Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 12


Chapter 12 Little Women

Gao Gong’s eyes flashed with surprise. The stalker in front of him reminded him of an old saying.

It looks so cute, I should cry for a long time when I punch it.

This stalker is an animal skin loli whose eyes were swollen.

Of course, Gao Gong immediately realized that this was not a ‘swelling’, but that the indigenous people were affected by the radiation environment and were born deformed. Her eyes just happened to grow a pair of tumors.

Looks like she’s been beaten up.

Also weird.

The animal skin loli is not really soft and soft. Facing Gao Gong, she immediately pulled out the steel bar on her waist and pointed the sharp end directly at Gao Gong.

β€œLittle girl, you’ve been with me for a few days.”

As early as the first day, Gao Gong discovered that besides himself, there should be other places in the cement forest. Others, just not sure if it’s a scavenger or a mechanical hunter.

Gao Gong didn’t pay much attention to the importance of killing monsters, but in the next few days, he found that someone seemed to be following him all the time.

And the stalker didn’t intend to grab monsters, but picked up some wild beast wreckage that Gao Gong didn’t want.

This allows Gao Gong to be sure that the other party is most likely not a colleague, but a scavenger.

It’s just that the average scavenger won’t go deep into the city circle.

Gao Gong is also interested in how the other party tracks him.

Lori on the opposite side heard the name ‘little girl’ and became furious inexplicably: “Who is little girl, are you blind, my mother is 30 this year!”


Gao Gong blinked, looked at the other person seriously again, and then a flash of embarrassment flashed in his eyes.

Hey, when my old sex addiction actually misunderstood, it turns out that the other party’s distortion is not only ‘eyes are swollen’, but also has an effect similar to ‘dwarfism’.

β€œstraight to the point, how did you follow me?”

β€œWho followed you, this city is so big, you—”

The swollen-eyed woman just wanted to quibble, next moment, her eyes shrank, and a strand of hair fell from her forehead.

And she didn’t even see how the other party made a knife.

If this blade slips down her throat – she doesn’t even know how she died!

Gao Gong said softly: “I said, straight to the point, then it’s best to straight to the point, this is not for my own good, but for your own.”

Looking at the terrified expression on the other side, and the beads of sweat falling from his forehead, Gao Gong secretly nodded.

In fact, he was planning to chop steel bars just now, but after hesitating, he felt that he should chop continuously.

The reason why he was able to fool the opponent was also because he had risen to Level 1 before, adding a little perception.

The perception at 11 o’clock is already a little more than twice that of an adult. It’s not a problem to fool a little girl, no, it’s a little woman.

So far it seems to be working well.

Who thought the effect would be too good, Huang Yuanli simply threw the steel bar, with a heroic and tragic face: “If you want to kill, just kill, anyway, what I will not say.”

Gao Gong somewhat didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “What am I killing you for? You have nothing of value, I mean, if you’re really a local scavenger, we might be able to work together.”

“You’ve been with me for so many days, you should know that, except for some precious materials, most of the things on the Radiant Beast are garbage to me.”

“Really What?”

Huang Yuanli couldn’t believe it, without it, Gao Gong is now dressed like Marvel’s superhero blade warrior-except for the appearance of Yanzu’s version, at first glance Pretty intimidating.

Seeing that the other party didn’t believe it, Gao Gong stuck the red unicorn on the ground, then sat down, took out a nutritional ointment, put it in his mouth, and passed the other one.

“Here’s one?”

Now that he is rich, the nutritional cream he buys is the enhanced version of each 5 mechanical coins, this one is barbecue flavor, It tasted like jelly.

Huang Yuanli swallowed subconsciously. In her memory, the last time she ate meat was when she was very young. It was canned meat provided by the factory. That feeling will be unforgettable!

It seems that the food played a role, or the life was controlled by someone, this one simply had no desire to improve, and also sat on the ground, grabbed the nutritional cream and squeezed it into his mouth.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I have a lot of this stuff.”

Gao Gong grabbed a dozen sticks and sprinkled them on the ground. The fruit flavor, and even the roast duck flavor, directly made Huang Yuanli look straight.

After drinking and eating, Huang Yuanli rubbed her belly, her alertness disappeared, and lazily said: “Compared to other mechanical hunters, you are not bad, those hunters see us like primordial people. Same, oh, those people may not know as much as us.”

Gao Gong said with interest: “You are indeed different from the scavengers I have seen.”


“Of course, according to the old civilization era, I am an intellectual.”

According to Huang Yuanli, there are two types of scavengers. Losing parents and close relatives in the middle of nowhere, growing up muddleheaded, with at most some superficial survival experience, living on the edge like a sewer rat.

