Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 20


Chapter 20 Invasive Neuromodification

Gao Gong slammed into a tree and lost 11 HP. Gritting his teeth, he hammered the tree with his backhand, the microcomputer’s Jihu’s chainsaw mode was turned on, and ‘Tzzzzzzz zi’ cut vertically all the way, and sawdust scattered all over, finally reducing his speed and causing him to stumble to the ground.

However, Gao Gong didn’t show any complacency, but looked towards the Reaper leader in mid-air with a solemn gaze.

The radiation storm did show signs of abating, but it didn’t go away, indicating that the Reaper leader wasn’t dead.

Among the several question marks on the other side, there is definitely a [Headless Person] feature.

Headless: Except for the radiant energy source, this mechanical biochemical beast does not have any vital organs

“What are you doing! Shoot!”

Gao Gong’s roar woke the remnants of the Cable tribe, and sporadic gunshots rang out.

Even if the opponent does not die, the remaining HP will not exceed 200 points. As long as the final counterattack is blocked, it can definitely be killed.

However, something unexpected happened. The mother’s Reaper, relying on the pheromone induction between the husband and wife, suddenly appeared behind the seriously injured person, and four biological sickles stabbed out like lightning, inserted In its body, on the ‘back of the blade’ of the biological sickle, small round holes opened, madly absorbing the essence of its husband.

The naked eye on the surface of the matriarch’s body is visibly reddened.

It is said that after mating, female praying mantises eat their mates as food.

It looks very eco-friendly.

It seems to be the case.

The male Reaper fleshy body gradually withered, the radiation storm naked eye disappeared, and then the female commander suddenly opened his mouth, an unpleasant low-frequency noise came out of his mouth, and then he didn’t look back. After leaving, the remaining three Reapers also burrowed into the deep forest to be disappeared after a moment of hesitation.

All that remained was a shriveled fleshy body slammed down from the air.

[The task has been completed, the task reward is being calculated…]

[The task reward has been issued]

Gao Gong sat on the ground, bared his teeth and stared at him. Follow a series of rewards on the system panel.

Experience: 9440โ€”โ€”Basic reward 6500+700[Cable tribe survived 17]+160[young Reaper *2]+480[adult Reaper *4]

Cable tribe favor (Friendly)[500/1800]

Remarks: You are a friend of the tribe, and your suggestion will be seriously considered by the tribe

You open the area reputation: 200 [Desert Hawker]

Desert Hawker: As a veteran hunter, the near-death experience did not frustrate your lofty aspirations, the machine casts the body, and the distortion burns the fighting spirit.

Specialization Points +1

Mechanical Puzzle Incomplete [1/5]

‘It’s not easy, I finally opened the Specialization Points, if you don’t change jobs, I am afraid that upgrading skills is the only way to quickly strengthen. ‘

Specialization points are skill points that can break through the upper limit of a skill.

Gao Gong didn’t hesitate to max out [Brawl] first, and then put that specialization point into [Brawl].

[You raise the fight to lv10]

[The fight is raised to lv10max, enter the skill advanced state, please choose your advanced skill – fighter, low-level Gun Battle Technique , Dark Night Warrior]

The Fighter is an enhanced version of the fleshy body of the fight, taking the tank route, while the low-level Gun Battle Technique is the skill of ‘Human and Spear Unity’, which is a melee output stream, while the dark night There is no doubt that warrior is an assassination style.

Gao Gong hesitated between low-level Gun Battle Technique and dark night warrior.

The skill of Gun Battle Technique is actually very suitable for mechanical transformation, not to mention the tricky operation of hiding a gun under the crotch. Even with ordinary transformation, Gao Gong’s body can be equipped with at least seven or eight firearms. , can even transform the spine into a folding machine gun.

It’s just that the output of this thing is okay, but the explosion is not good.

In addition, if you want to carry out human transformation of firearms, the rate of mechanical transformation will inevitably skyrocket.

Cannot affect the major event for a prestige skill.

[You choose the advanced skill: Night Warrior]

[You upgrade the Night Warrior to lv2]

[You upgrade the Night Warrior to lv3]

[You raise the dark night warrior to lv4]

Dark night warrior lv4 (advanced): When using a sword, the attack power increases by 20%, and the attack speed of using a sword increases by 18%. Sword combo has a 15% chance to apply a bleed effect

Additional status: guzzle, stealth

guzzle: use a sword to inflict a bleed effect on an enemy, increasing attack power by 5% (Up to 10 stacks)

stealth: The chance of being discovered when hiding is reduced by 10%, and the chance of one strike certain kill against an unsuspecting target is increased

In an instant, countless combat experience from Gao Gong’s mind jumped out, in a trance, he seemed to be an ancient killer, holding a sharp blade, walking in the darkness, killing again and again, blood dancing wildly, soul trembling, under the pale moonlight, knife Spire dancers indulge in the art of killing.

“Would you like toโ€””

Gao Gong suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were as calm as a secluded lake, and there were countless corpses soaked in the lake.


The girl from the Cable Tribe screamed, her mind went blank, for some reason, she just looked at each other, but she felt death pouring down her head like cold water .

“Ah what, isn’t that just asking you to send some water? You bullied her?” , this is one of the few opportunities for her to look down on each other.

