Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Mister G

Before the release of Cyberworld, the cross-generational holographic online game, players were extremely excited Yes, gamers of all types have great expectations for this game.

‘Master Sai’ is here, and the sky will be there! ‘Master Sai’ is here, and Blue Star will be at peace!

Facts have proved that “Cyberworld”, as an inter-era masterpiece, did not disappoint the players, excellent quality, excellent combat system, all kinds of civilization system, grand world view, let countless Players are addicted to it, and even in the later stages of the game, players still maintain a very excited mood.

Aren’t you excited? People make tin cans, inject artificial dopamine every day, and generate bioelectricity. It’s hard not to be excited.

And Gao Gong did not end up in a tin can, even as the leader of the emerging Level 6 civilization, participating in the final plot against the Three Great Natural Disasters; if not for the crossing of the unfathomable mystery, now Still on the road to becoming a leading party.

Because of such comparisons, I have to introduce myself first.

Gao Gong, formerly known as Gao Gong, a young unemployed at home, a serious two-dimensional hobby, a Master Level book painter, in scenes without clothes, his excellent body tracing skills even surpass most of the original authors; People gave nicknames welfare tentacle monster, wife control, young woman killer, in the minds of countless book hobby people, is the spearhead that everyone expects.

In order to find inspiration and keep up with the times, this person resolutely decided to join this game and find a new direction among the various intelligent species.

As the saying goes, the mountain is not high, but the chest is the spirit, the water is not deep, and the inhuman is fine.

Love is the only way to be Gao Gong!

With such a great dream, Gao Gong, whose game name is ‘Mr.G’, entered Cyberworld and became an ordinary book player.

“Cyberworld” has tens of thousands of races and occupations, belonging to different types of civilization technology trees, scattered in every corner of the universe like stars, according to different types of civilization, can be divided into four category.

Mechanic World, Carbon-Based Sequence, Energy Realm, Information Submarine Sea

That is, the four civilization systems of mechanical system, carbon-based system, energy system, and information system.

And Machine Star belongs to the sphere of influence of a certain mechanical civilization. The main organism of its planet is carbon-based humans, post-Revelation style, with basic occupations of machinery, carbon-based, and information Three Great Systems.

Among them, Mechanical Transformer, Prosthetic Security, and Body Knight belong to the Mechanical Department.

Bionics (basic templates), colonized soldiers, and animalized soldiers belong to the carbon-based system.

Neural Coders belong to the Department of Information.

Gao Gong, who has lofty ideals, is naturally not like an ordinary vulgar player. He chose the mechanical system of the generational version of the gods, and he did not choose the carbon-based system that the generational version is superhuman, but chose a relatively biased version. The neural coder of the door, the cyberpunk version of the hacker.

Next is a series of large and small plot events. The moment before Machine Star was swallowed by the Star Destroyer weapon, he completed the main quest, grabbed the ticket to the extraterrestrial colony, and then completed the Second Rank transfer. , completely abandon the fleshy body, carry out self-programming, and transfer to the main AI.

If the experience of the first stage is reluctantly similar to other players, then the next Gao Gong began to let himself go completely.

While others are leveling up and fighting monsters, he is pinching his face.

Others are in the interstellar space, and he is developing a ‘rich wife’ type I virtual companion.

Others were flying mechanically, so he went to research a customized version of a beautiful girl figure.

Others are participating in various interstellar wars, starships and cannonballs are flying together, and he is developing a large-scale cross-racial virtual online dating platform.

When others are wanted by high-level civilization, he has successfully broken the reproductive isolation between ‘carbon-based species’ and ‘information creatures’, realizing one-stop service of virtual girlfriend, electronic wife, and data offspring . (Second-dimensional wife can also have children)

Others have become interstellar disasters, and he has created the fantasy land of countless interstellar otakus.

When the player’s ‘special race’ was classified as an interstellar disaster and wanted by the whole universe, he was already a guest of the six major Level 9 civilizations.

In the later stage of the game, he is respected by the believers of all planets as-

The owner of the figure, the book wholesaler, the high-level somatosensory seller, the reproductive system reformer , the mentor of the heart, the lifelong ally of the whole universe lsp, the virtual experience Sovereign.

It is also the leader of the Level 6 virtual civilization recognized by the Civilization Council, the master of the super connection of the super experience country – Mister G!

But even if he is stronger than him, with only ten drops of blood left, he can’t explode!

The hands and feet are getting colder, the consciousness is getting more and more blurred, and the sound of the tires turning seems to be getting farther and farther.

Gao Gong is trying to figure out how to get out!


[Mission: Deadly Run]

Difficulty: Normal

Mission Briefing: Be an Excellent The mechanical hunter, you encountered a sudden battle that ended in your death, is it really an accident? The urgent matter now is how to save your dog’s life.

Quest Objective: Go back to the Black Rose petrol bar alive or find Black Rose

Quest Reward: EXP +1500 1 dog life

A quest pops up on the game panel , Gao Gong glanced, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help twitched.

A dog’s life, this new system is pretty skinny.

