Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 22


Chapter 22 Chain Missions

The warehouse is located in the public warehouse of the Motor City, in the middle of the oasis.

The people who live here are called cargo people, and many of them are smuggled from various places.

The other end of the warehouse is the wharf. The wharf is close to the sulfuric acid river. General cargo ships cannot move in the sulfuric acid. Only the factory-specific conveyor belt across the river can transport the goods here.

It was already dark when Gao Gong drove to the pier.

The off-road vehicle actively slowed down.

However, the high-pitched horn sounded fiercely, and not far away, a large forklift rampaged through the warehouse. People hated the dog and aroused many people who were already asleep. , have climbed out of the cabinet and shouted curses.

“The tin toad of the dog day! Your family is in mourning today!”

“Fuck You, let no one sleep!”

” I think that surnamed Zhao should have shot you!”

Although the forklift’s behavior was scolding, in this public warehouse with scattered sizes and small mazes, it just didn’t hit half of it. Cargo box, this car is really good.

Pang Xiang stared blankly at the metal head on the hood, and suddenly said, “Isn’t this person dead?”

“How do you say it?” Gao Gong asked.

“I saw it with my own eyes. On that day, my grandmother asked me to go to the outskirts of Gasoline Town to collect water. At the door, this man had a conflict with the guard and was shot in the head.”

Gao Gong quickly blinked his right eyelid three times and switched to night vision. The dim scene was suddenly replaced by a whitish vision.

There is a metal head hanging on the surface of the hood, and there is an obvious depression on the forehead, and under his neck, there are connecting wires of different thicknesses, which are inserted into various interfaces of the forklift. Realize the ‘unity of people and vehicles’.

‘It is rare to have the head changed first in human body transformation. This shows that the transformation rate of the nervous system is at least 10 points or more, and the desert does not have this level of transformation technology. ‘

As the forklift and the off-road vehicle crossed, Gao Gong glanced at a tattered mechanical body.

‘But the others are very stretched. ‘

This quality is not as good as the clone fleshy body of an artificial soldier.

“The vigilantes are here, and life’s going to be tough! The vigilantes are here, and the oasis is over!”

“You don’t fucking let us sleep, you now It’s not easy!”

I don’t know who shot a shuttle of bullets into the sky, the head on the forklift suddenly shrank, and he smiled shyly.

“Just kidding, just kidding, isn’t this the town can’t get in, the goods in my hand are not in a hurry.”

“Come here, one for each person. The nutritional creams are all fresh fruit flavors and only expired for three months.”

A hole was exposed on the butt of the forklift truck, and the nutritional cream was spilled on the ground. They popped up everywhere, frantically grabbing supplies.

As soon as Gao Gong parked the car, Pang Xiang came over and took out the nourishing cream he grabbed like a gift.

“Brother Gao, I’ll give you one.”

“Don’t eat blindly, so you won’t be afraid of diarrhea?”

“No, I’ve never had diarrhea. Over his stomach,” Pang Xiang raised his belly and looked proud.

“Then you’re not afraid of being beaten by your mother?”

Pang Xiang thought about it, or hid the expired nutritional cream, and muttered, “I’m still afraid of being beaten. .”

Gao Gong glanced at the metal head that had no desire to improve, still racing around.

“A racing party from the city that never sleeps, it’s interesting.”

Entering the warehouse of the gun store, Gao Gong turned on the switch, and suddenly, a retro but fierce thing appeared in in front of you.

This thing is like a combination of ancient bed crossbow and Zhuge crossbow, and it is also like a handmade DIY version of a multi-barrel rocket launcher.

The ammunition of this burst weapon is a long weapon similar to a whaling spear, and the spear body with a thick arm exudes an icy luster.

From the beginning to the end, this ancient bursting equipment did not use any kind of electronic parts, and the internal structure was extremely complicated. Hundreds of parts and mechanisms were constantly changing as the weapon was loaded.

Name: Beast HunterΒ·Iron Rain

Category: Multiple Launcher

Quality: Excellent+ (customized template)

Weight: 23.5kg

Basic attribute: DPS: 717.5, Attack Power: 287, Attack Speed: 2.5 Attack/sec, Initial Speed: 85m/sec, Range: 800~1200m

Additional attributes: Beast Split (+54.9% armor piercing damage), Iron Rain (+23.7% crit damage), Hunting Trap (-16% recoil)

Plug-in bar: Nine Tails Clip (reduces the target’s movement speed by 17%)

Burst mode: single shot, three bursts, five bursts, twenty bursts, can be adjusted by manual mode

Notes : A large hunting weapon crafted with mutated materials and extraordinary skills.

Gao Gong picked up a black lance on the table. The lance is about 1.6 meters long. There are nine large rope hooks hanging on it. These hooks will be tightened by the “nine-tailed clip” mechanism. When ejected, they will rotate at high-speed. When hitting the target, the claw hook will spread out like a rotating iron umbrella. , grab onto obstacles such as the ground and trees.

Name: Black Spear

Type: Projectile Weapon

Quality: Whiteboard

Weight: 2.1kg

Attack Power: 18

Remarks: Although it looks like a tempered weapon, it is a special kind of black and sinking wood spear

The back door of the warehouse is wide open, and Aunt Xiang and a slovenly The old man came in.

