Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 24


Chapter 24 Military Contractors

Rose Gasoline Bar

Gao Gong sits in the corner of the bar with a glass in front of him The classic Cocktail of the bar, which is also Black Rose’s favorite, is called ‘flame war chariot’.

It tasted bitter, like gasoline and Coke.

Although Black Rose didn’t come back, the bar has resumed its usual liveliness. There are people who are looking for news, doing business, chatting nonsense, spending money to get drunk, and everything in the world.

“Sir, you have a drink,” an android waitress came over with a glass of wine on a plate.

It can be seen that the level of this android is not high, there are obvious splicing marks on the hands and feet, and the smile on his face is not natural, indicating that only the most basic AI services have been downloaded, and there is no personality template.

Gao Gong did not speak, but waved his hand.

There was a sigh of relief.

A bearded man turned black, drank the gasoline and beer in his hand, stood up, and walked out without looking back. He had no left hand, and instead had a large shotgun.

“Elephant hunters are not good enough, his vision is too high!”

“He is also a veteran.”

“Yeah, I have seen with my own eyes, his large double-barreled shotgun shot an E-rank radiation elephant in the head, it is a large radiation beast.”

“No way, people just have this capital. “

“Isn’t he just an old man, what’s so great,” a newcomer suddenly said angrily.

“Youngster, don’t be confused. In the desert, seniority is the least valuable.”

A mechanical hunter sneered and called the head.

“Yeah, if you can bring back a Reaper Commander’s head and four D-Rank Reaper corpses alive, you are also qualified to pick that.”

Rookie One Dumb, subconsciously asked: “Reaper, that melee monster that can’t be cut by a chainsaw?”

“Yeah, five heads, Motor City hasn’t had such a harvest for many years.”


Gao Gong finished drinking the ‘flaming war chariot’, and asked the waiter to make a cup of ‘Beautiful Lady’, and it turned out to be this brandy-flavored mellow Cocktail. suit myself.

A dozen people invited themselves to drink today, but Gao Gong didn’t take a drink.

Not because the other person is a man.

It’s not that I’m afraid of the other party ‘picking up dead bodies’ – well, I’m still a little bit afraid.

Women have them too.

But their purpose is not pure.

A woman who only hooks up with a man probably won’t hook up with him. She often comes to this bar to drink, and she knows more or less about his relationship with the female boss of the bar.

Male boss women and female boss men, these two types of creatures are not to be messed with – although it will be very exciting.

The fundamental reason is that, after drinking the other party’s wine, it is equivalent to agreeing to the other party’s team invitation.

According to the aerial photos of the factory satellite, at least dozens of wild beasts appeared around the Motor City.

The vigilantes have given a death order, and within five days, no matter what they do, they must at least gather a three-person armed squad.

This kind of free team, powerful mechanical hunters will naturally be welcomed.

As a central oasis, there are many famous mechanical hunters living in the Motor City, but there are few lone wolves without a fixed team.

And even among special experts like the lone wolf, those with a record like Gao Gong’s are the only ones who shit.

When Gao Gong brought back five Reaper corpses yesterday, the entire military warehouse was alarmed, and even the logistics supervisor, who had always looked down on hunters, took the initiative to speak politely to him.

Everyone knows that Gao Gong hunted the C-Rank Reaper – for the second time!

It was another glass of wine to drink, Gao Gong looked at the mechanical clock on the wine cabinet, it was almost time, he went to pick up the goods at the military supply warehouse.


Just as Gao Gong walked to the door, a big bald man suddenly got up, walked aggressively in front of him, shouted loudly: “My name is a black gorilla, I think I’m qualified to be your teammate.”

Amid the muffled jazz music, Gao Gong tapped the bottom of the cigarette case with his head down, took a cigarette from the case, and looked at each other through his dim vision.

This guy is very tall, just over two meters, but it is not the kind of body distortion of the indigenous people, but has undergone skeleton enhancement surgery – an enhanced version of bone hyperplasia.

The muscles on my body are well developed and bloated. It should be some kind of inferior biochemical muscle. I don’t know if it is a problem with the implant or the problem of the muscle size. It looks like I bought a large size clothes.

The most striking thing is his pair of oversized metal arms, which are at least three circles larger than normal arms. The protruding part of his forearm should be a flamethrower, and his carrot-thick fingers have nine metal joints.

It must be a pain in the ass.

“The gorilla arm imported from the city that never sleeps?”

“Good eyesight!” The black gorilla’s eyes lit up, he grabbed a wine bottle and closed his palms, ‘ka-cha’ , ‘ka-cha’, and soon made a pile of glass scum.