The other is that the refugees have been educated from childhood to adulthood relatively completely, and are able to survive in the city with the knowledge they have mastered.

She is second.

“Aren’t you curious why I can track you?” Huang Yuanli waved a little proudly, and a small black dot flew over from the stairs and landed on her finger.

That’s an electronic bee.

“This is my agent bee.”

Name: Electronic Bee

Type: Mecha-Biochemical Beast-Metalloptera-Electronic Species

Radiation Level: F-

Health: 5/5

Physical: 8/8

Bio Energy: 11

Bio attributes: Strength 1 Agility 2 Endurance 2 Intelligence 2 Perception 2

Skills: Flying lv5 Signal Perception lv6

Note: This is a moving electronic signal


“You guys are actually able to train mechanical biochemical beasts!”

Seeing Gao Gong’s surprised expression, Huang Yuanli was even more proud. With a thought, the electronic bee landed in Gao Gong’s palm. .

It is not the first time that Gao Gong has seen a mechanical biochemical beast, but it is the first time he has seen such a small mechanical biochemical beast. It can be clearly seen that the wings of bees are made of metal material, and the tail needle should be thicker. No., like a 2.5mm headphone plug, and other parts are no different from normal bees.

“It can emit radio waves, and can confirm whether the surrounding is dangerous by the strength of the recovered electronic signal, and can locate and track by adjusting the frequency…”

The more you listen, the more you listen to Gao Gong Familiar, isn’t this a pocket-sized radar?

“How did you train it?”

Huang Yuanli rolled the eyes, “How could I tell you, it’s the guy we eat!”

The swollen-eyed little woman got up, patted her butt, and said, “If you don’t kill me, I’ll go back. As for whether to cooperate with you, I have to go back and ask the Elder, don’t try to fool me!”

A flash of strange color flashed in Gao Gong’s eyes, said with a smile: “Of course, I never do things that are difficult for strong men.”

I went back earlier today.

Generally speaking, Gao Gong will get off work on time at four or five o’clock, not because he has no desire, but at night, the wild beasts in the urban circle are not as calm as during the day, but Entering a state of chaotic slaughter, some other high-level monsters will even leave their realm.

And at night, the radiation in the city will reach a very high level. Even if a tube of radiation needle is placed in advance, it will cause irreversible damage to the human body if it is in this environment for a long time.

As for why this phenomenon occurs, the principle is also very simple. The electricity consumption at night must be stronger than that during the day, and the same is true for radiating organisms.

However, Gao Gong left very early today, finishing work before three o’clock.

β€œIt seems to have caught a big fish,” Gao Gong opened the car window, and the hot wind blew on his face, keeping his consciousness awake.

“Being able to train mobile radars is by no means an ordinary tribe, and more impossible is a simple way of taming animals,” Gao Gong paused, “The scientific research knowledge mastered by the other party, even in the age of old civilization, is absolutely Peak level.”

“If the opponent trains not only electronic bees, but also other mechanical biochemical beasts, then it is not only professional knowledge.”

Gao Gong has bright eyes. From the beginning, “it may even be a chain of professional knowledge!”

In the game “Cyberworld”, there are two ways to obtain professional knowledge, the first is to unlock the Secondary Profession, with the upgrade of the Secondary Profession , will naturally light up new professional knowledge.

Another way is to complete scientific research tasks for special camps. Most of the professional knowledge acquired from such tasks is related to the creation of exclusive equipment.

But on top of professional knowledge, there is actually another kind of existence – the professional knowledge chain, which is also called professional Tiankeng by players!

The reason why it is called Tiankeng is because the experience filled here is massive, and it is almost impossible to be completed.

Generally speaking, when Secondary Profession reaches the full level of Level 20, there are about 10 kinds of professional knowledge lit up.

In order to obtain a complete professional knowledge chain, you must upgrade the Secondary Profession to the full level, and then upgrade the 10 kinds of professional knowledge to level 9, and complete the professional integration task, while in the integration task Only after completion can a chain of expertise be born.

The tribe that Huang Yuanli belonged to probably possessed such a chain of professional knowledge.

The professional knowledge chain has two functions, one is to create high-level equipment above rare (strategic weapons), and to build giant structures of civilization level.

And another, more important role – to perform civilizational ascension.

Only by gathering enough professional knowledge chains, unlocking the civilization knowledge system, and completing the ascension task, can the civilization ascension be carried out.

Generally speaking, a planet-level civilization can master a level 1 professional knowledge chain at most, and a civilization ascension must be at least a Level 3 civilization.

But this is the cyber lab, Gao Gong suspects that the other party has the Level 2 expertise chain related to neuroscience.

(End of this chapter)

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