“Hey, come on, this is the large animal hunter you want, how about it?”

“Very good,” Gao Gong was nodded with satisfaction. This thing, Commander Reaper had already been nailed to death by himself, and he wouldn’t let the mother Reaper grab the head.

It’s worth noting that I invested tens of thousands of mechanical coins on it.

“You’re the guy who made the custom hunter?” The old man walked over with a proud face, looking Gao Gong up and down, “It doesn’t look that good.”

Aunt Xiang sighed helplessly, “Introduce me, Lao Sun, Sun Bingtian, my helper.”

“You used to be an old hunter?” Gao Gong asked with interest.

“Don’t change the subject, let me ask you, this thing was built for you, what are you going to use it for?”

“Of course it’s for hunting beasts.”


“The wild beast this thing can deal with is at least C-Rank, can you?”

Aunt Xiang couldn’t help but said: “You care if others are good, why, if they are not good, you Do you still plan to return the money?”

“Nonsense, of course, you only pretend to be an uncle when you have money. If you don’t have money, you can only be a grandson.”

Old Sun Tii Lifting his chin, he looked like an old man who should not be mad at the cool bully, just like the big guy in the group looking at the young and the new, and the old man looking at the weak chickens looking for seeds everywhere.

Gao Gong raised his brows, unexpectedly, this old man’s provocation actually triggered a chain quest.

[Quest 1st Link: Old Sun Bu Sun]

Difficulty: Easy

Quest Briefing: The provocation of a retired Old Guy as a neoclassical The originator of the mechanical hunter must fight back with iron-like facts

quest goal: get the recognition of the old grandson

quest reward: 100 experience points

‘Serial quests, this life is the first time to trigger, but what the hell is the originator of this mountain, is it the pioneering monster of the Xianxia style? I don’t have long eyebrows. ‘

Although the rewards of the chain quests are very metaphysical, it is possible to run to the end and only gain the favor of some special NPCs, but the triggering of the quest itself is quite enjoyable.

Gao Gong didn’t refute, just said softly: “Fang Xiang, help me get the things in the back seat of the car.”


Fat Xiang ‘hum chi’ ‘hum chi’ resisted the thing, it was a big thing wrapped in burlap, hitting the table with a loud ‘bang’ sound.

After the sackcloth was uncovered, Pang Xiang was stunned, and said, “Wow, what a big head!”

This big water tank, covered by a metal shell, It was the head of the Reaper leader.

This head, Gao Gong, was originally intended to be thrown into the military warehouse in exchange for contributions, but it doesn’t prevent him from using it now for coercion.

Old Sun was dumbfounded. Of course he knew this thing. In fact, even among all other C-Rank mechanical biochemical beasts, Reaper was the most difficult group to deal with. It is wrapped in heavy iron armor, and its melee combat ability is so strong that it is abnormal. More importantly, it can fly and even control it.

Even those old friends back then, being able to hunt and kill it is a very worthy of boasting.

Now, this Reaper head is so simple in front of him that he can even smell a rusty stench.

“This is, you killed it?”

Old Sun was stunned for a long while before he said incredulously.

“Could it be that there are still people selling Reaper’s heads in the current black market?” Gao Gong asked rhetorically.

“By the way, Brother Gao, you still have four small ones in your car. I’ll bring them over as well?” Xiang Zai asked dumbly.

Even Aunt Xiang was alarmed, she didn’t talk nonsense, she just pulled out the red unicorn.

The blade made of tungsten iron has some pits and pits, especially from the tip to the middle of the blade, there are continuous gaps.

This is the result of repeated beheadings. In fact, the reason why Gao Gong went to Aunt Xiang was for her to make up for himself.

The marks on the knife are more convincing than the Reaper’s head. These two Old Guys are very clear that this is the scar that can be made by killing at least two-digit radiation wild beasts.

The two old people look at me and I look at you, speechless for a while.

[Complete the task, reward 100 experience points]

Although Lao Sun had already acknowledged Gao Gong’s achievements in his heart, he still stubbornly exclaimed, “It doesn’t look like this. You killed alone, Reaper is so fast, how could it give you a chance to cut your neck.”

“Old Sun, have you taken gun medicine?” Aunt Xiang said in astonishment. You are still stubborn when you are dead, are you really afraid of not drinking?

β€œSomeone did help me,” Gao Gong said calmly.

“Okay, since you admit defeat, then I will give you one more chance, this big guy will give you, you alone, remember, you are alone to hunt down a C-Rank radiation wild beast Dare?”

Looking at the blushing old grandson, Aunt Xiang suddenly thought of something and fell silent.

And Gao Gong also received the second ring quest –

[Mission 2: Sekiro: Shadow Hunter]

Difficulty: Difficult


Mission briefing: After all, the burnt fire emits sporadic heat, Lao Sun seems to want to do something, but before doing it, he wants to see if you are worth it for him

Quest Objective: A C-Rank Radiant Wild Beast Corpse

Quest Reward: Inheritance of Classical Mechanic Hunters

(End of this chapter)

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