Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 10


Chapter 10 Hunting

Gao Gong is hiding in a sea of flowers, the flowers are nearly one meter high, deep purples and brilliant reds, which reflect metallic streamers in the light.

It’s not so much a sea of flowers, but it’s a testing ground for electric horns. It seems to be silent, but low-frequency noises are no longer harassing you all the time.

Blooming metal flowers emit low frequency noise, while non-blooming buds are infrasound.

The sound range that the human body can accept is 20~20000Hz, and the sound below 20Hz is infrasound. It can even rupture human-sized blood vessels and die.

Surrounded by this , although Gao Gong felt a strong sense of discomfort, he secretly endured it.

There is a big reason why classical mechanical hunters do not install implants in their bodies, that is, radiation wild beasts are very good at capturing sounds and signals. Once they are found, they cannot complete the hunt .

And this metal flower field can mask the sound of Gao Gong’s internal motors.

At this step, Gao Gong can only make judgments based on the original owner’s hunting experience.

The conversion of prey and hunter is sometimes only instantaneous.

Soon, Gao Gong heard footsteps, andβ€”the screams of dogs!

The top speed of the human head dog is set at 23km/h. It’s not that he doesn’t want to increase the speed, but that if the speed is increased, the garbage parts in the waste recycling station will explode.

So there are more than a dozen robot ants beside every human head dog. There is a stepping device inside the robot ant. The principle of the stepping device is also very simple. The two metal sheets above are connected. , the circuit is connected to the electric detonator, and below is a small bottle of energy mineral extract.

These extracts are very unstable and will explode once they are stimulated. Although the formidable power is not large and the explosion intensity is only one-tenth of that of a grenade, with this effort, it is enough for a dog to run away. time.

Sure enough, as the footsteps got closer, explosions sounded one after another.

This should be a four-legged wild beast, because two robot ants just self-destructed at the same time.

“ao wu ao wu ao woo ao wu…”

As expected, in the needle-like grass, a metal dog with a human head jumped up, followed by a man behind him. A huge black shadow, far away, can feel the visible rise in temperature naked eye.

‘It’s not a mechanical biochemical beast, it’s a radiant beast, it turned out to be itβ€”’

The black shadow behind him also jumped up, and when it landed on the ground, it made a huge vibration.

Behind the human-headed dog is a serious dog’s head, with two fist-sized eyes full of bloodshot eyes, staring fiercely at the human-headed dog.

This is a giant dog the size of an adult bull. The bones are faintly visible, the blood vessels with the thick thumb on the flesh are beating regularly, the teeth are full of metal, and the four dog legs are larger than the thighs of ordinary people. To be thick, between each breath, there is a clear light in the abdomen, and smoke overflows from the mouth.

Name: Giant Radiation Dog

Radiation Level: E+

HP: 280/300

Stamina: 195/200

Bio-energy: 312

Bio-attribute: Strength 22 Agility 10 Stamina 26 Intelligence 3 Perception 7

Skills: Bite lv6 Steel Claw lv7 High Temperature Smoke lv4 Rampage lv7

Remarks: This is a good dog, much more normal than your dog

Although the metal head of the human-headed dog can’t change its expression, it is trembling when you see it. It has four mechanical legs, and knows it is very scared.

Although the memory bank of the artificial soldiers has been cleared after brainwashing on the operating table, it is the basic combat unit of the Knight regiment after all, and there is no shortage of combat IQ. Going to the flower field, I didn’t forget to turn back and say ‘ao wu ao wu’ to provoke a few words along the way.

The radiant dog was stunned for a moment, but after all, its intelligence is only 3, and the information processing speed of the nervous system is quite low. When the other party calls it like this, it immediately becomes furious, and its bull-like body rampages and goes straight to the flower field. And go.

The semi-Metallic Attribute quality flowers and leaves are scattered, and the low-frequency noise environment makes it more violent. The calm hunter watches from the sidelines, and the horsepower of the micro-motor has been running to the limit in the four joint parts.

Next moment, the silhouette exploded, the red unicorn flashed a dazzling rays of light, and the thick blade was like a chainsaw, straight into the opponent’s abdomen.

The target is the glowing part of the abdomen, which is the radiating organ of the radiating dog, the source of energy.

Gao Gong has experimented with scrap metal before, and the resistance caused by the red unicorn cutting metal is equivalent to cutting an apple with a fruit knife, but when the tip of the knife pierces the abdomen of the radiant dog, it is like a fruit Cut the pork with a knife, which shows that with the muscle hardness of the radiant dog, ordinary bullets can never be hit.

But the ‘red unicorn’ was prepared by Gao Gong for this moment, and now few people know that Aunt Xiang’s dead boyfriend was a classical mechanical hunter. All of the weapons were polished by Aunt Xiang.

Gao Gong’s tiger’s mouth tensed, and with a loud roar, he inserted the tip of the knife and turned the end of the handle with his wrist, stirring vigorously above the glowing part.

[You deal 156 damage to the giant radiation dog]

[You used a brawl, dealing a ‘vital strike’ to the target, making the target seriously injured]

< It can be clearly seen that when the group of radiation organs fell, the irritability in the dog's eyes disappeared by 90%, and he fell into a kind of confusion after the fact.

