Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 17


Chapter 17 A-Rank monster

Soon, Littlefinger and Gao Gong split up and Littlefinger mobilized him The relationship network, to scavenger cities, and even further metropolitan areas to search for traces of desert worms.

And Gao Gong decided to get rid of the desert worms in the heavy metal swamp first.

The movements of the two are a little urgent. According to Littlefinger, forcing the mechanical hunters to hunt the radiation beasts is only the first step. wild beast.

Once teamed up, movement can be quite unreliable.


With the slight gunshot, a metal worm suddenly exploded a mud pit, which startled the big insect and quickly burrowed into the swamp. middle.


Gao Gong grinds his teeth, at first not feeling it, but when desert worms ‘know’ they are being hunted, hunting becomes very difficult .

These worms burrow into mud pits when they are a little frightened. The deeper the mud pits are dug, the more metal content, and some places are even as hard as metal.

The excavator came to no avail.

In addition to catching five on the first day, Gao Gong’s harvest is decreasing every day. On the third day, it took a whole day to catch one.

Except for a few big insects, the past few days’ harvest is almost zero.

And according to his understanding, Littlefinger’s harvest is not as good as his own.

“Although I don’t know why you insist on arresting such a big insect, your current state of mind is not suitable for work.” He got up and said seriously:

“You take a rest first, I’ll go back and ask the tribe for you to see if there is a better way to make these insects.”

Gao Gong took a deep breath, let the cold air with the smell of rust enter his lungs, spit it out, and looked towards the other party with a surprised look on his face.

“You actually care about people?”

“Nonsense, I’m older than you,” Huang Yuanli rolled the eyes. “You should call me elder sister.”

“By the way, this is a new flavor of lollipop, would you like to try it?”

“The new flavor, give it to me! “

Huang Yuanli’s eyes lit up and snatched the lollipop from Gao Gong’s hand.

“That’s what the elder sister does?” Gao Gong gave a weird laugh, and rubbed his palms against each other’s head fiercely.

“Hey! I warn you! If you dare to touch my head again, I will let bees bite your butt!” The other side grinned.

“Go back, it looks like that’s all for today’s harvest,” Gao Gong stretched and said, “Let’s get off work early today.”

“That’s it, Combining work and rest, life cannot seize every opportunity, I am addicted to walking on a tightrope, and sooner or later I will fall, this is what our professor told me.”

Along the way, in order to prove her eldest sister demeanor, Huang Yuanli licked Holding a lollipop, he pointed at each other old-fashionedly.

“You listen to the elder sister, the elder sister will cover you…”

Gao Gong suddenly changed his face, bent down, and picked up Huang Yuanli, the speed was full, within a few seconds , then crossed a distance of more than ten meters and rolled into an abandoned house.


Huang Yuanli was tightly covering her mouth, thinking that the other party was beastly, and she wanted to drag herself to the woods to do something, but next moment , she doesn’t think so.

He was the first to see Gao Gong so nervous.

Then, her pupils suddenly widened, and her whole body trembled uncontrollably.

The dense dust and smoke hides the sky and covers the earth. The high-intensity light pollution generated by the diffusion of radiation flickers like breathing. It seems to face the intense heat of the volcanic crater. , whether it is a metal tree or a concrete floor, all melted.

The strong energy fluctuations make it impossible to see the monster’s body at all. Looking directly at it is like looking directly at the sun.

And it itself, is a moving mass of small nuclear explosions.

The two clenched their teeth, just a few seconds, it seemed like an hour, or even a day.

After the ‘nuclear explosion’ left, Huang Yuanli had rolled her eyes, her hands and feet were trembling involuntarily, and foam was spewing from her mouth.

Gao Gong face changed, put down the backpack quickly, took out a radiation needle from the bag, and inserted it directly into the opponent’s neck.

Huang Yuanli finally came back to his senses, covered her mouth fiercely, climbed out of Gao Gong’s arms, found a sewer and retched.

β€œOuch, vomit—”

Gao Gong was also very uncomfortable.

He opened the attribute pageβ€”β€”

[Heavy radiation status: all attributes -50%, duration 10 days, a certain chance of causing cell aberration, severe organ damage, with anemia, lesions , premature aging, etc.]

Gao Gong shook the head and took out a radiating needle to stab himself.

Soon, that status changed.

[Light radiation status: all attributes -10%, lasts for 3 days, causing slight nausea, dizziness, and arrhythmia]

Huang Yuanli finally spit up everything she could vomit , wiped his sweat, and stammered: “The one just now wasβ€””

“At least B+, most likely A-Rank.”

