Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 18


Chapter 18 Reaper Family

The original owner of this body, Gao Gong, hunted down the highest level monster, a C -Rank’s Reaper.

This record has caused quite a stir in the circle.

The cable tribe faces a small Reaper family.

This Reaper family has a total of thirteen Reapers. Among them, the leaders of the family are two adult Reapers. They look like a male and a female. The male has a beard on the top of his head, while the female does not.

These two adult Reapers are undoubtedly C-Rank, and those who are underage have obvious Insect shell sexual characteristics on their armor, and D-Rank accounts for the majority.

The remaining three, the height is the same as Loli, and the pair of iconic harvesting scythes have not grown well, they are E-rank.

‘With two C-ranks, eight D-ranks, and three E-ranks, no wonder the cable tribe suffered heavy losses. ‘

Gao Gong’s facial expression was grave, and the original owner took out a C-Rank Reaper and lay down for a month – there is still a lot of luck in this.

Now I have to deal with a whole bunch of this thing, and I’m not at the top of my game.

Withdrawal… It was impossible to withdraw, probably influenced by the temperament of the original owner ‘Shuanghuahongzhu’, he enjoyed the feeling of hacking the monster to death himself.

However, it was impossible to go up immediately. He was not related to this group of people, so he could help as much as he could. In the current situation, it was obviously a life-threatening situation.

Unless the cable tribe can hold down two adult Reapers and provide some level of support after getting the other Reapers by himself, he can only shoot the shotgun and do some work hiding in the grass .

‘It’s not that I don’t want to save you, it’s just that everyone is NPC. ‘

A metal sparrow seemed to sense something, and suddenly flew away from the large group and landed on the tree where Gao Gong was, speaking human’s words.

“The hunter friends on the tree, if you can help us, you will be our cable tribe’s eternal friends.”

Gao Gong replied: “I don’t need so many friends, I I need more benefit partners, I can do it, the key is, what can you give me?”

Even at this critical juncture, the voice of the person who controls the sparrow is still very calm, even with a hint of relief like a clear spring. .

“Our tribe can help you domesticate three small mechanical biochemical beasts.”

“It seems that three wild beasts can change dozens of lives for your tribe, and your people can It’s worthless.” Gao Gong sarcastically.


Gao Gong remained silent. After a while, the situation of the battle suddenly changed unexpectedly. Staggering, the next moment was inserted into the body by three scythes, blood and water burst, and he fell to the ground on his back, not knowing his life or death.

It can be seen that this big man is an important member of the cable tribe. As soon as he falls to the ground, other people’s morale plummets, and the battle line is immediately in danger.

“What do you need?” The man’s voice finally had a hint of urgency.

“Three conditions, first, I need your technology to control mechanical biochemical beasts, second, I need your means to control two adult Reapers, and third, when I shoot, I need You promise that the two adult Reapers will not interfere with me.”

“I can personally promise you the first condition, the second condition is beyond my ability, and the third condition, I All I can say is, try your best.”


Gao Gong agreed neatly, without it, the mission was triggered.

[Mission: Cable Tribe’s Help]

Difficulty: Hard+

Mission Brief: A Cable Tribe’s research team was attacked by the Reaper family , to rescue them from the sharp blade

Quest goal: to ensure that the number of survivors of the cable tribe is more than 10, each additional person alive, experience +100, and mission evaluation is improved

Mission reward : EXP+6500 Cable Tribe Favor+500 Specialization Points+1

Additional Reward: Incomplete Mechanical Puzzle[1/5]*1

Gao Gong glanced at the quest reward, said without thinking: “By the way, I don’t know what your Excellency is called.”

“I’m Surnamed Han, everyone calls me Professor Han.”

The steel rope is taut, and Huang Yuanli is nervous. In the eyes, the silhouette hangs down from the tree.

“I won’t say anything else, just go back to the car and send me a message at High Level. If you can save me, take down some medical supplies from the car.”

Gao Gong paused, “If you can’t save it, make sure you and I can escape.”

Huang Yuanli took a deep breath, nodded hard.

In the woods, Gao Gong was running fast, picking out a suitable sniper spot while trying to find some traps.

He threw all his remaining experience into ‘Precision Shooting’.

[You increase your precision shot to lv6]

[You increase your precision shot to lv7]

[You increase your precision shot to lv8]


Precision shooting lv8 (advanced): As an excellent firearms user, years of fighting have given you an excellent sense of guns – gun damage +15%, recoil -9%, Crit rate +8%

Crawling on a high ground, Gao Gong can clearly feel that he has a faintly discernable connection with this sniper rifle, he doesn’t know if this is a legend or not The gun sense, and when he pulled the trigger, he had a very strong premonition.

The next shot is sure to hit!

An E-rank Reaper who was about to throw himself froze suddenly, and at the same time, his head was disappeared, leaving only a bloody neck.

