Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 23


Chapter 23 Desert Skin

“Look, this is what I’ve done these days!”

second day , In the black shop, Littlefinger showed off the finished product.

There are three kinds of finished products, the first is a pale implantable bionic skin, the second is a glass bottle with a plaster similar to skin cream, and the third is a Syringe with transparent medical liquid.

These three models are ‘desert skin’ with different qualities, and the ways of use are different. Three are direct injection needles.

The three functions also have nothing common with each other.

Gao Gong was the first to pick up the rough bionic leather, and the system automatically brushed out the attribute.

Desert skin (white board): a one-piece artificial skin that protects the body’s moisture and hinders the transmission of electronic signals, stamina +2, agility +2

Applying state : Moisture is sufficient, stamina recovery increases by 5% per minute

“This thing is a bit ugly,” Gao Gong touched with his hand, as if touching the skin of a ‘chameleon’, the surface is full of particles .

“It’s good to have some use,” Littlefinger curl one’s lip, “Those people can’t wait to replace all their organs with implantable weapons, and still care about beauty and ugliness? Anyway, there is a virtual experience machine, and there is no Just play whatever you want.”

“Virtual experience machine, it’s an antique that I haven’t played for many years,” Gao Gong said fondly, although players in the game can’t do things that are not suitable for children But the snake has a snake path, and the mouse has a mouse path, and the virtual experience machine is a special channel.

I think back then, when I turned into Mister G and developed a hyper-virtual machine with a 99.99% realism, that feeling…

Cough, not to mention the hero of the year.

Gao Gong picked up the ‘hand cream’ again, it’s much better than faux leather, at least you don’t need to peel it before using it.

Desert Skin (Premium): Apply with plaster to form a cellular immune coating (it needs to be kept for eight hours to absorb continuously for a long time) Stamina+3, Agility+2

Applying state: Moisture Sufficient, increase stamina recovery by 7% per minute, can slightly resist radiation.

“This one is definitely the best seller.”

This ointment can be used for a long time or temporarily (it only blocks electrical signals), and it does not need to be applied All over the body, just swipe it on certain key parts.

As long as you don’t have guns under your crotch and mines under your eyes, this thing is enough to obscure the perception of most radiated wild beasts.

“Of course,” Littlefinger was also satisfied with it, said: “I adjusted the formula to reduce the cost, a gland of a desert worm can make two bottles of ointment, add a little water to dilute it , you can make four bottles, and when it enters the black market, you can directly exchange one bottle for ten bottles.”

Gao Gong took a breath, gave a thumbs up, and said: “High, really high, it is indeed a car city. Ranked First’s black market doctor, your heart is not at all red!”

“Of course.”

Speaking of black heart, Littlefinger looked proud and continued: ” The last one focuses on the high-end market, attracts high-level talents, has no side effects, no adverse symptoms, and will not cause mechanical rejection.”

Gao Gong picked up the last syringe, the least of these types of syringes, only two.

Desert Skin (Excellent): Needle implanted in the subcutaneous layer

Excellent biochemical agent, completely shields electrical signals, makes the skin change with the environment like a tropical lizard, +5 stamina , Agility +3, Armor +10

Additional state 1: Skin respiration – blood activity decreased, stamina recovery per second increased by 15%

Additional state 2: Condition of bleeding Immune

Additional state 3: Cold blooded, reduce own infrared radiation, reduce the probability of being discovered by the enemy

Gao Gong this time is really surprising, the so-called master leads the door, Cultivation is in Personally, although players can issue the same blueprint, the quality of the equipment they make is good or bad.

‘The highest level a Level 3 blueprint can achieve is ‘Excellent’, this guy’s prosthetic doctor level must exceed Level 10. ‘

Seeing Gao Gong’s shocked expression, Littlefinger’s vanity was instantly satisfied, but after thinking about it, he still spoke frankly.

“This thing is just an exhibit. There are nearly 30 desert worms, and I made two subcutaneous implant needles in total. To be honest, it was in the state at the time, but I don’t know if it was. How did you get it.”

“When this thing is officially released, don’t say anything.”

“Since it’s a sample, that one is enough,” Gao Gong took one unceremoniously and inserted it into his shoulder before Littlefinger could react.

With the injection of the implanted needle, Gao Gong could clearly feel that a ‘mutation’ was born on the surface of the skin, just like first rubbing a layer of chili oil on the skin and then adding a layer of sunscreen Frost, all of a sudden, hot and cold, came up all at once.

Gao Gong frowned endured.

The surface of the skin turns red, then returns to its original state, then turns pale, and returns to its original state several times.

Then the skin starts to produce mutation, some parts are irradiated by the rays of light of the electronic screen, turning into a blue snow screen, and some are reflected by the rays of light on the metal workbench, turning into a metallic feel silver white.

