Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 21


Chapter 21 Planet History

Bionics and robots are still different.

The former is not human at first, but in the end, it is no different from daoist.

And the latter is human at first, but it is really not human after transformation.

The former is to replace all mechanical units with bionic organs to achieve a fully bionic human body system.

For example, at first, if Gao Gong installed a bionic heart instead of a mechanical heart, and was inserted with a knife, it would definitely explode on the spot.

Bionics are critical, but robots are getting worse and worse.

According to Gao Gong’s memory, in Machine Star, there are a total of three Level 2 civilization systems, a mechanical civilization, a carbon-based civilization, and an information civilization.

The [Invasive Neurotransformation Technology] should be the professional knowledge of that Level 2 carbon-based civilization, and the bionic man is a special bloodline in this civilization.

In the data found by the player later, before the Second Mechanical War, there were three major power camps in the entire Machine Star, and these three camps were dominated by carbon-based humans.

Then, a high-level mechanical civilization suddenly descended, turning the entire planet into a cyber proving ground. This is the second mechanical war.

It’s just that since there is a second war, what about the first war, and who is fighting against whom?

Has a big country on this planet discovered something, and then developed the knowledge chain of ‘bionic technology’, with the intention of turning all machine life into a bionic man, and even turning all ‘Humans’ transformed into androids.

Most of the mechanical civilizations do not necessarily want to exterminate human beings as an intelligent species, nor are they unable to allow human beings to survive. What they prohibit is only pure human beings.

In the AI’s mind, pure-blooded humans are heretics, and one day they will come out and say that they want to revive the glory of the Human Race.

The androids seem to be robots, but they are actually transforming human beings, but they can be accepted by mechanical civilization – quite suitable for leading the way.

Could it be that a major country before the war was preparing to save the country through a curve and engage in mechanical mutiny?

This is similar to Gao Gong’s preparation to lead the way for natural disasters.

For a time, Gao Gong became interested in the planet’s history.

In the cyber proving ground, civilization archaeology is also a main line, and it may inspire some large-scale plot tasks such as ‘Resurrection Remnants’ and ‘Planet Species Revival’.

It seems that no one has lit up this achievement in a previous life.

Gao Gong stared at Professor Han who was instructing clansman to pack his bags. This person should know something.

Reminders from the previous mission – save the cable tribe’s research team.

Scientific research team?

Professor Han had long eyes behind his back, turned his head, and said gently, “What does Mister Gao want to ask?”

“I want to know how that war happened in the first place. Why is this world like this?”

Professor Han was silent for a moment, with a rare trace of fear in his tone.

β€œI don’t know when it started, but on an ordinary day, the mechanical octopus covering the heavens, shielding the sun suddenly appeared in the sky, and then began to destroy the city, Destroy all military facilities, our weapons are completely incapable of confrontation, and those continent-level dark battleships are even more powerful than we can understand, a Prestige of Strike, even more than nuclear weapons.”

“The reason, extraterrestrial. Forces will not attack a civilized planet for no reason.”

“Why not, you trample an ant to death, do you need its consent?”

Ordinary ants Of course there is no problem, but if the ants of the civilization system are born, it will not be possible, which violates the “Regulations on the Protection of Observable Universe Civilization Units” by the Civilization Council.

No one can go against the cosmic will of the six Level 9 civilizations.

In the final analysis, the Cyber Proving Ground is only in the gray area of the Civilization Council, not the black area.

Generally speaking, high-level civilization will not simply and rudely interfere with the process of planet civilization directly, which is against the regulations-there are many ways for them to bypass the regulations.

Gao Gong glanced at Professor Han and decided to change the subject, “By the way, what are you doing, Professor, for this time of adventure?”

“It’s just a simple Hunting, unfortunately the mission failed, and many people died,” Professor Han’s face flashed a trace of sadness.

It’s still not good enough, but ‘friendliness’ is probably not enough, at least if you get respect, the other party will tell you the truth.

Gao Gong squinted and glanced at Huang Yuanli, who was taking care of the wounded.

It can be seen that this little woman is quite popular in the tribe, commanding this, calling that, those two-meter-high brawny man wounded were discovered because they quietly removed the bandages, and she was akimbo. Cursing, actually obediently and honestly bowing his head and admitting counsel.

A thoughtful expression flashed in Gao Gong’s eyes.

A sturdy man about 2.3 meters in size came over with a kidnapped lame, stretched out his right hand from the crutches, and said earnestly: “My name is Meng Duo, many thanks for saving our clansman, in the future you will It’s my Mengduo eternal friends!”

The two of them clasped their palms together, the joints rattled, Gao Gong raised his brows, this guy’s strength is actually equal to his own.

Be aware that you are mechanically modified.

But why is this guy protesting to himself? He only had one hand and one leg left.

