Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 11


Chapter 11 Lao Sun

“Idiot, this is a weapon implanted chip, not electronic waste!”

“Idiot, the rifling of these barrels is not well ground, do you want people to smash our store?”

“Throw away the virtual sensor you hid! What, no! You When the old lady is deaf? You don’t know the sound of this thing is broadcast?”

In the east corner of the flea market, the familiar scolding sounded in the old friend’s gun shop early in the morning. Scavengers, the first day of the morning started with Aunt Xiang’s scolding.

“Fang Xiang, your mother scolds you every day, why are you not angry at all,” the stall owner next to him jokely said.

Pang Xiang said honestly: “My grandma scolds me, I must have done something bad, it’s none of my grandma’s business.”

“Fat pig, let you go. The one who moved things! Why hasn’t he come back yet!!”

Pang Xiang and the stall owner looked at each other, for some reason, Aunt Xiang was extremely angry today.

When Pang Xiang brought a pile of metal tools back to the store, he saw Aunt Xiang both hands crossed near chest sitting on a chair, with a glowy and uncertain expression, not sure what she was thinking.

Pang Xiang scratched his head, and his fat body moved carefully in the small storefront.

“Grandma, I’m going to grind the rifling.”

“Wait, you look at the club first, I’ll go out,” Aunt Xiang got up, ready to go out, and warned repeatedly : “Remember what I said, things can be charged, and the money will be given when I get back. If someone comes to buy a gun, it’s not an acquaintance who won’t buy it!”

“Mom, I heard clearly.”

Looking at Fat Xiang, whose expression was still blank, Aunt Xiang couldn’t help scratching his big head.


After Aunt Xiang left, Pang Xiang was still wandering, wondering what he was thinking, maybe he was thinking why those women didn’t wear clothes last night .

Aunt Xiang hurries through the flea market to the scavengers on the outskirts of the Motor City.

There was a stench of hard to describe in the air.

Everyone here is disheveled and scantily clad, most of whom either have pustules on their faces or deformed hands and feet.

The scavengers are the descendants of the refugees and make a living by picking up scraps on the outskirts of the city.

Aunt Xiang skillfully stepped over a mass of fresh feces, walked to a fairly clean wood house in the slum, and knocked on the wooden door.

“Old bastard, open the door!”

“Who,” a hair grey-white old man holding a wine bottle rubbed his eyes and opened the door, seeing Aunt Xiang very much. was surprised.

“How can you come.”

“Why can’t I come, drink in the morning, drink in the evening, and I’m not afraid of drinking you to death!”

“Then What a nice way to die,” the old man grinned, limped to the table, pushed the mess directly to the ground, and opened the folding chair that had not been used for a long time, patted.

“Sit and sit, you’re welcome, you can come to me, it’s really bright, we haven’t seen each other for several years.”

Aunt Xiang glanced. , Unfinished low-quality alcohol, household garbage, dirty bedside, the only clean place is a photo on the wall, the photo is full of youngsters, all smiles brightly, and each youngster has an oversized piece on his hand The cold weapon of the No. 1, the weapon is stained with blood.

Seeing this, Aunt Xiang’s complexion improved a little, but she still said rudely: “Old Sun, give yourself a prosthesis, and then pick up the things. With your craftsmanship, you won’t have to live so miserably. “

Old Sun laughed at himself, “With my craftsmanship, I don’t have any other craftsmanship now, don’t you all switch to selling guns.”

Aunt Xiang was silent for a moment, Handing over a design drawing, he said: “I recently received a large order, time is tight, I need your help, after the completion of the matter, I will give you two thousand mechanical coins as a reward.”

“The big order, Two thousand mechanical coins!?” Lao Sun was stunned for a moment, his eyes brightened, and then dimmed after a while, said with a bitter smile: “Who needs this old-fashioned beast hunter now, those little devils, I can’t wait for eight hundred miles. There is a carpet bombing outside, and this large beast hunter is at least against radiation beasts above C-Rank, isn’t it better to use rockets?”

“You are The daydream of a certain silly boy is good, in short, the money is in place, if you don’t do it, give me a word!”

“Did it, why don’t you do it, two thousand mechanical coins, I can use a wine cover A house!”

“I think you’re helpless!” Aunt Xiang’s swear words fell on her lips, and when she saw the photo, she finally turned into faintly sighed.

In the four seasons cloud layer community, in an apartment ‘big tree’, the human head and dog walked on the stairway, as if no one was around, very arrogant.

It came to the hallway on the third floor. On the thick dust, you could vaguely see some shallow footprints.

The human-headed dog immediately got up, cautiously against the wall, turning its head from side to side, for fear of being sneak attacked.

There are several wide open doors in the hallway, and the rooms are empty and empty.

The human head dog suddenly became arrogant again, the barking of ‘ao wu ao wu’, and the occasional ‘SB’, which was probably the legacy left by the artificial soldiers.

Walking all the way to the elevator door, the elevator door was closed, the human head dog jumped gently, landed on the fire cabinet, jumped again, and pressed its paw on the elevator button.

The elevator is not responding.

This is also normal, not each layer will have the existence of radiation creatures.

