Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 14


Chapter 14 High-speed Microcomputer Finger Tiger

“Vag, vomit…”

Kusanagi Hunting Blade 430 Beside him, Black Rose frowned looked at Littlefinger, who had lost his image and was vomiting on the ground.

It turns out that licking a dog is not so good. When this latest heavy-duty locomotive in the city that never sleeps increased to 350 km/h in 2.3 seconds, he has completely forgotten what the touch of that small waist is. .

And when the Kusanagi hunting blade 430 soared to half Mach speed after 30 seconds, Littlefinger came to heaven in a trance.

Seeing the suspicious yellow stain on the rear seat, Black Rose’s eyes twitched fiercely.

“Next time you dare to take my car, I’ll kill you!”

After saying this, Black Rose went directly to the old metal recycling station.

Just as Gao Gong knows where Black Rose’s garage is, Black Rose also knows about Gao Gong’s secret stronghold.

After all, in two places, the two had trysts.

However, Gao Gong’s recent series of performances have made Black Rose somewhat unfamiliar.

Have no desire to improve? Working hard?

It doesn’t seem like it.

The strangeness out of her control made her somewhat uncomfortable.

The only thing she knows is that this little man recently got a large amount of mechanical coins from somewhere, and spent a handful in the military warehouse fiercely.

“Wait, wait for me,” Littlefinger rushed over wet and wet, hearing the familiar ‘humming’ sound, and suddenly became furious.

“Good boy, he’s really messing with my operating table, does he know how expensive this thing is? There’s no second one in the whole Motown!”

Black Rose When he was familiar with the metal shed, he saw Gao Gong, who was bare upper body, holding a scalpel in his left hand, and the object of his operation was his right hand.

Half of his palm was cut open, revealing the titanium cheat bone, and the nerves in the palm were entangled like wires on the finger bones.

And Gao Gong seems to be doing a nerve fine-tuning operation. In addition to his left hand, the operating table has three robotic arms, a support knife, a support needle, and a suture muscle. The man with the arm shaking was dazzled.

Black Rose opened her mouth, but Littlefinger, who suddenly became serious, pressed her shoulders and said with a serious face:

“Don’t make loud noises in front of the operating table.”

Then his face collapsed, disbelief all over his face, whispering, can’t figure it out.

“It’s impossible, impossible, there are more than 50 modules in the operating table, and I figured it all out in less than a week?”

“And it’s still three operations, I did it It took more than ten years of reconstructive surgery to operate three surgical arms at the same time, why is this kid!”

“What is that embedded in the center of the metacarpal bone, the neuromodulator?”

Black Rose He didn’t speak, but turned around.

Mobile sterile rooms, sensory dissection devices, nerve suppressors, these are military medical devices.

Electromagnetic cutting machines, small forging machines, high temperature stamping machines, magnetoresistive stones, ferrochrome, military fireproof cloth…

One thing that caught Black Rose’s attention was the A black glove, the outer surface of the glove should be some kind of radiant animal skin, and the inside of the glove is the soft fur of another radiant beast, which is like being wrapped in a mass of cold cotton – the palm is a little hard.

There is a circular connector on each of the four fingers of the glove, indicating that the glove is only half of some kind of equipment, and there is still half –

Black Rose quickly found The other half is a chainsaw-shaped finger tiger, or, in other words, a finger-tiger-shaped chainsaw?

The four sockets of the ‘finger tiger’ just fit on the back of the glove’s fingers, and she also knows what the hard thing in the palm is.

That’s a tiny energy pad.

A woman who likes heavy motorcycles, in the bones is violent, Black Rose looks around, she wants to find something to practice.

‘zi zi, zi zi β€”β€”’

With the successful implantation of the neural accelerator, Gao Gong relaxed, clicked a few times on the operating table, three surgical robotic arms After retreating, the two small sewing arms took over, like an old tailor, and sewed it up in the palm of his hand.

Under the extreme concentration, Gao Gong did not pay attention to the outside world, and usually no one came to his place.

As soon as I relaxed, a bald head came over.

Before Gao Gong’s consciousness could react, his right hand, who had just undergone the operation, reacted, protruding like lightning, his five fingers clamped on the other’s neck like pliers, and lifted him up.

“You…cough cough…let it go!!” Littlefinger’s face turned red, then blue, as quickly as a naked eye could see.

“Oh, sorry, I made a mistake with my hand, hissβ€””

Blood burst out from the seam of the fingers again, Gao Gong took a deep breath and quickly grabbed a sterile cloth Cover your palms.

“You brat is so elusive, I don’t know how to call it first.”

Seeing Gao Gong, who was the first to complain to the wicked, Littlefinger couldn’t help rolling his eyes, but he didn’t have time to think about it. Grabbing the other person’s shoulder, he said anxiously: “Success? How did you do it? How is it possible, what surgical plan did you use?”