“I have investigated you, I know you are good at using knives, and you have a great sniper,” the black gorilla assumed the pose of a bodybuilder, his biochemical muscles bulging like inflated, no Blue veins, just some pale man-made fibers.

“I am also good at melee, mid-range and long-range. We can attack and snipe. We will be the most tacit partner!”

Gao Gong let out a breath of smoke with drunken eyes, Said: “I have no problem, the problem is that you can’t.”

“Why can’t I,” the black gorilla widened his eyes and slammed a pair of gorilla arms against Gao Gong’s in front of one’s eyes.

“Look! This is the latest version of the ‘Shock Type III’!”

In all honesty, this equipment is good, at least you can get it in the system panel ‘Excellent’ rating.

It’s just that people can’t.

Gao Gong took a few more puffs, threw the cigarette butt in the ashtray, and left without explaining.

“Wait, you can’t go without saying it clearly!”

The black dead man was furious, the robotic palm grabbed Gao Gong’s shoulder, and the mechanical grip collided with it. Titanium alloy skeleton, making a squeezing sound.

“The equipment is okay, but your legs are not good.”

“What are youβ€””

In the high metal music, Gao Gong suddenly turned around, He grabbed his body and entered the middle door, hooked his feet and protruded his legs, and stepped on the inside of his ankle. He fell to the ground, hugging his legs and screaming.

“Legs! Legs! My legs!!”

“The transformation rate of the sports system is less than 4%, and you put such a big guy on yourself,” Gao Gong shook the head , waved his hand, and let the bartenders who had already touched the handle of the gun retreat.

“I can’t think of it, my friend.”

Human body modification is a delicate and big project that needs to consider all aspects. It is not that the stronger the prosthesis, the better.

In fact, the stronger the prosthesis, the harder it is to put on and remove it. It can be said that every other prosthesis transformation at the high level is equivalent to breaking through Gates of Hell once.

And once the prosthesis does not fit enough, this number will be scrapped.

Players can start all over again if they are defunct. If the npc is defunct, it is really hopeless.

In Gao Gong’s view, the mechanical hunters in the Motor City are more or less over-remodeled.

Maybe they have no problem at this stage, but when they want to go further, such as crossing the main occupation level 10 threshold, Level 20 level, they will find that the body modification has been overdrawn and cannot be changed. changed.

‘This may be an opportunity. ‘

‘Mechanical transformation has come to an end, and turning to biological transformation is also a way to go, but mechanical rejection is a big problem. ‘

Even a Mechanical Transformer with relatively balanced attributes like Gao Gong is cautiously in the face of mechanical rejection.

And it is almost an inevitable result that these guys who have undergone extreme human modification will encounter mechanical rejection.

He also can’t force biological modification on the opponent.

That would just create a whole bunch of cyborgs.

Gao Gong heads south to a modern military building.

The building in front of you has a brand-new feeling that is rare in the desert. The main building, the airport, the shooting range, and various off-road obstacles are all real materials, but they give people a strange feeling of foam.

This is supposed to be 3D printed by a military contractor of a major corporation.

This is the military supply warehouse of the security regiment.

It can be seen that many members of the security corps are undergoing actual combat training, and their opponents are the ‘radiation wild beast’ projected by the virtual projection technology.

Their melee weapons land on different parts of the ‘wild beast’ and receive different levels of damage.

And the VR glasses they wear add to the immersion.

“It’s a good practice, no wonder the vigilantes are getting better at fighting.”

Gao Gong laughed, looking towards the other side, in a simulated concrete forest, a The armed squad of the vigilantes is on target to clear the obstacles in the ‘forest’.

These experiences often require mechanical hunters to learn with their lives.

Just, is this training method really high level?

At least the rout of the front did not prove it.

“Mister Gao, you’re welcome,” a robot greeted him in a smooth electronic voice.

“How about, has the value of my spills of war been confirmed?”

“It has been confirmed, a total of 2124 contribution points, you need to see the details, or go shopping first, we I just imported a new batch of smart weapons, do you need me to show you around?”

“Let’s go and have a look first,” Gao Gong blinked, seemingly saying without thinking: “That’s right. , may I ask, which military contractors did your batch of weapons come from?”

“Taber Defense System, Marubeni Global Security, Maas Edge.”

They are all familiar names.

β€œMas Sharp,” Gao Gong repeated the name, the crazy company that later became famous for its radical body modification, has already begun to enter the weapons and equipment market at this time.

(End of this chapter)

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