Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 15


Chapter 15 Desert Worm

“You laugh so wretched!” When seeing Huang Yuanli again, this little woman A face of disgust.

“Is there any?” Gao Gong touched his face with a serious look, “I can still have a wretched expression on my face?”


Yesterday, Sister Rose was in a good mood. She took him on a racing car until it was dark. Gao Gong is not the kind of coward of Littlefinger. The speed close to half Mach made him feel very stimulated, hormone secretion was strong, and endorphins were stored in the muscles. All in all, it’s just in good condition after the car.

Then Sister Rose took him for a ride again. In terms of performance, the Kusanagi Hunting Blade 430 is completely incomparable to her.

So Gao Gong is in a very good mood today, feeling that the sun is so warm, oh, there is no sun in the desert, only warm nuclear radiation.

“Hey, I told the people in the tribe about you, and some of them agreed, some were against it, but fortunately, the old patriarch overcame the opposition and said that we can get in touch first. “

Is patriarch old? This organizational structure is a bit old.

“But Professor Han was very angry and came back and scolded me!”

Professor Han? How the title suddenly modernized.

Then Huang Yuanli looked at Gao Gong angrily and said, “As a result, you didn’t show up for several days, and I was scolded again, and many people in the clan secretly said that I was Liar!”

Gao Gong laughed, no explanation, fishing, the key is to be tight and loose, if he is too enthusiastic, maybe the other party suspects his harboring malicious intentions, even if he finally reaches a cooperation, he will Get slaughtered by fiercely.

He changed the subject and said, “Then how are the leaders of your tribe going to cooperate with me?”

Huang Yuanli looked around, cautiously as if there were people around: “That, Elder means, can you get a bunch of guys that are like guns on your body.”

“This one on me?” Gao Gong glanced at the high precision hanging on his body. Sniper rifle, “That’s more difficult.”

In Huang Yuanli’s disappointed eyes, Gao Gong said with a smile again: “But if it’s just ordinary arms, then there’s no problem.”

Sister Rose’s integrity is quite high, not only did she not prostitute for nothing, but on the second day she sent enough materials to make three ‘high-speed microcomputer finger tigers’, some of which are rare metals, and even banned items that are not sold in military warehouses .

And in order to reward Gao Gong’s performance last night, Sister Rose also sent someone a high-quality sniper.

Name: Maoyou

Category: Sniper Rifle

Quality: Excellent (custom template)

Weight: 7.6kg

Basic attributes: DPS: 39, Attack Power: 78, Attack Speed: 0.5 ATK/sec, Attack Range: 3120 meters

Additional attributes: DPS (+32% kinetic damage), Berserk (+11.2% crit rate)

Plug-in column: Flying Arrow (weapon reload time -5%)

Remarks: A weapon that was sold in exchange for the flesh, but used to deal with it Other people’s bodies, bah, scumbag

“It’s just that I give you arms, what can you give me? You shouldn’t have many mechanical coins in your hands, right?” Gao Gong touched his chin: “You The electronic bee from my family seems to be pretty good.”

Huang Yuanli said a little sorry: “I can’t give it to you, everyone in the clan only has one, but as long as you are in this city of hope, what do you have? I can take you to get whatever you want, we know a lot of areas that you don’t know.”

Hope City? Gao Gong changed his mind and continued:

“So you mean, I will give you arms for free, and in exchange, you will take me to pick up garbage?”

“Uh, thisβ€””

Seeing that the other party held back for a long time, his face turned red, but nothing came out. Gao Gong did not pursue the victory, but gave up easily, and said: “That’s fine, but I’ll tell you in advance that what I get will give you firearms of the same value, right?”

“Of course, of course.” Huang Yuanli relaxed. A big breath.

In the next week, Huang Yuanli, a 30-year-old woman, took Gao Gong deep into this urban area. Although the city is densely populated with high-rise buildings, most of which are concrete forests, there are still some other areas. .

For example, heavy metal wetlands turned into construction sites, radiation parks turned into zoos, small mechanical creature settlements in slums, and sewer systems turned into snake dens.

It has to be said that with such a guide leading the way, Gao Gong’s hunting efficiency has been greatly improved.

As long as he puts forward a specific request, such as what level of radiation beast, or how thick the armor is, the mechanical biochemical beast, what are the weaknesses, and where they are in daily activities, Huang Yuanli can always give accurate information. s answer.

It may be offensive to say that, but she’s much more useful than a dog.

Soon, Gao Gong’s EXP and mechanical coins are back to five figures again.

And he was not polite, and raised all five occupational knowledge to level 4 in one breath.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his weapon, and he plans to save the remaining mechanical coins to buy a smart armored vehicle.

The relationship between Huang Yuanli and him has gradually become closer. Although there is no attribute of charm in the game, between the opposite sex, good looks must be an advantage, at least it is comfortable to look at.

And Gao Gong also has a deep understanding of Huang Yuanli, this guy’s character is completely different from her appearance, carefree and rash.