Whether it is B+ or A-Rank, there is a name in the player group, called boss command, which means that this monster often has a large enough genetic territory, and leads a group of bosses with the same attribute gene in the territory. The biggest difference between them and S-Rank, Just didn’t take that last step.

Taking that step is to break through the limit of Second Rank and reach the level of third rank.

Generally speaking, monsters above level 60 have another name, planet monster.

Huang Yuanli’s calf trembled and she couldn’t stand up, “But, this is obviously a low-risk area.”

According to the scavengers, the general urban circle is divided into Low, medium, and high risk areas.

There must be an A-Rank monster in the high-risk area.

In the scavenger city, there are two recognized A-Rank monsters, one is the ‘Scarlet Queen’ in the red lantern area, and the other is the ‘mechanical fortress’ in the metal area.

The red lantern area where the former is located is recognized as a restricted area, and the queen will shoot up the plane when it flies over.

The latter is the source of one third mechanical biochemical beast in the scavenger city.

If nothing else, soon, the scavenger city will be divided into a high-risk area.

Even if the opponent is not A-Rank, it must be on the verge of degeneration.

“You should be thankful that it was an A-Rank monster just now. In its eyes, we are ants. If it were another B-Rank or C-Rank radiant beast, I’m afraid it would attack us on the spot.”


Gao Gong sighed and said with a heavy heart: “Let’s go, in the future, any district will be very dangerous.”

The two of them were very careful on their way back to the city. Stop and go, Gao Gong released the human head dog, Huang Yuanli released the electronic bee, and did not continue until the safety was completely confirmed.

It wasn’t until the edge of the city that Huang Yuanli relaxed and opened her mouth, wanting to say something.

But soon her face changed again, because the electronic bee that was released came back, and she brought back an electronic bee.

The two electronic bees fluttered around each other, as if they were conveying something.

Huang Yuanli’s complexion greatly changed, subconsciously grabbed Gao Gong’s arm, “Not good, our tribe is surrounded by monsters.”

The scavenger market is not completely Surrounded by reinforced jungle, before the mechanical war, it was a famous tourist city, retaining the oldest forest area on the planet, and after the war, the ancient forest has also become a rare restricted area.

The off-road vehicle ramped up its horsepower and rushed down the tattered asphalt road into the forest.

The road to the forest is not easy to walk, with potholes. Fortunately, the degree of distortion here is not high, at least not completely blocking the road.

“Is it this direction?”

“Yes, the electronic bee said it is here.”

Gao Gong glanced at the electronic bee on the other’s palm , How does the mind and the Tao communicate, neural sensing? Alien domestication? Or bioconduction?

The trees on both sides are getting taller and taller, and the branches between the trees are entangled, like two rows of high walls between Heaven and Earth.

Gao Gong inexplicably came up with the word ‘giant phobia’.

Soon, Gao Gong saw a corpse on the road. The corpse’s eyes were white, it was cut off in the middle, and its intestines flowed all over the place.

The further forward, the more corpses, all of which were chopped into pieces. Some of the corpses’ nerves were not completely dead, causing their hands and feet to move.

Huang Yuanli covered her mouth fiercely.

“You can’t go forward!”

At a bend in the highway, Gao Gong slammed on the brakes, picked up his sniper, and some Huang Yuanli had never seen before. equipment.

In order to recover from the palm injury, Gao Gong has been holding back the fight. Now two weeks have passed, and the previous injury has been cured.

Watching Gao Gong pull out the big knife he used to meet for the first time, ‘shua~ shua~ shua~’ a few times, and then he made a big hole in the tree wall, I don’t know why , Huang Yuanli suddenly felt a strong sense of security.

The two circled a road and climbed up the hill for about 100 meters, when screams and shouts were heard.

β€œI’ll go up and have a look.”

Gao Gong swung the steel rope claw, hooked it on a branch with the thickness of his thigh, and climbed up in three or two strokes, so he repeated his technique. , and soon climbed to the top of the tree, his right eyelid quickly blinked twice, the aiming mode was turned on, and the field of vision continued to enlarge, passing through the leaves and bushes, and positioned on the road.

I saw more than 20 people dressed in animal skins hiding behind makeshift shelters, armed with rifles, and moved towards shooting in the distance.

The ones at the front are particularly tall, at least two meters tall, holding steel bars and hammers. Whenever the mechanical biochemical beasts on the opposite side rush up, they will rush up and force them back.

In the back, several girls who were about the same height as Huang Yuanli were closing their eyes, and above them, a dozen metal sparrows were circling. Charge them like a small fighter and knock them back.

Gao Gong stretched his vision to the limit and finally saw the monster on the opposite side.

Well, old acquaintance.

By the way, should I change my name?

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think of the title of the book “Cyber: Who Is the Calamity?”

(End of this chapter)

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