The rays of light in Gao Gong’s eyes closed, revealing a sunny and handsome smile, “Sorry, the blood energy on my body is heavy, it scares you.”

The girl’s face was slightly red, shook the head.

She is also aboriginal, about the same height as Huang Yuanli, but the tumor is not on the eyelids, but on the forehead, just like Erlang Shen who has no eyes open.

There are no cute little women.

Gao Gong took the water and asked, “I only have five or six radiating needles, which are not enough.”

“It’s okay, you are a member of our cable tribe. They all eat dry rice, we will prepare herbs to reduce radiation, here, you have what you have.โ€

Gao Gong bowed his head, the cup is jade green herbal water, a rotting leaf smell.

“Forget it, it looks like you know you don’t want to drink. Come with me. Professor Han will find you.” All Cable Tribe members, male and female, showed gratitude to Gao Gong.

Without Gao Gong’s move, their wave is most likely to be wiped out.

“Hey, didn’t you say anything? Everyone is thanking you!” Huang Yuanli said dissatisfied.

“Oh,” Gao Gong said calmly.

“hmph,” Huang Yuanli thought for a while, and then whispered: “Professor Han is an elder of our tribe. He has a lot of good things in his hands. You can ask him if you have any questions. “

“But it has to be fast. It’s best before we go back. Our Great Elder is very stingy, and he may not speak well.”

Huh? In Gao Gong’s impression, it was the Great Elder who kept Huang Yuanli in contact with him, while Professor Han was against it.

Gao Gong thought for a while and said, “I really have a problem.”

“What’s the problem?”

“Your tribe is still popular now Right?”

Huang Yuanli’s eyes slowly widened, the blush on her face spread from her head to her neck, she suddenly bit her angrily.

โ€œItโ€™s never been popular!!??โ€

โ€œJust kidding, donโ€™t get excited, donโ€™t get excited,โ€ Gao Gong slapped the back of his hand like a towel Huang Yuanli said with a smile: “You are Professor Han.”

“Youngster, hello.”

The light in the cave is very dim, but Professor Han’s eyes are not It is unforgettable at a glance, as if this look is not on the face, but imprinted in the heart.

‘This perception, can control C-Rank and lead the boss, it’s 40. ‘Gao Gong squinted his eyes, monsters are really frequent in the desert, so is Sister Rose, and so is this one in front of her.

But apart from perception, Professor Han is a very ordinary old man with obvious age spots on his face and poor energy. He looks like he will faint at any time. Not much better than others.

“Yuanli, you should go out first.”

Huang Yuanli flashed the tiger tooth towards Gao Gong, so she left with a humour, and after he left, Professor Han But asked a surprising question.

“Youngster, this knife in your hand was made by Miss Xiang.”

Gao Gong was stunned for a moment, then pulled out the red unicorn with his backhand. handed over.

After half a month of use, the blade has some pits, and some of the blades are rolled up. Every time this knife cuts, it is metal skin, and some wild beast skins are even thicker than steel plates, no matter how good the knife is Oil can’t stand this consumption either.

Professor Han took the knife with nostalgia and said softly, “Your combat style is a bit like someone I know.”

“Classical mechanical hunter? Are you friends with them?”

“Not friends.”

Professor Han suddenly lost his emotions, handed the knife back, and said calmly: “youngster, my knowledge can be passed on. Here you are, but I’ll give you two choices.”

“First, I’ll take you back to the tribe, where there are the most abundant scientific research materials and experimental instruments, if you want to learn more about this knowledge, I can teach you slowly.”

“Secondly, I will teach you this knowledge now. How much you can understand is up to you.”

Gao Gong said without the slightest hesitation: “I choose second.”

Professor Han’s eyes flashed a little surprise, but still nodded and said: “Okay, then you listen, I’m in the old In the Age of Civilization, I am a researcher of a large-scale scientific research project. The content of this project is ‘bionic technology’, and the direction of mechanical transformation of my research is ‘invasive neural transformation’…”

[You are being Teaching the professional knowledge “Invasive Neurotransformation Technology”, the learning progress is 1%…2%…]

It took two days for Professor Han to complete the teaching of this professional knowledge.

ใ€Invasive Neural Transformation Technologyใ€‘lv1: Implantation and Connection of Dynamic Neural Networks

Gao Gong now finally understands why the other party can control the metal sparrow, and even let the sparrow speak human’s words , not the sparrow’s IQ has been improved, but the dynamic nerve has been modified to make them scream in the way of ‘human speech’.

This occupational knowledge is undoubtedly useful, at least with it, Gao Gong doesn’t need an artificial soldier’s head as a SmartBrain.

He can directly modify the neural system of the mechanical biochemical beast.

And that ‘bionic technology’, most likely is the professional knowledge chain of this professional knowledge superior.

Mechanical transformation, human body application, there is a bit of mechanical conversion to carbon-based feeling.

As everyone knows, carbon-based civilization and mechanical civilization have always been a pair of enemies who love and kill each other.

Carbon-based turning machines, that is, turning people into robots, is not uncommon.

But conversely, it is not surprising to transform machine life into human-like civilization.

Aren’t androids the best example.

(End of this chapter)

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