Start with the Mechanical Hunter Chapter 26


Chapter 26 Tin Toad

Huang Yuanli is most likely in trouble.

The possibility of being killed is not small, but the probability of being grounded is not small.

Gao Gong, who returned to the old metal recycling station, quickly put these things behind him and focused on his work.

Mechanical Hunter is a relatively good player in the basic class.

The main reason is that it is a professional skill – ‘Mechanical Hunting Transformation’

Mechanical Hunting Transformation lv5 (professional): It can perform a certain degree of damage on its own combat body. Modification to increase the chance of killing prey.

This prey is not only a radiated wild beast, but also a human being.

Although the mechanical hunter cannot create a prosthetic body, it can make a second transformation of the prosthetic body according to its own situation, making the prosthetic body more dangerous.

When Gao Gong’s previous life was still young, there was a Gao Wan who took the mechanical hunter route and shared many ways of ‘hunting and transforming’ in the forum.

Because of the powerful battle strength of ‘hunting and transformation’, this high-player once ranked in the top ten in the early game player rankings.

I thought it was the beginning, but it was the pinnacle.

That high-player is the unlucky guy who managed to get into the top ranks of the Knight group and was scrapped by artificial intelligence.

And he also has a memorable name – a knife without an umbrella in a rainy night

Soon, the sound of welding in the recycling bin sounded again.

The hand-held catapult is embedded in the metal material, the battle-type battery is built-in, the adjustment circuit, and the monomolecular wire…

The monomolecular wire is a special product of the city that never sleeps, and it is a special kind of Sharp, but also extremely strong, high-level material, very stealthy, capable of cutting metal.

Generally speaking, this is the weapon that killers prefer.

However, the ‘basic load-bearing model’ chosen by Gao Gong is the building material.

A single-molecule thread with a thin hair can carry a weight of one ton.

Although this ‘load-bearing model’ is not sharp, it is only relatively speaking. How to prevent it from damaging the modified equipment while ensuring its function is a difficult problem.

Fortunately, Ms. Rose brought Gao Gong a lot of precious materials after she brought Gao Gong ‘drag racing’.

It took about three hours to build a new hunting gear.

It is shaped like a ‘metal armguard’, consisting of a metal shell and a hide lining, extending from the forearm to the palm.

The switch is a tactile neural flow regulator, for which Gao Gong tuned a special frequency.

On the surface of the arm guard, there is a small metal claw embedded in ‘The material is even tougher, and it is the leftover material used by Sister Rose to make gloves.

And its function – Sao Nian, have you ever played Sekiro?

Gao Gong threw his backhand, the catapult was passively activated, and the alloy claws were ejected, straddling more than 20 meters, and nailed to a thick iron plate.

Next moment, a powerful drag force directly pulled him to the ground.

“I, I’m going!”

Gao Gong was caught off guard, and directly landed on the ground, as if being dragged by a corpse for more than ten meters. Hit hard on the steel plate.

A Level 2 concussion would have been unavoidable if the skull had not been modified.

The point is, it’s a fucking embarrassment.

β€œpei pei pei!”

Gao Gong spat the dirt out of his mouth while rubbing his head.

Fortunately no one saw it, otherwise his reputation as ‘Lone Wolf’, ‘Reaper killer’, and ‘rich little wolfdog’ would be ruined.

“The power of the catapult should be reduced. If it is too fast, the enemy will not be able to react. The key is that I will not be able to react.”

Then there is a series of trial and error, adjustment, Try again, and adjust again.

Two hours later, Gao Gong held an ordinary steel bar in his left hand (the red unicorn was still being repaired), his right hand flicked like lightning, and the alloy claws were nailed to the wall again. Gong directly fell to the ground with a sliding shovel. After crossing more than ten meters, his palms and calves exerted force at the same time. With the help of the momentum of the alloy claws, he jumped high, his arm swung again, and the alloy claws entered the ‘telescopic mode’. smashed into the wall.

A full four bricks were broken by him.

Although the landing posture was a little staggering, at least it was successful.

“Yes, the ‘Sliding Shovel Feeding Tiger Style’ succeeded, let’s try another style ‘Hanging against the wall’.”

Although the ‘Rainy Night’ boss called himself this style The battle method is ‘Rainy Night with Knife Killing Mode’, which is a high-end Sect. It shows various techniques on the forum, but it is soon imitated by sand sculpture players, forming two ecosystems of ‘high-end game’ and ‘passer-by game’.

Then the ‘Passers-by Bureau’ successfully proved by various methods of death such as ‘Spider stuck eggs’, ‘Hero’s waste knee’, ‘Sliding shovel to feed the dog’, ‘Hanging on a hook and rope’, ‘Flying suicide’ and so on. Now, except for the profession of mechanical hunter, other professions can’t play this kind of work.

A good technical post forcibly turned into a funny post.

At that time, Gao Gong was still developing in a low-key way on the road of pinching his face.

However, after this life began to practice techniques, Gao Gong found that it was really difficult, not to mention, the same pulling force, the sliding shovel can be used, but the tree hooking is not.

As a result, Gao Gong started the practice of ‘jumping off a building to commit suicide’ again.

