Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 25


Chapter 25 Edelweiss and Cats

“Sir, what would you like to see first, smart guns, melee weapons, or bullets?”


The robot took Gao Gong to a display case, swiped the magnetic strip with its palm, and the bulletproof glass slowly opened.

“The T1 incendiary bomb uses a new structure with a steel core and explosives. The explosion will not only produce flames, but also bring steel sputtering.”

“T5 armor-piercing bombs, using The quenched high carbon steel is used as a warhead, which can wear radiation wild beast hides below D-Rank.”

“W6 sniper bullet, compared with ordinary sniper bullet, has 11% more penetrating power, specially designed The blood tank will accelerate the bleeding.”

“The black tracer bullet, which can release the poisonous smoke that disperses the wild beast, is a specialty of our vigilante group.”

“Virus bullet…”

Gao Gong is pondering.

In terms of purchasing power, 1 contribution point equivalent to 10 mechanical coins.

Ordinary bullets are worthless, so there is no need to buy them in the military warehouse, just go to the ordinary weapons store to place an order.

Some special ammunition is more expensive, and 1 contribution point can only be exchanged for 1 piece.

The robots just introduced are intermediate level bombs, which are used by the peacekeeping troops in the city that never sleeps.

These bullets will deal additional damage even if they hit the Reaper.

This kind of bullet has 2 contribution point and 1 piece.

Gao Gong did not hesitate, bought 100 pieces of each type, a total of 7 kinds of ammunition, and went to 1400 contribution points all at once.

“Stop buying bullets, show me the latest prosthetics of the city that never sleeps.”


Three major military contractors, Each style is different. Among them, the Taber defense system focuses on firepower construction, and is good at installing large-caliber guns and weapons on the prosthetic body, such as implantable rocket launchers, raglan guns, and palm flamethrower; The body is also quite violent. The mechanical legs of the siege hammer, the telescopic chainsaw, the flame whip, and the gorilla arm are one of their main products.

Its main service object is not individuals, but the mechanical corps of major Machine City.

The Marubeni Global Security is the total control of the sea, land and air, pursuing mobility, focusing on the field of battlefield adaptability, and prosthetics are more inclined to increase survivability – bionic lungs that enhance lung vitality, temporary explosions A variety of adrenaline boosters, a metabolic editor that digests toxins, and more.

It also has the most products.

Gao Gong has been standing at its booth for a long time, and with his contribution point, can buy a small implant or two.

Or, DIY one yourself.

“Bring me a roll of load-bearing monomolecular wire, a hand-held catapult, and a battle-type battery.”

“Sir, we have implanted energy here. Line, high temperature line, poisonous snake line.”

“No, I want this.”

The robot did not persuade any more, and quickly put together these equipment, another 600contribution point .

β€œGao, do you want to build your own gear?”

Gao Gong turns his head to find a rather charming red-haired woman in a denim jacket, but when she turns around Come on, it’s a little scary.

The charming face is only half, and the other half is a metal face implanted, so her hair is only half, shaved into a mohawk.

“Third-handed Daisy, are you here to buy weapons too?”

Daisy stretched out two hands friendly, her right hand was the same as her right face , have been mechanically transformed, the two on the right are robotic arms, and the left is a normal arm.

Gao Gong hesitated for a moment, but Daisy pulled the one above with apologetic laughed.

β€œIt’s getting old, my neural coordinator.”

Gao Gong laughed and shook it.

Third-handed Daisyrah, the Captain of the edelweiss hunting squid, is also a well-known mechanical hunter in the Motor City.

“You’re not here to win me over, right? I drank enough wine today.”

“Of course not, although you are strong, our team has Fixed members, forcibly cooperating, is not suitable.”

Daisyla said seriously: “But we can share information.”

“Do we share battlefield information,” Gao Gong After pondering for a while, as the Old Fox of the Motor City, he is very aware of the style of every hunting squid, some are domineering, some are insidious, some like to snatch spills of war, and some will give teammates a knife on the back.

Edelweiss has a good reputation locally.

“Okay,” Gao Gong readily agreed, glancing at the maglev trailer behind her, where several large-caliber weapons were placed.

“It looks like you guys are planning to take this opportunity to do something big.”

“Of course, we can’t be mercenaries for life, can we.”

Gao Gong nominated, the two exchanged communication codes, Daisyla wanted to say something else, and a sweet voice sounded.

“Daisyla, are you ready? We’re leaving.”

A short girl inserted between the two, first bowing deeply to Gao Gong He bowed, and then said, “You are the high-ranked prince. My name is Keiko Matsushima. I am fifteen years old. I like women.” Produces a murderous aura that only swordsmen have.

“Gao Jun, Keiko likes Daisy, so you have to keep your distance from Daisy, otherwise Keiko will have to slice you.”

“Keiko, don’t be rude !”