The surgical plan of the prosthetic doctor is not just a set of operations The process also includes the design and debugging of the prosthesis, as well as the running-in with the human body system, and even the development and implantation of the program.

Simply put, to design a surgical plan, you need a team of mechanics, healers, and neuromodifiers.

An ordinary prosthetic doctor installs 100 sets of prosthetics of the same type, and I dare not say that they can come up with a plan.

He has been a prosthetic doctor for nearly 20 years, and he can only come up with three surgical plans.

Gao Gong rubbed his palms while checking the results of the operation on the system panel.

[Complete one nerve system transformation, the nerve system transformation rate +1%]

In the eight major systems, for every 1% increase in the transformation rate, an increase of 20 points of health and 10 points of physical strength.

Feeling nerve booster: By adjusting the palm neural network, speed up neuron transmission, making it more suitable for hand-held weapons, perception +1, attack speed with melee weapons +10%, critical strike rate +5 %

“I want to learn, I’ll teach you,” Gao Gong said suddenly.

Littlefinger was stunned, “You teach me?”

Does this stupid boy not know how precious this ‘plan’ is!

“Oh, by the way, I still owe you 6,000 mechanical coins, right? Credit card or cash?”

Littlefinger was horrified again, this kid actually has to pay back the money? !

I said how could this operation be successful!

The personality has been modified, the repercussions of this operation are so great!

Just as Gao Gong was about to say something, there was a loud ‘boom’, a movementβ€”like a cannonball falling near the recycling bin.

In the dull eyes of the two, they saw that on one wall at the edge of the recycling station, first there was a spherical convex surface the size of a water tank; then, with the entire convex surface as the core, countless cracks grew, The cracks got bigger and bigger, covering the entire wall.

The next moment, the wall collapsed, revealing Black Rose wearing gloves.

‘I’ll go, this power, over 30! ‘

Gao Gong watched this scene in astonishment and said nothing for a long time.

It’s no wonder that the original owner, this double-flowered red stick, is a bit sassy.

Black Rose rubbed her slender wrist, as if the original strange power did not exist, walked to the two of them, and threw the gloves over.

“Debug and debug, use better materials and more power, and send it to me.”

“Uh-no problem.”

Gao Gong wanted to refuse, but he didn’t want to die. Fortunately, he had prepared two documents in advance, and doing another one was not a major event.

Just looking at the distorted serrations on the ‘Microcomputer Finger Tiger’, I thought to myself how good this material must be to be worth the violence like yours.

Name: High Speed Microcomputer Finger Tiger

Category: Mechanical Gloves

Quality: Excellent

Weight: 4.4kg

Basic attribute: DPS: 120 Attack Power: 24, Attack Speed: 5 Attack/sec Attack Range: 0.7m

Additional Mode: High Power Mode

Add-on Bar: None

Remarks: You brat can’t learn this thing until you see it when you were a child.

High power mode: also known as chainsaw mode, in this mode, the attack power + 15 armor piercing rate + 40% crit rate + 25%, there is a 60% chance to cause bleeding effect

Note 2: What is the shock of the chainsaw, you are the real flesh cutter

It can be seen that system likes this thing very much, or it will not remark twice.

I don’t know which savage player came up with this thing, but installing a chainsaw in his hand can only be said to be quite effective.

The ‘Red Unicorn’ is fine against large radiation wild beasts, but once it encounters small and medium-sized, Gao Gong speed, this heavy sword will be blinded.

And a glove that can arm piercing and body protection is the perfect tool for self-defense.

“What are you talking about?”

Littlefinger turned his head and said quickly: “This kid has failed the operation, and his cranial nerves have been severely damaged. Not only does he have to pay me back, but also Teach me the surgery plan just now for free.”

Gao Gong’s face turned black, and he almost couldn’t hold back his punch.

Black Rose saw it very clearly, and said directly: “Speak your needs.”

Gao Gong shrugged, took out a glass box from the drawer below, inside the box was A bionic eyeball that looks very much like a real eyeball.

“The enhanced version of my prosthetic eye not only has the aiming function, but also adds night mode and infrared perspective.”

“It’s a bit difficult to change your own eyeballs by yourself. Big, I’m not Xiahou Dun.”

Unfortunately, no one understands this stalk.

Black Rose looked towards Littlefinger: “Deal?”

Littlefinger was still a little unwilling: “You sort out the plan first, I’ll see if there are any problems.”

“Blueprint, ah no, the surgery plan is in the drawer, look for yourself.”

“How the hell did you do it?”

“This kind of secret, Do you think he’ll tell you?” Black Rose turned the key in his hand and suddenly laughed, “Come on, I’ll take you for a ride.”

“Okay,” Gao Gong shrugged , the left hand took advantage of the situation to wrap around Black Rose’s waist, the five fingers pressed down, sunk, and bounced back, quite elastic.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Gao Gong glanced at Littlefinger’s crotch, and the marks were quite obvious.

“You won’t be useful if you give me a chance.”

(End of this chapter)

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