Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 13


Chapter 13 Thoroughbred Robot

Gao Gong drove a furious ride, passing a petrol station and filling up with energy extract.

The petrol station not only refuels, but also provides prosthetic modifications, high level batteries, weapon purchases, vehicle repairs, and primary level processing of energy ore.

There are two types of gasoline stations, one is directly operated by the factory, and the second is to join independently. The condition for joining is to have a mine in Iron Sand Desert and sign a sales contract with the factory. Simply put , There are mines at home.

“Your car is full, welcome next time.”

A robot said to Gao Gong in a warm and bright voice.

Looking through the rearview mirror, Gao Gong stared at the ‘Titan-3’ team behind entering the petrol station.

Titan-3 is a huge armored vehicle, with three rows of 280mm multi-barrel rocket launchers, four single-barreled hunting guns in East, South, West, North, and two rows of vehicle-mounted machine guns in the rear seat, so huge The firepower is simply a super weapon.

“The one who bought the energy board?” Gao Gong asked casually, handing over the ‘meal card’.

This kind of tonnage armored combat vehicle cannot be towed by ordinary engines, so it should be equipped with energy plates.

An energy board the size of a keyboard can be worth a tank of energy extract, and the energy consumption is only one-tenth of the normal extract.

“Yes, sir, this is just coming from the front line.”

The robot swipes the ‘meal card’ on the groove of its arm, and the amount is automatically deducted.

“The front line, are you starting the battle so soon? It looks like the battle is not going well.”

Gao Gong squinted, he could clearly see that the six There are a lot of bite marks on the armor surface of ‘Titan-3’, and some steel plates were even torn directly.

As if noticing Gao Gong’s gaze, the prosthetic transformer in the car gestured towards Gao Gong with his middle finger.

“Oh, I can’t deal with the radiation wild beast. It’s very powerful to despise my peers. People like the security team are getting more and more promising.”

The security team is a unit directly under the factory. , in the past was responsible for escorting the convoy, transporting ore resources in the desert, and providing mission rewards and prosthetic modification for the Bounty Hunter, but as the factory gained a foothold locally, it gradually transformed into an armed group.

In the past few years, several large-scale animal extermination operations were led by the security team, and the mechanical hunters were changed to transport the prey and protect the convoy.

It’s a times change.

‘But that’s not a bad thing for me. ‘

Once the vigilante group fails, the factory will inevitably recruit a large number of mechanical hunters for hunting operations as in the past.

All kinds of prosthetic equipment needed for your own transformation are available.

Backhand with a middle finger, Gao Gong stepped on the accelerator and walked away.

After driving the car back to the secret base, Gao Gong first went out and threw today’s harvest into his old friend’s gun shop, but he didn’t see Aunt Xiang, only Pang Xiang was guarding the shop.

Fang Xiang threw a nutritional ointment, and he hurried back to the base.

I’ve worked hard to save EXP for a whole week, and I’m about to spend it well.

[If you invest 2000 experience points, the prosthetic doctor will increase to lv2, intelligence +1, and success rate of surgery +3%]

[You invest 4000 experience points, and the prosthetic doctor will increase To lv3, the operation success rate +3%]

[You invest 6000 experience points, the prosthetic doctor is upgraded to lv4, the operation success rate +2%, additional status: calm]

Calmness: When performing prosthetic reconstruction surgery, you can complete difficult surgical techniques with a stable mind, and there is a certain chance to improve the performance of the prosthesis.

[You will upgrade [Electronic Neurology] to lv3]

[You upgrade [Human Biology] to Lv2]

[You upgrade [Human Body Mechanics] to Lv2]

[You upgrade [Industrial Materials] Learning] Raised to lv2]

Gao Gong sighed, feeling his back sweaty.

Since becoming an NPC, leveling up is not just about leveling up, but transforming experience into knowledge, pictures, and theories, directly pouring it into the brain.

The information processing capacity of the brain is limited, so much information was poured in all at once, and he almost choked to death.

“Looks like I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

Rubbing the temples on both sides that were bulging due to cerebral congestion, Gao Gong opened the synthesis panel again.

The classical mechanic hunter has extremely high requirements for melee combat, and it happens that he remembers several melee-style human transformation blueprints called ‘little gods’ by players.

lv3[Electronic Neurology]+lv2[Human Biology]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 neural blueprint [tactile nerve flow booster]]

lv2[Human Body Mechanics]+lv2[Industrial Materials Science]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 mechanical blueprint [electromagnetic exciter]]

lv2[Human body Application of Mechanics]+lv2[Industrial Materials Science]+lv3[Mechanical Transformation]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 2 mechanical blueprint [Microcomputer Finger Tiger]]

lv3[Electronics Neurology]+lv2[Human Biology]+lv2[Human Body Mechanics]+lv3[Mechanical Transformation]

[Successful fusion, you have developed a Level 3 skin blueprint [Desert Skin]]

Looking at the empty EXP slot, Gao Gong showed a wry smile. Sure enough, EXP won’t be enough to spend.

I didn’t feel this way in previous life. Oh, in previous life, there were a lot of rich women and bigwigs who gave him money, and he didn’t spend much experience on things that could be solved with money.

