Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 16


Chapter 16 Gasoline Town

There is no doubt that Gasoline Town is the core of Motor City, but today’s Gasoline Town is more Small changes.

The original empty gate was replaced by a few more inspectors from the security team.

The thing to check is the prey of the mechanical hunter.

The factory’s munitions warehouse has been reopened, and some precious ordnance materials are also open for sale; as a price, every mechanical hunter must bring back an E-rank radiation wild every day beast corpse.

What to do if there is no harvest, then sorry, Gasoline Town will not be able to enter.

In this radiation zone, there is only one fate without suppliesβ€”death.

“Look again, look carefully! This is the tail needle of a self-destruct scorpion, a standard E-rank wild beast corpse.”

“Then other parts of it. What?” The inspector said indifferently, both of his arms were replaced with mechanical hands, and he was repeatedly inspecting the prey.

“The blood of a self-destruct scorpion is all flammable chemical liquids. It would be good for me to keep a tail pin before it explodes.” A mechanical hunter with a metal skull said with wide-eyed eyes.

The inspector groaned.

“Let me see.” One silhouette came.

“Okay, team leader.”

The inspector stepped aside and gave his seat to a youngster dressed in military uniform. This youngster was highly mechanized with a bare neck. have been transformed into mechanical bodies.

Zhao He just glanced away, then sneered and said: “The tail needle of the self-destruct scorpion is equivalent to the detonator, you tell me, the self-destruct scorpion you killed exploded, this There is no trace of explosion on the tail needle.”

Just as the metal head was about to quibble, the two heavy robots guarding the door, one left and one right, took him out of the door and threw him out.

The metal skull was furious and scolded: “You are begging Lao Tzu to hunt down the radiation beasts, without us, can you guys be peaceful?”


Without the slightest bit of nonsense, Zhao He pulled out his pistol and fired a shot at the opponent’s head.

The metal head slammed back and fell to the ground, no longer alive.

The surrounding mechanical hunters face changed, palms subconsciously pressed on the weapons.

Zhao He calmly said: “Mechanical hunters sweep the herds of beasts, which is what it should be. In the military warehouse, the wild beast corpses that are hunted can even be directly exchanged for supplies.”

“With such a generous treatment, if you don’t work hard, you are not qualified to live in this oasis.”

Zhao Ji’s eyes swept around in a cold circle, and no one dared to look directly at him.

“Remember, mechanical hunters are a bunch of shameless scumbags. If they encounter such unidentified prey in the future, they will never pass!”

“Yes, team leader! “

Soon after Zhao She left, a tattered off-road vehicle drove to the gate of Gasoline Town, looked at the peers who were obediently and honestly queuing up, stunned for a moment, tsk tsk said:

“It’s strange to be so obedient.”

Soon, prosecutors found Gao Gong.

“The prey is right behind you, go and see for yourself.”

An inspector was just about to go to inspect, but was stopped by another colleague and said, “This is no use, let it go. .”

Gao Gong grinned, put his index and middle fingers together, raised it towards the other side, stepped on the accelerator, and walked away.

“Why, didn’t the leader of Zhao just say-“

“This person is different, he is a senior hunter.”

“So what? “The man was a little unconvinced.

Another person called the head and said, “Let’s not say anything else, this person has hunted a total of 30 E-rank wild beasts this week. Do you think he will have no harvest today?”

“30, so many, he is the only one!?” of prey.

“He is a lone wolf, has no partner, and has always been alone. This type of expert is different from those rookies, and he is the object of our win.”

The man paused and said: “Soon, a small herd of beasts will flow here, and he is very useful.”

The inspector nodded thoughtfully.

Gao Gong is driving around Gasoline Town in his battered SUV.

The gasoline town naked eye visibly slumped down.

After all, most of the consumers are still floating outside.

Driving all the way to the Rose Gasoline Bar, only to find the door closed, he honked the horn to Littlefinger, who was squatting on the front teeth and smoking.

Littlefinger glanced at him, saw nothing, and got into the co-pilot.

β€œBars are not allowed to open during the war,” Littlefinger sighed, popping a cigarette butt out the window.

β€œIt’s normal.”

β€œBut the military warehouse provides alcohol service.”

β€œIt seems to be a related household,” Gao Gong picked out a Cigarette case, one for each other.

“They won’t be banned for long!” Littlefinger said disdainfully: “Our local business cannot be overwhelmed by one or two crossings.”

“What about you? , the war has begun, isn’t it a good opportunity for a prosthetic doctor like you to make a fortune?”