“Oh,” Keiko pursed her lips in grievance, then extended the hand, “But he doesn’t look like a good person, Daisy.”

“Long The handsome men are not good people, that’s what my mother told me.”

Gao Gong looked towards Keiko Matsushima’s waist, and saw two katana hanging from each other’s waist, and there were also katana on the scabbard. Equipped with something similar to an ‘electromagnetic exciter’.

And the other party’s arms were slender and pale, not consistent with her rosy face.

“Highly simulated arm prosthesis, Asian knife-holding shape.”

Keiko Matsushima face changed, didn’t expect a country bumpkin to recognize his righteousness at a glance body’s history.

Asian State is a district of the city that never sleeps.

It turned out to be an urbanite who came to the desert to pan for gold, no wonder he had such wild ambitions.

“There will be a chance to get in touch in the future,” Gao Gong laughed to Daisy, and then bowed his head to Keiko Matsushima: “Then did your mother tell you that loli with too small breasts is not good? Lolita.”

Matsushima Keiko was furious, and she jumped violently to kick Gao Gong’s knee, but the back collar was directly grabbed by three hands of Daisy, and she was dragged away like a luggage. Her cry could be heard from far away.

“Daisyla, let go, this man is so rude, I’m going to kill him!”

“Can’t you be quiet for a while?” Daisyla’s helpless voice passed over.

“Oh yes, I also ordered some parts, please help me place the order.”

Gao Gong laughed, didn’t take this episode seriously, put one The paper is handed to the robot, and there are some mechanical parts on the paper.

This is not for him, but for his ‘future’ teammates.


The robot went to replace the parts for Gao Gong, and Gao Gong didn’t plan to watch any more.

Although there are a lot of contribution points of more than 2,000, it is nothing compared to the hunting results of those famous hunting squids for a long time.

Although the prosthetics here are all good, he is more at ease with the blueprint he created. The ghost knows whether these military contractors have left a back door for the prosthetics.


A ‘cat’ suddenly jumped up on the counter and looked him up and down:

“You are in good health!”

“Where’s the good?”

The cat’s eyes swept around and seriously nodded: “The system is very balanced and stable, which is good.”


“Are you interested in buying our weapons?”

“Your family, whose family do you belong?”

“Mas Fengmang, you visited two stores, but you didn’t visit our exhibition area.”

β€œThat’s not money.”

Gao Gong laughed, your family’s righteousness Who dares to use the body, after all, they are just experimental weapons, and yours is directly experimenting with the human body.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any money, I’ll lend it to you, and you can return it after you use it up.” The ‘Cat’ said.

“So good?”

“Of course, our main purpose is to collect weapon performance data.”

“Then how to use it is up to me?” Gao Gong’s heart moved and said.

“Of course,” ‘Cat’ looked towards Gao Gong with a foolish look, “Besides, how else can weapons be used, of course they are used directly.”

“Ok. Ah, then you pick two pieces for me, and I’ll give them back to you when I use them up, but you have to agree in advance, if it breaks, don’t ask me to pay.”

“Don’t worry, Our company has always been sincere in serving customers, offering refunds and replacements for repairs, and the praise rate in the city that never sleeps is infinitely close to 100%.”

As long as we kill customers who don’t give good reviews, it’s all good reviews.

Thinking of the future style of the company Maas Edge, this praise is definitely under control.

A moment later, Gao Gong left the munitions warehouse in his wrecked off-road vehicle, along with a large bag of bullets, a bunch of mechanical components, and two beautifully packaged boxes.

I transported the stuff to my secret base, and then drove to Littlefinger’s black shop, only to find that the person was not there, so I had to go to the Rose Gasoline Bar, but the person was still not there.

Fortunately, Littlefinger let someone leave a message for him.

“Brother Zhitou said that Brother Gao has already got the things you ordered and put them in the warehouse. There is also a big guy, but it will take a few days.”

Gao Gong asked people to take things out. It was ten boxes of nutritional cream, and the off-road vehicle could barely fit it.

As for the big guy Gao Gong decided, it was naturally the armored war chariot he was thinking of.

Natural channels can’t get this military-controlled item, but isn’t there a black market?

The income from my own hunting and the income from the first batch of ‘skins’ are all added up, and this ‘early retirement’ military vehicle is decided.

“Okay, then I’ll go first.”

“Brother Gao, walk slowly.”

Gao Gong drove his car all the way to the periphery of the metropolitan area. According to Huang Yuanli’s instructions, a special oil leaf was lit not far away.

The fire is not big and the smoke is not big, but the signal can be transmitted to the special organs of the electronic bee.

Not long after, a pockmarked face protruded cautiously from behind the tree.

“Excuse me, is this Mister Gao?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m a member of the Cable Tribe, and Sister Li called me here. Yes.”

“I asked you to come here, where’s her?”

Pock’s face flickered: “She, she’s very busy right now and can’t get away.”

(End of this chapter)

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