If you don’t pay attention, you won’t even realize that there is a person in front of you.

As soon as Gao Gong’s thoughts moved, all the colors on the skin disappeared immediately. Along with them, there were some calluses and scars, and it seemed that the complexion became better than before.

In this state, who would say that Gao Gong is not a pretty boy?

Gao Gong’s eyes sparkled and praised: “Very good results! I’m very satisfied!”

“You, you brat!!”

Seeing Gao Gong was handsome again, Littlefinger regretted it, and stared straight at the last needle.

He also wanted to give himself a shot.

But this is the last piece left in the exhibit. If you use it yourself, it’s hard to say whether it will be handsome or not. Sister Rose will definitely kill herself first.

“Okay, let’s talk about the split.”

The friendly atmosphere changed, and the two immediately got up with swords drawn and bows bent.

“Fart! Three or seven points, do you know who developed this ‘skin’, without me, you can make this money?”

“Bullshit, all The business is dominated by channel merchants, without our network, believing or not second day this ‘skin’ will be confiscated by the security group, and then eaten up by various forces.”

“Is money important to you? What matters is influence, connections, and the right to speak in the desert in the future. What is so much money, don’t be so stingy.”

“Fart, is this small money? ? As long as this skin is promoted, the income from ten operations I do can’t compare to its one-day sales. Are you not a good friend of Sister Rose? Why would you be embarrassed to rob a woman’s money?”

“What a good look? , the family is obviously a little giegie who is cared for, okay, isn’t it as it should be by rights for a rich woman to spend money to support her lover, you think I didn’t do anything at night? It’s all hard-earned money!”

” You’re shameless!”

“You’re a scumbag!”

In terms of lack of integrity, the two are evenly matched and will meet good talents.

Fortunately, neither of them had the idea of tearing their faces. Gao Gong knew that the other party could get rid of him at any time and go it alone, and Littlefinger was also worried that the other party would use his waist to blow the wind on the pillow.

In the end, the two reached an agreement that the net profit after deducting costs was sixty-four points.

According to the content of the agreement, Gao Gong will be responsible for hunting desert worms in the future. After all, the raw materials also need to be kept secret, and Littlefinger’s subordinates have no mechanical hunters that they can fully trust.

Among the 40% of the profits, 20% of the income cannot be directly withdrawn from mechanical coins, but can only be exchanged for various materials. According to Littlefinger, withdrawing too much cash will affect their money laundering business.

After signing the agreement, Gao Gong realized how profitable this business is. The pure profit of the lowest implanted skin is 2000 machine coins, and the ‘hand cream’ is 4000 machine coins .

And even if you are like this, this batch of ‘skins’ has already been fixed, and the pre-orders have even been in the third batch.

Those who fight for wealth in the desert know best how much their lives are worth.

With this thing, it can be said that as long as you don’t take the initiative to hunt, or run into a beast tide, you don’t need to worry about the threat of wild beast.

Other blueprints at high level are also difficult to achieve this effect.

This is just what the desert needs.

Forget it, just from this batch of skins, Gao Gong can make a net profit of 30,000 mechanical coins.

This is much quicker than a robbery.

After the chatter, the two of them were a little tired. Littlefinger slumped on the sofa and suddenly said, “You know? Sister Rose is coming back soon.”

“Oh? When? “

“Just these few days.”

Since the Rose Gasoline Bar was banned, Gao Gong knew that someone was targeting Black Rose.

It’s not a bar, of course, but an underground network of more than a dozen oases that Black Rose has mastered.

And Black Rose’s departure for this period of time is to deal with this matter.

From the tone of Littlefinger’s current tone, it seems that things are settled.

Gao Gong said curiously: “Who the hell did you do?”

If it was the original Gao Gong, trifling a little wolfdog, Littlefinger is unlikely to discuss this with him Yes.

But now, the other party has come up with two ‘surgical plans’ one after another, one of which is still a hard product that can dominate the market.

Littlefinger decided to change his attitude a little.

“The entire Iron Sand Desert can be called a tycoon and can be counted on one hand, and the one who is interested in our underground intelligence network is naturally a fellow resentful.”

Peer, intelligence, tycoon

In Gao Gong’s mind, the dive light flashed, “That news tycoon Wang Tian?”

“It’s the one who sells newspapers. “

“It was him,” Gao Gong muttered to himself.

In addition to being the general manager of the factory, this tycoon Wang’s Radiation Daily is also the best-selling book in the desert.

This newspaper has a lot of dry goods, and it is a must-read book for mechanical hunters.

It’s just this pass, how could this guy suddenly be interested in the underground network?

If it’s just a normal business expansion, it’s fine.


Gao Gong suddenly thought of another possibility, if this is not only a business war, but a real ‘war’ service.

He thought of an old saying.

Intelligence is the life of war.

(End of this chapter)

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