“Hey, don’t mention it,” Littlefinger took out a medal with an unfortunate face, with a power-on engraved on it. metal head.

“Order of the Vigilante Corps, so you’ve been recruited? Congratulations,” Gao Gong taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune: “Looks like you’ll be on the front line soon.”

“It doesn’t matter if there is no oil and water, but I still have to die!” Littlefinger said with a look of grief and indignation, “If I had known this end, I should not have left the other side of freedom!”

“The other side of freedom. , aren’t you from the city that never sleeps?”

Littlefinger, who knew that he had slipped his tongue, looked stiff and quickly changed the subject, saying, “What are you doing at the bar?”

Gao Gong laughed, Without chasing after him, he said: “This car is not very good. I will ask Sister Rose to see if there is any way to get a military armored vehicle.”

“Sister Rose is not here, and the military armored vehicle is here. Do you have the money?”

“I don’t want the original one, but the second-hand one will do.”

“I’m talking about the second-hand price.”


Seeing Gao Gong looking at him strangely, Littlefinger’s face changed: “Don’t look at me, I But I don’t have a car, and I won’t lend you money.”

“I didn’t borrow money from you, I want to talk to you about a business.”

In the end, Gao Gong said ‘ Littlefinger was impressed with the new surgical protocol.

Although I didn’t think the other party would come up with a second surgical plan in such a short period of time, Littlefinger still brought him with the idea of seeing what the other party was doing. to his own black shop.

“Pointing to the doctor.”

“Go away!”

Littlefinger pushed the soldier away from the door with a dark expression, and walked into the door with a sullen look.

The soldiers of the two vigilantes looked at each other, shrugged.

Prosthetic doctors are high-tech talents after all, and they are not the same treatment as mechanical hunters.

“Excuse me, let’s go.”

Gao Gong followed closely from behind, and a stench of hard to describe emanated from the sack in his hand.

The soldier was about to speak when Gao Gong pushed in and locked the door.

“What should I do?”

“Turn a blind eye.”

Gao Gong scanned around, in addition to the operating table he returned, he also There are at least a dozen high-tech surgical equipment, nodded to the satisfaction.

β€œI need a protein extractor and a plasmolysis machine.”

The former is responsible for extracting specific proteins from the worm glands, and the latter is responsible for transferring metal antibodies from the proteins.

The operation is not complicated – knowing the recipe.

“What are you doing? Come and help.”

“You want me to fight you?” Littlefinger pointed at himself, his face full of disbelief.

“Well, move me a stool by the way.”

“If you can’t get anything out of it, I’ll find someone to kill you later!” Littlefinger gnashing teeth.

Half an hour later —

“Impossible, impossible, how did you do it? You actually stopped it!”

Littlefinger observes with Microscope As the cells changed, antibodies were clearly produced when radio waves swept across the cells.

And Gao Gong is much simpler.

The system panel explains everything.

[A bio-injection that acts like an electromagnetic shielding coating]

“Do you know what this means?” Littlefinger turned his head sharply, his eyes fixed on him. follow him.

“Means that mechanical hunters no longer have to worry about getting caught.”

“Means that classical mechanical hunting will rise again.”

“Means In a way, we will change the course of desert warfare.”

“It also means I’m going to get rich.”

Gao Gong shrugged, “At least have money to buy a car. I’m done.”

Littlefinger was flushed, walking around, mouth moving, but couldn’t make out what he was saying.

Gao Gong couldn’t help interrupting, “I advise you not to think too much.”

“What do you mean! Do you want to take it all alone?” Littlefinger angrily said, “You want to Shall I kneel down and beg you?”

“Uh, no, no.”

Gao Gong touched his nose and said, “The biggest problem is that the raw materials are hard to find. , a desert worm has only one gland, and one gland can only extract one medicine at most.”

“That is to say, this thing cannot be mass-produced in a short period of time.”

“Desert worms, desert worms, you must immediately notify the people below to catch the inserts and catch all the inserts! It’s gone if it’s too late!”

“Although it can’t be mass-produced, it is very useful for mechanical hunters. For the experts in the middle school, they absolutely know the value of this aspect, and they don’t mind spending a lot of money to buy a life-saving one.”

“Yes, although these experts are willing to please me, they want them wholeheartedly. It’s extremely difficult to do things for us.”

Littlefinger slapped the table and excitedly said: “With this thing, these people are not up to us!”

As long as these experts are in The next hunting mission shines brightly, which will naturally lead to the revival of classical mechanical hunters.

Gao Gong once said that he wanted to drive the upsurge of cold weapon hunting, not just nothing serious.

(End of this chapter)

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