This made Gao Gong start to miss those sand sculpture players. They are online, and their NPC status is useful.

The biggest difference between player templates and npc templates is that npc can open camps.

But even sand sculpture players are not licked by any passers-by. Before that, they still need to brush up their reputation.

I couldn’t sleep anyway, so Gao Gong simply found a high place to lie down and watch the stars, the atmosphere of this planet is full of nuclear dust, not to mention the stars, the moon can’t be seen, Gao Gong can only rely on Memories, memories of one after another.

‘There is Arcturus, a desert planet. ‘

‘Here is Sirius, a late star, but billions of years from collapse. ‘

‘This is a diffuse nebula. If spaceships from civilizations below Level 5 fly in, there will be a risk of disappearance. Above Level 5? Civilizations above Level 5 do not open spaceships. ‘

‘By the way, there seems to be a meteorite belt on the periphery of the extraterrestrial colony. I have the impression that there are rich minerals. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to collect it. It’s a pity. ‘

Gao Gong counted the stars in his memory one by one. He stayed up until the middle of the night, and his swollen nerves finally eased for a minute or two. He fell into a groggy sleep and woke up again. , it was already eight in the morning.

Iron Sand Desert is drowsy and hot all the year round, and some electronic products will fail in an unfathomable mystery for a long time, and the residents here naturally have the ability to determine the biological clock.

I took out a bucket of pure water from the metal shed and washed it briefly – the water in the desert is mildly corrosive and cannot be used.

‘If the front line really goes to war, it means that the factory is likely to reopen the munitions warehouse, then at least three blueprints of the four blueprints that you have opened can be made. ‘

Gao Gong was refreshed, immediately jumped into the off-road vehicle, stepped on the accelerator, and rushed towards a military warehouse in the north corner of the Western District.

Rose Gasoline Bar, in a private box

Black Rose has a pair of long black silk legs and a ‘Night Incense’ brand special offering between her slender fingers Synthetic cigarettes, which can directly regulate the secretion of dopamine, create the most suitable taste for customers, and sell for one hundred mechanical coins.

Thick smoke spit out from her red lips, indescribably lazy.

Sitting across from her is an old-fashioned purebred robot in a clown suit.

There are two types of pure-bred robots. The first is Gao Gong. The body is human, but through step-by-step human transformation, the human transformation rate is finally increased to 100%, and the human is transformed into a machine. life.

second, that is, its body is a humanoid machine. After the transformation of the laboratory, an AI is debugged on the machine body. This is an old-fashioned robot.

In fact, even in the city that never sleeps, there are not many such old-fashioned robots, and there are more of them in the city, which are bionics directly injected with AI templates.

Only in some old places with strong secrecy, such as factories, such as corps, there are such old-fashioned robots.

“This shipment is still shipped to the old place, you send someone to pick it up, but this time, I want to mention 10 points.”

Littlefinger frowned: “Up and down There are so many links to manage, there is no room for more.”

“Old fogeys are strict, what can I do.”

Black Rose’s beautiful palm presses He pressed down, motioned Littlefinger to be quiet, and then said, “Okay, but I will add 30% to the next batch of goods.”

The old-fashioned robot was silent for a moment, as if using big data to calculate smuggling After a while, he said, “Yes.”

After the negotiation ended, the atmosphere immediately relaxed, Littlefinger laughed and brought four glasses of wine.

“Come on, come on, I made it especially for you, gasoline-flavored beer, and beer-flavored gasoline, taste it and see what the difference is.”

The old-fashioned robot didn’t talk nonsense, just drank two glasses of gasoline and wine.

“I still have something to do, so I’ll go first.”

“Don’t I need a girl to accompany you?”

“Uhβ€”” Littlefinger’s expression changed. Stagnation, I think Sister Rose, you are a bit outrageous, pimping the robot, you can’t think of it.

Who knew that the old-fashioned robot slowly turned his head when he heard this, and said, “You mean that human beings stimulate the nervous system and secrete hormones through the operation of the reproductive organs, resulting in a kind of ‘pleasure’. ‘ physiological state.”

“Although I’m very busy, I can spare an hour.”

“Take someone there, remember to ask for the best bionic girl, “Black Rose’s face was the same.

Littlefinger got up with a tangled expression, hesitated for a while, and couldn’t help but said, “You can do this in an hour?”

“Well, I have the latest model of reproductive organs installed. .”

“What special needs do you have?”

“Special needs, wait a minute, I will search the database.”

After a while, Littlefinger came back and complained, “Don’t do such a dangerous smuggling next time. Let’s get some military supplies and sell them to the poor ghosts in the desert. Why don’t we participate in the cause of those lunatics.”

“Because they gave enough,” Black Rose got up and walked out, Littlefinger following, chattering.

“But who would have thought that robots could also corrupt, I always thought this old Hong was a normal person.”


“We Where are we going now?”

“Back to the garage.”

“The garage! Are you going to take me for a race? Are we going on a date? Can I hold your waist? ?” Littlefinger was refreshed and asked three times.

Black Rose gave him a sideways look, “Did you forget one thing?”

“One thing, what?” Littlefinger couldn’t feel his hair.

“You haven’t got your operating table back yet.”

(End of this chapter)

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