Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 19


Chapter 19 Hunting First

Two lifetimes, oh no, he doesn’t behave very much in previous life.

Reincarnated as a human being, Gao Gong was the first to engage in such brutal hand-to-hand combat.

Gao Gong’s right eye has completely turned into red, which is infrared mode. In this mode, two groups of humanoid heat sources are moving at high speed.

The blade light is swung, fiercely stands on the opponent’s scythe, before the left foot, the wrist turns flexibly, the red unicorn is in the sparks generated by the friction, and the fiercely slashes on the other side. Only on Reaper’s breastplate, the opponent forcibly cleaved back three steps.

[You deal 76 points of damage to D-Rank Reaper]

In the blink of an eye, a dark shadow pierced through his ribs, and Gao Gong twisted violently. , Nearly avoiding the key point, a bloodstain was born from the waist, and the blood shot.

[You take 19 points of damage and enter the bleeding state]

The high-speed microcomputer finger tiger worn by Gao Gong’s left hand directly turns on the chainsaw mode, and the four-mouth high-speed rotation circular shape The chainsaw is fiercely printed on the opponent’s visor.

The naked eye of the other party’s cheek was visibly sunken, and the blood and the thick pulp that burst out of the eyeball were stirred together.

‘Ow~~’ The other party made a mournful scream, and the mouthparts behind the armor opened, revealing four sharp teeth up and down.

[You deal 123 damage to the D-Rank Reaper and cause blindness]

The wind blowing from the back, Gao Gong didn’t have time to dodge, the right hand flexibly turned, nearly two Mi’s thick long knife was blocked on his back with a ‘Su Qin Back Sword’.

However, the opponent’s downward slash also changed. Before the thick biological scythe was about to slash, it suddenly divided into nine sections, turned from the knife to the whip, and fiercely slapped Gao Gong’s back.

Gao Gong could even feel the metallic slamming sound of his titanium alloy skeleton colliding with the opponent’s biological whip.

[You take 39 points of damage and enter a state of bleeding]

If you were a normal person, you would be half-crippled without dying, but Gao Gong is half a robot. The pain even made his consciousness extraordinarily clear; he was even thinking about whether to replace himself with a set of biochemical muscles after returning home.

Steel Muscles Iron Bones, with steel bars, iron bones can exert more formidable power.

Gao Gong did not retreat but advanced, enduring the pain, the electron beam spread from the palm to the five fingertips, the right wrist turned again, and the huge blade turned flexibly again.

Holding the knife in one hand, the other hand grabbed the neck of the front Reaper fiercely, in the rubbing sound of ‘Zila’, the serrated knife tip pierced from the abdomen and pierced from the opponent’s back , in the process seems to hit something, that is the other side’s spine.

Insert the knife with one hand, draw the knife with both hands, and cut open the opponent’s belly while drawing the knife.

In an instant, green pus, weird organs, and undigested human flesh spewed out.

[You deal 235 damage to the D-Rank Reaper]

[You have killed the developmental Reaper, EXP +480]

The Reaper behind Seeing the fierce opponent and the compatriot who was almost folded in half, the sickle subconsciously paused, an emotion called ‘fear’ appeared in his mind for the first time.

Gao Gong pounces again.

Blade light and scythe collide with each other at a speed too fast for naked eye to reach.

If Gao Gong’s previous blueprints are the most useful, it’s not a ferocious microcomputer finger tiger, nor a mechanical scabbard that slashes, but the most unremarkable feel Neurostimulator.

This small palm nerve modification brings more changes to Gao Gong’s melee ability, and the hand and the knife fuse together to some extent.

This is where the prosthesis is stronger than the weapon. It is not a tool, but a part of the human being.

After a dozen fights, the infrared vision finally locked on the opponent’s energy source, but he was struck by a knife on his arm. Stab into the lower part of the opponent’s throat, in the center of the shoulder blade.

That’s the Reaper’s power source.

[You have caused ‘one strike certain kill’ to the target]

[You have killed the Reaper in the developmental stage, EXP +480]

Although it is One enemy four, quite dangerous, but the fighting time is not long, only ten seconds from beginning to end.

The consequence was one wounded and four dead, Gao Gong lost one third’s HP, and four other D-Rank Reapers were separated.

This kind of record, even among the strongest group of mechanical hunters, is a remarkable achievement.

However, the battle was not over yet, Gao Gong still sheathed his sword, picked up his sniper rifle and hid in the bushes. After a while, clouds of white mist rose from various places.

The remaining Reapers didn’t dare to split up again, and the two of them began to cautiously probe into the fog.

Soon, they got what they wanted, a booby trap connected by wire, three grenades linked together.

‘bang! ‘

Of the thirteen Reapers, six were killed by Gao Gong at once, and two were wounded.

This made the leading Reaper leader even more furious. Compared to the Reaper, which was still a humanoid, it was completely beyond the scope of a humanoid.

It is nearly three meters tall, with a heavy back arched high, not a pair of sickles, but two pairs, and on its back, three pairs of oversized cicada wings. Shake the air, which means they can fly, at least for a short period of time, at high altitudes.

And its attribute is more than double that of Reaper in the growth period.