Thanks to the good attribute of this body, falling down from a three-story building will only cause blood loss at most, and it will not really commit suicide.

After practicing until midnight, Gao Gong slapped his forehead and suddenly realized that he didn’t need to practice sliding shovel and tree hooking on the same pulling force.

He can form two tension modes by adjusting the frequency of the ‘tactile nerve stimulator’.

The grip of the alloy claw can also be adjusted if the thinking is divergent, and the grip of the wall, the tree, the weapon, and even the radiation wild beast can be adjusted to the most suitable grip.

However, for this kind of transformation, it is definitely not enough to adjust the ‘feel’. It is best to install a ‘battle chip’, input various combat modes into it, and keep updating.

Now Gao Gong finally understands why only mechanical hunters can go ‘high-end’, because only ‘mechanical hunting and transformation’ can continuously debug the hooks, and cooperate with the attribute parameters of other prosthetics on the body to form the most Suitable for your own power system.

Unfortunately, ‘Mechanical Hunting and Transformation’ is a professional skill, and its skill level cannot be upgraded, nor can it exceed the professional level.

Otherwise it would be too buggy.

In those days, the ‘Rainy Night’ boss must have had a period of hard training before the show operation.

Practicing the ‘single-molecule hook’ for a day, Gao Gong even felt more tired than hunting for a day.

“There are still two days, wait until tomorrow, my teammate should also come.”

“What’s his name?”

In a warehouse in the public cargo hold, Iron Man stood in front of the mirror with a serious face, and squeezed out a kneeling smile.

“Cough, brother Gao, I’m here.”

“No, it’s not good, this kind of expert, definitely don’t like that kind of thing that only shoots flattery, I should Chill out.”

“Xiao Gao, I will be your teammate in the future, and I will cover you in the future.”

“Will this be too pretentious? It’s not too arrogant. That’s great, it’s going to be hard to beat.”

The roommate in the same warehouse yawned.

“They are the strongest group of mechanical hunters in the Motor City. Can they like you? I advise you to wash and sleep.”

“Fart, Brother Gao is a special party. People came to invite me, what is a card face, this is called a card face!”

“What do people think of you, that you don’t take a bath, that you love to take advantage of you, and that you don’t change your body ?”

Ironhide was furious and kicked his roommate under the bed.

“There must be a reason, I must have advantages that I haven’t discovered myself!”

On the second day, Iron Sheet got up early, and even put it on the mechanical body. Oil, and then looked expectantly on the street.

Many people came to join in the fun when they heard that Tin Hide was invited by the famous mechanical hunter to form a team.

“Toad, don’t think too much. I heard that prosthetic hallucinations are a sign of cyber psychosis.”

“Where is his prosthetic hallucination, it’s clearly a hallucination in his brain. “

“I have hallucinations in the brain, what is the disease?”

“I just said that the human body can’t change the brain. Look, there is a problem with the thinking that is changed. It’s the same as the AI with a virus.”

“It’s called brain downtime.”

Iron gnashing teeth, waiting with a series of mocking sounds, seems to be the reason for being ridiculed by the group, Time passed very slowly, and after waiting for a long time, it finally arrived at the appointed time.

At the end of the street, two black dots appear.

Soon, two cars appeared in everyone’s field of vision.

One is a large-displacement off-road vehicle that is very common in the desert, and there is another one, which is twice as big as an off-road vehicle. From a distance, it looks like a Steel Fortress.

“Fuck, military armored vehicle!!”

The armored war chariot of the security regiment and the military armored vehicle of the old civilization era can be completely two species. In order to prevent the impact of high level wild beast, The armor of the body can’t even penetrate some rockets, and the power source of the body is a special type of energy plate, eight tires, and the speed of full sprint can reach 230km/h.

Under the stunned expressions of everyone, the door of the armored car opened, Littlefinger yawned, swept around, said without thinking: “Who is Tin?”

“I am. “

“Come up.”

Seeing that Tin Tin was still in a daze, Littlefinger glanced at him, “Why, do you want me to invite you?”

Tin Tin Immediately hit Shivered, hurriedly drilled into it, and even then did not forget to gesture with the middle finger to the onlookers.

The car drove away in a hurry, leaving only the stunned crowd eating melons.

It wasn’t Littlefinger who was driving. Littlefinger was yawning in the passenger seat, not knowing what he was doing last night.

It’s Tiepi’s very attentive self introduced: “Hello, Brother Zhitou, my name is Tiepi, my nickname is Tiepi Toad, you can call me Xiaotie.”

“That, you know Me?”

“I know, of course I know. I’m doing smuggling these days, ah no, it’s a small business, who doesn’t know you yet.”

Littlefinger took off his glasses. , rubbed, looked at each other from the rearview mirror, lightly exclaimed.

“Toad, you are transforming Interesting, the transformation of the bionic brain can only be done in the city, and your mechanical body, let me go, what kind of junk! This thing! Can it still be used?”

Tipi lowered his head and glanced at his exposed electrical pipes and broken organs, and said aggrievedly: “Brother Zhitou, I was also deceived.”

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