Gao Gong slashed his shoulders with the knife, and while the blade sank in at the root, his shoulders fiercely hit the Radiator Dog’s waist, knocking him to the ground.

The knife is drawn, and the tip of the knife pierces the throat of this vicious dog again.

[You deal 97 damage to the giant radiation dog]

[You used a brawl, causing ‘one strike certain kill’ to the target, EXP +350]

Gao Gong drew his sword again, and the splashed blood water was like hot boiled water, splashed on Gao Gong’s coat, ‘zira’ sounded.

“No wonder the classical mechanic hunters are called lunatics, this feeling of life and death is really exciting.”

Gao Gong touched the sweat on his forehead and shook it off. Flicking the knife, the blade was red and smoking, and the body temperature of the radiant beast made the entire blade look like a red-hot iron.

It is even more important to kill the radiation beast and cut off its radiation organs than to kill it, because once the radiation beast dies, the life system stops functioning, and the radiation organs are used as energy sources, and it will self-destruct.

Although the level of the E-rank radiation beast is not high, no one has hunted a complete giant radiation dog in the Motor City for a long time.

Skilled skinning, cutting, and digging out valuable organs for radiation dogs.

[You get E-rank Bio-Energy Source: Radiated Dog Liver]

[You get a whole dog skin]

[You get a whole dog Tail]

[You get forty-two metal teeth]

[You get a dog whip]

The meat of the radiant beast is not edible , but the dog skin has been tanned by a special method, which can make leather jackets with stronger defensive power than ordinary bulletproof vests. The dog tail is also a good biochemical material. The metal teeth can be woven into decorations and sold to peers. A must for great characters.

Gao Gong looked at the corpse of the giant dog with only a small part of it. In fact, the bone of the radiant dog is also a good weapon material. At least the hardness is stronger than the steel bar. He only took a few long bones. Go, there’s nothing left to do.

“Let’s go, let’s see how your other brothers are doing.”

The human head dog was shiver coldly frightened before, and the machine fluid was about to shake out, but now it has to He got up, trotted over, and kicked the corpse.

This is the advantage of choosing the ‘Husky Template’, this human-headed husky can always wander on the edge of death, and is extremely forgetful.

Shortly after Gao Gong left, a small scavenger found the corpse of the giant dog, which was more than half left, and suddenly the boss with a long mouth.

It turns out that this method of hunting is indeed quite effective, but within three hours, Gao Gong was once again hunting two radiant giant dogs and a mecha-biochemical butterfly.

I don’t know if it’s because it broke into the kennel, or if the human head dog comes with a halo of taunt +100 of the same kind, there are four radiation wild beasts, and there are actually three radiation dogs.

The remaining mechanical biochemical butterfly was pierced by Gao Gong in the moment before it grabbed the dog’s head, but this time Gao Gong was unlucky, this big-faced ‘butterfly’ directly When it exploded, it actually caused him 30 points of damage.

But what is gratifying is that after killing this mechanical butterfly, ‘Brawl’ automatically increased to Level 1.

Brawl lv9: You are a fighting expert, when using unarmed, blunt and metal knives, attack power +16%, block damage reduction increases by 10%

“So beautiful The dog’s skin is almost intact, it’s impossible!”

Aunt Xiang raised her head and looked at Gao Gong with the eyes she met for the first time. After a long while, she said, “You really went hunting?”

In her mind, the word ‘hunting’ is meaningful and not something that ordinary people can use.

Gao Gong didn’t answer, but turned the pocket behind him, and all of a sudden, all kinds of precious bits and pieces fell down.

“Radiation dog, mechanical butterfly, and, is this a grenade?”

Aunt Xiang is holding a dark fruit, which is called a grenade. Pine cones are covered with metal-like fragments and secrete ammonia gas inside. Once stimulated, they will explode – but after being brewed in special potions, they can be used as natural grenades.

“I didn’t dare to pick too much on the road, because I was afraid it would explode.”

This kind of grenade fruit is extremely unstable before it is processed by the potion, and there is a slight collision. It would explode. He only picked six, he took two with his own hands, and the remaining four let the head dog pick one.

Aunt Xiang is not too dirty, she rummaged through all kinds of odds and ends, but her tone was much better.

“didn’t expect you little brat, and you still have a bit of backbone.”

“Or, you can’t be a city person, so you simply have no desire to improve?”

Gao Gong laughed and said: “How much can you sell these things here?”

“Don’t say anything else, just this complete E-rank Dog liver, less than 800 can’t be shot, other bits and pieces, maybe 4,000.”

“I’ll give you 20% off.”

“you brat I’m crazy,” Aunt Xiang said without raising her head, “Sell it to your big lover, I’m a weapons store.”

“Don’t worry, one of the dog skins will be made for me. Coat, and three grenades for me, and the rest of these materials will be your deposit.”

Aunt Xiang took the note, glanced at it, and finally raised her head in surprise. : “You brat are you really planning to play a big game!?”

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