“Hey! See, this is the first warrior of our tribe, Meng Duoduo, look at his body, if you bully me again in the future, I will let Meng Duoduo beat you!”


Looking at Meng Duo who was slapped on the chest by Huang Yuanli, who was flushed, Gao Gong suddenly realized.

A good brawny man, didn’t expect is also a licking dog.

However, adult men in the cable tribe are generally more than two meters long, while women are all loli.

This cooperation is a bit punishing.

Irregular thoughts flashed past, and Gao Gong said solemnly: “You have lost so many people in this operation, and the future will be difficult for you.”

Meng Duo’s face suddenly darkened, “Thirteen brothers, I don’t know how to explain to their parents when I go back.”

“I can help you with a batch of nutritional creams, at least to survive this winter.”

“Really,” Huang Yuanli’s eyes lit up, “what you say?”

“Of course, we are friends.”

“That’s really many thanks. Mister Gao,” even Professor Han took the initiative to express his sincere thanks.

Gao Gong laughed and said with a solemn expression: “You must have discovered something. In today’s desert, radiation wild beast riots are frequent, and even in the oasis where I am, we must start to form armed forces to maintain For public security, it is certain that a bigger wave is still to come, and the metropolitan area will only become more and more dangerous, so you have to be prepared.”

The faces of the three of them turned gloomy, especially Professor Han. , if they hadn’t sensed the danger coming, they wouldn’t have gone to find the underground scientific research institutes in the old civilization era, but unfortunately it fell short.

“Again, if there is any danger, don’t complain, just come to the Motor City to find me, we are friends.”

“Yes, we are friends!”

“Yes, we are friends!”


As soon as these words came out, even Meng Duo completely let go of his hostility and showed a grateful expression to Gao Gong.

The cable tribe finally left, but Professor Han hesitated, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

“This professor is a bit dishonest,” Gao Gong said to himself, watching the other person’s back to leave.

Gao Gong didn’t understand it before, but after two days of contact and communication, he saw one thing clearly.

That is this scientific research exploration, even in the cable tribe, there is a great controversy.

After all, this kind of dangerous exploration is sure to kill people – Professor Han used his prestige in the tribe to forcibly suppress the controversy.

It’s fine if it succeeds – but exploration is a failure after all.

I want to bring myself back to the tribe, but I am afraid that I also have the idea of pulling myself to be a foreign aid.

“It’s good to have contradictions. If it’s really monolithic, how can I see the needle.”

In Gao Gong’s plan, this tribe related to the ‘chain of expertise’ must not be able to Let go, must accept.

And he doesn’t have any moral barriers either, in the battle for Hydra, everyone in the Iron Sand Desert is dead.

If you can turn the plot, the life you save will definitely be in the ‘10,000 birth Buddha’ level.

Driving back to the oasis, unexpectedly, there are no security team inspectors at the door, and the people coming, people going in Gasoline Town, lively, seems to have returned to the past.

But everyone had a look of anxiety on their faces.

Gao Gong thought for a while, but instead of going in, he turned around and headed to the Northern Part of City area.

At the door of the old friend’s gun shop, Pang Xiang was carrying a wooden barrel and was pouring something upside down. When he saw Gao Gong, his eyes lit up.

“Brother Gao, you’re here. Grandma has been waiting for you for a long time. I went to Shizuo Town to find you and couldn’t find you.”

“I left early in the past few days and came back late. I haven’t been back very often, what is your mother looking for from me?”

“My grandmother said she made what you asked for.”

“Is it done?” Gao Gong’s eyes lit up, “Is the item in the store now?”

“The item is too big to fit. It’s in the warehouse. Come on, I’ll take you there.”

“Wherever you go, get in the car.”

“Oh,” Pang Xiang scratched his head and sat down on the co-pilot.

Gao Gong can clearly feel the front of the car pressing down sharply – so that the tire didn’t blow out.

“Fang Xiang, how much are you now?” Gao Gong couldn’t help asking.

“Well, more than three hundred, or more than four hundred?” Pang Xiang blankly counted his fingers as thick as radishes, then turned his head and asked curiously, “Brother Gao, what do you think?”


Gao Gong was choked and gave him a brain chestnut with his backhand.

“How old are you, 16 or 17, when you are an adult, will your store be able to support you?”

“That’s what Grandma said, Gao Gong, what do you think?”

“I thinkβ€”you asked me this question?”

“My grandmother said, I’m a fool, so I need to ask more intelligent people for advice, I think Brother Gao, you are a smart person.”

“Really? Then you are overrated,” Gao Gong twitched the corner of his mouth.

“So you’re not smart? If you’re not smart, then you’re an idiot like me,” Pang Xiang scratched his head and looked at Gao Gong with pity.

Pang Xiang successfully brought Gao Gong’s IQ to the same level as him, and defeated him with rich experience.

The use of technology in the human body is bionic technology.

(End of this chapter)

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