Name: Reaper Boss

Radiation Level: C

HP: 3240/3500

Stamina: 1000/1100


Bio energy: 11580

Bio attribute: Strength 55 Agility 46 Stamina 38 Intelligence 8 Perception 27

Skills: Steel Slash lv9 Cross Slash Kill lv9 (advanced) Electromagnetic Long whip lv8 (elite)? ? ,? ?

Boss Templates: Taming Aura, ? ?

Effect 1: Has the power to drive and manipulate similar mechanical biochemical beasts

Effect 2: Has a shocking effect on aliens, perception -5, additional fear state

This Reaper leader is stronger than the one the original owner has dealt with. It has a boss template!

And there are two Reapers with boss templates!

If nothing else, as long as a Reaper leader ends, the people of the Cable Tribe will never survive.

And the reason why they are still alive, even after Gao Gong attracted some firepower, the defense line became more stable, the reason is that mysterious Professor Han.

The unfathomable mystery always reverses direction whenever the mother-and-male pair is about to kill.

And the leader of Reaper also feels very strange, obviously the prey is in front of him, why when it kills, they always suddenly disappeared.

It’s the old prey’s eyes that have a problem!

The intelligence of the C-Rank monster is not much worse than that of the ordinary person, and when the pheromones of its children disappear one by one, it finally becomes furious.

And as it exploded, countless light spots scattered under its three pairs of cicada wings, and each light spot fell, it would turn into a hot wind wave, and a strong radiation storm began to use it. brewing for the center.


Professor Han’s ears, mouth, and nose suddenly leaked blood. The old man’s already pale face became even paler, and his body was on the verge of collapse.

The animal skin girl complexion greatly changed, if the professor is gone, all of them will die here.

“Calm, calm,” Professor Han’s voice still carried a reassuring aura.

“This may be an opportunity.”

“What chance?”

“This is the other side’s control, it’s a big deal, nice job!”

On the other high ground, Gao Gong grinned and blinked his right eyelid twice, turning into sniper mode.

The gunshots sounded one after another, and the leader of the big Reaper was a target for him.

[You deal 23 damage to the Reaper boss]

[You deal 15 damage to the Reaper boss]

[You deal 35 damage to the Reaper boss ]

[You deal 27 damage to the Reaper leader]


The attack power of the sniper rifle cat is 78 points, and there is also a kinetic energy damage blessing , However, when the bullet of the sniper rifle fell on the opponent, it was weakened to only one half, one third.

However, in less than half a minute, Gao Gong poured out more than 60 bullets, knocking out nearly half of the opponent’s HP.

And the big move of the Reaper leader also had a strong effect. For example, many people in the cable tribe, like Huang Yuanli before, rolled their eyes, foamed at the mouth and fell to the ground, and there was no control. The metal sparrow and several other small mechanical biochemical beasts also began to flee under the pressure of the leader level.

‘It would be nice to be ruthless at this time. ‘

Gao Gong also began to get anxious. At this time, if there is a beast hunter customized by himself, he will directly send it into his soul.

It really doesn’t work, so can RPGs.

Gao Gong’s gaze fell on another female beast. Although this female beast was still flying around like a headless fly, it was flying faster and faster, and the direction from the cable tribe was also different. Getting closer.

This shows that the other party has begun to break free from the control of that Professor Han.

Professor Han couldn’t control the other party, so he could only run away.

The C-Rank Reaper of the two boss templates is not impossible to beat, but really impossible to beat.

Gao Gong is not a person who lacks decision, either withdraw or kill one now!

Almost immediately, he made up his mind.

The tiny motors of the two knee joints roared again.

Gao Gong rushed into the radiation storm at full speed.

[You are blown by radiant wind, all attributes -20%, duration: three days]

[You enter ‘skin damage’ state]

[ You enter the state of ‘minor disease’]

[You enter the state of ‘stomach cramps’]

Gao Gong slammed the claw of the steel rope and caught a branch of a big tree, Three or two climbed up.

The deformity has the benefit of being deformed, that is, the thick branches are almost connected to a platform.

Gao Gong gripped the handle of the knife firmly, his fingers showed blue veins, and even traces of electricity appeared in his palm, as well as a faint smell of protein paste.

The sensory nerve flow promoter also entered the load state.

Not to mention the electromagnetic exciter, the entire mechanical scabbard was trembling wildly, if it weren’t for Gao Gong’s strength of 16 points, equivalent to the grip strength of three adult men, the knife hadn’t been pulled out yet. , the scabbard will be sprayed out first.

Finally, with the help of tree-to-tree jumps, Gao Gong finally came to the rear of the Reaper leader, which was nearly three stories high in the sky.

The left eye has been blown open by the wind, and the right eye is staring at the radiation source in midair.

Gao Gong’s thigh muscles were tensed to the extreme. While jumping, he violently released the scabbard, and a strong momentum burst along the blade, carrying his body across three meters.

The bright red blade light once again broke through the sound barrier and slashed on the opponent’s thigh-thick neck. The red line ran along the blade light.

Next moment, blood gushing out.

[You deal 1549 damage to the Reaper boss]

(End of this chapter)

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