If you don’t be rash, you won’t be so tight on the first meeting.

The only thing this guy has in common with a serious loli is the same greed.

It seems that their ‘cable tribe’ has mastered a technique for processing radiant meat, but the processed meat is extremely unpalatable. According to her, it looks like plant roots with feces added.

She also brought a piece for Gao Gong to taste, but Gao Gong didn’t dare to say anything when he saw the pale meat piece that looked like three years out of date.

This period is also one of the few good days for Huang Yuanli, not only do you not have to take mortal danger to hunt, but every day all has delicious energy cream, and every day’s work is to walk around, watch Gao Gong’s great divine prestige.

She weighed herself yesterday and found that she had gained three pounds in just one week. It was a sin.

“Shh!” Gao Gong held down Huang Yuanli’s head, motioning her to shut up, then pulled away the gun mount, and quickly turned his right eyelid twice to switch to aiming mode.

A series of numbers appeared on the prosthetic eye.

Distance: 2114m

Wind Speed: 3.4m/s

Inclination Angle: 26 degrees

Lightness: 46%


The target is 1.3 meters long and 0.3 meters wide

Movement speed: 1.4 meters per second

“I finally caught you!”

Gao Gong said to himself, in his vision, a group of snake-like creatures was swimming in the heavy metal quagmire.

Huang Yuanli also opened her eyes wide and held her breath.

Gao Gong pulled the trigger lightly, next moment, a subtle explosion sounded from the silencer, and Gao Gong’s right shoulder shook violently.

[You deal 101 damage to the desert worm]

The group didn’t seem to be killed by a single shot, and was still struggling to sneak into the swamp.

The second shot that followed, completely destroyed its life.

[You deal 62 damage to the desert worm, you have killed the desert worm, EXP +50]

“Go and see!”

Gao Gong got off the gun stand and rushed over excitedly.

He’s been looking for this for almost a week.

“What’s the use of this big insert?”

Huang Yuanli looked at the big insert that Gao Gong dragged up from the heavy metal swamp with disgust.

“This is a good thing!”

This thing is like an earthworm with thick thighs, the only difference is that the body surface of this ‘earthworm’ is covered with flowing liquid metal , On closer inspection, these liquid metals are secreted from the pores of the other party.

Name: Desert Worm

Species: Mecha-Biochemical Beast-Oligchaete-Metallicidae

Radiation Level: E-

Health: 120/120

Stamina: 50/50

Bio Energy: 36

Bio attribute: Strength 3 Agility 4 Stamina 10 Intelligence 2 Wisdom 6

Skill: Metal Devouring lv5 Metal Secreting lv6

Note: Metal-eating mechanical beasts are not uncommon, but blood vessels and sweat glands that can secrete metal are rare


The scavenger city is not only large, but also dangerous. Even with Huang Yuanli as a guide, it is not easy to find a certain type of mechanical biochemical beast.

The key is that the desert worm itself is a species similar to earthworms. It lives in various swamps and is often motionless for three or four days. Unless there is a see-through eye, it cannot be found at all.

But fortunately, this thing is a gregarious species, as long as one finds one, it means that there are at least a dozen more in this heavy metal swamp.

The reason why Gao Gong has to find it is related to the Level 3 skin blueprint [Desert Skin] that he opened. The sweat glands of this desert worm are the most important part of this [Desert Skin]. Material.

With this skin, Gao Gong doesn’t have to walk his dog every day to kill monsters, it can help him intercept the electronic signals in his body, allowing him to take the initiative to attack like an authentic classical mechanical hunter.

More importantly, this [desert skin] is his first step in the carbon-based flow.

Before Level 10 transfer, the transformation rate of a certain system in the human body system must be increased to 9%, not mechanical transformation, but biological transformation.

Mechanical flow + carbon-based flow is the route that Gao Gong will take.

This route is called Fusion Ascension.

Among the six major Level 9 civilizations, the most powerful ‘Permanent Machine Dynasty’ takes the route of fusion and ascension.

In all mechanical civilizations, it is the strongest.

It is the strongest of all carbon-based civilizations.

In the period of natural disaster invasion, it was one of the few top civilizations that could compete with natural disasters.

Since previous life ‘pinch his wife’ can’t save the player, even himself has been crossed.

Then this life, you must take the strongest route, and you can only take the strongest route.

Huang Yuanli shuddered when she looked at Gao Gong, whose eyes were shining at the desert worm.

‘This guy can’t be seen on the surface, so he can’t be a pervert on the inside. ‘

Gao Gong excitedly said, “Let’s catch a few more before it gets dark.”

‘This guy really is a pervert! ‘

Gao Gong didn’t know what the other party was thinking, he only knew that with this thing, at least during the first biological modification, he didn’t have to worry about mechanical rejection.

By the end of the day’s hunting, Gao Gong had harvested a total of five desert worms.

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