving ground at the beginning of “Cyberworld”. , also known as the Novice Village, and it was a year before the arrival of the player.

The cyborgs in front of you are the artificial soldiers of the Knight regiment, and the Meat Knight regiment (also known as the Revenge Knight) is another dark force opposed to Machine City, in order to subvert Machine. A terrorist organization targeting the domination of the City has tentacles all over the post-disaster continent. It is rumored that the leader of this organization is the artificial intelligence of the military in the pre-civilization era.

‘So, the ‘beast weapon disaster’ has not yet started, the city that never sleeps has not fallen, and the corporate war is still in the preparatory stage. ‘

‘A series of cyber waves such as memory loss, personality reset, and pheromone virus are still far away. ‘

‘This planet is still in the calculation of the three major mother cities? ‘

‘At this point in time… the Knight regiment should be preparing to launch the first battle of the animal disaster – the ‘Hydra battle’! ‘

‘This is an early expansion piece that players have not participated in! ‘

“Kill him!” The distorted voice sounded again.

“No, this fleshy body is nice, it’s going to be my collection, and I’ll keep it fresh so I can replace it at any time.”

“Conventions… don’t match… The cooperation with your group…”

“The inferior scum, remember, the Knight group is not under any threat!”

As the three words of the Knight group sounded, Gao Gong saw Suddenly an electronic panel emerges, revealing the attribute of ‘skull’.

Knight regiment artificial soldier:

Level: 9

fleshy body modification: 11

Occupation: artificial soldier lv7

Health: 80/80

Physical: 50/60

Mechanical: 50+30

Personal attribute: Strength 9 Agility 9 Endurance 9 Intelligence 9 Perception 9

system modification:

Electronic battle brain lv5 (increase 30 points of mechanical energy)

Pain removal: lv4 (cut off the pain system on the body )

Zealot consciousness: lv5 (loyalty is constant fanatic warrior by the mechanical brain)

Skills: basic shooting lv6 knife kill lv5 charge mode (faction specific)

Remarks: A low-level combat unit composed of electronically modified brains and cloned fleshy bodies, the electronic brains guarantee their loyalty, and the cloned fleshy bodies guarantee their output.

‘This is the –system template! ‘

Gao Gong was surprised and delighted, his thoughts moved, and sure enough, the familiar panel lit up again.

Compared with the simple player template, this dark golden game panel is more beautiful and more content.

Name: Gao Gong

Race: Carbon-based Human

Overall Level: lv 12

Physical Transformation: 24

Consciousness: 10

Main Profession: Mechanical Transformer lv8 (You are an excellent mechanical hunter, your strong ambition makes you have brutal power)

Secondary Profession: Factory lv4 (You are a child laborer in a human body modification factory, and your ambition drives you to take another path)

HP: 10/100 (physically dying) (mechanical heavy trauma)

Stamina: 29/108

Mechanical energy: 96

Personal attribute: Strength 15 Agility 9 Stamina 13 Intelligence 8 Perception 9 Character 4

Free attribute points: 0

Personal system:

Motor system 9%

Neural system 5%

Endocrine system 1%

Circulatory system 5%

Respiratory system 1%

Digestive system 1%

Urinary system 1%

Reproductive system 1%

system transformation:

Inner skeleton strengthening: (sports system): Your inner skeleton is replaced by a titanium alloy mechanical bone. Although it is mass-produced by the factory, it is still blessed for you Sufficient mechanical force, strength +5, stamina +3, agility-2

Bionic joints (motion system): cooperate with the force-generating joints of the mechanical inner skeleton, built-in micro-motors, need to be charged in time, agility +2


Battle-type prosthetic eye*1 (destroyed): Enhance your visual imaging, visual range: 500 meters (adjustable)

Mechanical heart (circulation system) (semi-destroyed): Your initial attempt to transform into a higher level cyborg


Full Strike (Transformation): After the inner skeleton is mechanized, every attack you make will will be the upper limit of strength. Critical strike rate +6%, stun +6%, there is a certain chance of negative state ‘concussion’ Gives you an excellent gun feel. Gun damage +10% recoil -5% crit rate +5%

Brawl lv8: You are a fighting expert, when using unarmed or blunt weapons, attack power +15%, block damage The reduction is increased by 10%

Basic maintenance lv4 (professional): You have certain maintenance knowledge, and have certain maintenance methods for firearms, maintenance success rate +5%

Mechanical hunting Transformation lv5 (professional): It can transform its own combat body to a certain extent to enhance the chance of killing prey.

Individual martial power: Level 0 (Mechanical Transformer) (In a planet-level civilization, you are barely a qualified cannon fodder)

Specialty: None

Occupation Knowledge Tree: None

Oh, this basic attribute is a good double-flower red stick!

The game panel has a total of two pages. When switching to the second page, a gray box jumped out.

‘The civilization template has not been opened, please open it after the host meets the conditions’

Gao Gong’s heart was shocked and his eyes were complicated.

‘What the game forum says is true! Sure enough, there is a second set of civilization templates! ‘

As early as in the late game, many players suspected that, in addition to the ‘professional template’ that the player came with, “Cyberworld” should actually have a ‘civilization building template’, otherwise at the later stage , relying on the player himself, it is almost impossible to fight with various powerful high-level civilization forces, not to mention the huge cost of civilization soaring.

When the Three Great Natural Disasters invaded, the players were captured, sliced, and studied by various civilized forces, and they just launched another set of ‘npc templates’ from the ‘player template’. As a result, this game The NPCs here are actually faster than the players, you can believe it! ?

This caused the game’s liver to rise directly to the sky, and there were various complaints in the forum. Posts to modify the difficulty of the game were swiped every day. As a result, the dog plan did not wait, but all kinds of people who were catching people along the network cable came. npcs.

In reality, huge robotic arms fall from the sky, alien monsters traverse the atmosphere, artificial intelligence controls nuclear weapons arsenals of major powers, and species viruses ravage the world.

The virtual and reality are reversed, and NPCs have become real high-level players.

Cyberworld has become a cyberpunk of the real world.

(End of this chapter)

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