The human-headed dog shook the head, facing the elevator door, stood up with its hind legs propped up, the two dog paws on the front legs stretched out, on the head of an expressionless person, arrogant, exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech.

As if stimulated, there was a sudden ‘boom’ sound in the elevator, next moment, ‘ding’ sound, the door light on the elevator door turned on, and a dozen radiation zombies rushed towards the human head dog. come over.

Name: Armed Radiant Corpse

Radiation Level: F+

HP: 105/120

Stamina: 95/100

Bio-energy: 55

Bio-attribute: Strength 9 Agility 6 Stamina 13 Intelligence 6 Perception 5

Skills: Metal Strike lv5 Surround lv4 Bite lv3


Remarks: This is a group of zombies who are good at using tools

The human head dog complexion greatly changed, turn around and run, its tail is raised high, and its tail is longer than the whole body. Originally the tail of a giant radiant dog, it is a good biochemical conductive material; Gao Gong modified it, hollowed out the interior, added a battery, and installed a reinforced sensor, which not only allowed the human-headed dog to reach a maximum speed of 30km /h, also adds an early warning mode.

At present, this warning mode is not very useful.

The Armed Radiant Corpse is an upgraded version of the Radiant zombie. The biggest difference between the two is that they start to use weapons. These Radiant Corpses have household chainsaws, household pistols, or Household type katana, it can be seen that the aborigines in this building are very punished.

The biggest advantage of the human head dog is that it is short in size. It rolls down the corridor in three or two strokes. When the zombies rush down, what appears in front of them is a thick white mass. fog.

These zombies were hit by the fog and immediately lost their sense of direction.

General smoke bombs are thick smoke produced by burning white phosphorus, but the smoke that wraps these zombies is more like boiling water vapor, thick, thick, and steaming.

Under the action of this ‘water vapor’, the slight radiation on zombies will be suppressed to a large extent, and the consequence of this suppression is that their induction will drop rapidly.

Then, one silhouette entered, and every time the blade light flashed, a human head fell.

[You have killed a Zombie armed with a chainsaw, experience +20]

[You have killed a zombie armed with a short gun, experience +35]

[You Killed a Zombie armed with a shocker, experience +30]


A series of plus signs are swiped on the system, until the last zombie is slashed by the red unicorn Kill, the upper body is separated from the lower body, and this kind of reminder finally disappears.

“Another wave.”

Although it’s just a radiation corpse, Gao Gong is still satisfied with the accumulation of Small Accomplishment and close to 400 experience.

After all, there are four artificial soldiers!

Today’s Gao Gong’s equipment has also been updated. He is wearing a black leather jacket made from the tanned skin of a giant radiation dog. Although this leather jacket has lost some of its performance through production, small-caliber bullets cannot be used. of.

The ‘smoke bomb’ he threw just now is a special product similar to grenades, called hookah leaves. It is made by special techniques and can absorb a lot of water vapor when ignited, and at the same time incorporate some special chemicals into it. , this chemical can effectively intercept radiation and cut off the perception of the radiation beast.

And the tactical boots under the feet come from a radiation beast called the flame bull. Because its belly hide is in contact with the radiation source all the year round, in addition to fire resistance and high temperature resistance, it also comes with a +1 endurance. attribute .

As for the anti-magnetic goggles on the head, the body of the Radiant Beast can be determined in the cement forest where the electromagnetic field is disturbed.

There are still some bits and pieces. Although in the system panel, they are all whiteboard-level equipment, but here, the effect is comparable to the ‘sophisticated’ level.

These are the tools that the classical mechanical hunters use to pass the life test.

He also customized a big one, which is in the works.

During this period, the harvest of mechanical coins and EXP is also quite rich.

On an average day, Gao Gong can generate 3000 mechanical coins and 2000 experience.

Swipe for a week in a row, and you will get 21,000 mechanical coins and 14,000 EXP.

This is quite a terrifying figure. Based on Gao Gong’s previous life experience, if he were a player, he would gain only one-tenth of his gain at most.

It’s not that Gao Gong’s battle strength is overwhelmed, but that when players can participate in the plot, Iron Sand Desert is full of hordes of radiant beast armies, each army consisting of at least one A-Rank beast gods will lead, and every city will be turned into a heavily fortified beast den.

Most of the time, the loss of a player’s life even exceeds the gain from killing monsters.

Gao Gong is still dissatisfied with the status quo. Although it is cool to kill mobs, he is ready to hold back.

β€œCome out!”

Gao Gong exclaimed suddenly.

No one responded, and there was a slight movement on the lower stairs.

Gao Gong jumped out of the building, jumping in midair, he flicked his wrist hard, the steel claws bounced out, stuck directly on the wall, his arm yanked, the steel rope taut. , Gao Gong draws a beautiful crescent shape in midair.

From the third floor directly to the second floor.

The steel rope claw is a must-have weapon for classical mechanical hunters.

Although the movement is very handsome, he dares to jump like this on the third floor, if it is the tenth floor – he is afraid of death.

But the followers were obviously taken aback by the sudden, dumb, motionless.

(End of this chapter)

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