However, this triggering task doesn’t help Gao Gong’s current state in the slightest.

Even if you add 1500 experience, you can’t upgrade the main class ‘Mechanical Transformer’.


Gao Gong’s eyes were fixed on an attribute column.

Secondary Profession: Factory lv4 (You were originally a child laborer in a human body modification factory, and your ambition drove you to embark on another path)

In “Cyberworld”, players have a main profession There are two occupational systems: Secondary Profession and Secondary Profession, in which there can only be one main occupation, while Secondary Profession can theoretically have countless kinds; in planet civilization, the upper limit of the main occupation is level 30, and the Secondary Profession is Level 20.

But don’t underestimate Secondary Profession, or think of Secondary Profession as a life career in general games.

The main occupation is transferred once every 10 levels. Not only the occupation level must reach max, but the fleshy body also needs to be deeply transformed. With the different transformation directions, the direction of career development is also different.

The transformation is successful, the potential soars, the transformation fails, and the dog is inferior.

The transformation direction of the main occupation is determined by the Secondary Profession.

The difference from the main occupation is that the main occupation is Level 10, and the Secondary Profession is Level 5. Gao Gong’s Secondary Profession factory worker is just at the transition point.

NPCs without system templates can only close their eyes and wait to die, while NPCs with system templates can naturally show off!

Gao Gong thought, all the experience accumulated by the original owner before (not the task reward), all put into the Secondary Profession.

[The factory worker is upgraded to lv5, the maintenance success rate +3%]

[The factory worker is upgraded to the primary level worker of the fourth factory, strength +1, endurance +1, gain 1 Click attribute point]

[‘Basic maintenance’ is upgraded to ‘primary level mechanical repair’]

primary level mechanical repair: for low-level machinery, it can be adjusted and upgraded to a certain extent , to replace the parts.

[You light up your knowledge [Industrial Materials Science]]

[You light up your knowledge [Mechanical Transformation]]

At the same time as changing jobs, a large number of Mechanical knowledge and prosthetic transformation pictures, such as enlightenment, are stuffed into the brain.

The five main attributes of strength, agility, endurance, intelligence and perception increase life by 5 for every 1 point, but the focus of the five attributes is different.

Among them, strength is reflected in muscle power and muscle density.

Agility focuses on aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.

Endurance is reflected in the strength of the breathing system. Intelligence is the information processing efficiency of the brain organ.

And perception is the length and breadth of the neural system.

Gao Gong hardly hesitated to add only one attribute point to perception.

In an instant, the vague consciousness suddenly became extraordinarily clear, and at the same time a warm current gushed out from all over the body.

Negative states such as nausea, severe pain, exhaustion, soreness and itching assumed the senses, Gao Gong gritted his teeth and clenched his cheeks, swallowing the screams that came out of his mouth.

But at the same time, sound, visual signals, taste, temperature, vibration, these perceptual information are also spewing out like a flood.

HP: 25/115 (Mertal Injury) (Mechanical Heavy Injury)

The body changes from ‘dying’ to ‘severely injured’ state.

Gao Gong still ‘played dead’, with his head down and pinned to the back of the chair, but the corners of his eyes exuded cold rays of light.

And his palm quietly touched the military dagger, and slowly, little by little, pulled out the dagger.

Then – plug it in again!

[You lose 2 life]

[You lose 3 life]

[You lose 1 life]

[ You lose 3 health]

[You go into a bleeding state, strength -2, 10% more damage taken]

[You are making mechanical repairs to yourself]

The tip of the knife was inserted into the wound again from another angle, and the bright red flesh turned outward, like two crossed smiling faces.

Gao Gong brow beaded with sweat , twisting the handle of the knife with difficulty and care, as if stirring something.

He’s doing a makeshift version of himself a mechanic.

Physical body and mortal flesh can’t blast seeds, but motors can overload.

‘zi zi ”zi zi ‘

The sound of the micro-motor in the body began to speed up

The trucks transporting minerals were driven away one by one, The wounded lying on the ground kept being killed, and a few fleshy bodies were dragged away by the soldiers.

The fate of these people is to be made into a vegetative state and soaked in a low-level nutrient solution. Once the fleshy body of the artificial soldier is irreparably injured, it will be taken out, the head will be cut off, and an electronic brain transplant will be performed.

Fewer and fewer artificial soldiers are left behind.

There are four left, one on the side of the car, one on the west, and two on the north. something.

“No. 201, are you still going?” the man-made soldier from the north called.

“When I finished pumping this, I found a nice implant.”

“Oh? Yes, man or woman.”

“Is there a difference?”

“It is.”

“I hope to see you next time, you will become a beautiful woman.”

The laughter was rough and dry, like rubbing metal, giving people goosebumps to hear.

The cigarette butt fell, and the half-destroyed car door was violently torn open.

The five main attributes of an adult man are all 5, while the artificial soldier is 9. Without modification, the cloned fleshy body of the artificial soldier has reached the upper limit of normal human beings.


β€œWhat about people?”

Chapter 2 is somewhat revised because of the power of love and peace

(End of this chapter)

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