[You have killed the young Reaper, EXP +80]

‘Next time you go back, you have to change some special bullets in the military warehouse. Now ordinary sniper bullets are D-Rank wild beast Can’t kill with one hit. ‘

Gao Gong pulled the bolt, and again a series of data appeared on his right eye.

Next moment, another young Reaper was blasted off the upper body.

It is better to cut off one of his fingers than to hurt his ten fingers.

Reaper reacted immediately, some developing Reaper, that is, the tentacles of D-Rank monster, made a ‘ε‘²ε‘²ε‘²’ sound like FM.

Next moment, four Reapers rushed towards Gao Gong at the same time.

‘You have to change your skin immediately after you go back, otherwise you won’t be able to survive! ‘

‘Reaper actually mastered wireless communication, which was more difficult than he thought. ‘

If it is just normal electronic signal induction, the four monsters will not cooperate so well.

Without the slightest hesitation, Gao Gong immediately abandoned the sniper rifle, touched his waist at the same time, lit it with fire, next moment, the hookah leaves burned to produce a lot of white smoke.

In just three seconds, a gust of wind blew up, and a violent slash cut through the smoke.

The slashing speed of an adult Reaper can reach Mach 1. Although the D-Rank Reaper has not reached the peak, it also has the level of ‘cutting iron’.

The sound of footsteps sounded, Reaper’s reaction was extremely fast, the steel feet slammed on the ground, the cross blade light shattered the fog, and accurately cut a human-headed dog into four parts.

However, in the next moment, a bright red light and shadow also cut out from the fog, and the speed was so fast that it even made it think of its own father before dying.

The ‘Scythe Iron Blood Fighter’ in front of him was directly chopped off his head. Almost at the same time, the fog exploded in all directions, and the white air was like a long arrow, more like the sonic boom that occurred when the aircraft broke through the sound barrier. .

[You deal 1243 damage to the developing Reaper]

[You have killed the developing Reaper, experience +480]

Gao Gong is standing In the center of the sonic boom, his face was flushed red. In addition to the crimson broadsword that was nearly two meters long, in the other hand, he was holding a rather mechanized scabbard.

Unlike the completely motionless long knife, the scabbard is ‘buzzing’, along with the high-frequency vibrations of Gao Gong’s micro-motors in four bionic joints.

After drawing the sword and slashing, Gao Gong stared at the three monsters, bowed forward, pressed the back of the sword with the thumb of his left hand, and put the body of the sword into this strange scabbard by little by little.

The other three Reapers were obviously stunned for a moment, as if they didn’t expect the other to stay where they were and didn’t escape.

What’s more, the weak human being in front of him is not retreating but advancing, and pounces on himself.

Reaper is also excited, it is covered with thick iron armor, there is no weak spot at all, and it is the least afraid of melee combat.

On its back waist, seven or eight blades are open, revealing a thumb-thick nozzle, like the exhaust hole of a sports car, and a strong flame is sprayed out at once.

This makes its beheading speed even more amazing.

Gao Gong only had time to twist his neck, and the biological sickle slashed heavily on his shoulder blade.

The collision between the biological sickle and the titanium alloy skeleton results in half a centimeter of the knife.

[You lose 17 life]

Gao Gong’s forefoot was forcibly slashed into the mud.

The tiny motor of the joint ‘hums’.

Next moment, Gao Gong raised his head, revealing his bloodshot left eye and his red light right eye, as well as his blue-veined right hand holding a knife.

The bright red blade light cut through the sky, this time, including the biological sickle, the opponent’s entire body was divided into two by the red unicorn.

The sonic boom exploded again.

Gao Gong dropped the scabbard, held the hilt with both hands, and slashed again with his backhand, knocking the opponent to the head.

Facing the remaining two D-Rank Reapers, Gao Gong grinned, and without any hesitation, went up to kill with a knife.

Name: Electromagnetic Exciter

Type: Mechanical Scabbard

Quality: Excellent-

Weight: 2.1kg

Operation Mode: Manual Switch

Auxiliary Module: Electromagnetic Turning

Remarks: It is a high-tech scabbard that can make weapons very dangerous

Electromagnetic Rotation: A super-excited scabbard created by a combination of magnetoresistive stones and an electromagnetic converter, with a +500% draw speed, cooldown: 30 seconds.

Magnetoresistance stones, like energy ore, are a by-product of energy radiation, and are even rarer than energy ore. Only a few materials are in the military warehouse, and they were swept away by Gao Gong as soon as they were released.

Its biggest feature is that it can transform into each other between attraction and repulsion.

For a kinetic weapon such as a firearm, this thing is not very useful, and there is no difference between a faster bullet and a slower bullet.

But if it is used on melee weapons, especially when the electromagnetic converter repeatedly compresses the repulsion, once the red unicorn is unsheathed, the damage it will explode will be a very terrifying figure.

To deal with four other D-Rank mechanical biochemical beasts, especially Reaper with super melee ability, Gao Gong is also invincible with both fists and four hands.

But with only two left, it’s a lot easier to deal with.

(End of this chapter)

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